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  1. Liam is considerably bigger in the UK right now than The Strokes. He might be a boring booking to some, but he sells tickets like its nothing.
  2. Queens of the Stone Age did in 2017 when they did their secret sets I think (Leeds first thing, then Reading just before the headliner on the Radio 1 Stage)
  3. Fairly plausible other than Catfish third down which is miles away from happening. There's probably a small chance they could get them to sub (although they seem content doing smaller headline shows at the moment so I'm not sure whether they'd just wait until they're asked to headline this), but realistically its co-headline or higher for them.
  4. Maybe the 'APE brand' is just something people have made up in their heads and the real point of the festival is to put on cool days on music for a variety of people, perhaps occasionally catering for a more niche crowd on some days. I don't think limiting what headliners they can book is a good idea because they'll run out way too quickly. Also, bands' touring schedules might not match up so it might not have been possible to get Massive Attack, Kraftwerk and Tame Impala all on the same weekend. As convenient as it would be for some people to have those 3 over one weekend, it's probably better than saying 'one weekend for this type of act and one weekend for others', then missing out on a potentially excellent headliner because they don't fit the criteria
  5. Feel like the rise of streaming has quite a bit to do with bands like this having a resurgence. While previously they would've faded into obscurity, some bands end up having a few big songs that end up being thrown into a tonne of playlists and then a generation of people who were too young to see them when they were initially 'big' want to see them. Bands like the kooks and the Wombats are almost gateways into newer bands for a lot of people my age and below.
  6. Looking through some playlists to try and see if any names havent been ruled out yet. Could they give The Vaccines the boost up? Subbed two years ago but probably aren't too much smaller than the previous headliners. Wolf Alice maybe? Any chance of a Jamie T comeback and being pushed straight to headline? At this point I'm pretty sure the headliner is going to be smaller than they would like, but the undercards have always been very strong so hopefully that won't matter
  7. £45 ain't awful for that given that's just a bit more than community. Undercard probably needs a few more decent names when it gets padded out but it'll probably sell an okay amount of tickets. Not an inspirational lineup by any means and naturally lots of people here won't be interested in the slightest but not every lineup is going to be to your taste (just remember, as much as it might piss you off, there are gonna be a load of people who see this, look at the other days announced and think 'who the hell are massive attack?')
  8. Not sure Two Door will be back so soon. Biffy tbh are probably a bit too big (then again Royal Blood probably are too). Feel like whoever it is will end up being quite left field because I'm struggling to think of somebody who actually could do it.
  9. Wouldn't completely rule out Royal Blood (though it would be a slight change in direction from the previous headliners but not too unlikely imo). Gerry is playing Ally Pally over the summer but thats sold out so still possible but Im not convinced they'd have him back so soon (could definitely see it next year). With so many names ruled out Im starting to think the announcement is quite late because they just have no idea who they're gonna get to headline. Gonna be something shite like Kaiser Chiefs at this rate...
  10. He did start off at R&L but he's in a weird position now given that he's become insanely popular in the mainstream. Yeah if he played he'd honestly probably be the biggest name on his day. No idea where he would play to be honest, I do like the idea of him playing under Liam because of the Noel stuff but that will be very old news by Reading and I just can't see someone above Gerry
  11. He's a weird one to place. I think the most likely scenario is that he just won't be playing Reading in the near future because I do suspect for him it would be headline or nothing. He'll probably stick to doing his own big shows now. The other major problem with that is that Gerry Cinnamon is almost definitely subbing and people are trying to force another act in above him (same thing happened with ADTR last year, it really isn't gonna happen).
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