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  1. Sorry, according to the Strokes website. They're also confirmed to play Primavera on the 10th and Berlin Tempelhof on the 12th, so yeah, Strokes confirmed for Saturday the 11th
  2. The Strokes are back and playing the Saturday according to their website!
  3. Full lineup drop 25/11/21 - This Thursday! After having tickets from 2020, carrying them to 2021, to eventually being forced into a refund, i'm looking forward to the lineup drop. As there was no option to carry over from 21 to 22 i'm expecting a big change to the lineup (unlike 20 to 21). Saying that, im still hoping for the Strokes again on the Saturday!
  4. Yeah ideally i need a late Wednesday night flight from Manchester, which are the moment is around £250.... Ive looked at a few options and a flight to Portugal, overnight stay, and an early morning flight seems the most reasonable across all factors, however i feel waking up in Barcelona on the Thursday, the day the festival starts, would be so much better...
  5. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get to Barcelona without paying the extortionate airline prices? Im assuming they're only going to go up from here as well.... Fully aware i should have booked them when i bought my ticket, but i was a bit short of cash at the time.
  6. Doubt it very much. Some of us remember their massive 25th year anniversary lineup and promises....
  7. Yeah if they dont add any big acts to tomorrows poster drop then thats me out. 40 euros or not, that is seriously below par for Beni, even against the proposed 2020 lineup. 9 years and out for me.... gutted.
  8. Anyone notice that on the email they sent out last night it mentions 'First lineup reveal tomorrow'? Wonder if they're going to just announce a poster with everyones whos been announced so far, with some large gaps reserved for some bigger acts to be included in tomorrows full drop?
  9. Thought as much. Shame because its one ive wanted to give a go for ages.
  10. Fantastic lineup! Has anybody volunteered with Oxfam for this before and have any idea how many places are available? Its been over 5 years since i volunteered for them, so unfortunately i don't get priority status..
  11. Saves me a trip down to London!
  12. I'd probably prefer that to what we have so far 😬
  13. Looks that way! If they don't announce a few more big names when the poster drops next week it'll surely be the weakest initial lineup ever for Beni 😞
  14. Im hoping none of these are headlining and they're being held back for the poster drop.... Two Door and Kasabian could be joint headliners for one night, i suppose?
  15. Could you post the list in here. Surely theres got to be a few more big names? Vampire weekend, Libertines are Foals were on the last poster.
  16. Seems like wishful thinking more than anything? Green Day would be one hell of a coup for the festival though, and would go down extremely well with me!
  17. Laura Whitmore announcing someone on Monday is extremely strange....
  18. I’ve been them all! Sziget was absolutely fantastic, as you’ve mentioned definitely a greater international fee that beni. Nos alive was great but a nightmare navigating round the site when the bands were on, felt the size was too small for the amount of people, and Mad Cool was just an organisational shambles, vowed never to return! Also both the latter have no camping which is still the main buzz for me at a festival! One thing that’s beni is a clear winner is logistics. The festival runs smoothly every year and this is something I’ve started to appreciate more the older I’ve got! Never had any issues with queues, missing bands, bottlenecks in crowd etc. Campsite to main area with a cheap litre of beer in your hand within 10 minutes - pure festival utopia
  19. Yep, tier structures are an absolute joke, they definitely play into peoples fears of festivals selling out soon, only to release another 6 tiers (check out lost village for this) On the subject of overseas attendees and crowd, I’ve definitely noticed the difference since I first went back in 2012, and I’m anticipating an even more notable difference this time round with new owners. My music taste has changed dramatically since back then, so the lineup doesn’t really appeal to me much anymore more, but it’s the only way as a group we can organise and agree on a “group holiday”.
  20. Competition to win one of 25 pairs of tickets https://www.secretgardenparty.com/film/ Seems an unusual high number of tickets to give out? Do feel there's something strange going on. Announcing its sold out all over its website and then having numerous raffles does play into the 'private party' approach they may be going for (as someone else mentioned on here) For all we know they may have not sold even half the full capacity, but little ploys like this definitely help foster an exclusive feel and will only encourage others to try and get their hands on these golden tickets!
  21. From what I can remember though they didn’t even sell out the second tier by then, which was still way down in the list of tiers being offered? From experiencing sell outs when the price was 140 euros I think I was kinda expecting it to be sold out way before the festival was to start.
  22. Right you are! Websites just been updated again General Admission; 40 euros VIP: 80 euros Camping; 25 euros
  23. Good spot on the new website, just noticed that if you click on 'lineup' they have a date of the 25th October, whereas the 'ticket' page says 10th November! Which means we're getting the lineup on Monday!!!
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