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  1. That he's headlining JP... Can't remember where I saw it mentioned.
  2. Haha I think if Neil is right about Jamie t then he is likely to be the Saturday... think there's info on primal scream Friday and charli xcx sun but could be wrong! Lorde is just a guess really
  3. gabe

    Secret sets 2022

    Do you mean live at the apollo? Because I'm pretty sure that was filmed and screened live (directed by Richard Ayaoade!) and was a fairly different 'take' on a live DVD which might explain that stylistic decision a little. Fwiw I think they're a very very tight live band with an excellent back catalogue. I think their 2013 set is excellent but I've also seen them and they've not held the crowd (eg Leeds 2009 just after Humbug came out). I'd be there and I'd have a great time but horses for courses.
  4. My predictions so far based on what we know... sure I'm miles off with some of them but thought I'd have a stab
  5. They were originally on the park lineup, I have them very faintly pencilled as the Sunday headliner but its almost a complete guess. Seems like Saturday Park will be avalanches, Big Thief and caribou. Friday there was some info arlo parks was subbing but I think that's all we've got. Sunday looks pretty empty info-wise which is why I've dropped them in there!
  6. Nick mulvey Friday 8pm avalon. Probably a few more to fill in from that avalon announcement
  7. Don't know where to start with this. The mental gymnastics at play... Just don't use the word 'cuck' to belittle people as its foul and carries dark undertones which I'm sure you don't support.
  8. Sorry I shouldn't have dredged the thread up. I was just pretty appalled at this as the term has been co-opted by alt-right 4chan types and as such carries significant undertones which I feel should be avoided, particularly from a site admin.
  9. I don't want to get into a semantic argument here but this word is completely inappropriate for a million reasons and if you don't see that then I fear its pointless trying to discuss tbh. You are intending to emasculate and deplatform a user from a position of power and doing so using what can certainly be considered an offensive and NSFW term. And you're an admin!
  10. The only thing I've had an opinion about is this thread and your calling out of a specific user and using the term 'cuck' which is just unbelievably bad practice for the admin of a site. I echo others when I say that I hope you're OK, genuinely. But I stand by this opinion. It's out of order.
  11. Hard agree. Genuinely thought the banned user had set an account up with the name Neil at first...
  12. As a relatively (very) new user can I just say I think this thread has been utterly laughable and these sort of meltdowns really undermine Neil's position as an admin of the site. I may not know the ins and outs of alt accounts and historic wrongs committed by users but I completely echo the numerous other voices in saying that Matt's comments have been invaluable to making this pointless maelstrom of conjecture and guessing games a worthwhile diversion for many of us. By calling him a cuck and generally having this sort of meltdown so publically you really have made a rod for your own back here in my opinion by feeding the trolls but also alienating many users who wish to read and comment in a safe space. And yes, maybe some troll users have done that too but two wrongs and all that.. Think you need to be the bigger man here if I'm honest! My two cents anyway, probably nothing new but this has been a massive turnoff for a new user tbh.
  13. Special Request Stonebridge takeover on Saturday night 👍🏼
  14. Yeah the tent was full so it was a pretty open secret! Quick Google shows it was their second ever UK gig after playing Brixton a couple of days previous and New Fang didn't come out until October that year but presumably that might have been the one song out in the ether. I certainly hadn't heard anything else by them though and at the time was a huge QOTSA fan...
  15. At Leeds, aged 18, I saw Them Crooked Vultures (Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones supergroup). We had advance info of it and were at the front. They came on, said 'Hello, we're Michael Jackson' and launched straight into 'Elephants'. No one had heard anything by them at the time so seeing the three of them rock out was pretty thrilling at the time. Now think the album is fairly self indulgent and Josh Homme is a pr*ck but was definitely a special moment. Was also lucky enough to bunk into Arctic Monkeys at Morecambe Dome in advance of Favourite Worst Nightmare. One of the best gigs I've ever seen. Only seen Foals at Glasto, from a distance after Lizzo (I think?). Too far away to really get in the mood. Who do we think could be doing one this year? Harry Styles?!
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