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  1. I spotted this. We went up Thursday about 10:00 just for a chill and to look over the site and I've never seen it so busy. Then when we walked out about 11:30ish there were literally floods of people coming into the Park through every entrance. Every time I looked towards the hill it was rammed. Don't think it's been like that before in my experience.
  2. Fleetwood Mac without LB is not Fleetwood Mac IMO. He was always the engine room of that band. Plus they all hate each other. NOT happening people. AM and Taylor Swift are favourites IMO. I think Elton John also a big shout but as a mix of 3 that doesn't seem to be very Glastonbury. More likely to be something with appeal to a younger audience and a different genre - Dave/AJ Tracey etc. And can we all PLEASE stop speculating about the fucking Spice Girls for a spot. Legends or anywhere. It will be an absolute pile of cringeworthy shite. Fuck that.
  3. Slightly OT - looking at maybe giving Beautiful Days a go next month as it's not sold out. Recommended?
  4. Best album of the year for me is Superhuman by Ferris & Sylvester. I know it’s technically from 2021 (bit late to it) but Skin by Joy Crookes is also brilliant. Both acts were great at Glasto too.
  5. Never even heard of this but had a look and the line up is immense. Is it always this high quality?
  6. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. Highlight was however when one of our group said "don't you think he looks like Parker from Thunderbirds?" Can't not see it now.
  7. I actually think this would send me insane. This I think. Never tried EOTR or Beautiful Days though so would be tempted. I’m still undecided on 2023 anyway so considering other options.
  8. Just going back re Slaves, I’d heard it was over. Laurie was concentrating on his painting, Isaac wanted to get on with new tracks and they had a massive fallout. Nothing confirmed but that’s the rumour I’d heard.
  9. Pigeon Detectives, surely...
  10. Also been going since '09, but not a huge Stones fan. My 2 mind blowing headline sets were Macca and Stevie Wonder. Think Macca edges it.
  11. I'd second this. Greenpeace, Strummerville, most of the bars, Williams Green, most of Silver Hayes are all open until 2:30-3:00 so there's plenty to do away from SE/Arcadia. Didn't set foot in either this year and was out until 3-ish every night. If I'm honest, the best late night I had was dancing my ass off in Greenpeace (but don't tell anyone....our secret, yeah?)
  12. Agree with this. Maybe put an actual “new bands” tent there and leave JP as a major stage?
  13. I caught a bit of this from afar. I cringed so hard I swear I turned inside out. What a pretentious w*nker he is.
  14. TLC managed to stretch 5/6 pop songs to over an hour by having the band and dancers do all the hard work. It's doable.
  15. Just chatting about this. On the list of acts big enough/likely to be touring/not played too recently or at all, we came up with: Pink Elton John Arctics. plus Aerosmith for legends.
  16. Since about 2014 I've taken a folding bucket, small sponge and travel shower gel. I do a cold water strip wash in my boxers and flip flops every morning. You only need a small amount of water and just dump it over your head to rinse off. Worst thing about it is my mates taking the piss and singing songs from Magic Mike while I do it....
  17. Bit of an odd one for me as it was Sunday night at around 1:30am where most of our gang were outside Williams Green singing along with the Power Ballads, all tired, drunk, feet/legs in agony but still beaming like crazy. I had a real end of an era feeling and I'm fairly confident that this may be the last Glasto for a fair few of us - me included. Made me tear up a bit. I may go back, but it won't be the same without the whole gang even if I do.
  18. Neil did reference some technical issues at the start of the set. Maybe that was part of it.
  19. The sound system in WG has to be more than 12KW. Surely?
  20. TLC, hands down the worst. Hype man and the dancers doing all the heavy lifting, dragging out the 4/5 hits they had to try and fill 10 minutes with each one, fucking off for a 5 minute rest after 20 minutes, plus T-Baz was (I'm fairly sure - we were close, front left) actually singing and not miming but her voice was too low in the mix. What made it worse was that we'd arrived early to get in and I ended up catching the last 2 Sleaford Mods "songs" which put me in a bad mood. Fuck, they're awful. In literally every respect. Everyone saying Macca on this thread should have gone to Bootleg Beatles instead. He's not a Beatle tribute as many seem to think. He's a song writing genius who's career post Beatles is over 50 years. Of course he's going to play some solo and Wings songs. And you know what? They're all brilliant.
  21. Strange. I went there at about 11:45am on Saturday and the queue was about 5 people. 2 servers, sorted in 5 minutes.
  22. By complete coincidence, I'd just gone for a piss when the phone call thing started. I managed to get from the front/left to the loo, then get a round of drinks from the Village Inn (where all the staff looked like they were on heavy ketamine so it took ages) and they'd just finished the skit as I was walking back. It must have been at least 10 minutes. Could have got 2 more bangers in the set without it.
  23. Didn't really have any issues with food/toilet queues either TBF. But in fairness I've learnt from past errors that certain toilet blocks at certain times are a no-no and that eating outside of "normal" meal times helps hugely. There's no way the licence will get changed to allow main stages to open on Thursday. The reason WG gets away with it is down to geography as much as anything as the natural hill blocks sound from Pilton. JP would be much louder from there as I think that's the closest stage to the village itself. That's one of the reasons the SE corner gets the late night stuff, as it's the furthest point from any residential properties so causes the least disturbance. For similar reasons, I don't think Arcadia in Silver Hayes would work as the noise escaping would be too much. I'm sure the extra tickets were a factor here, but the more I think about it, the more I reckon the scheduling was the main problem. Of course Sugababes/McFly were going to draw a huge crown to a small area. Of course TLC would be be packed out when you look at the acts they were up against who were arguably less of a spectacle and would be easier to get tickets for in the UK outside the festival. Of course Wet Leg had exploded far too big to be on the Park at 2pm. Looking at what was kicking out and who was coming on at the Park/Arcadia crush, that was probably predictable to a degree also. With hindsight, some of this could have been easily avoided with planning. I think the earlier posts about maybe ditching some of the smaller and less populous areas (Cineramageddon etc.) and trying to spread things out maybe has merit. I also agree with the earlier post about trying to get back more akin to JP = New Acts, Pyramid/Other = Established, West Holts = World Music etc. to stop people tramping round so much.
  24. Haven't checked the BBC footage yet, but will be on the iPlayer later for sure. I've been singing songs from this set in my head ever since (largely because my voice is still broken from actually singing them on the night).
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