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  1. DaveyGee

    BBC Glastonbury

    Sad times for sure, but enjoying these live links with a few drinks. love this place 😊❤️
  2. Hey everyone, not sure if this has already been shared or not as not read the whole thread, but this might interest a few 😄 https://clashfinder.com/s/g2020/?
  3. Wow, never seen Dizzie and Florence clip before. Special moment for sure.....
  4. Yep that was one of my highlights of 2017. It's in the playlist already lol 👍
  5. Missed them in 2015, not sure which stage I was at. Would have loved to see them 😄 Thank you for the suggestion as I forgot!
  6. It sure was....😀 Glasto2016_Christine.MP4
  7. Some really decent shouts there, some of which I'd forgotten about 🙂 Keep them coming. Thank you
  8. Have to say all epic! Added to the playlist Cheers people.
  9. Hi everyone, I have been reminiscing over my all time favourite Glastonbury songs that transport me back to happier times on our beloved Worthy Farm. Then I decided to look for a playlist on Spotify that had all those classics I enjoyed so much, not specific years like the awesome richardmunden series playlists, however I couldn’t find any. So, can you guys help create one. The rules are they have to create that warm uplifting happy feeling you get as soon as you hear them. For starters hear are just a few of my suggestions.... Florence and the machine - Dog Days are Over Foo Fighters - Best of You Tame Impala - The less I know the Better The Chemical Brothers - Swoon & Star Guitar Coldplay / Viloa Beach - Boys That Sing Underworld - Ova Nova Spiritualized - Shine A Light Dreadzone - Little Britain Obviously so many more I could mention... Love to everyone and stay safe. DaveyGee
  10. Avalon, many thanks for your kind and sensible words! Had a bit of a panic attack yesterday, but glad to say feeling better this morning. I have started winding down listening to my playlists on Spotify at night. Certainly relaxed me more. Take care. Cheers
  11. ModernMan that's a great idea! I'm going to finish my Glasto book now. I'm currently working from home, but today had a mini panic attack as I have a tight chest, the type you have after a cold. Told my wife so I'm now sleeping in the spare room as a precaution. Feeling very anxious about the whole situation really. I guess reading lots of stats doesn't help, so I've now decided to limit my intake of information. Love to all. Roll on Glasto 2021
  12. Festivals in South America are now cancelling or postponing, including Estéreo Picnic Festival, Colombia, Lollapalooza Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Their case rates are lower than the UK. I just wonder if this impacts internationally?
  13. I for one am concerned with this particular spread of virus. I can't recall being as apprehensive about any of the past viruses. One interesting point I noticed recently is that the attendance to the Salvador carnival, Bahia, Brazil, appears to be down. Normally attracts 2.5 million (1.5 million tourists) however my wife (From Salvador) commented the number of people appears to have declined this year due to fears of Covid-19. Will there be any cases reported after the week long event? Will the climate have an effect as suggested in previous posts? Does anyone know of the statistics in relation to demography, for example gender, age range or personal health issues? Also the severity of cases? I do hope this will 'burn' itself out, I guess time will tell. Glastonbury is so important to my well being that to miss this would be a huge loss, however I do also appreciate the potential to be serious situation. Let's hope we will all be enjoying the hallowed fields again this year. 🙂 Peace to all and take care.
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