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  1. Ideally it'll be Frank Carter, Don Broco and Idles. Personally that'd be one of the better trio of headliners they've had
  2. I kind of get what you mean. Saw them support Foo Fighters at the O2 a couple of years ago and I haven't ever really been able to get into them, BUT their live shows always look very very good so I get why they're so popular. Music snobs are definitely a weird one for me. As a 20 year old who's only recently left school I remember how closed off most people were when it came to music, only really listening to quite a small subsection of what was available to them (myself definitely included) and it was interesting when I started reading these forums because of the attitudes to certain genres and bands. Even though what I've listened to has grown, there are still a few bands who I feel like I should like but I just don't. Can't stand Radiohead and never have, although some people seem to think they're gods. On the other hand, a lot of my music taste is made up of pretty paint-by-numbers indie-rock bands who just seem to get all the shit in the world on here, although it is a refreshing break from Twitter where all I see is bands like Courteeners, Arctic Monkeys* and Oasis being treated like kings. *Speaking of Arctic Monkeys, imo one of the most overrated bands of this generation.
  3. Please not Jimmy Eat World, were dreadful at Reading in 2017. Personally would love Don Broco or Frank Carter and Sum 41 would be good but not sure I can see it. Still think Deftones could be a good shout because James did mention them several times in a podcast recording.
  4. This. Didn't get to catch Vukovi unfortunately but Yonaka and Dream State were both brilliant, and would both go down really well on Main Stage at Reading imo.
  5. James scarlett mentioned them as one of his three dream headliners alongside biffy and Queens of the stone age at that podcasts recording on staurday morning. Seems like they're a good guess at the first headliner
  6. I think most of those are pretty possible, some of the headliners maybe a bit optimistic. Personally can't see Johnny Marr but would like to be proved wrong. Out of those, Wombats Bloc party Frank carter Sam fender Miles kane Sherlocks Then throw in yonaka and LONA to start the day off and I'd be there in a flash 😂😂
  7. Well that was a fucking spectacular weekend. Easily one of the best experiences of my life and I'm now desperate to do it again. Every bit of praise this festival gets is completely justified. The cashless system was really easy to use and was so much more convenient than worrying about cash,and the food wasn't particularly overpriced. Queues were never too bad when we went, other than for the pizza stall. Saw some brilliant bands over the weekend too. Enjoyed all of the headliners, especially you me at six (fourth time I've seen them over the last year and a bit and that was the most I've enjoyed them by far). The two sets from yonaka were both great, normandie, flogging molly, novacub, brand new friend as it is were all really good too. Also really enjoyed the bbc introducing show on Friday morning and 5he podcast with James on Saturday morning, which were interesting ways to start the day. Finally, the people were amazing. Don't think I saw a single dick head all weekend up until the Saturday night but they eventually calmed down. Everybody was friendly and polite, no dickheads shoving people out the way and had some friendly chats with strangers (which normally isn't my strong suit). Would love to be there again next year. It can't come soon enough.
  8. If anyone gets the actual set times can you post them here please would be greatly appreciated
  9. Absolutely buzzing with vistas being added to the Sunday, looking like an unreal day already. Such a good band to start the day with
  10. I feel like any of Noel Liam or Ezra or probably even Royal Blood is probably a bit optimistic. Noel and Ezra have both just done Isle of Wight so would be a huge get for Community. At the moment I think Wombats are possibly the most likely shout? Ideal for the festival, will be three years since they last played, and probably won't be too expensive. Would definitely be tempted if the undercard was as good as it has been so far. Also, who could do the 'heavy' spot this year? Feel like Frank Carter could be a shout, IDLES could if Reading don't get them on an exclusive.
  11. Probably no need to bumb Lewis Capaldi up to coheadline yet, not really any indication he's gonna start demanding huge spots at festivals, but he probably would stick to getting big slots at things like parklife, could possibly be in contention for headlining truck/ynot or even possibly subbing those as he could easily fizzle out a bit by next year. As for Chemical Brother, I can't see Reading booking them again for anything past a Radio 1 headliner, not sure there's much demand for them with the normal Reading crowd.
  12. What smaller acts could be there? Was kinda gutted I couldn't make it this year for Sea Girls and Academic who were both great when i'd seen them before. Would love to see YONAKA, LONA, Sunset Sons play, and could Royal Blood possibly headline? Bit heavier than the headliners they've had so far but I still could see it.
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