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  1. Anyone know if there’s a catch with this barclycard presale? I’ve currently got two tickets in my basket but don’t have any personal affiliation to them? Usually you need to be a card holder or something to gain access to these type of things but I’ve just got straight in... Ignore that, have to pay with a barcylcard to get them
  2. Paris Hawaiian air is a close second
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but Kokoroko have been added to the Coleur Cafe lineup for the Friday 28th, which is same day as Kamasi Washington is playing. If he can do both, im sure Kokoroko can manage it too!
  4. Even so that's still reasonably good odds! Probably too soon for them to return but ill hold on too even the slightest bit of hope
  5. Any idea how many acts are playing Eden this year? From a quick look on the website there was only 8 acts last year and 7 the year before (just taking into account the headliners) Few of my group have missed Chic playing so would love to see them back on the farm!
  6. I know they’ve only got two planned dates, both in the US, but I’ve had my hopes on the rapture coming over to play. Stephen Malkmus and the jicks are also in Europe the week before, so had kinda hoped for them. Doves, but I’m pretty confident they’ll be added at a later date for some reason unknown. But the Strokes omission was the biggest blow for me. Favourite band at my favourite place would of been pretty special.
  7. Of all the days to be travelling on the train between Manchester and Sheffield... them bloody peaks
  8. My take on all this is FIB sold enough tickets early on way before any of the announcements were made purely by marketing it as being a 25th anniversary. Id imagine the majority of people committed to tickets, flights, accommodation, etc, before any of the acts were announced – something me and my group do every year, regardless of “special anniversary editions”. So now that they’ve sold enough tickets and people have already committed and are unlikely to drop out, whats the need to spend anything else on the lineup? People generally commit to this festival early on, not after later lineup drops. One problem with this though will be the day tickets that aren’t on sale yet. Apart from the day KOL and Lana play, I cant see them selling many at all. (*But, as others have pointed out, for the price of my early bird we’ve got more than what we’ve paid for…. Roll on July)
  9. None of it will matter when i'm sat in my camping chair, drinking cheap alcohol in the 30 degree heat. They could literally stick anyone on the main stage and id still have a cracking time!
  10. Feel slightly cheated a little by the fact that Beni haven't made a big thing about Fatboy Slim being one of the headliners apart from dropping it in the email that i've received. I'm beginning to worry that were not going to have another "big headliner" and that well end up with the 1975 and Ezra co-headlining.....
  11. Don't Beni usually state if theres going to be a headliner included in the announcement? The fact they've just said "+ 12 acts" makes me think it's just the undercard... Yep, when they annonced Kings of Leon they posted "+1 Headliner + 14 acts"
  12. Just seen Bombay Bicycle Club are headlining wilderness festival couple of weeks after Beni so hopefully in with a shot of playing. Their gig in 2012 as the sun was setting is one of my favourite memories at the festival.
  13. Spent my remaining Costa Rican colones on anything alcoholic that’s already in plastic bottles from the supermarket. Picked up bottles of white rum and Guaro at less than £2 for half a litre. Holidays blues already being masked over by Glastonbury excitement!
  14. Apart from the apparent comment from Kodaline about playing beni at one of their gigs and the reply from Fibs twitter account to a beni poll, do we have anything else to go on? I can remember there was a bit of a shock when Pet Shop Boys got announced last year so hoping for something similar again.
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