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  1. Seems unlikely with the rest of the tour rubber stamped.
  2. Hardly. Even if they announce her as an exclusive we know that means sod all.
  3. Putting on a global megastar like Taylor Swift on a Wednesday night wont go down well with the Mayfair NIMBY's. They've done Thursday nights before (which I think is slightly different because nobody actually does anything on a Friday anymore), but that doesn't solve the back to back nights issue.
  4. Her playing the Wednesday there makes sense to me - probably part of the decision behind bumping that up to a full festival day this year.
  5. He's just rearranged a bunch of postponed UK dates to late next year - which is assumed would rule him out as it'd be a bit odd to reschedule a London gig to October then announce another show for an earlier date. He's in the US at the time of BST anyway so its defo not him.
  6. Initial thought was Ozzy, but that seems incredibly unlikely
  7. The Specials are playing Halifax Glasto Saturday
  8. That sounds a clause just waiting to be broken
  9. Caribou, Bicep, Wilco as headliners seems like a decent trio. Would love an early morning slot from Joe Keery.
  10. Lolla Stockholm lineup coming before the end of the year, so we should be able to rule that out soon...
  11. They'd both be headliners so I wouldn't worry about that
  12. the wonderwhy


    "So October is my favourite month in the garden. You can see we've got the autumn sun and this beautiful shimmering cobweb in the morning an... Excuse me! Who's that person in my garden? Who are you!" "i'm the lead singer of Foals!" "It's the lead singer of Foals in my garden!"
  13. I see Viagra Boys are playing Manchester the week before Glasto so I'm guessing that means they're in
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