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  1. Life is too busy for most for this idea to ever work. Its a no from moi
  2. 2017 for me. Although this year was pretty much there, the Saturday was just a tad too hot for my ginger skin.
  3. I dont plan on giving it a rest but at the mo, Im thinking if I dont get tickets in October I wont be to arsed. Saying that though, if it happens I reckon Ill be gutted. Time will tell
  4. We have a Gold Sunday ticket fir sale, face value if anyone is after 1. Local to festival for pick up
  5. Got some bungees to strap my kit to my as yet to be bought sack trolley
  6. That spot overlooking the other stage, on the railway line, stood there many many times watching stuff
  7. deardo

    Other Stage Opener

    Heard their new song this morning, different but I like it a lot. So I'm in if it is them
  8. I personally think youve done enough. Theyll be reet dont worry
  9. Pretty nailed on he will be there I reckon . JP or Other.
  10. Not arsed me like. Gonna go, get smashed while wandering around and watch whatever takes my fancy as and when I come across it. Happy days.
  11. Used to be Park Home Ground until Arcadia moved there. Since then Pylon. Always room, not far from car park and a bit quiet. Great if you dont mind a walk into everything. Clears the head
  12. My Mrs is in hospital in a coma, Im so gonna read her these posts. She will love them. hopefully do the job and bring her back to us laughing away keep them coming Love them.
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