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  1. the wonderwhy

    2019 Headliners

    He think Madonna comes on with a massive cumberland round her neck
  2. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2019

    Doesn't strike me as the sort of headline act the festival will be booking anytime soon. Fleetwood Mac probably
  3. the wonderwhy

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Park headline yeah
  4. the wonderwhy

    2019 Stage Predictions

    needs more beach house
  5. the wonderwhy

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Mash? More like TRASH amirite?
  6. the wonderwhy

    2019 Stage Predictions

    why is everyone intent on making me watch caribou?
  7. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Did anyone go in the little conservatory thing they had with concept art for next year? Looked like they planning on building a lot more, and therefore taking up even more floorspace, without increasing the size of the arena. Dunno how that would work with the same capacity.
  8. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Definitely think this too. (Drinking) water was just as hard to come by at Beni when I went a couple of years ago. Also worth remembering Beni is considerably smaller and has been running a lot longer.
  9. the wonderwhy

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Was it the same guy who booked them for Dingwalls?
  10. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    saturday nights run of qotsa depeche mode nin and underworld was dreamy alright but someone who’s being missed out big time here is dua lipa - she smashed it, and in what was a pretty awful position for her too.
  11. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Yup. Its not so much they got busy - they were alright, tho they were pretty fucking busy when acts finished, naturally - its more that there was only one across the entire place. They clearly wanted you to be buying water at 2 euros a pop.
  12. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    My only gripe was the water situation - one set of taps for 80k people would be criminal in this country, let alone somewhere where the temperature is regularly well above 30. Point blank refusing to give out free bottles at the bars is just disgusting. Anyway other than that had a great time. The whole set up was fantastic in terms of sound/screens/avoiding clashes/getting a decent position (tho, yeah, fuck the vip bits). Everything bar massive attack ran on time which was great too. The metro back was the stuff of dreams. The site was definitely too small, however, and completely lacked character. There was obviously nowt to do outside of the music. Don't think I'd go back unless the lineup is as good as this year (it wont be).
  13. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    How busy was the loop yesterday? Expecting it to be rammed for Massive Attack?
  14. the wonderwhy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Which bars you hitting for no queues?
  15. the wonderwhy

    2019 Headliners

    Coming home tho ain’t it