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  1. I think the Furlogh scheme is up to March as well?
  2. Today’s a great day - I can carry on being hopelessly optimistic so UK artists that need to reform for the greatest party in the best place on earth after the sh*ttiest year .... Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason/ Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones Still going and in the UK I think - NCATBS, though I’d certainly take Grinderman. Did Nick Cave move to Los Angeles - I think he’s still here along with Warren Ellis
  3. Absolutely bonkers about the ‘saving Christmas’ announcement to be made later today. We are so close now to coming out of this, even more so with fantastic news today, to throw caution to the wind for a few days. As I’ve mentioned many times before - go Professor Sarah Gilbert and the rest of the amazing Oxford team. I have followed their progress, maybe too obsessively since the beginning of the year - it’s one of the things keeping me sane this year knowing that proper science and factual evidence by the ‘grown ups’ would come through for us. My own family had already decided some time ago t
  4. Well we’ve had the planes and trains from JVT just waiting on the automobiles now
  5. Currently at 527 per 100,000 - we’ve never seemed to get a ‘handle on it’ 😢
  6. Thank you for that chart. That vid is doing the rounds here in Leicester as he is from our University - it was really annoying me as I was sure it had been reported that there are definitely excess deaths this year and I was trying to find a easily understandable visual to show this. I’m definitely on the side of free speech/opinions but to blatantly misreport proven facts really pi**ed me off! It’s not so bad when it’s a random ‘Joe Bloggs’ attempting to mislead but we should hold a Professor of Genetics and Bioinformatics Group Leader at the University to greater and higher standards
  7. Sorry - I missed that you had already posted this. I’ve given up on politely engaging with some of the more crazier posts on SM. I think they might be a lost cause, but it’s the understandably hesitant that need convincing
  8. Yes! - and they possibly should make their easily understandable vid more public. It explains how the time has been compressed on developing vaccines....
  9. Ah - already top of my list!
  10. A bit early but could we have a list of ‘people of the year’ - who has helped you get through the bad times/inspired you? Would it need a separate thread? I’ve got mine ready!
  11. I didn’t bother with the Pyramid stage, I went to the Left Field tent. I thought he did the most amazing speech. The older lefties in the tent who had obviously been waiting for this moment for years were in tears - it was very emotional, but obviously and sadly it wasn’t to be in the ‘real world’
  12. Botox, lip/cheek fillers in the back room of the local hairdressers ....
  13. Gosh - I’m hoping we are ‘allowed’ some cautious optimism if the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine gets over the line. I have noticed positivity being shut down here a bit recently - I’m certainly not expecting this to be the silver bullet and everything back to normal in a few months but I do think we will be in a much better place by Spring. In my dark moments I watch this again ....
  14. Interesting .... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/11/15/coronavirus-emerged-in-italy-earlier-than-thought-study-shows.html
  15. Thank you - that is really interesting. I find it fascinating when science proves there can be something in the what could be called by some ‘woo-woo’ ideas/notions. I’m quite sceptical of most ‘out there’ non fact based beliefs but sometimes even what can seem nonsensical ‘old wives tales’ have a grain of truth in them
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