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  1. I know its a different kettle of fish but the Edinburgh Fringe has announced its going to try going ahead as planned for August, last year it was probably one of the first major things to cancel so it might give a bit of hope to promoters and organisers
  2. Id expect to see more first doses occurring over the next week or so now
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/newsbeat-56650645 This explains in more detail but they've had allegations made against their management
  4. I was thinking the same, could festivals that have been cancelled move forward if it became clear they were able to happen? If push came to shove they could use the Trnsmt/BST approach of just being single day events but you're able to buy whole weekend tickets if needed. The demand will be huge and I fully believe we'll be in a position this summer for events to happen with little/no social distancing needed. I'm due to be going to Latitude which is late July and as Festival Republic and Melvin Benn are involved im sure they'll have alternative arrangements up their sleeve in case
  5. As a young person I can assure you people my age don't care what vaccine they get as long as they're jabbed as soon as they can, I'm personally not worried because of the rarity of the clots
  6. Prepare for some analogies...
  7. Personally I remain cautiously optimistic, I'm not 100% certain but I do think they'll do something in some capacity, I think it helps the festival has taken this approach too as it gives a realistic but hopeful expectation for the punters compared to R+L who I think are slightly naive in their 100% happening approach. Agreed though, I think people should be allowed to have their opinions on things happening but it shouldn't be so 'told you so' and argumentative like you get on other forums
  8. Blue Dot which was the same weekend has now cancelled due to insurance concerns, could there now be some potential crossovers? Was due to have Bjork, Metronomy and Groove Armada play who are all very Latitude friendly
  9. Agreed, i know its a huge risk but I fully believe we'll have a summer full of festivals, sadly the fluidity of the situation is going to make it hard for organisers to take the risk, could the government be pressured into it like they have other things?
  10. I really think we could see 0 reported deaths in the next 3 days
  11. I'm confused, I thought they'd initially announced the festival with social distancing restrictions in place to allow it to happen? Or is it an insurance/performers issue?
  12. Pardon the source.... but yay!
  13. An important look at the situation in France
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