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  1. The Prodigy 1995 and 1997 - Surprised they haven't had one of these up yet. Pulp 2011 - I was there, great gig. Don't think there was any camera's recording though? The full 1998 set would also be nice. Stevie Wonder 2010
  2. Just finishing watching the Reading 2009 set. I wasn't at either, but from watching on TV, Reading was a stronger performance than Glastonbury 2017. They looked like they were loving it onstage as well.
  3. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    It would be nice if they could fill in the fallow years with this sort of thing. They will never run out of footage if they done it every few years. The 90's stuff they have in the archive is like gold because so much of it has never been broadcast. Even the stuff from the early 00's would be new to a lot of people. You could argue that some license payers like the year off from the festival. Even if it was just put on the iPlayer, without taking up so much space on TV...
  4. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  5. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    That has found everything, cheers! Only thing is, it seems to be automatically downloading the whole list!
  6. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    Get iPlayer only seems to be able to find the programs that have been broadcast on TV. Is it not able to download the full sets that are only available on iPlayer?
  7. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ah of course, cheers.
  8. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    What is the best app to use for downloading from iPlayer?
  9. Alan_C

    BBC Glastonbury

    Looking foward to this. Would have liked to have seen The Prodigy in there with either their 1995 or 1997 set. My only complaint is there isn't enough stuff there from the 90's, from having a quick look at the list. I know Channel 4 had the rights for half of the decade, but they still have shitloads of footage in the archives. Still, this is a lot more than we could have hoped for really.
  10. The headliners alone should probably sell the day tickets, since tickets for their gigs up here were like gold dust, but there's nowt for me there. Hoping for a more appealing Friday. It might well be someone like The Libertines who never announced a Newcastle gig with the UK tour this month.
  11. Is the Friday remaining a complete mystery then?
  12. Jimmy Nail. Huge singalong to Ain't No Doubt in the encore.
  13. Alan_C

    Baggy Mondays

    I've always managed to get in for Baggy Mondays. Just have to have a bit of patience and look for the right opportunity.
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