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  1. fogma

    Weather 2017

    I don't think anyone can a fjord to take any risks and leave their wellies at home just yet.
  2. fogma

    Charity Bins 2017

    Is it too late to order one?
  3. fogma

    "Really big secret"

    Also I still have a gut feeling Radiohead will play OK Computer at some point.
  4. fogma

    "Really big secret"

    So we're assuming it's Liam for the Other Stage on the Sat. Not sure if people have noticed but Noel is introducing the Supersonic film on Friday at 9pm at Williams Green. Just saying...
  5. fogma

    "Really big secret"

    I was hoping Emily was dropping a hint when she said "...everything in the right place" and that Radiohead are gonna say 'sod all the OK Computer anniversary stuff' and instead do the whole of Kid A on The Park.