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  1. And sold them all out pretty much instantly. I think either he does this or goes for St James in 2021 honestly, he can't be far off.
  2. Sam Fender is at NBHD Weekender the same weekend as this. He'd sell this out very easily. Seems like it could be an easy booking?
  3. Not a great live band by any means, but they are a band that a lot of people will want to see at least once. Aren't they pretty heavily rumoured for Isle of Wight anyway?
  4. Announcement tomorrow morning, not got a clue who'll be there. Pale Waves headlining Liverpool Sound City on the same weekend but based on the last couple of years I'm expecting them to do the opening party for HTN on the Friday night.
  5. And not subbing a coheadliners tbh.
  6. The two highlights of my Sunday this year. Both of them deserve a good spot next year
  7. I saw them In Newcastle last night. Really enjoyed their set, I don't think it'll be long before they headline to be honest but I do wonder if they could do with one more album before they do it.
  8. Stormzy, Travis Scott/BMTH, Foals
  9. I think if they're doing any festivals in the UK it'll be download or reading.
  10. For me, the people there are the main thing. Went to 2000trees this year and the vibe was amazing. Genuinely have nothing bad to say about anyone I saw there. The music is also a massive thing for me (I'm not into drugs and I only really casually drink, so the main thing I go to festivals for is the music). Finally, I think for a festival to be great it needs to have some sort of uniqueness to it. You can have a great line-up and set up but if everything is just generic, people won't feel like they need to come back as you'll have done nothing to stand out from the competition.
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