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  1. Can anyone be kind enough to post the WhatsApp info here? Seems mad to chase a group when we can share the info with the lovely lovely people of efestivals forum
  2. Just capable of being simultaneously excited and mildly irked by a nonsensical decision
  3. I imagine the uncertainty with times is havoc for neurodoverse people. And really a clashfinder or app is by far the easiest way to inform people of changes in the covid era. They're in the programme is pathetic really as guaranteed to be wrong by the event. There isn't any benefit to what they're doing.
  4. Huw Hawkline a nice little addition. In that very Welsh gruff Rhys, euros childs, Meilyr Jones type of songwriting.
  5. Yeah potentially I'll drop you a DM re the circumstances I'm in as it isn't 100%
  6. Apparently big foot fest in Warwickshire is going ahead this weekend which is a good sign
  7. Obviously very unlikely but if anyone hears of a spare I would be very interested
  8. Just pinged you a DM about this
  9. I've only ever heard that matchbox twenny one. Any guidance on where to start?
  10. Huey played Levon on Saturday morning, which was quite jarring among his usual show. Good tune like.
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