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  1. Small chance of light showers Thursday noon til 2 and also 5-6 but it is a small chance and you might not even notice them. Apart from that Fri and Sat lovely - not hot but OK. Sunday, BrrMcChilly unless the cloud thins but dry none the less. Cannot wait to be there
  2. Yes Twickets - and there is a Beadred Theory Chat group on Facebook you can post the Twickets link in
  3. I so wish I never had to make the post and just rejoyced in 4 dry warm days................................ Just don't look at the latest forecast updates that have just been done. Wait til the 4-6pm ones and keep things crossed.
  4. The weather forecast at 9am yesterday for yesterday was wrong........ They are struggling with where the high pressure will go to as well as how soon it will build in. There is still a 5% chance that there will be light patchy rain Thursday afternoon if the High is later arriving. Then Sunday is cooler as models show the high heading north west allowing northerly winds down from Norway to cross the UK - if the high stays 30-50 miles lower or more easterly then we miss those winds - but at the moment it looks like we are getting them. They will not know much more until Friday as how the high builds in on Thursday will dictate Sunday.
  5. They are all normal folks like us with full time jobs so the website is often not priority I think - it is one of the things I like about the festival.............................the subject to faff element.
  6. I guess no Showcase this time. Convoy Cabaret - rarely go in cos we are always on route but there are lots of gems in the. Zombie Met Girl, Blunders worth a listen. Comedy, not a clue.
  7. SB's also playing in the Tea Tent - no idea what day so blackboard needs checking
  8. I am now not sure what to do whilst supping beer on arrival whilst checking the clashfinder against the actual times. I am sure I will find a replacement, perhaps more beer.
  9. Never have before - but unless I missed it they have not openly announced this document, just some good sleauthing has been done.
  10. All finished I think - I may have made errors......... and the stage times doc may not be totally correct either. In 2019 the little flyer had different times on it to the main brochure but that is all part of the fun that is Bearded Theory
  11. Been to GF with a prolapsed disc. It was hell. Healing fields helped me get through Sunday and home but I paid for it later that year and 3 years later am still recovering from the longer terms effects. Your call but if I had my time again I would have stayed at home.
  12. Pretty sure I carried around my own pint pot and they filled it - but it was 3 years ago and the brain is not what it was.
  13. The car park is off to the right and all camping come that way. Yes they walk through Family etc but the walkways are wide, very wide and from farthest end of car park to farthest end of camping is 20 mins. Where we camp is 10 mins approx and we always do 2 trips as it is so easy to do.
  14. Stick your CVP on Twickets - it will be snapped up in minutes. This map is from 2019 - little will be different. All is 10 mins walk from car park and apart from near the Teapot place it is all not too wild.
  15. I will guess that is accessible camping
  16. Speak not of these things. 7 days ago the BBC forecast for today was 24 degrees and sunny where we are. It is pouring with rain and cold.
  17. Went to see some music and danced badly.
  18. It is on their newsletter just emailed. Text as follows: Happy May! Bearded Theory is just around the corner, and we can't wait to welcome you back to the glorious Catton Park ⚡ Just to let you know, everyone should have now received their tickets. Please get in touch via tickets@springmusic.co.uk if yours hasn't arrived yet, and we can get you sorted out in plenty of time. If you haven't sorted your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Act quick and pick yours up now! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW On top of an incredible line-up of music planned throughout the 4 days at Bearded, including Placebo, Patti Smith, The Flaming Lips, Frank Carter, The Hives, Frank Turner and many more, there is so much extra to get involved with as well! We're talking about comedy, the funfair, arts & crafts workshops and of course our huge children’s zone for those Bearded families. We've just announced a full line-up of comedians who are guaranteed to get you laughing your faces off at the festival this year. Check them out! We've got a great range to fill your glass with at Bearded this year! All our main bars will be stocked with a quaffable selection of crisp lagers, local cask, tasty ciders, crafty cans, spirits, soft drinks, wine and much more, all at great prices. You'll see Thornbridge's delectable drinks on every bar, plus new to 2022 the brewery are running their own bar within the campsite with a huge range of Peak District brewed bevs. If you are a cider drinker you can "drinks it all of the day" over at the bar in the Campervan Field where Westons will have extra drinks on tap. Craft beer lovers, not only do we have Thornbridge in attendance, but two of Yorkshire's finest brewers, Magic Rock and Vocation will also be serving in their own arena bars. More of a spirits fan? We have you covered too. Not only will all our bars have a big range, but Jack Daniels have a dedicated bar to serve whiskey blended cocktails and classic JD & mixers. CHEERS TO THAT! 🍻🍸 It's been a long time since we've thrown our party! But in under 3 weeks we'll all have our tents pitched and be ready for the most amazing weekend. If you've not sorted your ticket to all the festivities yet, get a move on and snap one up, you won't regret it, we promise!
  19. and then they announced the Comedy Line Up. I had no idea there was going to be one so a lovely surprise.
  20. We must see the entrance, a wristband on our wrists and our tent up - after that anything is a bonus
  21. As the man who does the clashfinder I can totally agree with this post - it is only ever a very rough guide, initially I did it just for me to see what clashes I may have then others asked it to be public so I did. I always buy the programme the minute I find the seller on entry and spend the day learning about how wrong I was on times 🙂
  22. Also still available on the Levellers own website (the place I always buy them from)
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