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  1. I was one of them! Ahh well, certainly gave our group chat a chance to throw around some crazy, ludicrous hypotheses for a short period, and to reminisce about some of the outrageous moments we've shared over the many years of attending Boomtown.
  2. no worries! This is another thing we’ve been split on - I’ve put down the date that the PDF came through. Only because that’s the email that the majority of information seemed to have come from. As I’ve said before I can imagine there being a lot of u happy people once the refund period ends. One of my mates is adamant that if we don’t receive the refunds that a chargeback claim from the bank will be successful. Both my Ryanair flights have been cancelled and they’ve offered vouchers or a refund. Hoping that by September I’ll be able to get a weekend away in somewhere so have taken the vouchers for now (a weekend to Beni has also been discussed from a few of the group)
  3. So there seems to be a few of our group who never received the all important PDF email detailing the fields that are required to claim for a refund. After a week off fuck all communication back from FIB ive managed to find a quick fix via this link. All you need to do is fill in your email in the 'forgotten you details' section and you will be email all purchases you've made including the ones with the PDF. https://fiberfib.seetickets.com/customerservice?lang=en-GB
  4. And on the Saturday again so ill be able to go without having to get the time off work! May be over a year away but thats cheered me up no end.
  5. Ahh. Certainly worked, our boomtown chat was kicking off again moments after they posted 😂
  6. “A sudden and unexpected five months to explore, learn and develop has opened doors that were almost impossible to step through before... More details soon... ✨🌎” Any idea what is meant by this? Apart from me getting excited over anything festival related right now. even come November I probably still won’t accept that this years festival season is over! edit: just thought, it’ll probably be next years lineup?
  7. But if they did live in a 2 bed then you'd be of a different opinion? This is the type of elitist attitude that defines the Tories and their ludicrous approaches - One approach for the rich, another for the rest
  8. Same. A few of us have interpreted it in different ways, in particular the date of purchase. Not sure whether it’s best just to submit it again like you said as I can’t see them acknowledging whether or not it’s correct? At least we have this forum to keep one another posted on whether we hear anything. As soon as the moneys back in we can get the 2021 thread started!
  9. Yeah probably... I wouldn’t be surprised though if they make a slight cut out of that as well. To be honest I have no idea how the booking fees / additional costs work, just feeling slightly frustrated today about the whole process and needed to vent! They’ve literally been non-existent on social media and can’t see them changing that until after the deadline. There’s loads of messages towards them on twitter that are going unanswered.
  10. No. Thinking about it it’s an absolute disgrace what they’re doing. Keeping the individual transaction fees from each ticket (which is 3 tickets in my case), setting a deadline to when you can’t claim your money back and the risk of losing absolutely everything if you forget to fill the form out. The fact that they aren’t even asking for bank details on the online form proves that the process could have been automated. I genuinely think they’ll make a hefty amount from their intentionally ambiguous process.
  11. From what i've seen its usually okay if they post a photo with the caption 'social distancing park dates' or something similar.
  12. Messaged BKS today to ask if I’m allowed to swap my Saturday day ticket this year for a date of my choice next year once the lineup is out and they’ve said it’s fine.
  13. annoyingly if the two had switched policies id be over the moon 🙃 All i want from BKS is a refund and from Beni a rolled over ticket!!
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