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  1. Pretty nailed on he will be there I reckon . JP or Other.
  2. Not arsed me like. Gonna go, get smashed while wandering around and watch whatever takes my fancy as and when I come across it. Happy days.
  3. Used to be Park Home Ground until Arcadia moved there. Since then Pylon. Always room, not far from car park and a bit quiet. Great if you don’t mind a walk into everything. Clears the head
  4. My Mrs is in hospital in a coma, I’m so gonna read her these posts. She will love them. hopefully do the job and bring her back to us laughing away keep them coming Love them.
  5. In Austin, didn’t get near the page. Luckily 1 of our group in UK did.
  6. Mate and his Mrs can’t go now so are selling their tickets 2 x 3 day with camping and parking - £360 message is interested
  7. Done Noels HFB in Prague in April James in Warrington this week Lanzarote for Glastonbury week and doing Saturday gold ticket for Cremefields think that'll do me this year :-)
  8. I’m starting to feel it too, massive G sized hole in my June calendar :-(
  9. Last year was my 10th. 2007 was bad but last year was the hardest for me due to the sticky, hard to get through mud. Just a slog to get anywhere. Can't remember the other wet years being so difficult to get around. Still wouldn't swap it for owt like. Won't matter this year, wall to wall sun.
  10. I'll be there, long time lurker and the odd poster on here. Look forward to meeting you all
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