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  1. I managed to get mine on Massdrop for $54 dollars (£37?). As I have to fly over, and carry all my stuff around with me when I’m in the UK, the weight of it was a major draw. I need to get one now for the Miss, is the Aldi one light too? If so I’ll have to check it out when I’m back.
  2. I have the Klymit Static V2, it's ultralight weight, weighing just 463g, and it's packed size is 7.62 cm x 20.3 cm, so it fits in my rucksack. You have to inflate it, but after about 10 breathes its up.
  3. calcium_kid

    Videos to show first timers

    Came across this nice little video the other day, not sure if it has been posted already.
  4. calcium_kid

    new here? introduce yourself

    Like many others been a lurker for a while, with the occasional post here and there. Will be my second Glastonbury this year, but will be taking me Mum and Girlfriend whom are both first timers. I think they are both already sick of me chatting about Glastonbury all the time. Hope to get a bit more involved from now on.
  5. calcium_kid

    Grime/Hip Hop

    If you like a bit of UK Underground Hip Hop, Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter played last year, and I think they were about last year too.