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  1. Gengahr were great, unfortunately they had a few technical issues and were late starting which resulted in only a 45 minute set. Another Sky were good, very similar to London Gramma as were Indoor Pets although the lead singer’s vocals could grate on some people.
  2. Nice one,will definitely check them out.
  3. Going to this today and tomorrow,anyone heard of any of the bands playing ?
  4. I’m not so sure I believe the October ticket sale isn’t taking place due to the small number of refunds. If that was the case why did they advertise one in the first place for ? Personally I think it’s more to do with waiting till April to see what the landscape is like regarding the festival taking place. Would be pointless having a ticket sale in October when not knowing how things will pan out. Might just be me clutching at straws 🤷‍♂️.
  5. I’m glad in a way I attended my first festival in 2016 at the age of 47. Keeps the fire in my belly to attend more ,tickets permitting obviously.
  6. Thanks mate, it may well have been a total disaster but as you say it was something to look forward to. At this present time an out of tune busker singing Wonderwall would probably get me excited 😂
  7. Am absolutely gutted about this. Had a ticket to see The Streets at Newmarket Racecourse. Was supposed to see him in Norwich at the end of May but obviously that got cancelled. I know in the light of all the things happening this may seem trivial but the chance to get to go to one gig even a socially distanced one was to me a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
  8. A man with good taste, I also went with the Charcoal Grey t-shirt 👍.
  9. Guaranteed 2022 headliner then 😂😂
  10. Although not a massive fan I don’t think you can rule out Mumford and Sons not to headline again just because they were booked to play a secret set this year. After all The Killers played a secret set in 2017 and were back headlining last year.
  11. They just must be one of them bands that never get the kinda crowds they deserve.The crowd at the Pyramid Stage when they subbed in 2017 ? was pretty small as well.
  12. Wow, they deserve a much bigger crowd than that. What year was this ?
  13. Emeli Sande had a tiny crowd at The Other Stage in 2017 which was a shame as she did give a good performance.
  14. Remember at the time being quite emotional when she sang All The Lovers at the age of 50 😭😂.
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