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  1. Got my volunteer place confirmed last week - June 4th here I come πŸ™‚
  2. Never been to Bristol and always wanted to do .... this could be my opportunity
  3. you were on great form πŸ™‚
  4. Sam Fender Coldplay In that order, only two new ones I've listened to so far
  5. aww nice , hope you all have an amazing time - its not next weekend that Im anywhere close 😞
  6. ooo lovely. Whens the manchester meet up (I;m in sheffield soon so just wondering lol)
  7. I'm around and working , (from home) so if there's a meeting 'll pop on and say hi
  8. Saturday 20th - standing , didn’t even bother trying for any other dates but was in a β€˜yawn’ zoom meeting , saw on book face that 20th Wembley added , Saturday and just thought I’d try , bloody expensive impulse purchase but hey hopefully be a good light show and Singalong πŸ™ˆ
  9. Funkyfairy!


    Yeah me too - doves were my first Glastonbury headliner …. JP tent so they hold a special place in my heart . Was so looking forward to seeing them again and hope Jimi is ok
  10. it looks as if its been a good week (she says having seen it out of the office window all week), I shall try to get out for a swim tomorrow, the sea's looked gorgeous all well
  11. yeahits great until you test postive coming home (like me 3 weeks ago :-)) , in all seriousness its well organised for sure and easy (well apart from the arrivals form) And you;re sounding 'loca' -heading 'upnorth' πŸ™‚
  12. Well its a stunner of a day today ... welcome back πŸ™‚ hope you arrived safely
  13. I really don;t want to miss one, and so far have been lucky with tickets and/or working. Id like to think I'd find a way somehow to get there each year (if my/and my families health allowed) , last minute jobs often come up on food trucks etc, so I;d like to think I'd grab one of those if need be just to be on the farm. Its totally non negotiable at work for the time off, but then I;ve been lucky enough to always have bosses that understand the importance of the festival to me . (thank goodness)
  14. 'surprisingly relaxed' is good until its on, and you;re sat on the stairs sulking (its what I do when I miss out on something ) working out how to bunk in again πŸ˜‰ Pull yourself together Mr Mardy - EOTR has your heart you think, but Glastonbury will always be your first and most passionate love and you can;t just dump her like that ......... resale surely ...... we need you there. Sure she changes, we all change, we grow but we never forget and there are always snippets of her that will pull you back in again πŸ™‚ Note to self: Must try EOTR one year
  15. ha h raging after 2 years of no Glastonbury - a year ago we were all saying we'd take the wurzels headlining. She's so relevant, how can you be raging ? May not be to your taste but raging? seriously? Unless you;re a 'booker' for the pyramid I'd say raging is a rather self entitled view πŸ™‚ I may not be there, but its a decent booking and will make people talk far more than Muse (And I am a muse fan) - BTW IOW is a good festival if you feel the need to support them πŸ™‚
  16. I'll be there I think, shes not my usual musical 'must see' but I actually like here. Bought the frst album on vinyl and have listened to it loads. I spent last Friday watching a few documentaries about her - she's different I'm glad Glastonbury has her, personally I hope she pulls of a blinder of a performance that translates to a headline performance - shes young, relevant and one of the biggest stars on the planet , great booking
  17. OH you;re right, going to be an amazing party. Although I think I may get irked by people endlessly talking through sets or watching through their phones even more.... just back from IOW and although it seemed the 'watch through the phone' brigade were less (and was commented by more than one band) there were still too many .... and during a few bands it was endless loud chatter from groups around us (and that was pretty near the front) - I found myself feeling like a right grumpy fairy and saying we'd waited for this moment for so long and could they enjoy it please and absorb and live it rather than chat about cr&p through a set - I fear I just needed to drink more and ignore them lol
  18. Congrats @crazyfool1on your new home , looking forward to seeing it on the next meet - is it this weekend ? I’m feeling a little sorry for myself …. Isolating due to being Covid + πŸ™„πŸ˜«
  19. Happy Birthday , keep dreaming - it will happen and when it does it will be the most amazing feeling
  20. I have no evidence except a load of Hope , fingers crossed ….and a confirmed working place for 2022 … so that’s good enough for me . Love the build up 😍
  21. Yes there is …. I have every faith . And can’t wait to see everyone again
  22. Agreed , although for both scouting and kaisers we managed to go to the back of the tent 10-15 mins before they started and walk pretty freely round the back and the the opposite side of the big top and had heaps of room around us . The big top had an amazing atmosphere - loved it
  23. but sounded awesome when there - or maybe that’s because I was just glad to be back amongst smiley happy people and live music . πŸ™‚
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