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  1. Madness maybe gone you say? Now you have my interest! Still so gutted about catfish being lost though, least they’re at neighbourhood though.
  2. Was assuming they’d be bumped up to headliner after the truck announcement (didn’t know that truck was so much smaller). im thrilled if that prediction proves to be wrong, was my pessimistic guess. At this point I just want Bombay Bicycle Club to headline, from the likely pool that would hype me up. Circa Waves, Pale Waves and Vistas on the undercard and we’ve got a festival on our hands!
  3. Oh, my bad - I was unaware tramlines was bigger, assumed they were roughly the same size.
  4. Don’t see how the Kooks could be headliners at Truck but sub at Tramlines? Im thinking Libertines/Supergrass/Madness.
  5. Tramlines going the record for most has-beens on one lineup based on all the predictions/rumours. Fingers crossed for a very strong undercard cause at this rate I’m going to be getting a head start on pre drinking for Leadmill during the headline sets.
  6. Waiting for another band that’s about 20 years past their sell by date to become available? What are Ash up to this summer 😂
  7. Praying that Circa Waves and Bombay have been added from Truck - if we’ve lost catfish can we at least get them please festival gods? Im guessing the headliners will be Kooks/Supergrass/Madness.
  8. Yeh definitely agree there’s no incentive for a landmark lineup, as a subpar one will sell out regardless but a man can dream.
  9. Well if 2021 is doomed (which feels likely) hopefully they wipe the slate clean and start afresh lineup wise. would be nice to get a proper landmark lineup to celebrate the return of the festival not the very meh lineup (imo) that was being planned for this year. would never happen but imagine if they got AM!
  10. I’m a longtime blink fan, so I’m bias as fuck, but I thought they were very decent. And don’t think anyone can disagree it was big step up from 2010. Shame they’ll likely never come back now. Without Tom they’re not headline material and don’t think they’d accept anything else.
  11. If you’ve not been vaccinated, almost certainly.
  12. Here’s a left field question, do we know if Camden Brewery will be the beer of the festival again? Was mint being able to get a Camden Hells and Pale at every single bar, much better than the likes of Carlsberg at R+L.
  13. Along those lines I’m hoping for Vistas on the lineup - loved their debut album last year. Discovered Sea Girls at Tramlines 2019 and now seen them 4-5 times, so definitely will be exploring the undercard fully if the headliners turn out to be (imo) a total misfire.
  14. That comment reads to me like the prediction is pretty spot on! Preparing myself for a massive disappointment in a couple months time (assuming we won’t get a lineup till May at this rate). To each their own in these matters but to me a 3-day festival that is 0/3 for headliners you care about is a disappointment. The headliners may not be everything but you want at least one that appeals. Seeing as the headliner situation is clearly gonna be bleak as fuck, I’m praying for a stronger undercard. (also for the record I hate Ian Brown, not arsed in the slightest he’s been bin off
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