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  1. Its just the most beautiful song! I was meant to see them at Latitude this year and was really sad that I couldn't, hoping they'll be back next year or if not I'll see what ticket availability there is for their tour
  2. For some reason my top artists wouldn't work but I can tell you it was #1 Lana Del Rey #2 Haim #3 The Chemical Brothers #4 Primal Scream #5 Bastille *please excuse the fact a Christmas song is in my top 5 tracks too
  3. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer
  4. This feels like a real corner has been turned, scientists and clever people rule!
  5. Very much the same, I saw Sandi Toksvig, Phil Wang and Kerry Godliman, the latter of which was the week before the Marvh lockdown - I did manage to see AC/DC tribute band Livewire if that counts as a gig?
  6. I thought so, we've had 2 cases from staff in my work so I'd rather isolate and prevent it from getting worse despite us having our bubbles too when the cases were exclusively in one - thank you, I'm feeling fine currently and hope it stays that way! I hope you stay healthy and well too 🙂
  7. I've been told to isolate by track and trace and will do so but I only have to until next Wednesday, is this because I was in contact with that person then and haven't seen them since? I've only been at home and gone to work and haven't seen anyone outside of either setting so hopefully it'll be all okay
  8. I can see a lot of places demanding to be moved down a tier come the 16th, whether theyll be allowed to or not is an entirely different matter
  9. The BBC have said they're definitely doing a hootenanny but my understanding is they're basing more with the Rhythm and Blues orchestra so will have solo guests performing instead of big bands and then any guests will have to be from the same household, so fear not your NYE fix of Jools will still happen
  10. Agreed, you hear so much about people selfishly breaking the rules you forget that the vast majority are doing what they can to follow the guidance, I know myself and many other friends and family are doing so
  11. Be interesting to see what happens with what areas tomorrow, especially with a review a fortnight into it
  12. I feel for you! I'm in Norfolk which has been faring okay since the start and was in tier 1 till before lockdown so I can see there being some resistance if we were placed under the tougher restrictions, I get it would be for the greater good but much like the aforementioned Cornwall I don't think placing us in the same tier as somewhere like Liverpool which has much higher rates would be a popular decision
  13. Then why make tier 1 a current option? They've essentially given hope to low infection areas and then pulled the rug right from underneath them. Introduce it later on if essential but I can see a fair few rebel tories being unhappy about this
  14. Possibly but only if it were outside, however I'm not sure as its said christmas bubbles can't meet in pubs or restaurants
  15. Yeah the rules state you can meet people outside the bubble but it can't be in your home but it varies on the tier you're in
  16. I've just realised how much more restrictive this is than the tier system, I know loads of things will probably change between now and then but its just making it far more complicated
  17. Would the rules imply that if I've bubbled with 2 other households I wouldn't be allowed to see another friend 1:1 on a socially distanced walk during the period?
  18. BBC News just said the bubble is fixed so you can't chop and change on different days
  19. Exactly the right tone to take, it's good news to see the cases dropping like this but it's also a saddening reminder of how locking down a few weeks earlier could have made such a difference
  20. My local news was reporting last night about the relatively low cases in Norfolk and Suffolk and how MPs in this area would only really support us being in tier 1 so I can't help but feel this will end badly if everywhere automatically ends up in higher tiers
  21. 15,450 new cases... even for a monday this is a positive sign
  22. Tier I was indoor settings with the rule of 6, Tier 2 was in places such a private gardens
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