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  1. Isn't it just! Seems that they've made a few site changes since last year as well, the airbase stage with the aircraft looks phenomenal Roll on Thursday!!!
  2. Nice one bud - appreciate it! Inner City - 'Good life' came on shuffle the other day and i remembered it instantly. Not too sure on many of their others but as soon as i heard that intro i knew exactly what it was!
  3. Not sure if its the most recent, but the one i watched he casually drops ABBA in! If he drops that or something similar at Lost Village its going to be a special moment that's for sure!
  4. Lost Village set times have just been released, and i must say, my days are looking stacked! Any of you lovely folk got any recommendations? Im pretty easy going with my genres, but one of the treats i've come across so far is Folamour. Anything on their remotely similar to his disco / funky sound?
  5. Apps been updated with the set times! There doesn't seem to be a minute spare from funky beats over the whole weekend! Bring it on
  6. IVE HAD AN EMAIL FROM FIB!!! Just a data protection email informing us of the ownership change from Maraworld to FIB festival musical S.L. Nothing exciting, but it was nice nonetheless to hear from them.
  7. Just had a quick look on Efestivals now and noticed that after the last takeover (2014 festival) early birds didn't go on sale until Mid August but more shockingly the first acts weren't announced until mid February! I appreciate that the similarities between next year and 2014 end with the takeover, but if that's anything to go by i cant imagine many people wanting to hold out till February to see the lineup. Id imagine a fair portion of the usual punters will commit to a replacement festival before then - including a fair share of my group!
  8. I know its only hearsay, but the amount of comments i've come across on twitter stating that they've heard from locals that the festivals is moving isn't very reassuring. For me personally the town of Benicassim plays such a big part in the festivals success. If it moves i am afraid i've already been to my last ever FIB...
  9. i know its only been two weeks, but i'm finding this lack of communication from the festival very worrying....
  10. Check out Houseplants. The energy they give off when playing it live is phenomenal. Only band I've ever seen before midday at Glastonbury and came back pumped up! Very exciting band IMO
  11. https://www.thinkspain.com/news-spain/31655/arenal-sound-promoters-buy-benicassim-international-festival In this article it mentions that the intentions of the new owners is to "keep the 'essence' of Benicàssim Festival, but to 'improve the quality of every detail' overall and keep attracting top global acts for its stages." Not sure how much of this has just been translated, but keeping the essence of Benicassim suggests to me that we wont be seeing many major changes whatsoever - apart from hopefully a stronger lineup!
  12. Issue is with making it a 3 days festival is that for a lot of my group the fact it’s 4 days of solid music (excluding this year) is a huge pull! I know the majority of festivals in Europe are 3 days and are all successful, but the fact that we can buy a ticket and camp for a week with 4 days of solid music turns this from your run of the mill festival into a perfect mix of holiday and music! Yeah im not having that it’s changing site one bit, especially if the town of Benicàssim has a stake in festival (sure I’ve read this somewhere). Them losing Benicàssim to another town will lose their local economy what I would assume is one of their biggest pay packets of the year.
  13. So what’s everyone’s interpretation of the takeover? Moving location? Change in the type of acts booked? Change to a more domestic focus rather than international? Personally I feel that there won’t be many drastic changes at all. Beni has ran successfully (minus the odd blip here and there) for 25 years on a model which is aimed at the british and Spanish crowd, on the same festival site, and I feel because of this the new owners will realise it has the foundations to continue long into the future. How much of this is wishful thinking (I really don’t want the festival to change sites) I’m not sure. But if it does move, or change it’s target audience, I’m afraid this year was my 8th, and last, Benicassim.
  14. Kept saying before i got there that this would be my 8th and final year, but after the week I’ve just had I’ll be doing it again. Yes the crowd was non existent at most stages (TEEDs set at 5am literally had 6 people) but as a group of 15 we found this so much easier to meet up at stages and even have a good boogie together near the front. Lack of ticket sales also meant we never queued once either inside the festival or the town - something which can really test your patience in 30 degree heat! Music wise I thought Kings of Leon were amazing - maybe even one of my favourite headliners I’ve seen at beni! And the electronic acts this year - CC disco, OR:LA etc - filled in the gaps brilliantly. Apparently a few of my mates had heard over the weekend that the festival was moving 20 miles south (got this from a taxi driver and a waiter in one of the restaurants) but I can’t see this happening, especially not under the Benicassim title. Hoping for early birds in the next couple of weeks and a first solid headliner announced around Christmas!
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