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  1. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Subbing would be too high. Anything else would be fine for them realistically. Wouldn't be the strongest third-down but not exactly the weakest
  2. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Would love to see YONAKA early on the main stage on Foos day
  3. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Would love to see YONAKA early on the main stage on Foos day
  4. NerdsNatterings

    This is Tomorrow 2019

    Yeah the new site probably could (whether they should do is another question). Not sure what the start times are gonna be as they're different on different tickets so possibly not much more to announce
  5. NerdsNatterings

    This is Tomorrow 2019

    Bring Me are in London the weekend after for APE so could be in for a shout, didn't come up to the North East on this tour either so seem possible. Royal Blood would be huge, might be too optimistic but I didn't expect Foals so who knows. Biffy would be the ideal one for me, feel like they could do it too. Got my ticket for Foals the other week and can't wait, but glad they've moved it from Spillers Wharf. Catfish last year was a complete shitshow in terms of organisation.
  6. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Main stage slot maybe? Could do 4th or 5th down probably
  7. NerdsNatterings

    First Announcement Predictions 2019

    I think 90% of people predicted Foos and 1975 to be honest. The only real surprise was Posty
  8. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    None of the acts are, maybe they just haven't specified who is. They could easily call someone an exclusive when they're hyping up individual acts
  9. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Not a chance IDLES are third down. More likely 5th/6th. But Sundara 4th makes sense, possibly a rap/hip-hop 3rd down on Foos day then put IDLES and Amazons before Sundara Karma?
  10. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    I love Foos and don't mind Bastille so would take them subbing as will probably be going for the day. Would still love to see some more names as Sundara Karma and Amazons are the only other two that really excite me on that day.
  11. NerdsNatterings

    Summer Sessions 2019

    Foos TA Frank Carter IDLES and Marmozets would be absolutely insane..
  12. NerdsNatterings

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Architects and WWS are obvious choices but NBT? Seems a very weird fit that
  13. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Were way bigger in 2017 than IDLES are now surely
  14. NerdsNatterings

    2019 festival

    Can't see 1975 not headlining outright, and 21 pilots probably would at least be coheadlining. Frank Carter deserves a huge slot but 3rd might be a bit too far before he gets his next album out.