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  1. I was spun in on the Friday, we got there in the Wednesday though and our original way in had fallen through. I'm not going to give too many details about it but if you have the money there's always a way in
  2. adamg1602

    Wristband Colours

    Does anyone know what colour the wristbands will be? General admission or workers ones
  3. How about Ian Brown.. not played since 2005 and he has a new album out in February 2019
  4. I think you're definitely going to get rugby tackled. Or at least someone is going to attempt to rugby tackle you. At most you'd get ejected and slapped wrists I'd have thought. If I could run I'd have a go haha
  5. It takes balls and the ability to run like the wind haha
  6. Hi.. I know there was a lot on here desperate to go. Did anyone manage to get in by any other means. It's something I've done in the past, I know there was meant to be tighter security this year. I'm just wondering if anyone got in a different way?
  7. I've not been to y-not festival since 2011. I can't remember if it's the kind of festival where I can take my own beer wherever I like rather than just the main arena. Can anyone let me know?
  8. Last year I got talking to a couple of Welsh lads who had got in pretending to be litter picking. They both had high vis vests and a litter grabber each. They'd been litter picking by the gate and just carried on till they got through the gate. Genius haha
  9. adamg1602

    Bar prices

    Where I'm from a pint around the £5 mark is pricey.. Fucking robbery actually
  10. The easiest route is to carry on the m5 through Bristol then come off the motorway at junction 23 sign posted Glastonbury, on the A39 then A361. You're more likely to hit traffic on that route though. There is alternatives like coming off the junction before at Burnham on Sea and following the country lanes through Mark, Wedmore and on into Wells, it's certainly quicker but it may lead to you getting lost at some point although you could just use the sat nav to direct you. If you follow the first route you'll end up in the car parks nearest to gate A and D which are the closest to Oxlyers
  11. Mine is Billy Bragg - A New England.. For various reasons I've still not managed to watch him yet but I always look over his stuff on the run up to the festival
  12. Yeah.. Although the sun was really hot at times during 2010 at least when it died down we didn't have to trudge around in energy sapping mud all day. I'd take 2010 every time although I do remember having to get out of the tent come half 7 ish and scrambling for shade. Worst one was 2007 for me, cold, muddy and soaked. Still managed to have a brilliant time though
  13. I spoke to them on LiveChat yesterday, they told me they'll have all tickets despatched this week. I'm going away on Wednesday so was concerned the ticket may not arrive. Got my email saying "despatched" last night :-) Hope you all get sorted
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