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  1. the wonderwhy


    I think its a solid effort - changes things up a bit even if it is pretty uneventful.
  2. High Violet comms has been dropped from all the Best Kept Secret announced - so I'm guessing that one has been knocked on the head
  3. Jeez you're ITK about Christmas now?
  4. Anyone updating the (prediction) clashfinder from this year? Also what are the vegan food options like?
  5. London dates are 25th and 26th May
  6. oh my god the practice drive hahahaha
  7. Gonna get a big boost when they cure Coronavirus though
  8. Sorry mate can't come to your party, petrol is too spenny. Oh, and I'm out of shoe polish.
  9. Well, its a single...
  10. I agree he still has the ability to write bangers but ffs someone needs to stop him from naming is own projects at this point
  11. Johanna Warren album great if you like your Big Thiefs and Julia Jacklins
  12. I'm guessing the answer to this is no, but does anyone know if you can roll over one ticket and cancel another if they're on the same booking?
  13. Good point - especially as it sounds like Sunday is going to need filling
  14. This probably puts them out anyway
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