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  1. Jenrick on sky is floundering, not answering questions directly. It’s obvious Cummings decides every day which minister to put on as a sacrificial lamb.
  2. Ha ha. For a split second I thought..................! But I was all dazed and confused
  3. Dont forget panic buying the snails, frogs legs and Gauloise fags 😉
  4. Havnt visited the rumours for a long time, incredible, used to be required reading every single day! How times have changed.
  5. Don’t you just get totally pissed off with all these different regions and countries having so many different levels, tiers, etc? Even the stupidity of two different apps in Scotland and England. We had to remove the Scots one to download the English one when we travelled south as they are not compatible. On that point the English one is easy to use when going into a shop , pub etc. Saves all the bother of writing down names and addresses. We could at least have the same tiers throughout the UK.
  6. Malteseers , topic, mars bar, peparami, mushy coco pops, porridge , rusty water
  7. The head of the vaccine task force on BbC news sounds optimistic and speaks very clearly and concisely. Early next year for a roll out hopefully. Not as good as our expert @Toilet Duckof course!
  8. Let’s hope the vaccines are on course, 99% of the time I’m an optimistic, glass half full type of person , enjoying and celebrating life but for some reason this morning I wasn’t so good , back to normal now, about to pick up a one and a half year old grandson , fun afternoon ahead! 👍😁
  9. Must admit listening to news reports today I felt a bit deflated, a lockdown is possible before Xmas. Sadly the police up here have broken up over 3000 large house gatherings since the end of August. That might explain the rise in cases in areas such as Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Also Reports of attacks on police. I only hope that behind the scenes the vaccine development is nearing completion.
  10. Noble gas? Good one, I could have used that when confronted by 13 year olds with no interest in chemistry. I reckon the queen just blames the corgis
  11. This made me laugh. For someone of such advanced years I’ve such a juvenile sense of humour. Must have been the career working with teenagers.
  12. Glad it’s coming back. Last nights episode was brilliant. A great balance between comedy and pathos. The reactions to the same sex marriage were so good and the ending a wee bit tear jerking. Best comedy since the detectorists.
  13. He’s certainly around at that time, so an appearance is surely on the cards. Would be so good, bring it on!
  14. Really good series with a great cast. This second series seems to have developed all the characters.
  15. Hope you like oven chips, that’s all I do 😁
  16. Thought so, they are bloody lovely and ideal for lazy cooks like me.
  17. Nice, I’d add a portion of well fried onions. Chips look good, got a bit fed up with oven chips recently but discovered Gastro triple cooked oven chips by that popular maker of oven chips. As close to old fashioned chip shop chips cooked in fat as I’ve tasted.
  18. That’s terrific! Love them, very original
  19. I’d be more than happy with that, same goes for the cash we paid for Worthy View. I reckon though that others less committed to the festival might take up the offer of a refund. More for the resale crew hopefully!
  20. Maybe an army of dormant giants waiting to take over the Earth. Interestingly that bampot David Icke predicts that the island of Arran will soon sink into the sea and create a giant Sunami.
  21. Last night as the storm clouds began to gather over Arran. The mountains and hills are known to us as the sleeping warrior, if you look closely you can see this image, the highest peak being his hands crossed over his chest.
  22. Slowdown the ageing process? Bit fucking late for me 😉
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