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  1. The lack of payment plan crushed my plans. Absolutely gutted because its one i've always wanted to go to! Hoping for some kind of resale in the future but not keeping my hopes up 😞
  2. Well Waterworks was special. Each of the stages had its own personal touch with the stage production blowing everything I’ve seen this summer out of the water. Siren stage was a personal favourite but I’m an absolute sucker for anything amongst trees! Hi hat as well was was nice and cosy. Ended the night right at the front for Cedar watching Nicholas Lutz b2b Craig Richards, getting blasted by the smoke machine every 5 minutes or so, which in my wide-eyed stupor added to euphoria I was already feeling. First to admit that electronic music isn’t really my forte, however over the last few years I’ve noticed myself steering closer towards these kind of events and very much enjoying a day long boogy. Hats of to the perseverance of my friends I suppose. Will he snapping up tickets for next year as soon as they are announced.
  3. Yeah managed to grab 2 of there for Paul Heaton yesterday but im now in need of a single ticket and you can only buy the full amount people are selling (its never just 1)
  4. Anybody seen any cheap tickets for any of the sounds of the city gigs in Manchester?
  5. Anybody know if there’s a payment plan option for this?
  6. All good, everyone of us has now received an email! Have noticed however that the tickets go on sale at 6am on a Sunday?! Im pretty confident i'll still be up then as its the morning after waterworks festival, but cant help but feel this is a ridiculous time to hold a sale? Are they doing it to filter out those half-hearted punters? Is it a tactic to only attract those who can party through till 6am? Hopefully it doesn't have the opposite effect and the festival is awash with early risers who like to partake on an early morning walk and judge those goggle-eye attendees stumbling back to the tent after dawn.
  7. Its a truly incredible festival! Booked up for next year before id even had chance to recover from this one! Yeah you can pretty much guarantee they'll be a similar style booking; De La Soul, Friendly fires and Django Django have all been booked within the last few editions.
  8. Suppose with it making a return that demand is likely to be much higher this time! Has anybody had an email by the way after signing up? Only two people out of our group have had it...
  9. I thought it used to sell out way in advance, even the last one, which made their decision to non continue with the festival even more bizarre? So are we thinking this is unlikely to sell out straight away?
  10. How much of Brockwell Park will be cordoned off for the festival? With the forecast looking half decent i'm hoping to have a few beers on some grass before i go in.
  11. I paid £32 for this festival so even if half the acts don't turn up it'll still be the steal of the year. During normal times i'd probably be a little concerned about the drop outs / lack of comms but considering we were only allowed to sit 7 people at a table from a few months ago i can cut them a bit of slack. (Will probably come back to moan if Crack Cloud drop out mind you)
  12. Very highly! Sounds a very similar vibe to SGP - people heavily dosed up early doors, every day! 4th year i've been now and ill be booking my 5th as soon as early birds are released.
  13. One i've always wanted to attend but never got round too! Just hoping they change their usual weekend (3rd weekend in July) as i'm usually at another the weekend before. Edit: Just realised the countdown timer ends at midnight tonight?!? After a heavy weekend at Lost Village there's no chance ill be up to see it end
  14. Can vouch for this. Friend of mine insisted i bought a ticket to see them in this dingy basement in Leeds with him, and it was easily one of the best gigs ive been too. Venue probably played a part, but i cant imagine it making too much of a difference.
  15. More acts to be announced next week. Really hoping that they bring Django Django back to the bill, most exciting and apt booking the festival has ever had IMO. Seems strange that they aren't already on the bill though with them playing Boardmasters this weekend, makes me think they're one of the acts who got cut from last years poster.
  16. Possible Body and / or bag search. Some people just get told to waltz straight in. Seems completely arbitrary who they pull aside, but even if you’re one of the unlucky ones it’s usually a quick pat and search of the bag. Judging by the state of the people inside though the searches can’t be that thorough. From what I can remember there’s been no obvious differences year on year in terms of the security, majority seem a friendly bunch.
  17. Pretty thorough during the quieter periods, less so during peak times (around 5pm Thursday) No but the drinks selection once inside the main arena are pretty extensive, from memory theres a cracking cocktail bar that was going to the early hours? Great festival btw if you haven't been before, will be my 5th time going, so any other questions then please fire away!
  18. These are the dates then for 2022! This was the website a few weeks back but just checked now and the homepage has removed everything except for the FIB logo - announcement imminent? They usually put tickets on sale shortly after the festival finishes anyway, so it wouldn't be unusual to hear something now as its (hypothetically) been a week since the festival would have finished.
  19. Yeah, first time! I was at Nos Alive and they played but for the life of me can’t remember why I didn’t see them? 2euro wines probably had something to do with it….
  20. Hot chip. Gutted about the clash with wolf Alice but seen hot chips mega mix a few weeks back at Bigfoot festival and it was incredible, so assuming the full version was trump that easily
  21. So what are the best late night areas for a boogie? Someone mentioned the Shack?
  22. Thats my usual logic - the closer to the arena the livelier the crowd seems to be!
  23. For those who’ve been before, are there any areas of general / normal camping that are livelier than others? Not expecting full blown partying till the early hours, but just somewhere where people can sit, play a bit of music and have a few drinks post arena without being chastised. Also: Is it only the tuttles wood entrance for the general camping? Or can you use any gate and then just head to where you want to go?
  24. The charlatans? Tim Burgess is playing on the Sunday and he’s playing with the charlatans on Friday at Car fest?
  25. bdrmm are really good if you have a liking for shoegaze / dream pop. Someone on here recommended them a few weeks back and theyve ended up being one of the acts im most looking forward too - Thanks whoever it was!
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