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  1. Alan_C

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    First song I've heard so far. Love that!
  2. Alan_C

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    There's no evidence that they're actually playing Glastonbury, unless I'm mistaken?
  3. Alan_C

    2018 New Music

    New Suede album on the way on 21st September, along with a tour to be announced. Brett says its gonna be ultra dark.
  4. Alan_C

    Rolling Stones

    Ashcroft for me then. Love The Verve, not arsed about most of his solo stuff. Never caught him like, so I guess he should be decent enough if he sticks to crowd pleasers in the slot he's playing. Absolutely love The Specials, and would have been made up with them, but I have seen them a couple of times before, and seen Liam a few months ago. Florence is a decent booking. The Vaccines and James Bay? I would have been fucking gutted with either of them.
  5. Alan_C

    arctic monkey shows

    Efestivals helps again! I had to get Sheffield tickets in the presale yesterday, due to not being able to get the Thursday off work for Newcastle. Just logged on here by chance and seen the post saying Friday in Newcastle had been added. By the time I got onto the ticket sites, they were all gone. Spent 10 minutes constantly refreshing, and nabbed to standing for the Friday eventually! Put my Sheffield tickets on Twickets, and cancelling my hotel. Will save me a small fortune. Delighted!
  6. Alan_C

    arctic monkey shows

    Standing for Sheffield. Lovely jubbly.
  7. Alan_C

    arctic monkey shows

    When is most likely extra dates would be announced? (if it happens). As soon as they sell out (instantly on sale), or announced later on with them going on sale the following Monday?
  8. Alan_C

    arctic monkey shows

    A day off, then Fri 21st and Sat 22nd seems the best bet, if it happens.
  9. Alan_C

    arctic monkey shows

    You know this for certain? What dates? I had planned going to Newcastle, but can't make the Thursday, so it would have had to have been if they added the Friday or Saturday.
  10. Alan_C

    arctic monkey shows

    Wonder if some of the gaps are to add extra dates.
  11. Alan_C

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    AM style thing going on, or do they always have that going on for announcements? I don't usually take much notice.
  12. Alan_C

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Is it not possible that it's someone who hasn't announced any sort of tour yet? It's getting late in the day obviously.
  13. Alan_C

    Rolling Stones

    They charge for collection, so maybe you still have to collect. From what it says on the thing a few posts up, it wouldn't make sense if they offered delivery, since you aren't allowed the ticket until you want to enter the stadium.
  14. Alan_C

    Rolling Stones

    It's mental that they would offer them at £30. £50 would be good value, when you consider the prices of most of the tickets.
  15. Alan_C

    Rolling Stones

    I wasn't even gonna go when I calculated the price up for 2 of us to go, but 2 Lucky Dip tickets have cost me £70ish with fee's, and got a hotel for £53 in Livingston. Great value, especially on a Saturday night.

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