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  1. I'm having a big struggle trying to think of any of the remaining acts, the new dates are too late for the European festival season in late June/July and too early for the August ones so I'm thinking more we'll end up with far more British acts, any other predictions/speculation of acts to make an appearance?
  2. They’ve been fluctuating a lot between 600-900 the last few days, my cousin was tested and had to wait 4 days for the results so I think there have been some delays in the processing so whilst it worth keeping an eye on, I don’t think it should cause a huge worry
  3. Apologies, I didn’t mean car crash victims were being recorded as it, I meant hypothetically if they’d been confirmed for coronavirus and had then made a full recovery there were still reports of their death being down to coronavirus, even when this was unlikely to be the case
  4. The whole reporting has been a farce, allowing different days to be reported differently like the low reported deaths on Monday and then suddenly a surge on the Tuesday, I believe last week there was a case where someone had died in March and it was only just reported Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t they now reviewing deaths to make sure that only people who have died directly are counted? For example if someone is diagnosed with it, makes a full recovery and then died in a car crash a few months later they’d still be counted in the figures even if they hadn’t been in ICU
  5. Steady on dear, that’s a little too much of a positive take on the situation! Granted there’s still a lot of uncertainty and vagueness around what’s going on but we need to remember just how far we’ve come as both a country and the world with the virus with regards to cases and opening up again
  6. I agree, so many people are being scared by these new threats of second waves and consequently a lot of people are avoiding going out, my brother works at a trampoline park which reopened recently but they’re struggling since Boris started ‘squeezing the brakes’ so a lot of confidence has disappeared and I think a lot of places are desperate to avoid a local lockdown as well, I suppose these festivals aren’t worth the risk
  7. Also a hopeful decease in cases from yesterday, as long as we stay below 1000 I would say we're on the right track for things and, although far too high still, deaths seem to be coming down when comparing it to the peak when we were seeing over 1000 a day, I'm hoping we will see better days soon
  8. Yes he did, and suddenly ended them whenever there was a question he wouldn't want to answer
  9. Although I imagine a lot of people on this forum may lead an Uprising against it should it happen
  10. I think the major issue will be people being concerned about international travel. If a smaller festival happened here with majority British acts then I think it would be more likely to happen instead of a huge international event such as the Olympics or aforementioned international festival
  11. One of my friends lives in America and said how much he wished Trump could care as much as our government.... That's how dire the situation is there
  12. I agree, he can't promise everything will be fine and dandy and it will definitely go ahead but then he can't just be defeatist and cancel it now without knowing what the future holds - my hope is that the majority of festivals will happen next year in some capacity or another but with some mitigations in place
  13. I can't see any of the headliners not coming back at all as I thought it was a strong set, they'll either headline or come back as special guests like TDCC
  14. Whilst this is far more deadly and infectious, as a society we've learnt how to live and adapt to countless other viruses and illnesses and I have no doubt we will with this too. Will we ever find a vaccine? Only time will tell, but to know as much as we do now after only 8 months of it being discovered and with a lot more to undoubtedly be discovered in the coming months and years I'm sure we will find a way around it and society will find its 'new normal' soon
  15. And even then, Belgium is probably more associated with weekend/shorter breaks instead of the week/fortnight holidays that you'd get in Spain
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