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  1. Last few years a few of our group has arrived 10am as the gates have opened and have usually got a pretty decent spot. First year i think we got there at 7pm and we had one of the fields at the back. Only a small festival though so not the end of the world! We tend to try and camp as close to the main arena only because it means less of a walk to pop back the tent to re-stock!
  2. Ill be there! Been the last 4( i think ?) and always a highlight of the summer. Agree with you on the headliners, nothing really jumped out at me when the lineup was dropped, but the music only really plays a small part of the festival. The stages and the site is just incredible, can spend all day bouncing from stage to stage and have a quick rest around the lake when you feel like it. Benefit of having no real standout names is that you can just take each day as it comes with the music, have a gander round the stages and choose to stay at the one you're feeling the most!
  3. Does anybody know what time the car park is open till Monday night for those working / volunteering?
  4. Fantastic!. Can’t beat the feeling of preparing for a festival you’ve never been too before - so many questions!!!
  5. Anyone at the festival today and able to kindly share the set times from the program? One more shift at work and then I’m heading up early tomorrow!
  6. Nice one for the info. Had tickets a few times but covid and a few stag dos have got in the way! Like the look of the toil trees stage, can see myself there quiet a bit! Think if you go through the artists on the website it tells you, but no actual day split style poster has been released. Friday - Chic, Saturday - Hot Chip and Sunday - The Wailers
  7. Really looking forward to this now, first time going so not really sure what to expect! Only got the 3 day ticket so aiming to get there for 9ish Friday morning. Is there a site map available anywhere? Cant seem to find one anywhere... How big is the site? If by the time all the prime camping spots are taken are we likely to have a long walk back to tent?
  8. Tickets bought! Even through all the issues of W1 this year we still had a brilliant time. Not sure how much of that was to do with Barcelona instead of the festival but who cares. So 195 euros now but then it’ll be 325 once the full final lineup is out? Surely there’s going to have to be some huge names to justify people paying such a jump in price?
  9. 2012. The same tour they played a secret set at Reading Festival…. (The Reading set wasn’t part of the 4 consecutive days, but still)
  10. Ignore my post. Somehow managed to click quote and reply whilst scrolling….
  11. TheFullShaboo

    Green Day

    Likewise. I do just find it all a bit too coincidental for people not to be pushing this more? I’ve spent years on this forum and swear I’ve seen bands with way less evidence than this and they been labelled a shoo-in. There’s probably nothing in it, but I’m enjoying the hype.
  12. TheFullShaboo

    Green Day

    They’ve earnt more than enough money then to make it work if they want too!
  13. TheFullShaboo

    Green Day

    Amyl and the the sniffers are
  14. Took an hour and a half to get through security in the end. Even more shocking was queuing 30 minutes for a beer the other side to be told at the till it’s cash only. Get me to Barcelona now!
  15. Just joined the security queue at Manchester T3, never seen the queue this big. Temporary barriers in place all way to bag drop. Don’t want to worry people, but just a heads up for those heading here later. Think we’ll be okay but a big shock to arrive too!
  16. Anybody flying with Ryanair from Manchester airport and know what security / bag drop is like? About to leave shortly, giving ourselves 2.5 hours to get through....
  17. There's loads on Twickets and a lot of them are listed with 'accepting offers'. Just low ball as many as you can and someone will crack.
  18. TheFullShaboo

    Green Day

    I think they did both?
  19. TheFullShaboo

    Green Day

    Green day did play a secret set at Reading 2012 the day before they had a gig in France. Also did 4 consecutive days of gigs that tour as well….
  20. Thanks for the reply How long do you think it would take to get from the festival to Tilburg station just after the strokes end? Is it likely we would make that 1am train?
  21. Having a logistical nightmare after appearing to have it all sorted. Booked and paid for our accommodation in Amsterdam for the weekend due to only attending the Saturday, and our plan was to use the party bussen day return from Amsterdam. Went to book last night and now the website is saying there’s no more buses due to a national shortage of bus drivers? Does anybody have any other suggestions on what we can do? The train is another option but I think we’ll be pushing it fine to get to Tilburg after the strokes? Camping is only allowed as well with a weekend ticket…
  22. Manifesting the following; - The Strokes unwilling to outright cancel as they know how much this gig will mean to their European fans - Primavera panics and books a replacement for The Strokes (LCD or Arcade Fire) - The positive member of The Strokes makes full and quick recovery at the last minute and go ahead with the show - We end up with both of the bands and all is good
  23. I think it's inevitable unfortunately. They're probably due to fly over in 4 days, so need a negative test and a full recovery by then, as well as no other cases between the group...
  24. Even if they do decide to replace them I’m not sure there’s anyone who could fill the void for me. Absolute gutted. LCD or Arcade fire probably the only two who could soften the blow. Or Phoenix and YYYs as a two for one replacement.
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