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  1. onthebeach

    Nick Cave

    Yessss - after travelling many miles both here and in Europe I can’t believe I have tickets at our local venue at de Montfort Hall, Leicester - about 10 minutes away! We used to have great gigs at this venue in the past but in recent years it’s been dire
  2. Yes, I agree. Sorry - I perhaps wasn’t explaining my points better MSM scaremongering - average reader wouldn’t look beyond the headlines and find out the reality of the situation for their area - but that’s the same old story B1617.2 is not as virulent as first thought - at least here and for now in the last 19 days. If I have time I might extrapolate the figures for the other ‘new’ hotspot areas to see if it’s also not surging in total overall cases
  3. Reading this morning concerning reports that our borough - Oadby & Wigston, Leicestershire is a hotspot with surging cases of B1617.2 representing 75% of cases. WTF I thought - we have been doing so well recently after a rough 14 months alongside Leicester. Papers reporting - Daily Express - surging/swathes of infection Metro - surging Telegraph - hotspots Digging deeper I’ve now decided (for the moment, here at least) this is very positive news for such a virulent strain! The sequencing reports are up to the 8th May and considering the length of time from sample to sequence testing I would think these would be from tests carried out around the end of April. Screenshot shows current cases, ranked at 124 - it’s not exactly ripping through here in the last 19 days!
  4. Dropped my son off at King Power this morning for the coach to Wembley. So, so pleased for him that he had enough points to get a ticket. Underdogs again - but it would be great for our city to get the euphoria of 2016 back again!
  5. Yes, as I mentioned this goes against my previous understanding and why the 11-12 gap is/was the right decision for our circumstances at the beginning of the rollout. However, does this not undermine the other figures given there? Best not to pick and chose figures to suit our own narrative as much as I hope the protection build up to 4 weeks is actually correct.
  6. That chart is a bit concerning regarding the drop in % preventing hospitalisations at 5 to 6 weeks for one dose considering we are second dosing at 11-12 weeks. I’ve not seen those stats before - I thought that the protection was fairly stable after 3 weeks and further boosted on the 2nd dose. Could this be another reason for the current nervousness on the potential spread of the B1617.2 variant?
  7. I thought I misheard JVT earlier mention that Professor Snape in charge of the booster jabs! Apparently it’s true
  8. It certainly looks that way - but I’m sure there are more qualified people than me who could confirm this
  9. https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/documents/chmp-annex/annex-vaxzevria-art53-visual-risk-contextualisation_en.pdf These are the latest charts from the EMA which I appreciate is overall Europe figures for the rare blood clotting events v risk from Covid not UK yellow card reported figures. Note that AstraZeneca is now called Vaxzevria in Europe - that confused me! There are 9 charts showing risks v benefits for different circumstances - low/medium/high transmission rates and risk of hospitalisations/ICU admissions and deaths. I’ve chosen the example of low transmission as I’m sure that’s where we are at now and ICU admissions v rare blood clots per age group. From this it’s fairly clear why we have adopted a recommendation for other vaccines in the 20-29 age groups and there is a case for the same in the 30-39 age groups. I think this must be the dilemma that the MHRA are facing? It’s not really ‘chin stroking’. Charts on this link are a very similar presentation to the UK ones that were shown in the first week of April and I think they are a very understandable way of presenting the information to the general public. I wonder if UK will update ours with the latest information they have? Taken from this statement- https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine-benefits-risks-context However, I do think there is definitely a case for explaining the risks v benefits to the <40 year age groups so a reasoned choice can be made of AstraZeneca now or wait for Pfizer/Moderna
  10. I’m not sure how that works as it’s even better news! It looks like this is on top of the 60-65% reduction in catching Covid in the first place? So transmission 75-82% don’t pass it on? https://twitter.com/sailorrooscout/status/1387339447633580035?s=21
  11. I’m thinking of a more well thought out future plan than that though - not throwing up shoe boxes but converting existing office/retail space no longer required into decent living spaces that could be truly affordable to buy not just rent. I know it’s all pie in the sky but it’s late, I’ve had a few bourbons as I’ve finally escaped to deepest, darkest Norfolk in the campervan now it’s allowed!
  12. Young for affordable housing and the bars/clubs mixing with same age group Elders for ease of transport/culture/theatres/restaurants
  13. I appreciate this is your default position but it is worth reading this thread .... https://mobile.twitter.com/Craig_A_Spencer/status/1382194449263038465
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