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  1. Fair play. I was really tempted by their 3k for 2 option. A couple of beers and I might have pressed the button!
  2. Yeah but think how much that would cost you in flights and everything for a summer holiday in term time. So it’s all relative really.
  3. That honestly makes me feel better - commiserations for your concussion though!
  4. Still makes me twitchy - they could have outsourced the comp!
  5. Just had a missed call from an 01233 number as I was on a tube. Google doesn’t have it as a known junk call. I hope it’s not EE!
  6. Apart from daretodibble not much luck for efesters in the comps this year. Final fingers crossed for Malletts
  7. This thread without ads is what gold membership is all about.
  8. They're calling people today. T&C's said they'd attempt one call and won't leave a message - so stay alert 😉
  9. hillwalker

    Resale Club 2019

    so what was that about! Can't see a change
  10. hillwalker

    Resale Club 2019

    The EE comp is drawn today - good luck and I hope someone from here gets lucky ☺️
  11. Good spot. Hopefully not very well advertised!
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