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  1. Oh b**llcks - it’s gone up but only but only by 0.8% - at least we’re not looking at an exponential rise
  2. Point 2 is interesting - we now have another testing station so a total of 5 out of 50 in the rest of the country. I also understand we have been targeted with extra random postal tests. Whilst I totally understand the principle of ‘test, test, test’ more cases will surely be found. Are the % positive tests against negative tests taken into account - then as an average over the rest of the country - if that makes sense? If not, I can see us in perpetual lockdown?
  3. Thank you so much for this Am I reading this wrong or are figures coming down? I believe ONS are publishing their weekly figures today including pillar 2 - fingers crossed the trend downwards continues
  4. Ah - but do the figures include the infamous pillar 2 positive tests (the ones not publicly available)? These could be proportionally much higher
  5. Well it looks though we are having a review in Leicester on the 18th July which is longer than 2 weeks which is ok - but I picked the below comments from the BBC news website yesterday so same old, same old sh*tshow ‘Comprehensive information about these cases is not passed down to councils - or at least not in the detail they would like. It's like "having one arm held behind your back in a fight" was how one director of public health described it to me, adding: "You are up against it from the start." Essentially it means they cannot monitor all local cases to see what patterns are emerging. Another weakness of the system appears to be a lack of translation services. Baroness Dido Harding, the head of test and trace, has said this is being invested in’ So, the contact tracers are phoning contacts who don’t speak the same language and asking them to self isolate - that’s going to work. Surely, this would have occurred to someone before the system was set up. Why is the detailed information not passed immediately down to local level? Sorry, to keep banging on about it but what is the point of the world beating track and trace system if it’s not acted on swiftly in a meaningful way ‘Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Leicester accounted for 10% of all positive cases in the country in the past week and that admissions to hospital are between six and 10 per day. But local data suggests that coronavirus patient numbers are in line with the rest of the country’ More lies/deflection - who knows? We have also not being given full guidelines on exercise allowed, one person outside family allowed into garden for socially distant meeting etc etc. We personally have just gone back to the 23rd March rules to be on the safe side and responsible but lots haven’t - it definitely needs to be made crystal clear or what’s the point if we are all interpreting it in different ways I really don’t mind continuing with lockdown if I am confident that it’s really making a difference and infection levels are going down. However, I have so little confidence in what we are told. I would like to see transparency on the pillar 2 figures, the actual true figures of who have been tested along with hospital admissions so I can be sure in my own mind that we are getting on top of this. What I am concerned about is they will vastly increase testing which will of course find more cases but this won’t be in context of the % of positive tests against the tests taken elsewhere - if this makes sense. This will make us look worse and we could end up in perpetual lockdown! As I cannot access this info (pillar 2 isn’t publicly available) I can’t be sure in my own mind what’s happening - as you can tell I have zero trust in the information given out so far along with the ongoing incompetence!
  6. Just treat us like zombies and run us all down - don’t forget your baseball bat!
  7. Can’t answer much - it’s as vague here! I don’t personally know anyone that is directly affected - the first time I picked it up was Matt Hancock daily briefing on the 18th/19th June saying Leicester was a ‘hotspot’ and I’ve been concerned ever since as to why they didn’t get onto it immediately. Who knows how far it spread since early June when it was first picked up This is how a local lockdown in Australia is managed - so much clearer! Just as a comparison it was announced in the last couple of hours that 36 suburbs in Victoria will be locked down. In the same press conference we had all the details of what people would and wouldn’t be allowed to do and a full list of 36 postcodes affected. As well as how this would be policed. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-30/victoria-coronavirus-hotspot-local-lockdowns-in-melbourne/12407138
  8. Feeling a bit like this now
  9. Strange thing is the grey shaded area was the original area and was changed last minute, hence the delay in publishing it
  10. Thank you - have just seen it. We are within the red line 😔 Strange that it doesn’t include all of Evington which has been noted as a ‘hotspot’. I could also walk to a pub on Saturday that is beyond the red line - not going to though - I suppose the border has to be placed somewhere and not everyone is going to be happy
  11. No surprise there - look who is a board member of the Jockey Club Diana Mary 'Dido' Harding, Baroness Harding of Winscombe is an English businesswoman. She is chairwoman of NHS Improvement and former chief executive of the TalkTalk Group. She holds a board position at the Jockey Club, and from May 2020 is in charge of the UK's Test and Trace programme
  12. Who knows - the map hasn’t even been issued yet as to what areas of Leicestershire are included along with a definitive list of what the list of restrictions are. Don’t know whether we are back to March 23rd rules or the slightly relaxed ones involving more exercise including being able to sit down on a park bench etc etc We will carry on as we are (same as Quark) above but lots won’t without crystal clear clarity
  13. To add to the confusion we are still waiting for the map to see what part of Leicestershire is part of the lockdown - it appears that it is not all Leicestershire. We live in the county (not far from the border) and some suburbs as far as I can make out are not included. The outbreak is in North East Leicester and we are South Leicestershire. Not for us so much but it must be a nightmare for those who have travel to work/or not this morning or open/close their non essential shops
  14. We personally are fine - thank you. We’ll get through this - no big deal for us looking at the bigger picture. Our inconveniences pale into insignificance. What I am so annoyed about is the usual sh*tshow in handling this. The increase in infections had been picked up since early June - so spreading exponentially . If acted on earlier there would have been less impact on people’s health/businesses/lives as more targeted action could have been taken. Incompetence or part of a bigger plan?
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