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  1. They’ve just spoken to Melvin Benn (head of Festival Republic) on BBC News and he seems to think most outdoor gigs will be okay to go from next spring - with that includes mind coukd it be possible to do any kind of ‘social bubble’ with the people who you are attending the festival with or is that over ambitious?
  2. Has anyone received a refund yet but didn’t request one? It’s happened with my families tickets but we already chose to roll tickets over
  3. I’ve been keeping an eye s8nce the announcement and many people seem to be saying they’ll roll over which is a very good sign and I’m glad people are holding it in such high regard. Are we expecting there to be a whole new lineup or some acts carried over? I’m gonna say about 50-75% of the acts will make some sort of appearance as the festival usually does book acts that may have cancelled before (although saying that I don’t think the gods ever want the Futureheads or Snow Patrol to ever play again 😂
  4. I fully expected this to happen but I’m still genuinely devastated, I’m glad they’ve given the opportunity to roll tickets over to 2021 so definitely will be
  5. The Killers have moved all UK shows to next tear, I’m still going to the Norwich one so I’m very relieved as bands like them never come this way, very impressed most dates are similar and the support acts are still the same
  6. Entirely agree, it’s arguably one of the best festivals out there! Should they be signed up, which acts would we expect to roll over? I could definitely see Haim and the Chemical Brothers returning but have my doubts for Liam
  7. My best bet is after this next lockdown we'll be in a better position than now to know the next steps and they may decide to lower certain measures but they're not going to let 40,000 people congregate and as you've said there will be some who may not be comfortable with it - I know an announcement is imminent probably but I'll still be devastated as the festival is always the highlight of my year
  8. Looking back on this statement from the organisers, they're more likely to wait to be cancelled by the government but I guess they may take matters into their own hands if it gets close and no guidance is put ahead. It looks likely they might attempt to book some of the acts from this year for next year now like Blue Dot and Love Supreme in order for people to roll over their tickets thus not losing out on money
  9. I'm in 2 minds about this as I'd expect there to still be some cases, however they initially said the peak would come in June and now they're expecting it in the next few weeks so I've got no idea what to expect from it, I could imagine some resurictuons being lifted by end of June however I'm not sure they'd allow mass gatherings for a while - has there ever been a circumstance before in which the festival could have been cancelled?
  10. The festivals social medias are being very quiet at the moment, perhaps waiting for official government information/guidance before making an announcement?
  11. I think their other issue currently would be the majority of foreign acts being unable to come over due to travel restrictions, but as you say they'll have plenty of pick for acts next year as ones meant to tour this year will be vying for bookings next year is they've been postponed or cancelled e.g. Haim have postponed their album so if they were to cancel I wouldn't doubt them retuning next year I also think they'll stick to similar line ups next year if tickets are rolled over as I'd argue punters will want to see the acts they'd originally booked (or something similar) to see instead of something completely different - is there any chance the promoters could guarantee the acts like this as I know Country 2 Country has rearranged to next year with the same headliners
  12. FR seem to be saying they're going ahead as planned until the government say they can't so unless after the lock down they decide to go further (which seems likely) they can't really comment until then but I think it must be hard to comment now when there are still 3-4 months to go however I do think they'll allow tickets to roll over should they cancel and also they usually have a good reputation for re-booking acts who couosnt perform the year before so I imagine they'll attempt that next year
  13. The scale and mass of Glastonbury led to it being cancelled and as its been mentioned it takes 2-3 months to make the site whereas Latitude last year started being built about 2 weeks before (around 6th July time for this year) so perhaps just outside the supposed virus peak, I don't think it's a foregone conclusion for cancellation yet but I could understand if they had to, however would anyone rate the chances of it being rescheduled for later on? Just a suggestion but even I have doubts for it with regards to the scheduled acts
  14. Celeste will be fantastic and I'm also looking forward to Jo Brand as I've always wanted to see her
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