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  1. Isle of Wight Festival are doing a similar thing this year of having a headliner and special set after and that's finished by 12:00am, after that I reckon its more likely the set times will be Snow Patrol 8:30pm-10:00pm Underworld 10:30pm-11:30/45pm With the rest of the day being anyone's guess, but hopefully it'll be soon
  2. It'll depend on if it heals or worsens but we'll see in the long run, if they cancel any more shows in the coming weeks then we'll think further
  3. I entirely agree about Snow Patrol being an outdated headliner, perhaps elsewhere on the Obelisk but not a headliner anymore but in regards to headliners I do think they'll take advantage and book a different act. Whilst I like the list of possibilities I could only really see Bastille being part of it and The National headlining 3 times in a decade would probably be an overkill, but my inner guilty pleasure would love to see Kylie on
  4. My aunt had suggested Kings of Leon to headline before the first announcement and they're in Europe in the same weekend, I'd certainly be interested to see if they came into contention...but we shan't get too ahead of ourselves 😂
  5. If they have to cancel then they need a bigger name to show off a bit but I fear knowing Latitude they may go for a basic and simple option... But who could it realistically be if they do?
  6. It sure does sound serious and isn't something you'd risk doing with just 3 gigs, they've got several other high profile festivals coming too like Glastonbury and TRNSMT which makes me think if they don't perform at them then they won't be performing at Latitude which begs the question what will they do if it does happen
  7. There could potentially be a surprise act announced on the day on the main stage like with Rudimental in 2014, but as mentioned before they hinted at a secret set from this time last year but haven't mentioned anything as of yet. With regards to who it could be.... God knows! 😂
  8. The curfew is normally 11 but as you say there have been some exceptions, the only other I can think of was The Killers finishing about 20 minutes after the curfew, I think Underworld be on from around 10:30-11:30/45 as a one off performance after the curfew probably wouldn't hurt but no later than midnight
  9. I know a couple (literally) of his songs which makes me unsure if he's actually subbing or if Marina is instead, she's arguably more well known for her music under Marina and the Diamonds but we'll see, but all things considered Snow Patrol will probably be on earlier (around 8:30pm I reckon) for their set as Underworld are closing the stage that day so it may not be the usual subbing slot at all
  10. I was thinking it was bad formatting because of the Underworld logo, which again confuses me if Underworld are on after Snow Patrol but they're still higher ranked, I had the same annoyance last year with The Killers being miles above the other headliners on last years poster 😂
  11. Richard Curtis has just been confirmed to be at the festival as they're having a showing of his new film 'Yesterday' which was filmed at last year's festival - I'm also noticing they're an act short on the Friday at the Obelisk and missing the set times which will hopefully be announced soon so still more to come
  12. Normally they do, but the obelisk headliners usually start earlier so there is an overlap usually of about 15-30 minutes
  13. I'm going for an The National/alt-j super group performance 😂 As mentioned above I imagine it'll be related to the food provided and perhaps a few minor acts for music/comedy but it could be a welcome surprise
  14. Looking at the actual lineup and having been a few years before, I think it's easier to tell which sort of time slots acts will be on, but my question is when are Snow Patrol and Underworld going to be performing?
  15. İ missed 2013 too as that for me was one of their weakest but this year has a lot of appeal to me personally, especially as I've always wanted to see Lana Del Rey. Then again I always feel with festivals that one man's trash is another man's treasure
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