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  1. f**k it as a red i've got a few "Allisson" Moyet Joe "Gomez" Xherdan "shakira" Sadio "Manec Street Preachers"
  2. just spreading the wealth. its good as you can zoom in on all of the crowd photos and the photo collage pages too.
  3. Just browsing amazon's kindle store and if anyone's interested they've got the book up on offer for £3.99. good for the money. layout is good and it's less than a pint. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Glastonbury-50-Official-Story-Festival-ebook/dp/B07QHV3XC7/ref=lp_362174031_1_16?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1593520147&sr=1-16
  4. i watched Biffy Clyro from 2017 yesterday and they've got a new album out in august. id much rather see them have a crack with 1975 than AM again.
  5. I think Stella posted on instagram something along the lines of "we should have been there right now dad, we'll just have to do it next year" type of thing so not sure if that's classed as self confirmation or "dad your going to do it next year no ifs or buts!"
  6. Kings of Leon in 2008 but left half way through as I’ll be honest they were shite. Got off and went to the shiny new Shangri la area 😎
  7. I did the v festival that year and was shocked at how much cross over their was between the two (when V actually had half decent line ups) however to my point we watched blood hound gang waiting for Joe strummer who was on next and to be fair despite the music they knew how to put on a show. before they started they invited someone out the crowd to stay on stage with them and promised him £100 if he could polish off a whole crate of beer by the end of the set. fair play to the lad he did it too.
  8. eddie_corrigan


    They've gone and done it again. I've just had an email from them announcing a home town show in Boston in September and their European tour dates are also in the email with glasto again listed for Saturday. i'd upload a screen shot but work computer won't allow it.
  9. they've just announced a date in Manchester @ castlefield bowl for the 2nd july as well (keeping fingers crossed)
  10. Just confirmed for pink pop the week before surely got to be in the mix now? https://www.neilfinn.com/live
  11. Just downloaded the Kindle edition as I'm not getting mine till Xmas and it looks ace already. Love that you can zoom in on all the photos too. Going to have a mental game of were's Eddie later.
  12. Just checked Amazon and they're now showing as out of stock till end of November. Also checked on Twitter and it appears a fair few people who ordered signed copies off Waterstones have been sent unsigned copies too.
  13. Amazon have got the shipping weight down as 1.82 kg not sure if that includes their own packaging though.
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