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  1. I've heard lots of people have the exact same problem, namely my brothers girlfriend who's needed antibiotics for it, she's had 2 separate tests which were both negative. I wonder if it's some sort of super cold/flu as no one was exposed to it over last winter so it's come back badly like this
  2. Itll be universities... then half-term getaway... then Halloween.... then Guy Fawkes... the Christmas... then New Year... just endless circles of waiting until theyre right about something
  3. Austria really isn't that much of a journey to the UK so I'd say its still possible, something along the lines of Capaldi/Haim/Strokes would be pretty strong in my eyes *edit* ah hang on ignore me that's in Australia, yeah that's definitely off the cards 🤣
  4. As we saw this year initial dates can change so I think Capaldi will play but not sure if it would still be the Friday - would love to see Foals and Fontaines from that bill and Strokes would be absolutely incredible, I wouldn't be surprised if Sigrid popped up as well. It's so so nice to actually be discussing festivals and the acts on rather than the liklihood of it going ahead
  5. Whats betting it'll be advisory for events and clubs but not mandatory
  6. The Last Man on Earth - Wolf Alice
  7. I don't even like tennis that much and I watched the whole thing with my heart in my mouth. It was an incredible game between the 2 women and I certainly think both will have a very big futures ahead of them I did think this initially, but then remembered the Olympics, Paralympics and Euros which will also feature nominees, it's gonna be one tough choice to pick the shortlist, let alone the winner!
  8. Perhaps a compromise could be allowing events to happen without distancing if they implement vaccine checks/testing as surely that makes the crowd as safe as possible?
  9. Chapple12345


    I wonder why this hasn't been done in Sweden as its ABBAs homeland. Sure they have a huge British following but I would have thought it's something they might take round the world instead of keeping in one place as there will be a huge demand for it globally
  10. Lets face facts - no one knows what's going to happen. All the models for the summer were completely wrong and whilst we know winter will be tough the vaccines are doing an amazing job and reducing hospitalizations and deaths hugely. There's no point worrying about hypothetical lockdowns or anything similar when there's little to no indication of anything like it yet
  11. Theyre genuinely on another planet at the moment, even the comments are generally ridiculing their plans. Like the previous comments have said many people have bigger worries than the pandemic and they won't be listened to, especially with these orwellian proposals
  12. Yeah exactly and for many people the pandemic is as good as over as we've done everything that's been asked of us now we have our jabs, it just isn't something many people are really concerned about anymore whilst other news stories are coming through again such as the tragedies in Afghanistan. Just find it crazy how we've gone from nothing but covid in the news to there now being too much news going round
  13. Yeah agreed this is the most normal things have felt for ages and it feels great there's no huge worry currently, I've also noticed other than the vaccinations there's been very little coverage around in the news. Personally I know a few people who've had in the last 2 months or so and have been absolutely fine, one has an underlying condition and said they're convinced they would have died if it wasn't for the vaccination and thankfully they had no more than a light cough for a few days. For me I've been out for meals, clubbing a couple of times, seeing plenty of friends and had Latitude the first weekend post 19th July. I think the most they'll do this winter is bring back compulsory face masks and maybe emphasise more of ventilation if things get bad, theres no way people would support a full scale lockdown again now
  14. Its 100% on- booster programmes will help us through the winter and we had Festivals happening through the summer peak so there's no way next summers festival season won't happen regardless of cases
  15. Yeah I seem to remember that too, they also blamed a spike earlier in the summer to the G7 summit iirc - as you say mass gatherings like this will always be the first point of blame in any rise but I think it's impossible to verify in many ways
  16. I think I'd seen somewhere Latitude didn't cause a spike in Southwold , I wonder what made Boardmasters so bad in the end
  17. Chapple12345

    Wolf Alice

    Other stage headliner would suit them perfectly, I saw them headline Latitude and reckon that's a similar sized stage and they absolutely owned it and after 3 incredible albums they truly deserve a slot like that This is ultimately why I love them so much, every song is so different but equally as good as the others, the fact they had Play The Greatest Hits and Last Man on Earth just songs apart on Blue Weekend shows how versatile they are and what makes them so fresh and exciting
  18. Bill Bailey did a brilliant main stage show at Latitude this year but focused more on his musical comedy, I don't suppose Tim could make an appearance on one of the main music stages instead of the cabaret?
  19. I'm 21 and even I feel too old for it! I went through the whole lineup and there were only 30 acts I'd be willing to see/had actually heard of, and that was before loads of them fell off due to travel restrictions. Hip hop/rap really isn't my scene and since they introduced more of it to R+L I feel less enticed to go even though I'm basically their target demographic
  20. We essentially did the same for Latitude (avoided indoors where possible/kept a tiny bit of distance/sanitised a lot) and were absolutely fine and everyone we know who went was absolutely fine too, I think cases are inevitable in all fairness but remember at all these events the overwhelming majority of people have come back fine and not caught anything so I think you're likely to be fine too. My best advice is to try not to let it effect your enjoyment and try and enjoy every second
  21. Agree with this. When Latitude had any drop outs they were announced on social media and their replacements either announced at the time or a couple of hours later. As they're both the same company I'm surprised how poor the communication has been throughout this all, hopefully they can improve this over the weekend as it isn't fair on the festival goers
  22. Latitude had the same before you got to the the wristband exchange, you also went the same way on re-entry but you took a slightly different way in rather rather going through the same bit again
  23. Same as Latitude I believe (negative test, positive PCR from last 6 months, double vaxx proof). As it's Festival Republics flagship event I imagine they'll be really try to be on top or it as they won't want to risk any huge outbreaks as a result - Latitude which is another FR event announced their trial results today and there were a little over a thousand cases from 40,000 attendees so hopefully it'll be alright
  24. Trial results are in and they suggest 2.6% of attendees caught the virus there. To be truthful I expected a lot more but it shows you can't always believe social media. Not to downplay the pandemic but these seem pretty stable numbers and probably mean next summers festival season will be alright with simular measures in place.
  25. Just seen this, it had a slightly smaller capacity but perhaps emphasises the fact it was a younger crowd may have caused more cases
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