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  1. Yeah I don't really want to sell it though, would much rather just go next year!
  2. Chances of them letting me roll my ticket over again?
  3. You'll be telling me we're not winning 5-0 tonight next 😄
  4. She's nailed on then. Germany on Tuesday then a big gap until Ireland on the Sunday/
  5. Been on his last tour for ages as well as lets be honest, whilst it is fitting its currently scheduled to finish in a rugby league stadium, there's more chance of his final gig being in the one in St Helens than a random one in New Zealand.
  6. I've got a wedding so I'm hoping it gets canned again 😄
  7. Hyde Park wont be that weekend as they've already got a set of gigs for the weekend of the 9th - so the others will either be the week before or after.
  8. Live Nation can afford to pay people for their labour.
  9. And not bothering to pay any of the artists playing...
  10. Leeds added on the 18th too
  11. What are the little yelllow... suns? for on the last three days? Are they do indicate another headliner is coming for each of those days or somethinng?
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