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  1. Unfortunately I’ve always tried to stay up and watch the half time show at the super bowl but by the time it starts I’m slumped on the couch fast asleep. In fact I start to get drowsy just watching the players being introduced one by one. Gonna try again this year!
  2. Why are you in Taunton when you should be in jail?
  3. His tactic is simple. Ignore everything, answer nothing, deflect questions and get his attack dogs to do the dirty work for him. Pressure will be on Sue grey, that’s for sure.
  4. Utterly incredible that blackmail and intimidation are being used against those who would vote against Johnson. How can this continue? This government is corrupt and incompetent. I would imagine pressure will also be exerted on Sue grey compiling the report. We used to laugh at the dictators in South America etc. this is just as bad.
  5. Ron Howard’s Beatle documentary eight days a week is about to start on sky showcase. If you fancy a bit of Macca to whet your appetite!
  6. 100% and looks like no covid vaccination passes needed either after today’s announcement.
  7. Yes, so if it’s wrong spelling we want they hows about Slade as a surprise on the poster. They were famous for their bad spelling 😉
  8. Donated before Xmas but a few more quid thrown in, thanks @crazyfool1for bumping the thread! A great cause. 👍
  9. Unless you venture north into the land of Sturgeon , no entry unless you have a tartan mask
  10. Very true, not much changed, and this time very different set list with Alison Krauss, though theBBC would want to cover the set which might influence which stage.
  11. Wee Rishi fucked off out the chamber like his arse was on fire. Obviously away to plan his leadership bid. now no masks, I thought Johnson would retain them just to hide his face
  12. Yes it would, but the BBC would probably want to cover it. Also this time it wouldn’t be plant and the space shifters, it would be Plant and Alison Krauss so very different setlists. Though I’d love to hear her on Kashmir 😉
  13. Yes, Plant and Krauss would attract a big crowd and will be on a televised stage. I’d certainly would love to see them.
  14. And up in Scotland even a bit of tactical voting could easily allow labour to regain some of their natural heartland in the central lowlands . Corbyn just didn’t appeal to the voters in Scotland.
  15. I reckon Sam Fender would be a good pyramid sub. His profile is on the rise.
  16. Last nights wolf moon over the Tor. stunning
  17. Could be a lot worse than that. We are ten miles away from the Faslane nuclear sub base, home of the nuclear ‘deterrent’ . At least when it all kicks off we won’t know too much about it.
  18. Worked for Thatcher but Argentina didn’t have the capability to blast us into oblivion.
  19. Might not suit some of the day visitors on Sunday who I’m sure would have preferred Macca.
  20. Connected with this subject, I recollect a conversation on here a long time ago debating on how to input postcodes when filling in the ticket application. Do you leave a gap in the postcode or just input it all together. Or does it matter? A minor detail but could be ultra important come the resale. I know sometimes on other things I have to mind the gap!
  21. Ah, when in trouble just wheel out the old ‘no one told me it was wrong so it’s not my fault’ excuse. The fact that he led the government that made the rules kinda makes that excuse yet another pile of shite
  22. Maybe explain the situation to the camp warden on arriving on Wednesday or why not e mail the festival now and ask .
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