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  1. Less of this please; it's not what this thread is about.
  2. Isn't that the slot they played before? Seem to remember through a rum fueled haze that they were last on.
  3. Fontaines DC new album. Second time on the bounce now and although there're a couple of standouts it's nowhere near Dogrel. I love this band; saw them 3 times at the last Glasto but they're moving too far away from that first masterpiece; for me anyway.
  4. From Poole in Dorset; arrive around 8pm on Tuesday.
  5. The cargo net is a great idea.
  6. I've used one like this for a few festivals. They are ok with a decent load but do need a second person going across hills or uneven ground to stop it toppling over. Also you need to cable tie all the clips in place or they will definitely rattle out, especially when unloaded. I lost a couple of clips the first time I used it in 2017 at Glasto but managed to pinch some replacements off of exactly the same trolley lying wrecked by the side of the path.
  7. SighMo

    Wet Leg

    I suppose they could have been called Caulkheads.
  8. King Hannah at Oslo: amazing gig, perfect at what they do. Could have watched all night. My best gig of the year so far.
  9. SighMo

    2022 New Music

    Spotted this release late last night and pre-ordered the vinyl without listening seeing as I’ve got all the other albums. Big surprise this morning when I put this on while painting the hallway…played a couple of times and yea, I can go with it.
  10. SighMo

    Wet Leg

    May have imagined it but seem to remember seeing an old chaise longue up by the Stone Circle…..just a thought. Or could it be a repeat of the Green Door?
  11. Agreed, saw them last night at the Loft in Southampton. Support act, Cherym were good fun too.
  12. Trying for my son and 3 friends. My wife got in and completed the form to find they we’re already allocated. Happy Daze
  13. Warmduscher are great fun...seen em a few times. First time at EOTR in the Teepee tent was crazy; nearly got shut down.
  14. SighMo

    Crazyfool is in!!

    So so pleased for you; know how much it means to you🚀
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