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  1. Apologies if misinterpreted, but are you saying there’s places in Greater Manchester doing walk ins for all ages?
  2. Out of curiosity, what is seen as a 'good price' for the Wednesday till Monday? Never been before so been having a look on booking.com and the prices seem to be all over the place.
  3. They've also snuck in a Klaxons 'nu rave' set! Cant find any information on what this will entail online but the festival have atleast confirmed it is actually THE Klaxons. Whatever they're doing, however they're performing, as long as they finish with Golden Skans ill be happy!
  4. Thats a shame, but completely understandable. Both my 'big party' festivals have cancelled already - beat herder and boomtown - and it feels the only ones still left are more family orientated. Im in desperate need of some impromptu day raves being organised!
  5. Any chance of tickets being available to the wider public? Im hoping a few more festivals who have pulled the plug may try and put on something similar
  6. Hot Since 82 just been added! Pretty much confirms they are genuinely planning on going ahead then 🙂
  7. Thanks for the responses. The role was taken to kill some time and to provide some help to those on the front line, so even the smallest chance of having the jab earlier than expected is nothing more than a nice bonus.
  8. So my girlfriend applied to volunteer at one of the vaccination centres earlier today and shes already had her first shift - Tomorrow at 7:15am?!? Incredible turn of events. For those who've also volunteered, will she be vaccinated herself tomorrow, or is this something they'll do after the shifts? She only needs to do 2 x 6hour shifts per month at the moment, hopefully it'll pick us as shes in the process of waiting for her PhD Viva so needs things to keep her busy!
  9. Yeah, cant see it happening, these vaccines are pretty damn good! I just cant wait to see my mate who's obsessed with Primal Scream being told to calm down and respect social distancing after a full day on the beer! Its going to be so sweet just walking through them gates after having no hope whatsoever for the festival since the day the roadmap was announced 🙂
  10. I mean, this surely confirms its going ahead then? This festival has been working towards stage 3 of the roadmap for a while, and now that it's been confirmed and the government have stated that the stages are designed to be 'irreversible', theres not much that can prevent it from happening?* Bar a huge outbreak or some other completely unforeseen incident*
  11. Thats a shame about the lack of late night entertainment as the lineup had a few gems on there. Think i'm just going to hold out and hope a few impromptu festivals are set up nearer the time Thanks anyway
  12. Can anybody answer this? Had Beatherder and Boomtown both cancel so looking for an alternative in July / August, and this is one of the only ones with a (half) decent lineup and tickets remaining (open to other suggestions if theres others im missing)
  13. Yeah what was initially dead and buried as far as all my festival bookings were concerned, this is the one which im most optimistic about! 6 more weeks to hang in there!
  14. More bands been added this week, albeit lesser known acts for one of the smaller pub stages. They're actually planning on going ahead aren't they? I say this tentatively, but their website actually states how they will manage to operate under the roadmap, with clear solutions to each of the conditions. With only 6 weeks to go its surely too late for the festival to cancel off their own accord now? The only thing that could stop this is a drastic change from the roadmap, which under the current state, seems extremely unlikely?
  15. £40 for this is fantastic value! Never been to the festival or Nottingham before so thinking of giving this a go. To think first release for this was only £17.50...
  16. This is the dilemma. After BeatHerder cancelling this morning my immediate reaction was to look for another alternative. But then whats the point when that cancels, as all that'll happen is ill lose another booking fee on the refund. Conversely, if i don't commit, and they do go ahead, there's a very limited chance there'll be any tickets left when its become plainly obvious that its able to go ahead. I think day festivals / events are going to be the best compromise. Moovin and Waterworks festival are the two ive gone for.
  17. They are the only ones though who've acknowledged that the festival will be going ahead under a number of restrictions, with a full section on their website with how they're going to overcome everything from the rule of 30 to social distancing. Every other festival has explicitly stated that unless socially distancing was dropped they wouldn't be going ahead - BigFoot hasn't Im fully aware that this may be some marketing ploy to completely sell out before cancelling, but still, the fact that they've addressed the issues they will face under the roadmap have provided me with some hope, however false it may be.
  18. Of course! Im by no way suggesting that festivals are a quick fire process that can be set up at the drop of a finger, but when the roadmap came out and labelled the 21st June as the final stage for opening, i've naively accepted this was plenty of time for Boomtown, and others, commencing in August to take place? I have no experience of working in either the festival or logistics industry, but i've just assumed that under these exceptional circumstances, most would be able to hold off on any payments until around June 21st? And then once the 21st arrive and all restrictions are dropped the festival can crack on and start the serious legwork?
  19. Step 4 (June 21st) says that the government hopes to 'remove all legal limits on social contact'. And, as things are going, surely theres nothing in the data to suggest the restrictions need to be extended past the 21st. Regardless of that, the head guy said "we won’t be able to go ahead with the next addition of the festival this august, even if restrictions are eased in June" . Why? Incase theres another outbreak which forces the government to bring back restrictions? I hope im not coming across as crass and flippant, but if festivals aren't going to go ahead once all restrictions end, then when can we expect them to return?
  20. Bime Live is one that always goes unmentioned. Never been myself but the lineups usually very impressive for the price and all the reviews are pretty positive. Nothing announced for this year thus far but it's still pretty early in the year for any announcement, regardless of covid. Bilbao certainly wont be as hot as Benidorm, but i imagine theres a lot more to do during the day! https://www.bime.net/live/en/
  21. After a weekend catching up with friends, having a few drinks and pondering this summers plans, this is one hell of a kickback. I knew that the government backed insurance was pivotal early on in the year, but ive always assumed that once the restrictions end on the 21st, then its full steam ahead with nothing left to block our festival-heavy summer. 😞
  22. Moovin festival is on the August bank holiday weekend but they've decided to throw a nice little all day-er mid July as 'they simply couldn't wait' till then. Always wanted to go Moovin as its just down the road but August bank hol is already stacked with options. Will definitely be checking this out though.
  23. I wish the transition went even quicker!
  24. Just seen this myself. From what I can see there’s only a capacity for 1000 within the park, so I can imagine managing to get one of those with a hot tub will be near impossible?
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