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  1. They did. Apparently they said the band loved playing last year, and said it was their favourite festival, and the bands values, political stance, is the same as Boomtown's. As i say, i don't think it will happen. I also don't think it's a reflection on ticket sales, it's more the once in a lifetime chance for Boomtown to book one of the organisers favourite acts.
  2. According to one of the directors of Boomtown, they have made a late enquiry about Rage against the Machine playing at this years festival. I'm pretty sure nothing with come of it, but interesting none the less. Reading and Leeds don't have an exclusivity in their booking of Rage this year, and they have a gap in their touring schedule over Boomtown weekend...
  3. According to their websites, Underworld are playing the Saturday and Flogging Molly are playing Sunday.
  4. Lions Den headliners will be Wu-Tang, Kano and Damian Marley I reckon. Not sure on Town Centre. I’m expecting all of the live acts on Nucleus to be on before the new show which if it’s the same as last year should be after the headliners have finished in Town Centre and Lions Den. I could be totally wrong though!
  5. Underworld, Squarepusher and Orbital are all playing on Nucleus, so that's the final nail in the Aphex Twin coffin
  6. I don’t think they’d announce it at a later date, so guess this means 100% out.
  7. To be fair, I did say it wasn't 100% confirmed, but apologies for the misinformation and getting your hopes up
  8. My lips are sealed. I reckon it's by far the strongest line up yet though. Only an hour and a half to wait!
  9. Some proper curveballs this year though... Proper random line up in a good way!
  10. Crew e-mail just received. Few new things they have revealed:- Barrio Loco to have a new outdoor hip hop / neo soul / grime arena Diss-Order Alley to also have a new outdoor arena at the core of the district The Forge is moving from the current location into copper county and wrong side of the tracks is being moved down to Paradise Heights to help with crowd flow problems around that area. As mentioned by @Sawdusty Surfer earlier in the thread, the area between back of Lions Den and Area 404 will now house an area called the The Forgotten Valley, which will house Kidztown and all of whistlers green. More shows also set to be announced for April and May for Area 404 complex in Bristol.
  11. Yeah I just saw that. It was only 2016 that he headlined, but would seem far too much of a coincidence to have him in the country and not play.
  12. I believe the announcement relating to this trailer is more around the new stuff on offer rather than the main line up, but they could do them both at same time. Anyway, it's definitely going to be week commencing 3rd of Feb, so not long to wait.
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