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  1. I thought I misheard JVT earlier mention that Professor Snape in charge of the booster jabs! Apparently it’s true
  2. It certainly looks that way - but I’m sure there are more qualified people than me who could confirm this
  3. https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/documents/chmp-annex/annex-vaxzevria-art53-visual-risk-contextualisation_en.pdf These are the latest charts from the EMA which I appreciate is overall Europe figures for the rare blood clotting events v risk from Covid not UK yellow card reported figures. Note that AstraZeneca is now called Vaxzevria in Europe - that confused me! There are 9 charts showing risks v benefits for different circumstances - low/medium/high transmission rates and risk of hospitalisations/ICU admissions and deaths. I’ve chosen the example of low transmission as I’m sure that’s where
  4. I’m not sure how that works as it’s even better news! It looks like this is on top of the 60-65% reduction in catching Covid in the first place? So transmission 75-82% don’t pass it on? https://twitter.com/sailorrooscout/status/1387339447633580035?s=21
  5. I’m thinking of a more well thought out future plan than that though - not throwing up shoe boxes but converting existing office/retail space no longer required into decent living spaces that could be truly affordable to buy not just rent. I know it’s all pie in the sky but it’s late, I’ve had a few bourbons as I’ve finally escaped to deepest, darkest Norfolk in the campervan now it’s allowed!
  6. Young for affordable housing and the bars/clubs mixing with same age group Elders for ease of transport/culture/theatres/restaurants
  7. I appreciate this is your default position but it is worth reading this thread .... https://mobile.twitter.com/Craig_A_Spencer/status/1382194449263038465
  8. What I would really like to work to bring life and vibrancy back to the city centres 24/7 would be empty retail and office space made into affordable apartments for - the young 18plus without children - The older ones after children grown up moving back to the centres for the culture of theatres/restaurants etc, downsizing as not needing the space/land etc People with young families being out in the suburbs/rural for schools, space etc etc
  9. Unfortunately I don’t think there are as many military health professionals as we think there are. Also, doesn’t opening up with high infection rates exacerbate the problem further thus making more of those difficult triage situations? How could other non urgent care go ahead as normal?
  10. So it would be down to triage then? I think the decision would have to taken by some cold hearted manager as I am sure this would really screw up the doctors/nurses and health care professionals. Like you say though this is part of a much bigger conversation as a society we will need to have at some point. Quality of life with end stage Alzenheimers etc etc?
  11. Yes, thank you - I can see that being a reason but I don’t understand why ‘opening up’ would get more non Covid patients to seek treatment. Now hospitals have more capacity I wonder if that’s why there has recently been some public messaging tv ads regarding strokes/possible lung cancer coughs encouraging patients to come forward?
  12. Please enlighten me - I’ve tried to find the reasoning why, with finite resources, using more of the health service capacity with more patients via more infections would free up capacity for non Covid patients. I do understand that some non Covid patients are reluctant to seek treatment when infections are high for fear of catching Covid in a hospital environment but wouldn’t they be even less willing in a non lockdown situation as infections would be higher?
  13. I have never been able to understand that part of the argument that lockdowns cause health conditions other than Covid to not be treated. If we open up then the increase in Covid cases causes even more hospitalisations and the health service to be even more overstretched? Are the ones advocating this approach suggesting a triage where only non Covid cases are treated?
  14. The anti lockdown contingent with financial interests in ‘letting it rip’ suddenly developing a social conscience are the ones that continue to amaze me. Their ‘concern’ for the poor people unable to feed themselves, loneliness, suicides, lack of ‘normal’ health care etc etc when in normal circumstances they wouldn’t give a s**t. Such ‘bulls**t’ to rally the masses to support their agenda
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