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  1. The whole lineup seems to be very youthful, maybe they're saving the older acts for the TBA slots
  2. Lana Del Rey now confirmed to be subbing Pyramid 😁
  3. I'm surprised this hasn't leaked properly on any social medias yet
  4. I've been many times and Friday is traditionally for acts that are headlining a festival properly for the first time, others in the same slot included alt-j, the 1975, Solange and George Ezra
  5. Methinks Cate posted it a day early by accident so wouldn't be surprised if the whole line up is true, if so I'm excited 😊 I imagine they'll do a more spruced up poster without any TBA on it, or even better with more acts on!
  6. If this has come out they're more likely to just announce it as opposed to a build up - it's far too detailed as well just to not put together and I imagine they'll remove the TBA acts
  7. If that's true then I'll honestly be over the moon, looks very promising!
  8. Reading and Leeds announcement next week and same promoters as Latitude, could mean another announcement is due around then too?
  9. One can dream! I wasn't sure if she would after Charli was announced - I'm holding out for someone like Johnny Marr who would be fantastic on LG day
  10. Inhaler already confirmed and more than certain Celeste will be there too 😊 I'm hoping for some other decent acts but no idea what to expect, part of me would love to see Dua Lipa there
  11. I entirely agree, there are a few acts performing who are on BBC Sound of 2020 like Joy Crookes and Inhaler and over the years they've had a fair few acts on such as Florence, Sigrid and Rag 'n' Bone Man who have appeared on the list so they've always been big champions of up and coming acts which is what I love about the festival - hoping for some new announcements soon, I'm guessing it'll be around next week as its pay day for many people
  12. Trust me I saw her at Latitude last year and she was my favourite act of the whole weekend, I would totally be holding on hope for her to perform as well
  13. I wouldn't put it past her, she performed at festivals in 2019 from around 20th June-6th July then went to America for a week (recording a music video I believe) before heading back for further festivals in Europe from the 17th July, so its not entirely implausible
  14. Any other predictions/hopes as to who will be on? They've announced far fewer acts announced than normal so I'm hoping for some additional bigger acts later on e.g. tent headliners
  15. I'm glad they've got Liam booked as he's been fantastic the last 2 times I've seen him, been exploring the rest of the lineup and they have some interesting and varied acts so very excited to be going
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