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  1. Hopefully some people on here will be lucky and we will all get to know when the emails have been sent because of that.
  2. It really was a moment in time and I have a feeling you had to actually be there to appreciate that. One of my all time favorite moments,very special.
  3. freakifrank


    Go Wednesday it's fantastic to get there,settle in and begin to enjoy the festival. Personally we always arrived on a Wednesday and can't imagine missing a day of the festival. Year on year more people arrive on Wednesday and more shops, stalls, bars and stages are open. Not to mention the large fires and firework displays on Wednesday night . Getting excited thinking about it and haven't even got a ticket for this year.
  4. Yes as others have said getting in without children with you at the time has never been a problem we have had. Problem will be getting any space in Cockmill meadow after late Wednesday morning. You should be fine in Wicket.
  5. I have to say it's showing its age and very battered but still considered an essential item on packing list no one will consider a new one. It's got all the kids hand prints on it.
  6. We have had a flag since we started taking the kids in 2007. It's a home made one ( from a section of old tent) painted by them.Its always put up at our camp as soon as we arrive and has proved invaluable over the years to us, kids, friends and nearby campers over the years. Helping us all get back to camp .
  7. As others have said as long as this isn't someone exploiting others with profiteering I don't think anyone on here likes to think of any tickets going to waste with so many people desperate to get in and still ticketless.
  8. Thank you, entered fingers crossed .
  9. Yes, not good for the nerves all these false starts.
  10. freakifrank

    Resale Club 2019

    Congratulations and thanks for letting us all know. It definitely keeps my hopes alive and spirits up .
  11. freakifrank

    Resale Club 2019

    I know, I just get my head/ nerves round no resale and then the ping Good luck to all .
  12. Contact the access team they are fantastic. You have missed their deadline for applications but they are good and given the circumstances will probably be able to help you with access to lots of useful facilities
  13. As others have said it changes year on year. Dependant on a variety of factors and can vary gate by gate. 2016 (I think) gate A no queues at all due to very wet weather, 2017 gate A huge queues from car park as coach arrivals given priority. Also nearly impossible to be sure which car park and gate you will end up at unless you arrive by coach, bike have disabled blue badge or hospitality tickets.
  14. It's a great thing to do. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get tickets this year but have been Worthy Warriors for the last two festivals. We got pitched early and took mallet, pump and got bin bags from camp stewards as people arrived in the area we offered assistance ,gave out bin bags and pointed them to collection points, people were great and it created a real sense of community in the area. Daily walk round the area to say good morning and hand bags out and final reminder about "leave no trace" on Sunday night/ Monday morning well received and made lots of new friends. Only regret is not being able to do it this year . Hopefully plenty of you will sign up ,get involved and really make a difference.
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