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  1. we got stuck in a bad crush after lorde finished. We were down front (which had plenty of space) and kendrick folks were trying to enter as we were trying to get out. People were actually screaming for help, and one girl had a panic attack. I've been in worse crushes, but this wasn't cool. There was also almost zero security at the park during Squid.
  2. I was nonplussed at Billie Eilish. I like her and I think she's cool, but the set did nothing for me.
  3. did anyone happen to see the improv set they did at the Truth stage on Thursday? mind blowing.
  4. out of office just went on. 3 hours until I leave to catch the coach. very real all of a sudden thanks to everyone for the lolz this run! see you in the fields!
  5. Happy birthday mate! Wednesday is mine 🙂
  6. I saw Sea of Bees there in 2011, which was incredible. Woody Woodmansy also read from his book there in 2015? Afternoon full of Bowie stories which absolutely made my dad. Love the crows nest!
  7. Olshansky

    Big Jeff injured

    shit. i've met Jeff a few times and what a guy. hoping for a speedy recovery .
  8. it hardly seems real. how the fuck am I gonna sleep next tuesday night?
  9. I had a health scare a little more than a year ago, and now everything is supposedly fine. I'm glad you're well too @faymondo! I too will be walking through the gates with a few tears in my eyes.
  10. Olshansky

    Kate Bush

    exactly this I treasure having had the opportunity to see one of those 2014 shows. Might have been the best show I've ever seen. I would bet my savings that she's done playing live for good.
  11. considering the truthfulness of every other story they print, yes Ill take it
  12. coming from the states, I have to fit everything in my backpack and check it on a plane, which means no attaching a roll (or anything) to the outside either. I bring a pool float. They're under a tenner, thicker than a mat, and take up way less space than anything else.
  13. Olshansky

    2023 Headliners

    FWIW, I'm a nick cave STAN and even as a super fan, I'd never thought he'd headline the pyramid. but his show at Primavera on Saturday night was one for the books, and the way even casual fans have been reacting to it is super cool. If he continues this trajectory, and releases a record at least a little more radio friendly than Ghosteen, I think there's at least a shot he'd to the Pyramid at some point in the next years. Maybe that's the wishful fan in me, I dunno.
  14. Olshansky

    2023 Headliners

    Do you really think they'd do both Harry and Taylor? two pop acts seems very unlikely to me. but i think it's definitely one or the other
  15. Olshansky

    2023 Headliners

    I think it's gonna be Taylor, Elton and The Weeknd, Aerosmith legend slot.
  16. Proper coffee FTW
  17. apologies if it's been posted somewhere already I didn't see - but does anyone know offhand what the weather was like in 2020 and 2021 for what would have been? The weather obviously varies from year to year, adn the odds are we wouldn't be likely to repeat a recent pattern. I'm hoping someone will say that 2021 would have been a flood fest so that's not likely two years in a row
  18. I got to Razz 2 yesterday at 9:00 and queued for an hour and half to get in on the W1 pass, if that means anything to you. the Queue for Razz 1 was about twice as long as it was for Razz 2
  19. I vote Annie Lennox She still has the chops, and has a ton of hits including her Eurythmics stuff. Walking on Broken Glass, Sweet Dreams, Here Comes the Rain again, ... Honestly would be a festival highlight for me.
  20. +2 for WH Lung lots of love for Sinead O'Brien too Strong Williams Green lineup inho; it's the stage causing the most clashes for me.
  21. same and Lamb vs Macca.
  22. I like a lot of what you listed, and also a lot of what's on the bill. I think there's just a lot of good music out there at the moment, and any given roll of the dice has potential for a great lineup. Also, touring during covid must be an absolute nightmare for those who have to plan everything. surely there were lot of tough decisions made by both bands and festivals in order to get it to all line up
  23. This! it's also their farewell tour, so you probably won't have another chance to see them. They're so good
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