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  1. Latitude did have a policy of if you tested positive before or during the festival you'd be entitled to a refund so I imagine most other fests will do the same Yeah this is my thinking, and also most of the posts on there are very much hearsay as well which never help. The EDP round here did an article about people saying they were positive now but gave one single anonymous source. The media will pounce on anyone who says they were positive afterwards and ignore those who weren't, for example my family who went have tested most days since and have all been fine so far and by the sounds of it most other attendees are too so we can hope it stays that way
  2. This is a good thread basically explaining everything but I agree they'll only really pick up on people who report it afterwards, it will only be an issue if there's a major outbreak as a result but hopefully that's unlikely
  3. I've seen a lot more hearsay than anything else, along the lines of the individuals friends sisters son catching it there or something similar. The main issue is you'll only really hear from the people who might have caught it as opposed to those who didn't, everyone who I went with has tested since we left and have been negative so far. I suppose if anything major comes out of if they can argue it was a research event and that was its purpose
  4. Latitude had around 10 acts pull out, 4 from the main stages and 6 from the smaller ones. They were almost all replaced within 2 hours of the cancellation and as both fests are run by FR Im sure it'll be the same sort of thing, although I suppose R+L has a bigger risk as they have more international acts
  5. I'm testing every couple of days but both negative so far and everyone I went with is too, hoping it'll stay that way!! I won't drop my guard but if we make it it the weekend without anything I might leave it then as it'll be close enough to the 10 days
  6. My top 5 were Wolf Alice, Bastille, Supergrass, Rudimental and The Vaccines, also enjoyed Kaiser Chiefs, Sea Girls, Beabadoobee, Declan McKenna and Bombay Bicycle Club, I even enjoyed a bit of Mabel (but as I haven't seen anything live for 18 months I think I can be forgiven!). Also enjoyed Bill Bailey, Mark Watson, Reginald D Hunter, Jo Brand and Flo and Joan from the comedy too.
  7. Bar Arlo Parks, Latitude had replaced all the acts within 2 hours of them cancelling so I imagine they'll have a roster of backups for that very reason
  8. In all honesty I'm shocked they managed to get away with reactively few cancellations, I thought it was going to end up being an almost complete rescheduling after Thursday when there were 3 acts who went out in quick succession. I agree though as cases are now falling quite quickly so it hopefully means far fewer acts are affected
  9. What an amazing and special weekend it was, a fantastic and varied lineup topped it off. So great to be back and here's to freedom and more live music
  10. Were there any mitigations in place like testing/vax checking on entry?
  11. Enjoy every second of it, it's probably the best feeling in the world to be back
  12. What a weekend at Latitude, it felt euphoric to be back doing one of my favourite things that I've missed so much. Credit to the organisers for putting together such an amazing event with so much on under the most difficult circumstances. It definitely felt odd being around people again but after a while it felt perfectly normal and everyone was very respectful of others wishes and it did feel relaxed too. I hope everyone going to other festivals over the summer has the best time, it's very very good to be back 😁
  13. Rudimental and Chems were a perfect end to the day and Supergrass were an excellent start. Tomorrow is probably my busiest day, very excited for Bill Bailey, Bastille, Kaiser Chiefs, The Vaccines and Jo Brand
  14. Katherine Ryan will be brilliant, Lyra starts just before 3 (very similar to Florence and the Machine) and Holly Humberstone is a very promising new artist who should be good too
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