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  1. freakifrank

    Fatboys 2017 secret sets

    At the glade in lovebullets tent last night.
  2. freakifrank

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    The tent is fantastic, up in less than 5 minutes first time, large dark sleep area . Really looking forward to using it for the festival this year.
  3. freakifrank

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    After much deliberation and putting our vango Callisto up on Monday we bought the Quechua air seconds family 4XL F&B
  4. Interested to know if you think it's really 3 season and if measurements are accurate?
  5. freakifrank

    When do queues start forming on Wednesday?

    Absolutely no queues at pedestrians gate A at 8 am last year. Thought I was in a parallel universe ,walked straight in after usual security checks for the first time ever.
  6. freakifrank

    Car Parks & Routes 2017

    The same route.
  7. freakifrank

    I can't remember how much a camping chair is on site

    Think cosy camper pre ordered ones are about £15 each but as others have said cheaper ones on sale around the site.
  8. freakifrank

    New security measures in place

    Will be interesting to see what response you get.
  9. freakifrank

    Booze for the campsite

    whatever drinks you bring don't forget to decant anything in glass, strict no glass policy. Enjoy
  10. freakifrank

    Car Parks & Routes 2017

    Re route it really depends on the time you are travelling but I have found it better to go M5 as far dozen as possible and cut across on A361. car parks you don't really have much choice as to which colour just east or west .
  11. freakifrank

    Winning ticket and my child

    Yes it's really good in case they get lost, also dependent on kids age write on their arms , get them to remember area you are camped in , show them how to recognise stewards ( t.shirts) and if you can take a flag. (We made one with the kids years ago from old tent material, all the kids handprints on ,they always found their way home) Enjoy
  12. freakifrank

    Newbies with kids

    Camping toilet is quite an overhead to get to cockmill from car with everything else you will be bringing for yourself and kids, easier to use bucket which is multi use( washing up, hair washing, etc)
  13. freakifrank

    Winning ticket and my child

    Have taken kids for many years and only thing I would say is take her ID to prove her age.
  14. freakifrank

    Secret resales

    Nice to hear someone on here who is trying so hard for a ticket has won a ticket .