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  1. Good news. Had word this morning the wifi was down and was causing delays getting in
  2. Apparently the cashless system... isn't working
  3. Yeah, rail all day Saturday is a bit annoying although I reckon that probably wont come to pass. Hopefully that thunderstorm fucks off or at least happens tomorrow.
  4. That coach from Macclesfield was also mad expensive. It was the same price as coming from Manchester.
  5. What we saying about the huge gap on Lovell on Sunday? Can squeeze a full set in there. Must be able to come up with some tasty rumours 😛
  6. Cheers for doing that - was struggling to make the time to do it!
  7. I’ve started putting stuff onto clashfinder. The app is insanely unhelpful...
  8. Righto will keep an eye out
  9. No worries guys. Can anyone remember if we actually get times in advance usually? I seem to remember we don't - in which case I'll make some time to go back and work from last year's
  10. everyone's sleeping on Art School Girlfriend yo
  11. I like to overplan on a first go and then whittle down. I do and you know what? I was sat looking at that Sons of Kemet/A Certain Ratio overlap thinking 'One of these are at Bluedot- its definitely A Certain Ratio'. It's Sons of Kemet. So consider that one replanned already.
  12. Cheers for this. At the moment looking at Friday: TVAM > The Beths > Julia Jacklin > Whitney > Gwenno > Steve Mason > Bill Ryder-Jones > Ex:Re > Snapped Ankles Saturday Art School Girlfriend > Stella Donnelly > Sons of Kemet > Porridge Radio > Big Thief > Black Country, New Road > Car Seat Headrest > Coming is Coming Sunday Self Esteem > Yak > Aldous Harding > Eels > Sharon Van Etten > Father John Misty/Idles/Nilufer Any recommendations for Sunday welcome!
  13. I mean, yeah I think so. For some reason they didn't make the instagram cut!
  14. Just for reference full list of acts added today (from Insta): Villagers, Lamb, The Big Moon, Snapped Ankles, Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert, Brigid Mae Power, Chelou, Self Esteem
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