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  1. I very much hope you're right, but the logistics of vaccinating an entire country cannot be underestimated, and the whole world wants these vaccinations so stocks will harder to get hold of than the PS5. Some businesses were reportedly being briefed that a return to normalcy could be 2-3 years away (granted that was prior to the latest vaccine news, so fingers crossed that was a worst-case scenario that is no longer applicable). To go from not being allowed to mix with anyone outside your household in November 2020, to 100K people in a field together at a music festival in August 20
  2. Don’t really see why they should be embarrassed, they pulled one of the biggest crowds of 2019 (according to VICE) and bet they go down well once again next year. Plus it’s the festival bookers who should get the flak anyway, not the band - they got offered likely good money to play a show and didn’t turn it down, don’t see what they’d be embarrassed about.
  3. Catfish are my missus’ favourite band, and even she doesn’t want to go even for the day. if they put Wombats, 2 Door and Catfish on one day we’d go for the day but fucking hell they’ve put KSI on the main stage it’s that dire. Just awful. I expected nothing and I’m still let down.
  4. I read somewhere the quickest vaccine even produced took 4 years - now this one has basically the whole world behind it and more resources than any vaccine development has ever had but having one available for the public by even summer next year will be almost a miracle. Remember as well that a vaccine is not an overnight cure, production will be a logistical nightmare and it will take months to vaccinate enough of the public for the virus to not be an issue. As to your second point, yes that’s the sobering thought many industries are going to be basically destroyed by this
  5. Shame there’s no camping, Sunday is mega (Catfish, Wombats, Sea Girls is a dream festival run for me and my missus), don’t care for Ian Brown but decent undercard in Fender, Pale Waves and Love Fame on Saturday. Don’t like Gerry but would happily be there Friday for Circa Waves. Problem is having to either travel there and back 3 times or get hotel nearby which I can’t be arsed with, so just going Sunday. If it was a camping festival I’d do the whole weekend, better lineup for my tastes I won’t see all year, it’s basically dark fruits the festival.
  6. Really hope festivals like Tramlines and Neighbourhood drop this moron after outing himself as thick as pig shit.
  7. I’m with you on that one, it’s proper killing my interest in the festival if it going to lead to basically the rest of the stages being ditched.
  8. After watching her performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend online, no thanks.
  9. Seen someone on twitter suggest that it’s an outrage that LG and Catfish are headlining over artists like Selena Gomez, Jesse J, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus....
  10. Do we have any indication of when we’re get undercard for each day? Would love to know when Two Door are playing (praying it’s the catfish day)? Also any hints if day tickets will be for sale this week?
  11. I’m a Catfish fan (and they’re my missus’ favourite band) so will 100% be getting a day ticket for their day but even I can’t disagree it’s an odd booking. They were due to headline Tramlines and Truck last year alongside Neighbourhood, not sure they’re R+L level at all, but hey us and the rest of the dark fruits crowd will love it at least.
  12. This, I don’t even hate Lewis Capaldi’s stuff but he’s so damn dull live. Couldn’t imagine actually being hyped for his set, will have zero atmosphere
  13. Catfish boys, fuck yessss! (Don’t even care that some are going to be pissed).
  14. I’ve just had a look myself, you’re correct! Must have missed it, that’s made my day that has.
  15. That show is gonna be huge, can’t wait to see the undercard hoping Pale Waves and Bea are back.
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