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  1. ?? even the sky looks the same ?.
  2. Took a little trip to the farm about 3 weeks ago. Went to Stonehenge so thought why not. Amazing how we just sort of stumbled upon it . Followed the sat nav for directions to the Pilton skate park. Couldn’t find it so just drove on down a little country lane. Saw a few cars parked up so parked up and got out to explore. It soon became apparent the cars were for a football match taking place. Me and the daughter started walking across a field when I noticed the big white cross that lady Anne ? constructed. Knowing we must not be far away we turned back and walked further down the lane and there right in front of us was Mary’s Gate. We found the promised land ?. Didn’t explore much as the weather was horrendous. Also visited Glastonbury Itself , what a weird and wonderful place, wish we could have stayed longer.
  3. Field of Avalon

    Resale help

    Resale is for 4 tickets, 2 in the coach tickets. Believe it or not but I found this years resale less stressful than today's sale. Had high hopes for this morning where as didn't have any hope for the resale. Also the See tickets site didn't seem to freeze in the resale and was quite plain sailing once we got on the reg page. Don't know what was worse, this morning couldn't get off the poxy holding page, at least last year I got as far as the payment page before being booted off. Keep the faith the resale isn't as bad in my experience.
  4. Great to be back again ???. It’s such a ball ache having to wait till April but it’s a marathon not a sprint and having to endure the resale this year with success am not giving up hope yet ?.
  5. See you all on the farm best of luck peeps ????
  6. Nervous but also buzzing. What will be will be but won't give up hope if not successful tomorrow.Got tickets in the resale for 2019 to keep the 3/3 run going.Good luck to one and all on here, hope the ticket gods are smiling on us all.
  7. That’s The Woods near John Peel Tent.
  8. Had this amazing Lobster, Crab and cheese toastie but can’t remember where I got it from as I may have been a bit tipsy at the time ?
  9. Dam she looks good for 51 ???
  10. No but I shaved his head down the middle and squirted tomato sauce on his head to give him a Gorbachev ?
  11. I have the best celeb sighting to beat all celeb sightings.The little chubby Welsh fella Pancho from Dirty Sanchez ??
  12. Thanks Brother Avalon ?
  13. Fuck that was nerve shredding. Daughter got through after 5mins, entered reg numbers,post codes etc etc. Got through to payment page after a few seconds entered card details and the fucking bank declined payment ?. After a minute or 2 she got a text message from her bank asking if it was her who was trying to make the payment.She replied yes and they then sent a text asking her to wait 10minutes before trying again. She just pressed pay again and thank fuck the payment confirmed sign came up ? Would have been proper pissed to miss out because of her poxy bank.
  14. Thanks for the info. That's longer than I thought, expected it to be only a couple of minutes.
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