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  1. Had 2 portable chargers on me, no problem. Cameras - they asked if mine had a removable lens, it does but I said no and they let it in, but it was only a smallish 50mm lens. Heineken was £6 a pint. Think Fosters was too. Neil was great as always, Bob I lasted 3 songs but I wasn’t really there for him.
  2. Suits me, can give Dylan an obligatory 10-15 mins or so, realise it is not worth it, and then be back at home by 10pm for a couple of pints at my local before closing.
  3. fantomas

    The National

    I have membership if that’s useful.
  4. Other than most of the food stalls running out of food by 7ish, it was well-organised I thought. Sound at the main stage was a little quiet for my liking. Agree with others, Ghost Poet was a poor dub choice, but loved all the comedy and the lips were as fun as ever. Lovely day in the sunshine all in all!
  5. Not a bad view over London for this one
  6. More standing tickets for London on Tuesday on sale at AXS now.
  7. So many tickets are now available for The Cure for less than face value on Twickets, especially following the football yesterday. I guess the promoters don’t care as its ‘sold out’, that or there is just no room to safely show it with a full lineup of bands all day. Glad I didn’t put down to volunteer in the end.
  8. I have a spare face value row G front stalls ticket for Curaetion tonight if anyone’s interested (meet at venue)?
  9. Not far. 5 minutes if your quick, 10 minutes normal pace I would say.
  10. There was a lack of toilets, managed to find a set that had very little queue cos it was a bit hidden away, they needed to be moved somewhere more obvious. There were so many more toilets at APE the day before though. They also ran out of beer at the taps at most/all the bars by about 8pm, with only cans of piss water left. Had a great time though and would return and hope they fix these niggles. Loved Jimmy Eat World, Zebrahead and King Prawn in particular.
  11. Nevermind, looks like there will be an exchange at the venue. Have a good time if you’re going over the next couple of days!
  12. South question please: Do I have to go to the university to exchange ticket for wristband, or is there an exchange onsite too? We are quite local but don’t want to go to two places if it isn’t necessary. Going to arrive by local bus.
  13. Very happy to hear Hop Along are supporting The Decemberists at all the UK November dates. Their album has been one of my favourites of the year so far.
  14. Had a blast today, Soulwax and Lorde were both great fun in the sunshine. Went to my favourite Indian restaurant too On to a potentially very damp Slam Dunk south tomorrow!
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