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  1. No worries. I’ve never been before but feel I’m more than prepared from what I’ve read on that thread!
  2. Loads of your questions will be answered on here! Im going myself and must admit i was annoyed to see no direct replacement for Massive attack
  3. Im sure there was a theory that the earlier you secured tickets in the original coach sale the earlier your coach would be?
  4. ill take anything, however small, to convince myself they'll be there
  5. The Strokes. Will certainly explain what Lytham festival meant with 'North of England exclusive'
  6. Dinosaur Jr > Yo La Tengo > Tame Impala > Pavement Not a bad opening run to my first ever Primavera.
  7. Yeah i think theyre the first notable act of the day for me, so planning on getting there a bit early to get a good spot. I imagine there'll be a bit of a rush to catch the end of Fontaines as well after they finish.
  8. Will wet legs appeal be as big here as it will be at Glasto or any other UK festival? Thinking I’ll likely give them a miss at Glasto because of how rammed the park will be.
  9. Nice one bud - i knew coming to this thread would help me out! Im aiming to make it to both sets, its just a few friends who never made it to Lost Village caught wind of his set from twitter, soundcloud etc and will be wanting something similar at Glastonbury, so wanted to make sure i take them to the right set!
  10. I know this has been discussed previously (have tried to search but failed) but what will Four Tets set on the park be like compared to his set on Arcadia? I was at Lost Village last year and was blown away - sampling Sugababes?!? - but im sure its been mentioned on here that his live set will differ somewhat from that? Im sure he was billed as 'live' at Lost Village last year, however i could be wrong.
  11. Ahh i see. I think i took someone 'turn around' comment literally! Cant wait now, nothing better than arriving at a festival for the first time and having a mooch around, completely aimlessly soaking up everything thats to come for the net few days.
  12. With the two main stages being opposite one another, do you get people who stand at the back for the act currently on in preparation of being at the front for the next act when everyone turns round? What i'm picturing right now seems bonkers - but will actually kinda work?
  13. I’ve found the trick is to take it with the first cider of the day, with plenty of top ups throughout. Waiting till you have heartburn to take one ends up a losing battle.
  14. Echo and the Bunnymen announced as support for the Stones at Anfield. These lucky dip tickets are an absolute steal, regardless of where I end up in the ground.
  15. Got excited for a moment and thought it was September this year! Would have definitely bagged myself a day ticket if so.
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