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  1. SighMo

    Best Takeaway Apps?

    Just the same old monorail joke almost every day on there. Probably funny first time round.
  2. SighMo

    Best Takeaway Apps?

    Along with the mono rail jokes.....one of my main but many Glasto Chat hates.
  3. SighMo

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Yes but imagine trying to get a ticket.
  4. SighMo

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Was so disappointed not to catch them at the 3 festivals I did last year.....love the first album. A sunny day would be just right for this lot.
  5. Yes was thinking the same about EOTR. A good look a Green Man would also be a good shout.
  6. Like a bimble too 😀. I’ll try and remember to turn the GPS on my Garmin on for a couple of days. That’ll be more accurate....bet I forget.
  7. Don’t take the results too seriously. Waving your arms around and clapping will register loads of steps so not much use as a guide for distance walked.
  8. Fontaines DC albums is ace.....Can’t wait. Check out Roy’s Tune 🚀
  9. If you’re training to just get round/complete the HM don’t worry about running during Glasto, October is ages away. On the other hand if you’re trying to nail a fast time/pb you probably need to run. If the latter is the case you’d already know what to do 😀
  10. SighMo

    Saturday Headliner Poll

    I just picked Hot Chip but in reality it'll be a close call between them and The Chems. Also I'm sure my son and his mates will be at Killers having a great party which will also be at the back of my mind.
  11. Love Chai Wallahs. Can't go in there and not dance....decent cocktails too.
  12. Does she do ‘You Shadow’? My ‘losing my shit’ track off the new one.
  13. SighMo

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Gonna pay for a few of ours to save a bit on postage but will not be panicking at 0900.
  14. SighMo

    Tent Etiquette

    I’ve got a 4 man tent just for me and wouldn’t go any smaller. You’d have to really like each other to have 4 sleeping in there.
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