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  1. I think every year is a make or break year for any festival in the UK, with the exception of Glastonbury. Although, as we saw after the slow ticket sales for Glastonbury after the 2007 festival, even they aren't guaranteed success. The festival wouldn't have been sustainable if it had just continued as it was. People would have complained about the bookings being the same and the festival becoming repetitive. I also don't think the facebook chatter is anywhere near as bad as last year where they had nothing but moaning about the queues from the previous years.
  2. I don't think the festival is coming towards the end. It's still on course to sell out, and the buzz and hype around it appears to be the same as usual from what i have seen. Last year things were slightly slanted as most people used it as their Glastonbury replacement, which meant the festival had a little more hype than usual, and sold out a lot quicker. I would expect a lot more tickets will shift out the door when the Glastonbury resale has been completed. I would agree the festival is going through a bit of a transition period though, and things are being driven away from the party crowd to one that will keep attending. This was always going to be the case as the party crowd will only stay loyal until things the party decides to move elsewhere. This is vital for the festival to survive. I think you also have to give Boomtown a huge amount of credit for staying independent despite becoming one of the largest festivals in the UK. To get to where they are, without a corporate backer is hugely impressive.
  3. He played three times last year
  4. Sadly, both my other half and I will be putting our tickets back in to the pot. We're expecting our second child on the 2nd of June, so there isn't really any way we can do Glastonbury this year. I'll have to be content with watching it all on the telly and running Secret Glasto twitter again this year to get my "fix" Hopefully the ticket gods will be shining on me next year, and i'll make my return for the big 50th.
  5. I don't think the forest parties are regarded as a district.
  6. It is replacing Bang Hai
  7. Yeah it's not very big. Although, as they are rejigging Copper County, it might be getting slightly bigger 🤷‍♂️
  8. DSTRKT 5 line up released tomorrow at 1pm
  9. It's crazy isn't it. D&B fans just seem to think Boomtown is just for them, which makes it even more amusing when you look at the original Boomtown line ups, which had next to no D&B. I think it's great the way Boomtown is getting more varied and interesting with each line up.
  10. They've only announced the acts playing on the Nucleus stage at Area 404. There's a number of other venues in the district, including one that's being run by the team behind the previously favoured stage The Rave Yard.
  11. Go back to the posts I put just before Area 404 was announced and I gave a big clue about where it was going, as the promo video looked like a nuclear wasteland. If only Boomtown had a nuclear power plant kind of stage for it to replace....
  12. I’m not sure what I’m allowed to mention, but all those stages aren’t fitting in!
  13. Area 404 isn’t replacing Banghai Towers from what I believe
  14. Little Dragon added to the line up. Strong addition
  15. *Edit* FuzzyDunlop beat me to it!
  16. Yep totally agree with this. Plus, without wanting to sound all cliche, Boomtown is so much more than the music. It's just a real bonus if there's some great acts you also want to see Nothing to be scared of, you'll have an incredible weekend.
  17. The full Reggae, Roots and Sound Systems line ups will drop tomorrow at 1pm featuring Lion's Den, Hidden Woods and Tangled Roots
  18. Are they even playing at Parklife?
  19. April officially, but some tickets went back on sale again closer to the festival. Think it could sell out early this year as line up seems to have gone down very well
  20. The miseducation of some people....
  21. Beat me too it! Huge line up
  22. Also, to soften the blow for 1pm, Pendulum aren't playing i'm afraid.
  23. Nope. Sorry, my lips are sealed
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