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  1. Wishful thinking but I’d love Kate Bush as the legend or headliner
  2. First Aid Kit stole my heart❤️😉
  3. A young American couple stood behind us when Diana Ross was on. We had a lovely chat with them. They then danced through every tune,knew all the moves and it was beautifully choreographed, drawing applause from us and others. A nice Glastonbury moment.
  4. Just sat on the other field and let her wonderful words flow over us. An unexpected highlight for us.
  5. The Glastonbury force field currently in action over the site keeping the storm at bay
  6. Used to listen to the Beatles on a tiny transistor radio as a very young kid, I waited nearly 60 years to hear and see a Beatle playing these tunes live.I was in awe of the performance, unforgettable.
  7. Yes, this year was near perfect apart from the chilly overnights up at worthy view. Anecdotal evidence does show that the force field was working well as there was quite a few storms relatively close by. Ground conditions this year were ideal, walking shoes every day. Wednesday was hot but not as hot as 2019 on the same day. I fully expect similar in 2023, bring it on!
  8. Either screens and repeaters or a more considered approach to bookings and clashes. Standing at the other stage we watched the huge mass of folk heading to the park area prior to wet leg. Decided it wasn’t worth the risk of joining them. There was also similar scenes at the Avalon . Surely the festival would have realised that McFly would attract a large crowd and the Avalon far too small a venue?
  9. Tickets, wristbands, programmes, free press, all correspondence re the festival, printed off clashfinder and line up. flattened cider cups, carefully removed car pass, anything associated with the festival. All boxed up and carefully stored, then added to the other boxes from other festivals!
  10. 😂. Parker, That’s a good un! Yes we enjoyed it as well. Maybe too many folk were expecting an oasis karaoke. Possibly could have done a headliner on the other stage rather than a late afternoon.
  11. Still looks beautiful in the evening sunshine
  12. Ayrshire Chris


    First Glastonbury for a long time that I didn’t get to see beans on toast, I feel so guilty about that, wished we had made an effort to see him but clashes and crowd made it difficult.
  13. The helter skelter in the Avalon field , at least I think I didn’t see it,😊
  14. Don’t know about that, it’s at the top of the hill and was fucking freezing overnight this time apart from the Wednesday night.
  15. The supervisor we spoke to on Wednesday mentioned possible problems with the path if there was rain especially of one of those storm downpours. Plans were in place to use the old steps if needed. Strummerville was indeed a great stop to end the day, did it three nights. We left about seven am on Monday and the run into town was quick and easy. A short drive and we were in the brewers Fayre having brekkie before driving home
  16. Negative test? A purple sharpie and you are sorted😉
  17. And the shite I did after eating it😉
  18. Pie pie pie mash and beans, proper stomach liner Sams Pies
  19. I’ll bet it could have got from the pyramid to the park on Friday quicker than it took me 😉
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