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  1. Olshansky


    that's a great photo!
  2. Olshansky


    Did anyone watch Shakespeare in the Woods? I didn't make it, nor did anyone I know. Curious as to how it went down...
  3. If Georgia's forthcoming album does as well as I expect it to, I suspect she'll move up from an early slot on the Park to an early evening somewhere in Silver Hayes or John Peel.
  4. Olshansky

    Post festival flu

    I had a very bad fever leading up to the festival which had me terrified. I only started to feel better on the tuesday before, thankfully due to all the medicine i kept pumping through myself. As a result, throughout the festival I certainly didn't have the stamina that I normally would have - got the cough and the sore throat that everyone else seems to have gotten by the end. It's really only today that I feel like myself again.
  5. Olshansky

    Celeb spotting

    I chatted with Nenah Cherry briefly, can’t remember which day.
  6. Thanks to everyone for your efforts in keeping us updated! do we think this thread will reach 300 pages by the time gates open? I reckon it will!
  7. Thank you! Spidey-sense says I’ll be fine, I just have to take it easy.
  8. I’ve unfortunately had a sore throat and a bit of a fever the past few days, though today is much much better. I’ve spent the day “preparing” by sleeping and hydrating and taking all the OTC meds. Cross your fingers that Wednesday morning this will have all passed
  9. Olshansky


  10. Olshansky

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Lamb have just announced via Instagram and Twitter they’ll be doing something at Ancient Futures on Sunday at 5:00pm Im elated about this!
  11. I watched Kanye (some of it) out of genuine curiosity as I’m not really a fan and this is what he did too. Absolutely ruined it for me
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