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  1. The app that never appeared was to notify people within two metres for 15 minutes or more. So it may be that exposure times weren't enough? It's all a bit confusing
  2. My fitness got better - probably more time to do the longer runs at the weekend that would normally be binned due to other commitments. I think mixing up the distances and forcing yourself to do longer slower runs really improves form over time. I'd like to mix in some weight sessions or other core work at home but not sure where to start - ie online classes and apps. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks, that’s a bit more reassuring. Yeah some really good prices on there. I’m happy to wait a while - been buying far too much recently so have quite a backlog to get through. Watching the glastonbury sets of an evening with a few beers hasn’t helped the impulse buys.
  4. How do you find this site? I’ve ordered a few bits from them last night as the prices were good then looked at their reviews online. They seem to get a lot of 1 star reviews and items don’t appear!
  5. Our London NHS trust has a 23% positive results on the antibody testing it's doing. I know many people testing positive for antibodies who were asymptomatic - plus some negative who tested positive for Covid!
  6. Lockdown has been great for my fitness - I've been running early before work 3 times a week and then doing a longer run at the weekend. i really peaked my fitness for end of June this year, hoping I can keep it going for another year. I've been looking to upgrade my older forerunner to one of the newer ones and the 245 looks good. Can download music too it as well so don't need to take a phone out with you. I was tempted by the older 635 but the extra bits it has isn't really worth it for me and the battery life on GPS is a lot worse. If you have any NHS friends or someone with a blue light card they can get 40% off most Garmin watches until next May - It's what made me consider the upgrade!
  7. Annoyingly Strava don't allow this natively which is odd considering how much data they process. I link my account to this site https://www.benwebb.net which will give you a list of times for various distances. Hopefully Strava will incorporate something like this themselves one day
  8. The View - 2007 pyramid stage. I remember it being wet - a theme that continued for the rest of the weekend.
  9. Trust me, there’s another side to this that’s developing that people aren’t seeing. I’m off to the pub tomorrow, I’m fine with any risk, but this is honestly different to anything that’s come before.
  10. Thank you. It’s been such a strange week that I just felt like I needed to add my bit. The NHS gets some stick but I feel quite proud to be a part of it this week.
  11. I feel like it’s a rite of passage to at least have one comment on this thread. I’ve been trying to avoid coming here but it’s like slowing down for a car crash, I can’t help Myself. As someone who works front line in the NHS this is a very surreal time. We’re just starting to see the ramp up of people who are needing intensive respiratory support and we’re struggling even now. Even last week I thought that what was happening in Italy and elsewhere wouldn’t happen here, now I’m not so sure. We just don’t have the capacity or specialist equipment to cope with the influx. Most people will be fine but even the 1% getting ill in a period of one month is bad news. It will come but we just need to do our best to drag it out. As such, I struggle to see glastonbury happen now - we might be ok by June but the call has to be made soon and I fear that’ll be next month at the latest. And I’m ok with that - some things really are more important and as much as I was looking forward to 5 days forgetting about all the shit that we’ve had to face this last year this is a global crisis that we’ve never seen before. Peoples lives will change, business will close, we’ll be talking about this for years but let’s just hope that we’re all back here looking forward to 2021.
  12. Hang on. I’ve not been for 7 years and they’ve got rid of the flushing toilets!
  13. hillwalker

    2020 New Music

    Listened to the new Andy Shauf record today - neon skylines. Has a bit of a Paul Simon feel to it. Was nice with the sun out.
  14. hillwalker

    2020 New Music

    Ditto this - I’m making sure I check in regularly here to pick up some gems
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