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  1. Before they even contemplate how to overcome any issues associated with Covid for next year, they'll need to come up with a plan to deal with the thousands of refunds they haven't issued. Literally every activity from them on twitter is met instantly with replies stating they're still waiting on returns. If they are to announce a date for next years festival across all of their social media pages, they better be ready for the onslaught of negative refund related posts! How are they going to play it out? No idea. But it's certainly going to be entertaining thats for sure.
  2. Jackpot in the local charity shop - £20 for the lot.
  3. Yeah thats a good shout. Apart from 2016 we've managed to never pay more than £100 for return flights, usually because we book so early. Like you i think i'll leave any flights to as close as possible or when the likelihood of it going ahead is high. Just checked and last year we didn't hear anything till November in regards to tickets and lineup. Hoping thats the stance of the new owners and they'll approach next year the same - Not much longer now then if so!
  4. To be fair ive only ever heard good things about Hotel Orange. Think location is key, have heard some horrendous stories of people being stuck in the car parks overnight after giving up on taxis.
  5. haha, i find it strange how there's no middle ground, people either love the campsite and everything that comes with it, or people genuinely despise every minute spent there! Ive only ever Glamped so would be unfair for me to comment on the general camping (Or 'peasant camp' as a few of our group refer to it in jest) but i cant help but feel thats one of the attractions of the festival that keeps making us return. We can literally pop back to the tent have a few drinks and be back in the arena in no time. Admittedly, we do use another hotels pool during most of the days, dont think
  6. Loving your optimism! Even when the dates gets announced (if they do at all) i think im going to have a hard time convincing my group to book flights. For me its worth the risk, 100% Out of interest, have you ever camped / glamped before? Or have you always stayed in Hotel Orange?
  7. Ignore previous post. Rototom Sunsplash is fully prepped for next year and is on the same site as FIB. Just wish FIB would announce something so we can make plans, be it for Beni or another festival around the same time.
  8. Another major festival that was happening in Benicassim this year - SanSan festival - also hasn’t released its dates for next year. The message on their website states that they’ll release the dates when “the public administrations can confirm the complete safety”. Wonder if the reason behind no dates is to do with the local council in Benicassim, and not the festival? Would make sense with all the other festivals owned by the owners having their Festivals fully announced for next year.
  9. We need dates before i get ahead of myself! Raffling tickets out for a festival thats not even on is one way of building up their twitter and instagram accounts, which is exactly what i'm thinking at the moment....
  10. Exactly my concerns. Not so bad with the UK festivals, yeah you lose out on the price of the ticket and all the magic a festival gives, but at least you can return home and quarantine in the comfort of your own home, and providing its an option, work from home for the next 2 weeks. Change this to overseas, and your up shit creek, BIG TIME. I travel quite a lot and even the thought of a weekend break overseas scares me, just imagine landing in a country and being randomly tested and it turns out positive? Cant imagine my boss being best please when i explain im out of work for two w
  11. Complete jest. The mans a law unto himself. The less we see of him the better i suppose!
  12. I wish i had the balls to refuse all the Zoom quizzes i had to take part in. Good on him.
  13. Just the one out of our group, he's accepted defeat and stopped messaging them anymore. Unfortunately i cant see them responding to anyone on social media, email etc until they make a big announcement - dates for 2021, lineup, ticket sales etc - which, by the way things are looking, doesn't look anytime soon, if at all. I presume you bought it through FIB website? I think Festicket have been slightly better in refunds from what ive read...
  14. Usually panicking because the money hasn’t left my bank even though I’ve got multiple screenshots and emails confirming my success
  15. The moat was both spectacular and precarious - i have no idea what would have happened if everyone need to evacuate at once! Think im going to take a punt on the new venue, everything ive read about it from Love International festival seems to be positive even though it seems to lack the big 'showstoppers' it once had - the moat, mungos and the clearing. Right now though id literally take anything for a few days in the sun bopping away till the early hours!
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