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  1. Frome KFC. Literally the only time I go every year. It’s become a ritual
  2. As a ginger I’d be all over this
  3. I've noticed it on the tube. I put it down to the weather as it's hot as balls on the central line and not pleasant in a mask.
  4. We had flights rolled over from Spain last summer to this one but took the decision a couple of weeks ago to book a couple of weeks away in the UK instead. When the flights for next year open we'll hopefully move them again. It was a combination of factors for us. The risk of going somewhere and then either being locked down there or on return. The fact that we didn't really fancy being somewhere quite hot and being in a situation where you have to wear masks on the beach. Also, we had a really nice time in the UK last year, went somewhere we probably would never have gone to. yes, this may have been because the previous 5 months were so terrible that any get away would have felt nice but I'm hoping not! So, I think people will still get away and be ok, we just didn't want to take the chance.
  5. So myself and three colleagues had our second dose of Pfizer yesterday morning. I’m fine other than a sore arm that kept me awake when I rolled over on to it. Pretty much the same affects as the first shot and still managed my early morning 8k run. one of my colleagues has had to take the day off though with flu like symptoms. She had the same reaction to the first shot but was also had a bad reaction to Covid a few months ago. The other two are fine but just moaning 🙂
  6. So second dose is booked in for Monday. I’ll let you know how I feel come Tuesday
  7. Will do. We haven’t got dates yet but I’m hoping it’s soon.
  8. Had the Pfizer one back in December. Sore arm 24 hours later that hurt if I slept on it. No headaches, fatigue or other symptoms. Colleagues all said the same
  9. Glad I'm not the only one thinking his voice sounds like Jarvis. I really like it, listened to it a few times now and it really grows
  10. That the kent strain is developing a mutation similar to the Brazilian one whereby the spike protein is altered. I think
  11. We have army medics working alongside us at the minute actually to help staff our expanded ITU's. Some of their senior medics are very skilled and still work in the NHS alongside their army commitments. They could easily have helped staff the Nightinglaes if needed but they really were never set up to provide the correct kind of care. The fact they didn't have the facilities to perform a tracheotomy is very telling.
  12. I'm glad a decision has been made and we can move on. It does feel like the goalposts are constantly being moved and there was no chance of a festival in 2021 being like that in 2019. It has to be all or nothing with Glastonbury and here's hoping all will be good in 2022
  13. I guess if you have a GP surgery that has got through their entire over 80's it makes sense to start the invites to the next group otherwise you're just waiting? And Eastbourne in East sussex is know for it's elderly population so it's going to take longer?
  14. Very true. We’re 45% up on last March for number of inpatients. Going to take a couple of weeks to plateau I think.
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