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  1. Younger crowd similar to Reading and Leeds? We're in our late 20s but still have as much - if not more - energy than we did back then. The lineups seemed to be a lot more varied prior to 2018, good mix of all genres, but the last two seem to be quite dance orientated (lot of house and DnB) compared to previous editions. They have put on their socials that they'll be back with a new revised lineup in 2021 which suits me as 2020 was slightly disappointing.
  2. Been on my radar for a few years now so bought tickets during last weeks ticket buying frenzy. Have many people on here been before? Whats it like? Any info will be much appreciated as there doesn't seem to be a great deal of information on it around.
  3. Had originally planned to go but ended up with Beat-Herder tickets which is on the same weekend, so now looking at potentially going to Dimensions. Just a little worried with how early it is (1st-5th July)
  4. For this year?!? So what was it previously? No idea where i had got it from but i could have sworn id read / been told / made up it was less than 50% capacity on the previous year.
  5. Someones had a stab at what they think the layout will be like for this year http://boomtownsource.com/boomtown-map-2021/ As mentioned it's based on nothing but comments from the organisers it is complete guesswork. Still pretty interesting though.
  6. Ive only just realised that none of the festivals i have tickets for (Beat-herder, Boomtown and Lost Village) have released a single act! This is surely the only time i have had all my tickets but not a single lineup. Personally cant wait for them to be slowly released so i can spend my time working through any acts i don't know. And with Boomtown not releasing their lineup till right before the Festival its likely that all my announcements may all be spread out 🙂
  7. Not entirely. They responded that its 'mostly the same' to someone on Twitter. Im half expecting the bigger names to big the same as thats one of the main reasons why people end up picking a festival. Could be wrong though!
  8. I have tickets for Boomtown, Lost Village and Beat-herder with just 1 still having any tickets on sale (Beat-herder and they're expecting to sell out today) I knew there'd be a flurry of demand following the announcement, but not quite at this level. Absolutely fantastic to see and hopefully it means a few festivals can generate a bit of money this year to keep them going!
  9. Another one sold out!! A lot of our group had carried over tickets from last year but a few more got on board last night. Fair few missed out because we didn’t anticipate it selling out so quickly... anyway, hoping for pretty much the same lineup as 2020, particularly Django Django and Bombay
  10. Theres going to be a resale in May for any returned tickets. Got a few mates who were a bit slow tonight to get them and have now missed out.
  11. Completely sold out?!? This is going to be one hell of a session 😎😎😎
  12. Surely a statement from them about this year would change all that? The majority of other festivals that have posted saying 'its on' or something similar have usually followed it up with a message on how quickly tickets are selling. Obviously theres no way to determine whether thats actually the case, but surely a statement wouldn't hurt?
  13. Anyone slightly concerned that Boomtown hasn't made a statement following the announcement this week? Anyway it hasn't changed our decision, 6 of us now booked to go!! Just noticed this on the FAQs Are any Artists from the 2020 line up being rolled over to next year? Chapter One: The Gathering will be a fresh new music programme but you can also expect to see many of the artists from the 2020 lineup performing in 2021 Wonder if this means that any of the 'big names' will be returning? Orbital, Libertines and De La Soul are the ones i'm hoping for. Strangely mes
  14. It was originally planned to be 7,000 capacity. We all bought tickets without much hope at all but rather as something to look forward too! If it goes ahead in some format ill be happy knowing that the next festival ill go to will be absolute chaos. BigFoot will effectively be my warm up 🙂
  15. And no option to roll over your ticket? Possibly due to no guarantee they can get the same lineup next year?
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