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  1. BigEats 49 Dosa Deli 49 Deluxe Diner/Rocket Lounge 49 Eat the Farm 49 Hot P'totoes 49 Le Rac Shack 69 Mango Rays 49 Notso Katsu 49 Only Jerkin' 49 PanCrêpes 49 RAD BURGER 49 Seasonal Samosas 49 Taste Tibet 49 The Crumble Shack 50 The Fryer Engine 49 The Real Banger Co 49 The Roaming Rotisserie 54 Tom's Toasties 49 Wrap Up Burritos 49 Club Mexicana 49 Fresh Organic 49 Co-op 66 (+10) La Grande Bouffe 108 Goan Seafood Company 60 Tor RFC Fajita Stall 70 Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese 49 Buddha Bowl 49 Giant Yorkshire Pudding Stall 49 Hare Krishna Tent 49 Piggie Smalls 49 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Stall 69 The Banghra Bus 49 Burger & Beyond 49 Voodoo Ray's 49 Scrumpets With Crumpets 49 Los Churros Amigos 60 Happy Maki 49 Wham Bam Tikka 49 Mr. Toastie 49 Fishfinger Heaven 49 The Paellaria 60 Biffy Clyro 50 The Duck Truck 49 Mama Falafel 49 Jumping Bean Burritos 49 Ghandi's Flip Flop 60 Burger Bear 66 Mendip Moments 49 No Bones Jones 115 The Growler 63 Square Pie Co. 49 Tea & Toast 45
  2. I think Ticketmaster on the continent have started listing him as 'tickets on sale soon' or something
  3. They’ve got Hellfest on the Thursday too so I reckon four in a row probably ain’t happening unfortunately. Though I suppose it’s a good sign they’re coming to the UK for the weekend rather than going the other way.
  4. They're busy three of days so its looking unlikely, annoyingly.
  5. Not sure you can get bigger than that, really.
  6. Dua Lipa seems like an obvious shout
  7. I was at that AM gig and it was aite. The problem with iTunes festival crowds was you could often end up with a group of people who were only really there because they'd entered for the sake of it.
  8. I think its fairly common. That tour is very similar to what Metronomy are doing for example.
  9. The best places to stay imo are the 5th or 18th arrondissements - annoyingly they're quite far from the festival. With the 5th you are at least at the other end of the right metro line. You'd have to ride the whole thing but at least wouldn't have to change (or would maybe only have to do one.)
  10. I think that is genuienly the majoirty of us in this thread we're just all framing it in slightly different ways.
  11. Of course. They're still not without their barriers though - being able to afford and get the (extended) time off work for example. I'm not trying to shit on the festival here, as you and @Hugh Jass have rightly pointed out they're a league about pretty much every other festival by offering plenty of alternative ways in and a good deposit scheme. But its still the case that not only have people on low incomes long been priced out its edging closer to also being unaffordable for people who are actually doing okay - which if nothing else is a shame. All I'm saying really is its worth having a proper conversation about because there might be a better way of doing things. Its all well and good saying its good value for money (I don't disagree) but its a bit of a cop out really as it means naff all if you're stretched in the first place. (Obviously there are much wider conversations here - not least the country being run by mugs who have done the grand total of fuck all over the last decade to get more money in people's pockets - but I feel that's outside the scope of this thread...)
  12. That assumes someone can afford to put £30-40 aside for the six or seven months between paying the deposit and the payment window coming round.
  13. The value is pretty irrelevant though - if you can’t afford to drop £235 in one go you can’t afford to drop £235 in one go. I think it’s a pretty fair increase given everything that’s happened but it does need some serious consideration soon because all they’re doing each time they put it up is preventing more people from being able to go.
  14. Dunno if you've missed the last four or five pages but there's just been about 15 leaks - so quite the opposite?
  15. Snail Mail Feb tour postponed until 23rd June in Manchester and 28th in Bristol - so she must be on the lineup
  16. If you like podcasts about tinpot football clubs, Fearless in Devotion is a good listen
  17. Been here 10 years and leaked the 2013 lineup, you can trust me
  18. Been told Klaxons are headlining the FR stage
  19. Interestingly, I haven't spotted any exclusivity claims for any of the headliners anywhere?
  20. Probably force you to go the Tame Impala day which is never selling out
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