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  1. Thanksgiving is when they have their huge Turkey dinner, whereas Christmas is when they have their 'Christmas ham' which is basically gammon but then they don't have Boxing Day
  2. Yeah one of my colleagues is a devout Christian and Easter is a far more important for her but oddly they seem to do more with Christmas
  3. I think we're more interested in the socialising and gift giving aspect whereas other countries have a far greater belief in the religious aspects of it
  4. I think the one thing everyone needs to be for Christmas is sensible, I know many who won't be but me and my family will try to be as much as we can. Thankfully there will only be 6 of us this year as we alternate between my mum and dads side. There should ordinarily be 13 of us for Boxing Day which we very obviously won't be doing but as I'd said before we've been planning multiple scenarios of what to do when. Sadly the most I can see the government doing is advising people to use 'common sense' and have an amnesty on children being part of the rule of 6.
  5. Susie Dent killing it with her word of the day here
  6. I think some festivals might adapt it as you say to become big outdoor non-camping events (think TRNSMT) which allow the festivals to happen without the need for bigger amounts of sanitary issues e.g. showers
  7. I can see why people might be annoyed around it but part of me just doesn't understand the whole hoo-ha around Christmas. I know it's slightly different because of the scale of it but we've seen we can do events differently and in a safe way (e.g. VE Day Celebrations and Easter), we the British can adapt to anything and I'm sure we'll be able to the same for both the Christmas and New Year period
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54659029 New BBC article from the ONS study, suggests although cases are rising there may be a slowing down within the infection rate
  9. Just under a fortnight ago I believe
  10. I think this will slowly be the case in many Uni campuses as the immediate effect of people travelling around has roughly been felt, I guess it depends how far it consequently spends in the community - I did see something online about how cases are falling in young people as experts seem to think they're sticking to the rules more now so they're not being blamed for anything
  11. Majority of schools are shut for half term either this or next week which may mitigate some of the cases down a bit in a few weeks - working in a school however I think its important they stay open in some capacity, children have missed out on half a years learning and just shutting them again would cause even greater inequality and issues amongst younger people
  12. Also MPs wouldn't stand for it if their constituency is involved, I'm in Norfolk and lots of the local politicians have been refusing to back any national lockdowns because of the East lower infection rates
  13. I can see them doing one on the north and causing even greater tensions
  14. I don't think there will be either, but we know the government will sure as hell try to make it happe My family have been prepping for different scenarios as you have mentioned so I agree they need to try and get the idea across it may not happen as usual
  15. The logical time would be the next 2 weeks as it would have minimal impact on children's learning due to half terms which they seem to be worried about, I can see them trying to get them lower for December as i think they'll be adamant for some normality by then so I could see it within the next month - I think they will need to assure people it's a 2-3 week measure as people wouldn't comply if they just kept adding weeks on
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