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  1. It doesn't look like that's a thing going by the layouts on ticketmaster (neither is the walkway). But I guess they could change between now and next week.
  2. He played pt2 for a little bit years ago but other than that, no
  3. Imagine the 109 is standing
  4. Perhaps surprisingly, you can actually still get tickets for that Milan show.
  5. Yeah Friday morning is going to be funny. Everyone going straight to setlist.fm for the Milan gig…
  6. Think Sharon Van Etten is probably the front runner for me as we approach halfway
  7. It does feel like that should be nailed on…
  8. My mates band, Dutch Criminal Record, are playing this tomorrow - 3:15 in the latest music bar I believe. Check em out if you’re free! Sunny indie rock
  9. We don’t really have any idea who’s on before him to be honest. There’s a good like five or six possibilities
  10. Yeah but if Jamie T is Saturday night we’re vibin
  11. Ouch that stinks. Weren't they singing 'fuck Ticketmaster' recently as well?
  12. If it ends up being Kenny / PSB / Bicep / Charli XCX / Fontaines that’s one hell of a lineup
  13. Hmm dunno about Sunday actually but I caught the end of Underworld after Muse. I’m expecting his set to finish earlier than a normal Sunday headliner though, because it’ll be shorter (and I’ll think they’ll start him normal time rather than pushing it back to account).
  14. I’m hoping for ‘chin strokey’ tbh. All my favourite Kendrick tunes are the longer, drawn out, heavy on the jazz stuff. I can leave the traditional bangers. In reality I think it’ll be somewhere in between the two. I do think he’ll lean into the album quite a lot - it feels like one that really needs to be experienced live and in big chunks too. And he had loads of DAMN tracks in the last setlists. One good thing is it’ll probably finish before Bicep, so quick jog over to d@b the serotonin levels back up is on the cards.
  15. Yeah it was a nice message but I did spend the entire time hoping a link to the set times was gonna be at the end 😂
  16. They did it for the Stones didn’t they? I’m pretty meh about it anyway. Doesn’t seem to add any value and it just reduces the standing area for everyone 🤷
  17. Feels unlikely. Might put a small one in but I can’t see them bothering with something that big. Feel like that might not be viable in the UK anyway. Like he’s playing Leeds arena and that walkway defo ain’t fitting in there.
  18. Tours on the way. Playing Dublin in November apparently
  19. It’ll get a vinyl run at some point I’m sure. It’s just the plants are choka atm and he’s probably not in a rush.
  20. Feel like these setlists are all a bit long. Be surprised if he goes over 20 songs unfortunately
  21. needs more Auntie Diaries
  22. Yeah reddit in particular is full of rumblings of a sister album. Apparently someone posted months ago a big list of stuff about WE which turned out to be correct and the last point was there would be a follow up within a few months. It seems a bit odd to drop the album in May (which in itself was odd because they usually have a loooong gap between the first single and the record coming out) and then not have really any festivals/own shows booked in all summer. Could see something coming out either end of the tour.
  23. More importantly, surely nobody is booking a film if they don't know what they're going to be missing elsewhere?
  24. Personally I hope he yeets the majority of DAMN and subs in a huge bunch of this. Don't give a shit what that means for the Guardian et al reviews.
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