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  1. Absolutely delighted Judi Love is on, one of my new favourite comedy discoveries and she was fantastic on taskmaster top. I always love the range of comedians we get at the festival
  2. Yeah it usually runs around 11am-6pm but I wonder if they'll add a bit more time on (say 7/7:30ish) for a few more spaces for acts
  3. Yeah they would usually have more comedians on the cabaret stage than the actual comedy one, but it did run a lot later and the sets were much shorter than the Comedy Arena. Comedians sometimes appear in the listening post or literature arenas but other than Bill Bailey playing the Obelisk last year I can't think of any others they'd have done
  4. They did really well last year with announcing acts pulling out on their social medias over the weekend and replacements announced quickly too. I guess they're waiting to announce everything (I imagine it'll be this week) and we can see the full lineup
  5. Massaoke and Guilty Pleasures always look good fun and I've heard the Charlotte Church Pop Dungeon is an experience, where else could you see the voice of an angel covering Killing in the Name? Have we heard if the cabaret arena is back? I only ask as there seem to be way more comedians than usual on the bill and I don't see how they'd fit them all in without another stage for them?
  6. The Jesus and Mary Chain had Phoebe Bridgers for Just Like Honey
  7. I think he was probably quite a promising booking for 2021 but as has been mentioned above the fact he only has one album and hasn't released anything new since makes a bit of a mockery of his headline place. Not that I'm worried, I'll be at Phoebe instead Also I noticed Wide Skies and Butterflies festival in Norfolk 2 weeks later has now been cancelled. I wonder if this will shift a few more tickets from attendees who were meant to go to that
  8. Very jealous! It all looked brilliant on TV. Im definitely more excited for it after spending the whole weekend watching. It looks as if my 3 most anticipated acts (Phoebe, Foals and Fontaines) went down well and they looked and sounded great on the streams I saw so very much looking forward to them. I'd imagine we'll get stage times mid July time but having seen your clashfinder I don't think it'll be too dissimilar as theyre usually consistent every year We'll probably get something end of the week as a final announcement (although they've been known to announce some acts the week of the festival!) I'd love for them to have a secret set again, I think it could be someone like Blossoms if they're following a similar pattern to last year
  9. Is she vocally perfect? No Is she absolutely smashing it with a great setlist and fun atmosphere? Absolutely! A really strong first half so I'm excited to see what else they do
  10. Arctic Monkeys / Bruce Springsteen / Taylor Swift
  11. It's being shown on BBC 1 from 10:30 but I think the stream should be from 9:30
  12. Worth keeping an eye on Glasto as there are a fair few crossover acts this year. Phoebe and Foals were excellent and Simz seemed to go down a storm too. Other acts being shown I believe are Self Esteem, Fontaines DC, Caroline Polachek so will be good to get an idea of their setlists
  13. If they don't we riot, it's my absolute favourite song of theirs - I'll admit I sobbed slightly when I saw them doing it at Latitude last year
  14. Wolf Alice are absolutely smashing it baring in mind their issues getting to the festival, I do agree they deserve a far higher slot though
  15. Saw The Killers at Carrow Road, Norwich last night. I'll be bold and say they're the best live band on the planet. Such a strong setlist and great all round performance, Brandon was on top form too. Probably one of the best gigs I've ever been to, I hope to see them again sometime soon
  16. I've had a pretty rough couple of weeks due to a family bereavement, but last night with Jools Holland at the UEA Norwich was the perfect antidote. Such a fun night, Eddi Reader sounds no different to the 80s and Ruby Turner stole the show. A great time all around. Heading off to the new Neck of the Woods festival at Earlham Park tomorrow with The Kooks, DMAs and Sea Girls which should be good fun too
  17. Im stunned Gorillaz never done it before, they're the perfect latitude act and Damon has a great relationship with the festival too With regards to Radiohead, I'll be controversial and say Killers are 'bigger' and have headlined so can't see why they wouldn't either Some fab names in there, as there's less music I fancy this year I think I'll spending a fair bit of time there. Do we know if the cabaret arena will be back or has it been scrapped completely
  18. Yeah Latitude is always great for new discoveries, this year I'm really liking Rina Sawayama, Larkin Poe and Caroline Polachek. I think whoever booked this year really failed to capitalise on last year's lineup and has gone for a proper mish mash that doesn't know what it wants to be. I'm very much looking forward to it though, we're probably due the last few music and comedy announcements soon too which could have a few fun additions
  19. Im very much looking forward to the weekend, I do think this is one of the weakest lineups they've had though. There aren't any standout acts I need to see this time (last few editions have had Killers, Lana Del Rey, Bastille and Wolf Alice I was desperate to see) but there are still some brilliant acts on the bill. I'm definitely excited for Foals, Phoebe Bridgers, Self Esteem, Shed Seven and Fontaines DC. Also I'm very excited for Aisling Bea, The Horne Section, Marcus Brigstocke and Sophie Duker on the comedy too. I definitely think they've changed their talent booker as they seem to have scrapped half the things that made last year so brilliant. I do wonder if they'll add a few more main stage acts as the Friday was seemingly full and they then added Alfie Templeman so there could be some good additions later on too. I've been every year since I was 9 (bar 2013 and 2020) and its always one of the highlight of my year, even the weaker years I've gone I've absolutely loved. I'm also excited as my friend is coming for the Friday who's never been before so I'm excited to show him as he's only ever heard how much I love going
  20. More names just announced, some good additions in there
  21. I'm very rarely lost for words but I totally feel that way with this news. Such an icon in the music industry and one of the best drummers of all time without a doubt. I was about 6 when The Pretender was released and I've loved then ever since. Taylor is an irreplaceable loss for the band and my thoughts are with his family, the foos and all their fans today
  22. Yeah this is probably about right with most of these, great work! As you say they often swap slots around so it can vary from time to time, they can also randomly add acts to days seemingly full (I remember in 2018 the Friday was filled and then they added Belle and Sebastian as a sub). Looking over the days Friday is absolutely rammed for me, Saturday has a decent amount but Sunday is pretty low on acts until the evening but I know I'll have a great time when I'm there. Its definitely one of the weaker lineups they've had since I started going though. Hoping they'll add some more good comedy over the weekend as that's always one of my highlights
  23. Also hinted on Facebook there may be a few more acts added to the bill
  24. IIRC the capacity is about 8/9000 and obviously has room outside so would probably be about 10/11000 able to watch her. Remember the announcement email put her as the main act instead of Snow Patrol so she's clearly a big deal for the organisers and I can see them pushing it as one of the relatively few chances to see her live this year If push comes to shove I could see her swap to main stage and Maggie headline the tent. However its worth remembering they has LG as a secret set in the tent knowing full well it would attract a huge crowd when he could have easily been headlining so if she shifts tickets and they might just keep it that way.
  25. He both performed and did a listening party at Latitude last year so its definitely an option
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