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  1. that new Car Seat Headrest slaps. Love a cow bell.
  2. Manchester being the night before Wide Awake is a big booooo
  3. New one from Kelly Lee Owens https://open.spotify.com/track/4ecDr6FxOupWQgTW9lmATk?si=E4Wf61b9RcCy2FejKuUzXA Album has John Cale on it!
  4. He tours in Europe in June basically every year and never plays. I've given up.
  5. Think you've got the wrong Pompey venue there
  6. Yeah I was worried about that Grimes album but enjoyed it on first listen and think its got a lot of potential. IDORU is a beautiful song to end with. Soaring.
  7. Makes you wonder why the Paris one is always absolute turd
  8. They're the sort of act we should be looking at for secret sets. Around at the time, played recently but have had new material so got half a reason to come back, fairly big name without being huge, clearly well liked at the festival. Not saying they're specifically likely to do one, but I imagine they're the sort of secret set benchmark, rather than past headliners like Foos.
  9. maybe @Matt42 should DM Matty B and ask what the plan is
  10. Yeah I felt this belonged in the acts ruled out thread, unfortunately
  11. the wonderwhy

    The Strokes?

    nice choon. man can't say decisions though.
  12. Waxahatchee is either out or nailed on for Sunday...
  13. Yeah the Orbit normally winds down with a couple of DJs on the Sunday night, presumably because they think people are much less likely to stick around after the headliner that evening because of work and stuff. I reckon Spiritualized will do the same slot as Gruff, just for slightly longer.
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