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  1. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    Greatly missing my Glastonbury fix this week. So only antidote was this for tonight and just been to an amazing 'ruin' bar which was very Shangri La esque. Hoping it's as good tonight as APE a few weeks back!
  2. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    After dropping lots of hints I unfortunately did not get this for Christmas - I suppose the price tag of £23,750 would be a bit of off putting! It is lovely though.
  3. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    Stunningly beautiful - you are in for a very special experience tomorrow - no spoilers here!
  4. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    Me too!!
  5. onthebeach

    The Unsuccessful

    John Kutch - please pm me
  6. onthebeach

    The Unsuccessful

    John Kutch - please pm me
  7. onthebeach

    Football 16-17

    Hope you don't mind me commenting on this thread as I am far from a football fan. I was born and live in the Midlands backwater of Leicester. I am so sad the 'fairy tale' has ended in this way - the most dignified gentleman unceremoniously dumped. These were a rag tag team of losers and no hopers who became champions of England against literally all the odds. The 'band of brothers' achieved what seemed impossible in the big money game and also in the otherwise shit year that 2016 was for most other things in the world. It is hard to describe what the city was like for a few halcyon days last May. My city was the nearest I have got to the spirit of Glastonbury outside the festival - the happiness, joy, togetherness of fans and non fans. We were literally dancing in the streets. Maybe I was living last season vicariously through my son - a real fan. People paying thousands for tickets for the Everton home match when the trophy was lifted. I said to him, you are about to go to the best gig on the planet - he said no way would he give up his season ticket for the money that day - priceless - something he can remember for the rest of his life - I cannot begin to understand what this achievement meant to a true LCFC fan who never believed this would/could never happen for their 'little club'. It now feels like the Monday after Glastonbury - party's over, back to reality - normal service is resumed. Very sad.
  8. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    First time user of Dice. So easy, quick and no fees. Also thinking too good to be true - hope we are not going to be disappointed come September! Got the normal refresh pages on See - through at 9.15am but by that time all done and dusted on Dice at two seconds past 9am.
  9. onthebeach

    Flaming lips

    Oh, just remembered that they were performing Soft Bulletin last year, so would probably explain the absence of Do You Realize - but I'm fairly sure they had this at the encore of the Soft Bulletin performance at Alexandra Palace in 2011? Anyway, I am fairly sure there is no way they wouldn't end a set at Glastonbury without it - remembering the emotional end at 2010 - oh dear that's set me off again .........
  10. onthebeach

    Flaming lips

    I'm definitely in - I need at least a yearly 'fix' - and have already got tickets for Brixton in January. I must insist that I get to see Steven perform this again though http://flaminglips.com/video/17454/ Strange thing happened last year - for the first time ever, and I have seen multiple performances, 'Do You Realize' was not included ......
  11. onthebeach

    2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    Thank you so much for setting this up - have emailed you. Best of luck to everyone
  12. onthebeach

    David Bowie RIP

    And such integrity - turned down a knighthood Bowie explained his decision saying, “I would never have any intention of accepting anything like that. I seriously don’t know what it’s for. It’s not what I spent my life working for.”
  13. onthebeach

    David Bowie RIP

    Devastated. Never before felt this way about someone dying I didn't personally know. Maybe it is because he has been a part of my life since when I bunked off school to catch a bus to Doncaster to see the Ziggy Stardust tour. He amazed and moved me then and. continued to do so. I am not sure whether anyone else noticed or if it does mean anything, but I like to think it does. When I first viewed the video for Blackstar I saw at the beginning on the space suit is a badge of the smiley face logo, a nod to the story in the film 'Moon' by his son Duncan? A message to us or am I over thinking this? My delivery of Blackstar arrived earlier today so I will be listening and learning with sadness - so like David to keep his illness such a secret and release a new album within days of his dying. RIP - my hero
  14. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    In the excitement of booking tickets last October for RAH on Sunday, I stupidly also booked x2 parking tickets (Imperial College car park). Happy to post one of these (no charge for ticket or stamp) if anyone wants it. Please PM me before lunchtime tomorrow and hopefully you will get it on Saturday. So looking forward to this - I have looked at the setlists - couldn't resist! Sorry Mr Carps, I adore Love Letter - but I think I know where you are coming from. My greatest fear is that it may be picked up as an X Factor final song and reduced/changed to the cheesiest ballad ever!
  15. onthebeach

    The National

    That was so good. Just back from a long drive 120 miles North. First of 8 gigs seeing The National sitting down as I was on my own - which was a strange experience as it was so quiet round me. When Fake Empire started I thought sod it, can't sit down any longer and no one was immediately behind me. Ashamed to say I got a bit raucous during Mr November, but now others were standing up by this point so I wasn't entirely on my own. I think it will be a while before we see them again but it was a brilliant show to go out on.