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  1. Squid album just announced, all new tunes on it.
  2. Ffs now I've got to wait 6 months for another vinyl. Excellent news, especially Nash Null being on it.
  3. I'm guessing this is going to be a 25k cap show rather than the larger 50k show Courteeners had a go at recently. Either way, must be their biggest standalone gig for a while? I can see it selling well at 50 quid a pop.
  4. Yeah I thought June was ambitious at the time, this seems more realistic.
  5. New Order are playing Heaton Park with Hot Chip and Working Men’s Club on 11 June
  6. My vinyl has just arrived!
  7. Oh I didn't realise they'd been rebooked for that
  8. Is there a 2021 thread yet? Anyway, this:
  9. It was due to be at Mayfield in September. I think it’s roughly the same capacity. I’ve been hoovering up tickets for later this year/next year for ages. Agreed it’s one of the best ways to support bands/artists and tbh with no visits to the pub or Pret I’ve got naff all else to be spending money on atm.
  10. She’s not gonna be in any rush to start playing festivals when she’s got a whole phone’s worth of voice memos to get pressing on wax.
  11. The final issue dropped on my doormat today and they've given every single album reviewed (bar one, poor Nelson Kempf) four stars ffs. Fuckin clasic.
  12. I can't work out if that's like a dark teal? If so its defo the best colour.
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