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  1. Was always a good booking but given his continued rise and Glasto set, Tramlines has played a blinder getting Sam Fender. Arguably too big for the slot now! It'll be a mint show. Gotta decide which Toon shirt to wear now mind you.
  2. Really hope you're right. That Mainstage run would be unbeatable. I'd even like to see NBT but might have to miss them just to squeeze in food/bar/loo!
  3. Anybody got any idea about when we can expect set times? The lineups so stacked for me that I'm already stressing about clashes. Want to see Circa Waves/Pale Waves/Wombats/Two Door but got a feeling Pale Waves might clash with Circa Waves/Wombats.
  4. The size of crowd for YMAS last year at Leeds was pathetic. Literally a couple dozen people in the front pit. No chance they get even close to headlining.
  5. So here's an odd one. Community festival tweeted today and tagged Pale Waves, which would certainly suggest they've not pulled out. Plus, over on TicketMaster they're not listed as playing the July 16 date of the 5SOS tour. But are listed on every other date (including July 15 and July 18). Are they going to fly back just for Community?
  6. If I paid £100 to see RHCP live and they didn't play Can't Stop, I'd want a refund.
  7. As every year, give me The Front Bottoms and I'll be there regardless of the rest of the lineup
  8. Post Malone prediction is just lazy. Won't happen for at least 3+ years now.
  9. Only doing AM day but very happy to see Dayglow there. Not listened to them loads but come up often in my Spotify recommended playlists and like what I've heard. Perfect festival act for me. Really would like to see a change back to the old format though. Feels like we're losing too much music and certain acts are just being squeezed out now as there's no real place for them.
  10. The lack of official confirmation yet does make me think sorting a replacement could be causing the delay.
  11. You may well be right. Bit shit if so but oh well Circa Waves/Wombats/Two Door is more than enough for me.
  12. Really? That's kind of a shit, especially if they've not said anything. I wonder who will replace them. Draft in Sea Girls and we'll call it an upgrade (would make the core lineup all male though).
  13. Talk about wishful thinking! Way way way too mid-2000s pop punk focused. You're not getting MCR, Panic and Paramore in one year. Not to mention that MGK is basically a pop punk artist now (a shite one mind you). Will be at least one high profile rap artist, probably two, as well.
  14. I bought two tickets for full price and am looking forward to it, so I'm not trying to bash the festival, but I'm not super surprised either. For £60 I could see why the lineup hasn't appealed to many people. For comparison, Community has a much better lineup and is in London (so London tax included) and only cost £50. Im buzzing to see Vaccines and Sea Girls, and reckon Bombay will still be good fun (even if they're an underwhelming headliner), but not expecting to see Live at Leeds in the Park return next year. Also, selfishly hoping this promo doesn't result in the place being over crowded. Will be slightly miffed if I've spent £120 on tickets and the bar queues end up being insane cause the festival is full of people who got in for a fiver!
  15. Granted I'm bias as a fan, but Two Door are a weird callout here. Definitely a band still coasting on their debut album but they pulled a very respectable crowd last year. The stampede after Wombats on MSW to see Two Door on MSE was genuinely dangerous at Leeds.
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