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  1. The bowl is actually a huge area when used to it's full capacity. Homelands used to only use the bowl and had 8 arenas and capacity of 50000 and it never felt over crowded, or suffered from sound bleed. Boomtown has the whole bowl and forest areas as well, so are using way more space than Homelands ever did. Camping is outside of the bowl, so I think space won't be an issue.
  2. This. The problem with this as well, was as one artist was ruled out, it went on to the next one, so Harry Styles dominated the DM's until Saturday, and then Green Day after that.
  3. Thanks Stu. I have to say, when I can't be on the farm, helping people out with SecretGlasto certainly helps to ease the pain of not being there. That being said, after missing 3 festivals on the trot, I'm going to be there next year by hook or by crook! So hopefully it will be me sending pictures of line ups on a blackboard from around the festival, for someone else to decipher and tweet out 😁
  4. mr flow

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I think when someone is headlining for the first time, i don't see why they'd bring out guests. If Kenny brings out someone, it'll detract away from his superb performance, as people will just say "did you see Stormzy/Eminiem"
  5. They said they might be doing a secret DJ set as well
  6. Not sure on this afternoon but they usually have it on blackboard out front of tent. Tomorrow there’s a rumour it’s Yungblud but that’s not confirmed
  7. I'm the only person running secretglasto that isn't on site, so DM me as Stu might struggle for signal 🙂
  8. Where did you get that info from 😜
  9. Jack White at The Park
  10. They're already playing The Park, but expect they'll probably play Crows Nest as well.
  11. Thanks. Yes, if anyone has any solid info, please add to the thread and i'll get it tweeted out via secretglasto. Enjoy your festival everyone 🙂
  12. I don't think they are just hanging around, but if you walk to the Holiday Inn, which is about 15/20 mins away, they will be able to order one for you.
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