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  1. Can't say I've ever been reckless during all this but I've never really worried about catching Covid as such. Now GM is getting real I've just started to think about being a bit more careful where I go.
  2. I've got the ap on my iphone and the pdf file on there too; just thought if they're happy to look at the card it'd be quicker.
  3. I'll also be carrying my little card that has both jab details on it; hopefully this will do as proof considering some people don't have a smart phone.
  4. Saw the Tweet about revised opening times as well; carpark 10am with gates at 11am....happy days
  5. Be nice if they could squeeze Warmduscher in somewhere; at EOTR so should be primed and ready to roll.
  6. Can't see any mention of Chai Wallah tent anywhere or am I not looking hard enough?
  7. No back to school issues then? Be good to see everyone.
  8. Can't remember it tbh...going to both and with such a short gap feet won't touch the ground.
  9. Crack Cloud, Porridge Radio and Snapped Ankles on the bounce.....
  10. Green Man line up is something else....wow.
  11. Gonna be some epic clashes....
  12. One of the best festival line ups I've ever seen
  13. This is nailed on now....better have a practice with the new tent.
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