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  1. Yep, installments should be back in the announcement
  2. They're waiting to see the situation with refunds and roll overs for this year. I wouldn't imagine you'll hear anything until October, but fully expect the installment scheme to be an option again.
  3. That's great news you've decided to come! I think they are going to see how many roll tickets over before deciding what to do with the remaining tickets.
  4. Yes, tickets will get rolled over if you buy them now.
  5. I think it's more to do with the fact they have 5 months of extra prep for next years festival. However, they've said it in a way that will keep people guessing and talking about the festival.
  6. I think a lot will depend on how many roll there tickets over. If they get a large amount of refund requests, i can see it being scaled back next year. If they don't scale it back, i would expect to see a similar line up to this year, but a lot will depend on which bands and acts decide to go back out and tour next year.
  7. I haven't heard anything official, but i would be absolutely amazed if it happens.
  8. I think the insurance side of things is in play here. If they are forced to cancel, they will surely be in a much better place to cover on insurance. I'm 99% certain it won't go ahead, But as you say, if it does go ahead, it'll be the mother of all parties!
  9. Yeah the build is about 5-6 weeks normally. So they are usually on site from start of July onwards. Personally, i don't see this going ahead. I've not had any information on it, but just can't see how things will be back to normal by then. Fingers crossed i'm wrong though
  10. I went in 2000 and it was really busy getting between stages, but once there, it wasn't as busy as it is today. No way did they have as many as 250k on site.
  11. They did. Apparently they said the band loved playing last year, and said it was their favourite festival, and the bands values, political stance, is the same as Boomtown's. As i say, i don't think it will happen. I also don't think it's a reflection on ticket sales, it's more the once in a lifetime chance for Boomtown to book one of the organisers favourite acts.
  12. According to one of the directors of Boomtown, they have made a late enquiry about Rage against the Machine playing at this years festival. I'm pretty sure nothing with come of it, but interesting none the less. Reading and Leeds don't have an exclusivity in their booking of Rage this year, and they have a gap in their touring schedule over Boomtown weekend...
  13. According to their websites, Underworld are playing the Saturday and Flogging Molly are playing Sunday.
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