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  1. As in cans? Where have you seen this?
  2. Festival guide has just been upload https://bigfootfestival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Bigfoot-Festival-Guide-08.06.21.pdf Masks to be worn whilst watching bands 😐
  3. Anyone else noticed the lineup is considerably reduced on their program? No Gerd Jansen, Lou Hayter or Franc Moody... and these are just the ones ive noticed?
  4. Booked in for my jab tomorrow! It didn’t mention what vaccines are available though, and with being under 30 I’m not allowed AstraZeneca. Anyone know if the system only allowed me to book for places that provide these? Don’t want to turn up tomorrow to get turned away…
  5. * Just noticed that Dinosaur Pile-Up have dropped out
  6. Just popped on the website and noticed they’ve added Sports Team! No mention of this on their socials at all though. Hoping the festival runs a little more smoothly than their communication!
  7. Not at all. Hostel Sol Y K is the one we've gone for. We booked this a full 12 months before the festival, so the options were slightly limited as the majority of places don't open up booking till within a year. Got free cancellation however so we are planning on having another look on pay-day and seeing if there's some better options that have since become available, but judging by the price we've got i think it'll take something special to beat it!
  8. Can pay for one of these and pick it up at the festival! £50 for 24 cans plus a few extras. Not bad for a festival i don't think. Plus it means saving time queuing up every half hour to get a fresh pint! Also potentially indicates that there's not going to be an issue with bringing cans with you to watch the bands? Unless theres a gate between the campsite and stages it'll be pretty hard to police where the cans have come from! https://www.signaturebrew.co.uk/products/bigfoot-festival-care-kit-cold-festival-beers-poncho-lanyard-lighter?_pos=1&_sid=28ed8da4a&_ss=r
  9. I’ll be honest, before the lineup came out I had only heard the odd song by them, but with the weather being nice this week I’ve spent time sitting outside and going through some of the acts and their albums - Beach house seem to be the best surpise thus far! One of the joys of a festival, digging deep into an artists back catalogue and discovery some absolute gems.
  10. Beach House - Teen Dream is the ultimate album for this weather.
  11. Yeah the addition of a balcony was a little bit extra but from experience I know there’s a high chance of me waiting around for my girlfriend to wake up! Nowt better than a balcony to pass the time
  12. May not be everyone’s thing, but we’ve managed to get a private room in a hostel with own bathroom and balcony for 4 nights for £350. Have been and stayed in plenty of hostels in Barcelona over the years and generally find they’re of high standard as long as the reviews are half decent. Cracking location as well within the Gothic Quarter so plenty to do on foot during the day. For me personally the accommodation is merely a bed to grab a bit of kip in between the days, however having a private balcony means I can easily have a few beers and a smoke whilst my girlfriend grabs a few extra h
  13. When are we expecting the on-site build to commence? Surely once that’s up and running the festivals a near certainty?
  14. Same age, same selfish views haha! Its back online but still no luck for me. Could be based on area so potentially give it a try!
  15. NHS site 'down for maintenance' when trying to book a covid vaccine. Potentially opening it up to 28/29 year olds? https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/
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