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  1. woyski

    How do you feel?

    Hey guys - I haven't checked here since Glasto was cancelled, couldn't bloody face it. This week has been utter shite, silver lining is that this is the first time since I really felt this bad, but yeah, not enjoyed it. And with our Glasto-less June round the corner, I'm having a mega sulk.
  2. Ah, think I explained myself poorly! £200 between us for the hire of the car for the week from London, plus petrol on top. As for the person giving us a lift, it's a very kind parent demanding it - of course we'll be paying them petrol though.
  3. woyski

    2020 headliners

    Calvin will be secret set
  4. Ah yeah, with the parking fee it's totally fine. More just trying to avoid the expense of the car and petrol, as our one last year was around £200 and that was between 4 of us. Will keep having a think. Cheers for the reply!
  5. Hi all, Firstly, sorry if this has been asked a million times already - I did do a quick and likely shitty forum search 👍 3 of us were planning to drive & park originally, but now are considering getting a lift to the drop-off point to save money, but obviously compromising flexibility. I've seen on the webpage that you're not allowed to bring any trollies and the like onto the shuttle. So my question is, what things can you get away with that help you transport large amounts of stuff to the site? We generally pack pretty minimally, but we're taking one 4-man and 2-man
  6. Ello all! Avoiding thesis writing, 3 weeks 6 days til this bastard is submitted. 1) 27 2) Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Diana Ross, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Wolf Alice 3) Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish
  7. This is just fucking bonkers, ain't it? I'll still be here for every changing update, this is my weird cynical way of showing I'm excited.
  8. Missed the dog spam but gonna chuck mine in anyway for good measure. Good afternoon from this good old boy!
  9. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/glastonbury-weather-met-office-forecast-2978234 "Met Office forecast says heavy rain will change to 'drier and warmer' weather for Glastonbury" WE'RE LOOKIN GOOD LADS
  10. I genuinely think it's getting me run down. Time to whack out the berocca & echinacea, I'm a delicate soul these days.
  11. Here for my morning dose of "What the fuck is going on?" with a side of "Who knows?" - Can't. Keep. Away.
  12. woyski


    Oooof it's looking beautiful this evening!
  13. This is bloody hilarious! Why are we such masochists?
  14. Today I discovered a fuck off hole in my favourite trousers I was gonna bring - as useful as that might've been for the old shewee, I decided to just sew them back up.
  15. I'm here because I'm being too pessi about the weather, whilst my boyfriend is being way too optimistic. NEED A HAPPY MEDIUM LADS
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