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  1. The headliners alone should probably sell the day tickets, since tickets for their gigs up here were like gold dust, but there's nowt for me there. Hoping for a more appealing Friday. It might well be someone like The Libertines who never announced a Newcastle gig with the UK tour this month.
  2. Is the Friday remaining a complete mystery then?
  3. Jimmy Nail. Huge singalong to Ain't No Doubt in the encore.
  4. Alan_C

    Baggy Mondays

    I've always managed to get in for Baggy Mondays. Just have to have a bit of patience and look for the right opportunity.
  5. Alan_C


    Looking foward to giving the album a spin after reading the positive comments. Going to see them in Newcastle next month. A run of Suede, The Specials and Foals playing their new albums, in the space if a few weeks. Canny excited!
  6. Can't believe this news. Seen them a few times, and they were always great. Milton Keynes 2010 was the highlight. It makes it even more sad, now that we've found its suicide.
  7. Do you like the new Specials album, out of interest? Seem to remember you speaking as a fan of sorts in the past?
  8. The Jam never played did they?
  9. Aye, I'd be surprised if it was TRNSMT. They might well play their new album in full in the first half of their own gigs, so I'd be surprised if they done a smaller support set, where they would only play one or two at TRNSMT. I'd struggle to think who they would support as well.
  10. Possibly referring to TRNSMT.
  11. Buzzing for that Newcastle date.
  12. Norwich on Friday 24th May, Newcastle on the Saturday then Cardiff on the Sunday. Noel is putting himself about.
  13. They were superb in the John Peel in 2015. If I was going, I would be hoping for another headline slot in there for Suede.
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