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  1. Second this. Saw a great band called LIINES in there on Sunday night. Got a free pint that night too after being talked into hanging around for the next couple of acts.
  2. Such a good line-up. Gonna be some killer clashes. Really looking forward to catching Little Simz after seeing her Park Stage performance.
  3. Annual leave confirmed today for Glasto, Green Man and EOTR...GM was touch and go and involved some negotiation.
  4. Make friends with your neighbours; we usually do. It's nice around breakfast time to invite someone nearby to have tea/coffee or share your eggs/bacon sandwiches. Think I may be alone this time as my son and his mates are out of the country at uni and my other friend who always comes with me hasn't got a ticket yet. I'm not bothered though as I'm fine with my own company and someone usually chats anyway.
  5. After a massive egg, bacon and mushroom sandwich for breakfast cooked at the tent, this year I found I had no time to eat until midnight to 1am each day. Tried to eat earlier a couple of times but queues were too long for my getting to gigs deadline. Need to try to take time out to eat at a sensible time next year. Everywhere I did eat was great though.
  6. I was also at the Joiner’s Warmduscher gig and it pretty cool for a Tuesday evening. Just listening to Lazarus Kane’s only offering on Spotify; Narcissus, and its ace. These would be a great fit for GM or EOTR. Yak also played the Joiners last night; literally hanging from the ceiling....they’re one of the best live bands.
  7. Saw Lazarus Kane a couple of nights ago at the Joiners. We need a late set in the Teepee for sure. Checkout Narcissus.
  8. Just have a look at the rection on social media to the London Marathon ballot...they hate it. They used to have a system where you could get a gauranteed entry after a certain amount of rejections; they did away with this a few years back and now some have been rejected about 10 times or more. They have less places in the ballot; probably less than 20,000 and about 450,000 entered so plenty of pissed off punters. At least, unlike Glasto there are other ways of getting in; being fast, or running for charity.
  9. She did GM in 2017 so maybe a bit close.
  10. We had three tents; you can see two in my picture. The canopy on my tent creates a bit of space and we had the third tent at right-angles to the two you can see. This was on Big Ground on the edge of the path which runs past the Lock-Up tent. Certainly wasn't too rammed.
  11. I’ve been using one of these for myself. Shared it with my son once and was fine but three would be a squeeze. Seen me well for eight festivals over three years. Would highly recommend getting the canopy that goes with it. Great for shelter from sun/rain and good for cooking breakfast under. Mines on the left with the canopy and my friends on right without
  12. SighMo

    Rum club

    Used to love VAT19 years ago but it seems they don't make it anymore when I searched pre EOTR festival. Any experts know of something similar?
  13. Managed to get 4 but our other 4 missed out. Didn’t think it was happening the way the page struggled to load. My wife got them at 9.23 on her ancient iPad. Payment page was very stable.
  14. Will it help or hinder if I have Chrome and IE running at the same time; two tabs but different browsers?
  15. SighMo

    The Zone

    Is it too early to start F5ing...don’t want to peak to early?
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