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  1. I know this is in the wrong thread but just a thought. If EOTR is the last weekend in Aug it’ll only be one week apart from Green Man 😧
  2. Spent a late night dancing to a great playlist at the Beavertown Brewery bar last year. Prob til 3am.
  3. SighMo

    2019 New Music

    Great for getting up close to the band but must be difficult to set up any amount of gear on such a small stage. Good bar downstairs as well.
  4. SighMo

    2019 New Music

    Saw Pottery play to about 30 people at Heartbreakers in Southampton last night. This lot are so full of energy and kept everyone captivated for a seamless hi energy set. See they them while they’re still in the country and doing small venues; wouldn’t e surprised if they step up next year. Can’t wait to catch them again at EOTR.
  5. No, my mistake mate. Re read your post...sorry.
  6. Oh Sees are beasts mate🚀
  7. I arrived late for that one due to having to dig around in the debris at the front of the Garden Stage to find my shirt after the Oh Sees set. The Snapped Ankles sets at Strummerville and WG were pretty full on too. Just added another one to my wish-list for late sets; Pottery. Only saw about 4 songs in the Green Man record sales tent but they were ace. Seeing them again at the Joiners tonight.
  8. Love the late secret sets at EOTR. Remember the Warmduscher madness last year 🤪
  9. Probably...Murder Capital maybe then
  10. Be nice to get one of Murder Capital or Fontaines for a late set as they’re almost clashing. Squid must be nailed on for a late one, surely.
  11. Exactly my thoughts. Will definitely be wearing the trainers. Could do wit a ten minute shift for one of them.
  12. I was with the guy in the Joiners shirt. Your son’s a really nice lad who obviously knows his music. We were chatting about Oh Sees and Fontaines DC. Glad he enjoyed and survived the Idles set 😉
  13. Agree with this. It was pretty full on down the front at times but anyone who was there wanted to be there. Was your son wearing a Shame tee shirt? We were chatting to some lads before Yak who were from Southampton and I asked the lad how old he was and was surprised when he said 13; looks a fair bit older. We were talking about the Joiners.
  14. TVAM were a great discovery for us at Green Man. Defo on my Clashfinder for EOTR. Also Stereolab were on very good form.
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