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  1. Yeah likewise with MCR! By no means my favourite bands from that era, but two that are touring around Glastonbury!
  2. As a homage to the type of bands that got me festival-ing in the first place; My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World.
  3. Feel sorry for those who have committed to this but the new owners deserve to lose a lot of money for charging people to use the showers and to re-enter the festival.
  4. Another flash sale, use the code SUMMER for £20 off any ticket. Just checked and this even works on the existing 4 for 3 tickets off, meaning each ticket is less than £100 (before booking fee) Got a feeling this isn't selling too well....
  5. Solid first announcement for me!
  6. His tour dates on his site have him down for the Friday
  7. Shit isnt it. Out of all the names being thrown around for the second announcement these were the ones i was pretty sure on!
  8. Yep. Only messaged them as a friend sent me a screenshot of the rumours page on efestivals and they’re down as a SR (as if I don’t spend half my working day on this site) to let me know
  9. Tribes just replied to my message that they're not playing Glasto this year 😞 Their Deaf Institute gig was a highlight of 2021 for me..... damn
  10. So i managed to get to the enter registration details page from some link i used on Thursday just before 9am, however when i tried clicking proceed after entering them it kept sending me to the dreaded holding page. I kept going back and forth for about 5 minutes before deciding i was wasting my time and should therefore leave the page completely and start from scratch. Should i have continued? All good in the end though, friend got through around 9:15 for the final 3 tickets we needed, leaving us with 14/14 tickets - first ever 100% record i believe?
  11. Perfect! Thanks for this, feel much more reassured now!
  12. Thanks! One of our group is out in Australia and we've been worrying that he may get through and scupper the process. At least if it does fail we can call him and pass on one of our card details we'll still be fine.
  13. If on the card payment window the card fails, are you thrown back to the start and the registrations get locked for 10 minutes? Or are you able to attempt with a new card as long as your allocated 5 minutes haven't expired?
  14. 10 of our regular Glasto group trying for a newbie. Spent the last week or so explaining all the intricacies and tips of the sale, a proper regimented approach, letting him know how hard and serious this sale is. He gets through in 4 minutes and now thinks we're all absolutely nuts for worrying all week 😐 Just one final group to sort out on Sunday now - best of luck to all those in the same boat!
  15. I reckon there's an absolute ton of tickets available tonight. Imagine how many groups have drifted or couples split in the last 2 and a half years who are no longer willing to get a coach - potentially long distanced - together? Best of luck all! *This is based on absolutely bugger all but its filling me with the pre-sale confidence i need!*
  16. Mines slowly crept in the last couple of days. Im all sorted but we're after one more for a friend who's never been before, which i think is ramping up the nerves / excitement / anxiety even more!
  17. I’m not too sure? This is to deal with the issue though if the page crashes, like a white unresponsive screen. What do you do then? Im sure it’s been said on here to always click back instead of refresh….
  18. And what’s the deal with a page crashing after you’ve entered your registration or card details? Click back and not refresh?
  19. Do we know that Four Tets playing the Friday?
  20. Today and they're available for all gigs apart from BST. https://rollingstones.com/tour/
  21. Anybody managed to swap their lucky dip tickets for the Rolling Stones before? Going to give it a go but worried ill end up with something seated...
  22. Four Tet placing is killing me. Im hoping he's not up against McCartney as that the only clash Four Tet will be loosing for me....
  23. Probably based on my only previous experience of seeing him but ive never felt Four Tet as much as a mid-afternoon act, more of the big showstopper at the end of the day. Remembered after posting that hes got that 5 hour (i think?) set in Finsbury park this summer, so yeah, clearly going to be playing during the daytime. Regardless of where he plays i'm sure hell absolutely smash it once again!
  24. Yeah i cant imagine him playing before dusk, or atleast ending before the suns down. Yeah i think JP is the favourite surely? West holts or Park the only other options i suppose. Huge coup IMO for any of those stages to land him anyway!
  25. Having been blown away by Four Tet twice before at Lost Village festival - both up there with my favourite festival sets of all time - i'm over the moon hes announced. But for the life of me i cant work out where he'd play / where he'd be best? Cant be playing too early IMO so surely head headlining one of the stages?
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