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  1. People like to get outraged by things that haven't been properly announced yet. There will be areas focused on children, and there has always been a 7pm curfew for children in the bowl.
  2. Lak has just said in a social media post that the capacity is just under 50k next year
  3. I dont think the plan is to have the Lions Den next year. That might have changed, but they are still downscaling the event from what I understand. I'll see if I can find out anymore info.
  4. I don’t think Lizzo will happen now. Nearly happened in 2019, but she’s got a lot bigger now, and she now costs a lot more money, so doubt it will happen. Rage I don’t think will happen. As mentioned above, they have super deals with Festival republic, and they’d only play if Tom really wanted it to happen. Name to throw into the mix would be Anderson .Paak. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I know he’s high up on the “realistic want list”. Manu Chau is someone they try and book every year, but has never come off, and not sure it ever will unfortunately. Will let you know if I hear any other snippets
  5. You'll get snippets of info regarding the line up prior to the festival, but they want to try and take the focus away from the endless moaning about who is or isn't playing.
  6. It's not. They'll have at least 9000 including crew.
  7. I believe there will also be a stage at the bottom of the hippy highway hill, as they want to trial that area, as that is where they have earmarked one of the main stages being placed when the full festival returns.
  8. I'll be going. Looking forward to it. From what i understand, it will all be held where uptown was previously and going down the hippy highway and incorporating all of the forest party areas. I'll see if I can find out anymore snippets of info.
  9. It's actually going to be bigger than i expected by the sounds of it, and also isn't going to be in the bowl. Can't really say more than that, other than the vast majority of acts will be UK based, and I doubt it'll be anyone huge playing, more friends of the festival and regulars of the festival scene.
  10. Tickets for Boom Village are on sale to general public on Monday. In terms of how family friendly it's going to be, well to put it bluntly, none of the Boomtown crew and organisers have had a party for 18 months, so i'll leave it up to your imagination 🤪
  11. Boom Village Info | Boomtown 'The Gathering' - 11th-15th August 2020 | Independent UK Festival (boomtownfair.co.uk) I think it's 8000 capacity including crew, acts and guests etc.
  12. I don't really have any info on tickets being available to wider public, but they are seeing it very much as a sort of "friends and family" sort of event.
  13. It's only going to be for crew and local residents primarily. I think it's more of a way of keeping people active than putting on a full scale event. If they did a mass event, people would just moan it's not like a normal Boomtown.
  14. Boomtown Lite is looking like it will go ahead as long as government restrictions don't prevent it from happening. 8k people and only in the bowl from what I understand.
  15. This. With each day that passes, I'm less and less confident Boomtown will go ahead.
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