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  1. Yeah, that Young Fathers crowd was not great, although the band were. My main memory of that though is that there was woodchip all over in front of the Other Stage and the place stank of this baking woodchip/mud combination.
  2. Yeah, I went there wanting to love it, I've always enjoyed his stuff without ever being a massive fan, but after a decent start it never really clicked for me. The staging looked good on TV, but I was a fair way up the field so all I got was the effect of him performing inside a letterbox. I gave up on it part way through the Justin Vernon guest spot, really dull for me and killed the energy.
  3. Yeah, this was mine too. Seem to remember they ended up shutting the tent that weekend because it got so full of muddy slop that it was pointless using it.
  4. If you're really enjoying something you didn't plan to see, or didn't realise you'd be that into, don't get FOMO over the other stuff that's on. Rip up the plan and stick around. Also, don't spend hours upon hours hunting for that hidden place you heard about. It's probably not that good, half the time people only rate it because it's hidden, the best ones don't exist anymore, and you'll find it by accident somewhen anyway. Lesson learned more than once!
  5. catavento

    BBC Glastonbury

    The Bowie setlist conversation must have been an interesting one - "well, we've only got two hours to play with so we'll have to leave out Space Oddity, Suffragette City and Sound & Vision". Talk about good problem to have. Loving this 2011 'best of' on though, great combination of timeless stuff and stuff you haven't heard since 2011. I'd totally forgot about Aloe Blacc and the Vaccines.
  6. catavento

    BBC Glastonbury

    Bowie pulling song after song out of the bag here like it's no thing. None of this "space out the six songs people actually want to hear and save one for the encore" business. I'm not a super fan of his but wow.
  7. I saw an act playing on the Gully to two people once, but as far as big stages go, in the JP there was some American band called Bleachers? Breakers? something like that. I popped my head in while I was wandering around the site and there can't have been many more than 50 people in there. They were quite high up the order too IIRC.
  8. catavento

    BBC Glastonbury

    Bit of a bold set decision to do a tribute to Klaus Nomi ten minutes in followed by a guest performance from Nick Cave, but when you've got the field in the palm of your hand like this I guess you can do whatever you like!
  9. catavento

    BBC Glastonbury

    For me these legend and/or "everybody went to see this" performances are the best bit of this BBC coverage. I always treat the Sunday afternoon as a good time to get a bite to eat from a stall that usually has mad queues, get some cash out etc. just because the rest of the site really empties out, so I've never seen any of these sets.
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