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  1. It was due to be at Mayfield in September. I think it’s roughly the same capacity. I’ve been hoovering up tickets for later this year/next year for ages. Agreed it’s one of the best ways to support bands/artists and tbh with no visits to the pub or Pret I’ve got naff all else to be spending money on atm.
  2. She’s not gonna be in any rush to start playing festivals when she’s got a whole phone’s worth of voice memos to get pressing on wax.
  3. The final issue dropped on my doormat today and they've given every single album reviewed (bar one, poor Nelson Kempf) four stars ffs. Fuckin clasic.
  4. I can't work out if that's like a dark teal? If so its defo the best colour.
  5. Not sure if this has already been posted but UK pre-orders are here https://shop.virginemi.com/taylorswift/
  6. the wonderwhy


    I think its a solid effort - changes things up a bit even if it is pretty uneventful.
  7. High Violet comms has been dropped from all the Best Kept Secret announced - so I'm guessing that one has been knocked on the head
  8. Jeez you're ITK about Christmas now?
  9. Anyone updating the (prediction) clashfinder from this year? Also what are the vegan food options like?
  10. London dates are 25th and 26th May
  11. oh my god the practice drive hahahaha
  12. Gonna get a big boost when they cure Coronavirus though
  13. Sorry mate can't come to your party, petrol is too spenny. Oh, and I'm out of shoe polish.
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