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  1. Impossible to answer - even if they were allowed, which they will not be, unless I know if I and others in our group had already had it I could not even start to think about going to such a thing.
  2. Nobody Interesting


    How about one that says "I wanted a ticket but all I got was this bloody t-shirt"
  3. October will be more like a resale as there are lots less tickets, but there will still be one in April after the balance window as lots will not pay the balance as normal.
  4. There are loads who got tickets only because it was the 50th aniversary (I know a few) I wonder how many will rollover the tickets now it is just the 2021 festival. Lots of said group also think the lineup is rubbish. I hope that increases numbers not keeping their tickets. You might gather from that I don't have a ticket.
  6. They will allow Efests GOLD members first dibs at tickets for next year if they have to cancel this year. Bound to happen 🙃
  7. 2020 must sees 1) Ticket confirmation screen on April 19th
  8. Oh help! https://dundonaldliberation.army/2020/03/05/uk-one-more-coronavirus-case-away-from-bono-geldof-aid-song/
  9. I would hope anyone who does actually eat shit does wear one.
  10. Got my face mask sorted just in case.
  11. Hasn't it now returned to its original owner so there may well be more improvements rather than the cuts made by the last lot?
  12. Never been before and until the Barsteward Sons were booked had never heard of it even though it is just an hour away - from what I have seen it is a very friendly family orientated festival and most is finished for the day at 11pm although the Tea Pot place is there this year and have a 24 license.
  13. Not tried it but as you turn left into the site there are signs saying there is a shop ahead, a few hundred yards I think but apart from that thre is nothing near I am aware of.
  14. I made this before it changed - times are guesses from last year but gives you an idea. https://clashfinder.com/s/beardedtheory2020 I will update it later. Obviously not an alternative to buying the lovely programme.
  15. Maybe it is simply not a real fortune cookie - the hashtag has zero results.
  16. I knew people here would know. So, nothing to see here..................... move along.
  17. Has this been discussed and overly thought about on here? Does Kendrick do 3 nights on the trot - does anyone know what day he is playing Lollapalooza?
  18. We are not solo but know others who sort of are and have had no hassles mingling etc. We are always happy to meet up with people for a drink and natter. Even on your own you will not regret going.
  19. Been twice Forget the 'posh bit' as you can avoid them with ease. 1st time it was really good, great feel to it all even security were having fun. 2nd time the feel changed, security were not happy, cut backs all over especially the main stage that had been trimmed by 3 hours a day If the 2nd time was our first we would not have gone back. We will not do a third time as it just felt wrong; as lots of others who were there also commented and said they would not return.
  20. 54 Don't care I just want a ticket Anyone as long as I get a ticket
  21. I am certain that there were more coach tickets available in October and that is where the 7000 extra were sold. I am sure they upped the allocation to 22,000 from 15,000 but then I am older so the brain is obviously a bit more rubbish.
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