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  1. Looking to fit in one more festival and was quite surprised at how solid the undercard is. For anyone who’s been previously, what’s the festival like? Crowd, vibe, late night entertainment etc?
  2. True! Seems strange to me though that they would even go through the bother of creating a poster with bands they haven't yet had full confirmation from? I'm hoping that the preliminary poster is actually the final poster, and that the big names they are yet to announce are being saved to try and justify any price increase.
  3. Just resurfacing this again seeing as we now have Liam and Two Door confirmed for those exact positions. Hoping that the rest of the names listed are confirmed soon. @equis Not sure if you've got any further information on this?
  4. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    Drunken post or not, i very much agree with that sentiment after last nights show. What a gig.
  5. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    So the friend who got me and him tickets now cant make the event but is going to give his ticket to another friend. Is there going to be an issue on the door as the tickets were booked in his name?
  6. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    6 of us trying with 5 not even passing the dreaded wheel, other 1 got through in seconds. Never been to the Roundhouse before, so what a gig to start with.
  7. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    What proportion of the total tickets will be up for grabs in the fan pre-sale do we think? I remember doing something similar for the Maccabees farewell tour a few years back and having no luck whatsoever...
  8. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    Slightly worried about my chances for these tickets...
  9. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    Is the artist pre-sale for those who pre-order / pre-save the album? How does that work with the Spotify option?
  10. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    Is the 19th still the planned date? Down in London for work next week so hoping this pans out
  11. Metronomy just been added to Low Festival, Hopefully they follow TDCC and play both
  12. Im having the same trouble. The festival does advertise this travel company that provides bus travel from the festival to multiple locations within the Netherlands (and a few in Belgium) for a decent price. Thankfully they also operate for Saturday ticket holders as well for those just going for the day (im one of them). https://www.festivaltransfer.nl/best-kept-secret Think my plan at the moment is to fly into either Amsterdam or Brussels Friday night, and then use the return bus service from either of those places, before flying back Sunday. From what i can see all of the buses pick you up from the festival at 1:00am, regardless of the drop off destination, which should be ample time to see the headliner and get back to the bus pick up point.
  13. TheFullShaboo

    The Strokes?

    Is it just me or does there always seem an abnormal amount of rumours for the Strokes compared to any other band? Part of me has stopped believing anything and starting to suspect there's some secret, covert group who go round fabricating rumours just to build up and then crush the fans hope... Can you tell i'm slightly desperate for this roundhouse gig to happen?
  14. Don't get your hopes up, they say this every year and never add anyone big.
  15. My favourite years are usually the ones with the weaker lineups - 2019 and 2014 - so yeah, fuck it, whoever’s announced makes little difference in reality
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