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  1. Maybe they’re supporting Arctics
  2. Urgh I wish they'd release the place where he inserted the blade, that song is huuuuuuuge
  3. Me when someone asks what the fourth best Wet Leg song is
  4. This is a good list n all but lord knows how that ABBA song got on there and they’ve actually missed the very obvious SOTY which is The Only Heartbreaker.
  5. They seem perfect for one of the two Thursday WG slots. I was initially thinking something like them and Sports Team for that but maybe ‘Leg get the main gig now.
  6. Bruh these guys ain't missed yet
  7. Yeah its the post above the post above yours
  8. How long are you visiting Manchester from Lagos for?
  9. Ehh the idea that Coachella are putting the brakes on Kendrick announcing a show a 12 hour flight away just because they want it to look like they're the only festival to have him for like three weeks is pretty far fetched I reckon.
  10. I think that's about right for Phoebe - she'd likely sub and that's where you'd be getting those names from. If you're being picky you'd probably move Arlo Parks the other side of her I guess.
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