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  1. Yes, I have friends who got in with a performers ticket - no questions asked at all - but it was 12 years ago so maybe things have changed
  2. There’a numerous red landrovers on site 🤩🤩🤩
  3. Taken at 8am this morning . Loads of activity around there this morning. Next year I’ll get a photo early on for you before the flags go up x
  4. There are showers open already for workers on site
  5. Funkyfairy!


    It was stunning wasn’t it 🙂 perfect evening
  6. Funkyfairy!

    Crew Bars 2022

    Unfairground and I think Maceos open tonight 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  7. Do you want a picture from the same angle or a different one ? I’ll take a few today for you
  8. This weekends planned storms could be interesting
  9. This time next week Ill probably be doing extra shifts to finish the low lovely hoardings and bins and murals for you beautiful people
  10. Funkyfairy!

    First Timers 2022

    See you soon chick , which gate did you used to come through as a ticket holder ? It’s good to stand the other side of which ever one that was as it feels super special x
  11. Funkyfairy!


    And maybe being used for download or Isle of Wight before glastonbury ?
  12. Funkyfairy!


    Horrible drizzle 🙂
  13. Funkyfairy!


    The crusty 🙂 bins are put out for the teams to paint - they are then brushed to get rid of any excess crust , base coated and detailed . They’re not put out in colour order, they are painted according to the area 🙂 . Was done the same in 2019 .
  14. Gateway is in theatre and circus I think
  15. Funkyfairy!


    It was literally a couple of weeks before in 2019 , as I was in the pyramid as it was being hoisted , but not sure if that was late or normal .
  16. Funkyfairy!


    TRy popping along if you want to go, lots of people don;t turn up/cancel , so worth a try - good luck
  17. Funkyfairy!

    Sam Fender

    Does that mean a Sam / wolf Alice clash ? If yes that’s gutting for me - probably my top two bands I want to see the whole weekend . Time will tell 🙂
  18. I'm here, keeping the faith, and hoping for the best. All this talk of horrible June weather is not doing my blood pressure any good at all ... what do I need to do to appease the R^*& gods ?
  19. You're not the first to say that , its been said by various people , I'm trying to keep the faith 2019 was cold at night and pretty damp leading up to the festival and then glorious - could the same still happen ? If it does prove to be true, it'll be a cruel twist that the first festival back and its horrendous - ah well wellies, wellies, poncho and cider
  20. CV East , toilets, some food places, disposal points, no showers
  21. Funkyfairy!


    @Ayrshire Chris @westholtschic - just catching up with this thread and your respective weekends look amazing and thank you v much for the photos. Tigger bounce excitement turned up to 11 🙂
  22. Funkyfairy!


    Wow , what beautiful view ..... does the coffee shop do good cake ?
  23. The market was pretty much at saturation point pre covid . With time away coupled with rising costs of just about everything, there will be some , I am sure will drop by the wayside . The strongest will survive but it may be easier to get tickets as we pick and choose which one (s) to attend.
  24. Funkyfairy!


    Is it where Campervan West used to be ?
  25. Agree with @March Hare, they were good at IOW, I went not expecting too much but they played a great set and got the crowd going .
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