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  1. Lizzo was in the frame for this year, so would imagine they’ll try for her again, although I imagine the price will have gone up after the summer she’s having.
  2. I was on site for 54hrs and racked up 100,000 steps
  3. Unofficially, I heard through the grapevine that they had around 56k onsite
  4. Yep, I was chatting to a Freeman employee who had just sacked off working after 2 shifts. Said they get bussed on to site, and straight off after each 12 hour shift. Sounded horrific.
  5. I’m obviously in too! Sounds like I’ll be djing again too 😊
  6. Well that was pretty special. Arrived on Friday lunchtime with my two kids in tow, so spent the afternoon trying to fight the wind and rain whilst making my way to Kidztown. Kids left site at about 4pm so managed to catch the Keith Flint tribute on Nucleus. Rest of the night involved djing in the Fallout disco, which wasn’t great due to sound issues, and then from 01:30-04:00 in the Hidden woods which was incredible. Saturday started with a bit to General Levy, then mooched around site for a while, then caught Alborosie, Groove Armada and The Streets on the Lions Den. Then went and caught a bit of Chase and Status and on to Nucleus for Eats Everything and Carl Cox. Sunday I had my 9 week old baby back with me and some friends who hadn’t been to Boomtown, so spent the day doing the maze and catching a few acts. We left yesterday at about 6pm. All in all, I think it was an excellent festival, in the worst weather I’ve experienced at a festival, and I’ve done Glastonbury in 1998 and 2007. Props to the organisers for keeping everything open as much as they could. Looking forward to next year already.
  7. mr flow

    Festival cancellations.

    Latest weather forecasts are only predicting 25mph winds top for Boomtown, so should be fine Edit, some are actually suggesting it might get up to 45mph winds :
  8. Oh i agree. I think it'll be more or less full. Just trying to gather some info as people had been concerned it was going to be quiet this year.
  9. When you use the app it says that 42300 people are currently using the app as well. Based on that, and the fact that the capacity is 60000, it's going to be at least 75% full as you're not really going to download the app unless you're going. It probably means the final capacity is a lot higher than that as I know quite a few people who are attending and haven't got the app.
  10. I think the gates close at 10pm, so you might be ok. If you explain the situation, they may well allow you in if you get there after this time. Probably worth e-mailing festival as well to check.
  11. I wondered this as well, but not sure they have the capacity to offer it to vast amounts of people?
  12. Sounded like a hurricane from my tent!
  13. Just to pack waterproofs
  14. I'm not coming down until Friday, but my other half has already said we can't leave until the house is cleaned
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