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  1. Squid at the white hotel 21/03/2020 Only heard good things about the venue so buzzing for this
  2. Brilliant - let’s hope the negotiations are competed soon then!
  3. Apologies but neither my Spanish or google translate makes this any clearer? is it saying the poster (the lineup) is just waiting for be confirmed by the festival? Or is it just more information on the takeover?
  4. I suppose there is hope that the reason they're holding back on announcements because the headline acts are yet to announce any dates and are under an embargo
  5. yeah just looking on Spotify now and wondering how ive managed to miss all of this - Only 3 songs in the top 10 i know!
  6. The Offspring were loved within my group of friends through school and college, so i'm hoping so! Noticed they played in 1995 (25th Anniversary), so would be fitting if they returned for the 50th
  7. Had completely forgot about these! Used to smash their first album so much when i came across it. Will give this a play at some point today
  8. Hope this is the case! Did wonder myself if they'd wait for end of month / payday but then quickly remembered forward thinking isn't really FIBs thing Jokes aside, id love nothing more than a stellar lineup and knowing that ill be returning again next year
  9. If we don't hear anything by the end of the month then there's a good chance that our group will start looking for alternatives. If we leave it any longer and the lineup is on par with last year then we will be priced out of going to another festival overseas as flights and tickets etc are on the rise daily. The fact that the vote / poll is still up on their website doesn't give me much hope either. Youd have hoped by now they've got the majority of the lineup sorted and that they dont need our input on who we want. If they're still in the process of trying to book acts then i'm afraid they'll be scraping the barrel again to put on a decent lineup... Slowly starting to look like 9 years and out for me
  10. TheFullShaboo

    2020 headliners

    Im sure the odds were already low before this as I can remember coming on here to find out Grimshaw had dropped this information and then becoming certain that it was going to be there year. Im just hoping for a miscommunication in the year that they'd been booked for...
  11. TheFullShaboo

    2020 headliners

    Just seems strange to me that a band where even their own fans question whether they'd warrant a headline slot - myself included - had managed to have odds of less than evens?
  12. TheFullShaboo

    2020 headliners

    Is the Aerosmith rumour based entirely on the bookies odds? Didn't the Strokes have odds of less than evens last year but any suggestions that there was anything in it were slammed down instantly?
  13. A Libertines / Strokes duo would be enough for me to fully commit.
  14. If it’s not a lineup announcement I don’t think my emotions will come as a surprise
  15. New owner or not, this is still Fib. Vetusta Morla last year were labelled as an 'exclusive' when in reality the only exclusivity was that they were headlining...... they literally played a festival down the road a week later in a non headlining spot
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