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  1. I went on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Friendly staff, good vibes and an excellent crowd. It was probably the best crowd i've seen at a UK club for ages. When you consider it was their opening sequence of events, and that it'll get slicker as it goes on, i think it'll definitely be worth a visit in the future.
  2. I'm not saying it is going to happen, but there does appear to be a few people quite high up at Boomtown joking about it, which in turn seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback... Personally, i don't see it happening, but the rumour does seem to be gathering pace.
  3. No way would Motion let him play at a rival club less than a mile away on the same night
  4. Yeah, it's the sort of line up i expected. Few names, few festival favourites and a lot of up and comers. Not really sure what people expected. Like you say, a few bigger names would have been nice, but it's pretty much on par with what i would have expected.
  5. The fallout from the line up on social media is amusing. People complaining they've never heard of most of the acts.
  6. This. I think you'll see the calibre of the line up improve below the headliners, but the actual main headliners will remain the same
  7. It's being released this morning, so it's not the end of the world. I just find it funny that people are stressing over a line up when they were happy to buy a ticket for an event that didn't announce a line up.
  8. it does make me laugh that people are getting so upset about a line up for an event they bought a ticket for without a line up being announced. Are they actually not going to go if the line up isn’t to their liking?
  9. Yeah, if he plays, he'll definitely be on the Lions Den.
  10. mr flow

    Resale club 2020

    I'm happy to help with the admin of groups and of pre-paid cards, if people need help setting it all up. Just let me know where i can help.
  11. mr flow

    Resale club 2020

    Unfortunately, i'll be joining the resale club this year Where do i sign up?
  12. Based on social media updates, the artist bookers from Boomtown have made trips to London to see Aphex Twin and Kano in the last few weeks. Could be nothing, but i know they did the same with Groove Armada last year, and they ended up playing....
  13. Thanks mate. Yes, fingers crossed i can get in at the resale! Not sure i can stand another year away (I'd still run secretglasto if i can't get in though).
  14. mr flow

    2020 headliners

    I can't see them doing a high profile gig like Glastonbury without ample rehearsal time and warm up shows. They played 8 shows in the build up to Glastonbury in 2009. Surely if Damon knew they'd be doing Glastonbury 2020, he'd just delay his new project until after, or finish it in March to give him time to gear up for Glastonbury. As someone mentioned above, i don't think they were ever a serious rumour anyway, more a hope from most of us.
  15. mr flow

    2020 headliners

    Looks like Damon Albarn is touring with this in May next year http://www.raindogprod.com/artiste/the-nearer-the-fountain-more-pure-the-stream-flows/ This must make the slim Blur rumour even slimmer?
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