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  1. Olshansky

    Kate Tempest

    Kate's become a part of glasto for me. It wouldnt be right if she wasnt there
  2. I spoke with Fontaines in sxsw in texas this week. They told me they'd been asked to do 3 different stages, but they weren't sure which ones they were, or if they were definitely doing all three. But they'll be there for at least one set, and are trying to stay for the whole fest.
  3. Olshansky

    "Moments" of 2019

    Absolutely this and I'll add - Kate Tempest always has a moment. Her performance of "People's Faces" in 2017 was so emotional
  4. Lamb have a new record this spring. Lou and Andy are usually at the fest in some context so I'm hoping for a proper lamb set on the Avalon stage again
  5. because I travel from the states, I have to pack light. I usually bring an inflatable pool raft because it packs up smaller than most of the camping mattresses. they're also usually very inexpensive
  6. Thanks! Glad to be here!
  7. worth every hour. Not sure if anyone's ever been to an American festival but they're absolutely shit in comparison.
  8. Ditto on this. This is exactly what we did in 2017 and totally beats having to queue and bus to any major city on the monday.
  9. Olshansky

    NYC Downlow

    Ditto. Was a happy find, on my part. One kinda dodgy guy in there in 2017, wouldn't take a hint at first but thankfully he left.
  10. I kinda have a crush on someone that I've run into a lot in the Park 2 years running. They'll be there again this year, so maybe this year's the year
  11. Yes this! Tent neighbors are the best Also, bring extra socks. I always manage to ruin most of the ones I bring.
  12. Hi all I've been reading the forums for years, and it looks like I registered in 2017 but I have never posted until last week. I'm an American in New York City, and 2019 will be my 8th Glasto Fest. (went '04, '10, '11, '14, '15', '16, '17) - Did End of the Road last year as sub for the fallow year and it was lovely, but obviously doesn't compare to Glasto. I work in the film/tv industry by day, and book/host a folk music showcase on Sundays for 12 years running. I can mostly be found at the Park stage, though the last few years I've found myself at West Holts more and more. Really looking forward to this year!
  13. Olshansky

    2019 Headliners

    Fleetwood Mac are ruled out because... ? (I can't remember sorry) I just noticed that the gap in their tour schedule leaves room.
  14. Always in the Big Ground and I love it there. it's a pain to get back to at night, but it's on higher ground which helps with the mud and rain. Also very convenient to ATMs, property lock up and welfare should you need it. For many years it also had flushable loos, but those were replaced in 2017 with compost ones.
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