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  1. I just don't see how the government will allow mass gatherings this summer. I really hope I'm wrong though!
  2. Yeah they start the build at the start of July. I'm not confident any festivals will go ahead this year 😞
  3. It's changing on a daily basis, so not sure anyone can have any confidence either way. Next few months will be critical though. If we are in the same position as we are now by end of Feb, i think you will see a number of festivals having to cancel. The good thing for Boomtown is it's mid August, so have a little bit more time that some of the festivals in June or July.
  4. If this years festival doesn't go ahead, I don't see it continuing in the current format. I would expect the festival to continue in some way, but it would be heavily scaled back, and possibly at a new location. I know that Chris and Lak are determined to carry on, but guessing they would have to lay off staff if they have no income for a 2nd year running.
  5. Boomtown have had meetings around next year taking place with local authorities recently and they are a lot more confident it will happen now. Obviously lots of unknowns still but fingers crossed we will all be partying in a field in August together.
  6. I would imagine the line ups to be similar to what they currently are, but with a little less of the marquee names. However, i would still expect the line to be packed with very good acts from each genre.
  7. Do you know what they are offering? You've made a lot of assumptions based a small bit of information released. It will be just as spectacular and as big a party as it's ever been. If anything, it'll be better, as the people that go, will go there as they love Boomtown and will mean the crowd is much more like minded and up for it.
  8. I actually think this move will secure Boomtown's future for the foreseeable future. It was constantly growing and expectations were always around the line up, which for some didn't warrant the price of the ticket. They've now gone back to smaller numbers, but they would expect to sell out early, like the old days. I always enjoyed it in the bowl, obviously the loss of the Lions Den is sad, but I guess with this reset, they can always upscale in the future if the demand is there. I think you'll see a lot of festivals downsizing a bit next year. It'll be more about survival than anything.
  9. I can't believe they will even consider removing the microvenues and interactive nature of things. If they just have the big stages, it loses the USP they have, and it becomes like every other festival.
  10. This is true. Suppose a lot will depend on the calibre of the acts they are booking. If they are still getting a few big names, they'll need a bigger space than that to host them.
  11. Yeah, I've been told that it's going to be reduced capacity and that will mean less stages. Which stages get scrapped, i'm not sure. Logically if its a smaller capacity, they could just go back in the bowl again, but then you'd lose the Lions Den which i can't imagine they'll sacrifice. Be interesting to see what decisions they make.
  12. I would imagine the storyline will change to fit the narrative of the what the world will be like next year, so would expect something more around unity etc. I don't think they'll sack off the whole storyline so far for a completely new one. I'll also do some digging around if the lower prices means less stages. As you say, Nucleus was a roaring success, so can't imagine they will scrap it.
  13. I would expect the storyline to continue, but will probably have more of an angle of recovery and togetherness, as hopefully the world is coming out of the state of emergency. Will be interesting to see who took up the refund option, and how many rolled over tickets. Also, fingers crossed that they festival can go ahead next year, and we see a return to normality. 🤞
  14. Yep, installments should be back in the announcement
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