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  1. They must have festival on the cards - would be an easy win for APE and it will be a few since they last played that field by the time 2022 rolls around.
  2. New from Lucy Dacus. Album is out in June.
  3. Nice to know there's a bunch of people in here I can hit up for free work whenever I need it!
  4. Seems pretty unlikely you’ll be able to travel between the two countries properly this summer, let alone go to a festival.
  5. Bit harsh on Wales this!
  6. Idles have just announced an outdoor gig in Bristol for Friday 3 September, so I wonder if that will have an impact on the weekend Glasto pick what with policing and all that jazz.
  7. Given that they could take their pick of any BBC channel they wanted to announce whatever they wanted, I'm still not convinced Radio 2 would be their choice to announce 2 pretty large gigs after 2 years away.
  8. Surely they're not going to annouce it on Radio 2?
  9. Its just a dodgy font. Some of the glyphs stretch further back/forward than they should really - if you go on the website you can see it happening on Kano and creeping in on Bombay Bicycle Club too. Also nothing wrong with Jorja Smith on the website so I reckon the pic fella posted earlier was just a draft where someone had forgotten to take a drop shaddow of her name.
  10. The dude playing bass in this looks like all three Top Gear presenters
  12. Either that or they're booked for the Friday 😛
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