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  1. Having been blown away by Four Tet twice before at Lost Village festival - both up there with my favourite festival sets of all time - i'm over the moon hes announced. But for the life of me i cant work out where he'd play / where he'd be best? Cant be playing too early IMO so surely head headlining one of the stages?
  2. 70quid including fees. 02 priority go on sale Wednesday 10am for those who have it.
  3. Would give substance to their 'North of England' exclusive tag for Lytham festival....
  4. Thanks both. Still have my address down as my parents and my mums general nonchalant outlook on Glastonbury panics me every year when the tickets are being delivered.
  5. So as we both paid the balance this morning with her account as the lead booker, both of our tickets will be delivered to her address as per her registration?
  6. Just paid for mine and the Gfs but noticed only one 'delivery address' came up at the end, which is that of the lead bookers? I have a different delivery address attached to my registration, so was wondering if itll be delivered to my address or my Gfs who was the lead booker?
  7. For anyone interested, looks like it’s on! Had tickets for this twice before, once cancelled for covid and the other time for a friends stag do. Here’s hoping third time lucky 😎
  8. They're definitely hit or miss. APE was pretty poor but i'm putting that down to the sound issues, whereas their gig at the Roundhouse 2 years ago was something special. Undoubtably my favourite act so i'm naturally a little biased, but having the chance to see them at my favourite festival would top it all i'm sure.
  9. I'd half expected them to have announced their 'South of England' show by now. Im not really sure what other festivals / gigs they could be doing that hasn't been announced yet? Its unlikely they're doing a UK tour with the exclusivity attached to Lytham festival, so it's surely an outdoor gig they've got planned....
  10. Sign up as in pay the deposit? Or signing in when i arrive at the festival? So you actually get a say in which shifts you would prefer? Apologies for the questions, i've only ever worked for Oxfam before and they just allocate them out at random without any input from those volunteering.
  11. Perfect - thanks for the detailed response. Due to the dates its only really Wilderness i can do with Oxfam, so i'm thinking of volunteering at Green Man instead. Seems the shifts are a little easier / shorter and the lineup and general vibe seems a lot more me than Wilderness. Does everybody have to do a nightshift? Im also likely to be volunteering alone so was wondering if theres any channel to link up with other people going solo?
  12. Don't suppose you know how late i could possibly apply to volunteer? Ive noticed the website says you can split the £210 deposit into two instalments up to the end of March, so im assuming you can still apply after this? Does anybody have any insight into what it's like volunteering at the festival with eventree? Less hours required than volunteering through Oxfam, plus also no guarantee of having to work a dreaded night shift!
  13. That was with the previous owners though. Don't want to sound pessimistic but i wouldn't be surprised with the new lot if they just kept the lineup as it is. Nail in the coffin was charging you to re-enter the festival and to use the showers for me. 9 years on the bounce and i'm out! Hopefully ill return one day 🙂
  14. Yeah this is all i can seem to find on the festival. You aware of any announcements coming soon? First time going for a few of us so trying to convince people to commit is pretty hard going when theres bugger all info flying around!
  15. Anybody have any info on whats happening with this this year? Their socials are unusually quiet since the cancellation of last years festival. Lineup usually drops around Feb / March but there's been no mention of this at all?
  16. 6music just mentioned that there'll be an announcement tomorrow on the 6music festival. Anybody have any ideas where it'll be this year? Lineups usually decent and ive always wanted to go
  17. Oh its good! Sofia Kourtesis, Kokoroko, Norman Jay and Horse Meat Disco (and probably a few others) were all there last year though. Sofia Kourtesis in particular was incredible, came out into the crowd multiple times which got everyone going on the final day! Just expected maybe a few more big surprises? But yeah, one of my favourite festivals of the season, and one where the lineup really isn't as important as others that i go too!
  18. its....... ok? Nothing thats really shocked me there but still a decent first announcement. Tom Misch was a nice surprise i suppose!
  19. Thats outdated - the first release this year were £200! Lost Village is one of those festivals that has about 50 different 'phases' to try and trick people into thinking its about to sell out. It goes up about £5 each release, and i think it was on the 6th phase before they took tickets off sale this week, roughly about £230? Saying that it will sell out, however it usually sells out much nearer the time!
  20. Happy Mondays, Caribou and one final headliner left to announce....... weaker than last year? Enjoyed it very much last year but due to Glastonbury being a couple of days after this i sadly cant return. Really intrigued to see how this sells as i imagine a fair amount of people only went last year as it was one of the first festivals back.
  21. Lineup drops this Wednesday at midday! One of the favourite poster drops of the season for me personally, always a few nice surprises in there. Hoping for Django Django to return after being dropped from last years festival. Someone like Hot Chip, Chemical Brothers, MGMT, Primal Scream, Groove Armada, Foals, The Streets for a standout headliner would be nice. Love bouncing around the stages aimlessly in the day checking out the electronic acts but its nice to have a larger name act in the evening to look forward too!
  22. Looks a great festival but unfortunately the 4+ hour drive is a bit too much. Both Bearded and Wilderness are within 2 hours which is much more manageable driving alone!
  23. Ahh okay. I've accepted ill be doing an overnight shift anyway, so if its the same this year it'll be a nice bonus! Had a think today and its looking like Wilderness is probably my best bet, mainly due to the dates - have Primavera the week after Bearded and a relatively quite August - but also due to the festival seemingly being more suited to my tastes and age? Haha if only i could afford the time off to do both!
  24. Thanks both for the info. @LeyrulionNo overnight shifts sounds good! Do you know if that happens every year, or did you just get lucky? I think ill go for whichever has spaces left once normal applications open, however if both are available im not sure which way ill go....
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