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  1. I wouldn’t head back to Sussex during Glastonbury weekend, let alone bloody Switzerland 😂 it’s a no from me. I’d pick one and do it properly, and not try and fudge both
  2. Kind of - i went to the Big Day Out in Melbourne in 2004 (where i saw the Flaming Lips for the first time, seen em 11 times since then) but thats a Lollapalooza style touring one day festival - no camping etc. It was 35 degrees and people were dropping like flies, not just the europeans among us! My primary memories were of separate alcohol areas, and of it being really really fuckin hot . . . very eclectic lineup, from Black eyed peas to Fear factory - not just on the same bill, but next to each other on the lineup 😆
  3. thats precisely what i did in 2018, when i struck out for 2019 tickets: sunk into a pit of morbid misery for a few days. Then i decided it wasnt happening without me, and got busy with the volunteering - and now ive been via oxfam the last two fests, and as long as i do one other event, im guaranteed to be there. Sweet!
  4. I think it’s probably more the not having to lug it two miles, choose a pitch, and then bung it up: it’s there, no stress, near the car, and not necessitating an overnight queue or any of that kind of nonsense. I haven’t ever glamped, and can’t easily see that I would ever - I like my tent too much, after all - but I’m starting to come around to the idea of pre-pitched camping. I wouldn’t mind some kind of field reservation service where my pitch was available for me to get to and put up my own tent, and it’s guaranteed not to be nabbed: would I pay for this? Yep. In the campsite of my choice. North of £100? Probs not. . .
  5. Division in a place of unity just seems really thick-headed. Bleh.
  6. There was similar at the Yard Act set in leftfield, a group of fellas all shouting ‘we all hate Leeds scum’ at the band, who all looked quite baffled by it all. That kind of mindless parochialism just isn’t really appropriate for a festival for me, it’s just shit: black midi can go solidly on my ‘bunch of knobheads’ list accordingly
  7. I try and separate football from music, because there’s no reason for petty rivalries and nonsense: it’s the summer, it’s festival season, we’re all people, there’s no reason for division. So Black Midi shouting ‘what do you think of Tottenham/shit’ etc etc at the end of their set just made me think what a bunch of fucking twats they are 🤷🏻‍♂️ And then I look into it a bit and they’re not even rabid arsenal fans, they’re just . . . Well, I dunno. Seems a weird move to alienate a part of your audience for absolutely no relevant reason
  8. balti-pie

    Sober times

    My secret weapon to deal with foot and back pain was cake. Or crepes. Or a huge snickers. Or ice cream with warm nuts. Basically a great dollop of sugar at 1am, after headliners and before late night stuff, to bump me along: the acceptable white powder habit!
  9. 😊👍 that’s fantastic! You’re gonna have to regale us with the whole tale; how did you not know you were going til weds? Where did you meet up with your fam?
  10. my previous bastion of craft independence was pints cans of Arbor at the Unfairground bar, but this year they were only at the Broke Britain staff bar round the side, and they ran out by sat morning . . .
  11. its not small, it would want tying to the bottom of a rucksack or similar - its about 70cm tall, and perhaps 20cm across rolled up? but it straps up well and easily, and has a bag to carry it in. Best camping purchase ive made in a couple of years and laughably superior to a blow-up.
  12. balti-pie


    hey, i was one of the 30 watching Dub War as well, it was great!
  13. I was on the Trespass £27 effort as well, I put a duvet on top and then slept under a sleeping bag - it got more comfy through the nights, and I could get a good 6-7 hours kip on them; so much better than an inflatable mattress it’s untrue! I’m a definite convert
  14. Are you from the north/Scotland? You might be completely used to soft water, it’s hard as hell down here and some people have issues with the ‘wrong’ type (not me, I live down south and am used to really hard water and I love the soft stuff when I’m up north, I could drink pints of it quite happily!)
  15. An excellent read, ta for sharing! Pretty much the only act I went to that’s on your list is Paul McCartney, that’s what I really love about it - two people can go to the same festival and basically have two completely different weekends: you just can’t do that at most fests at all 👍
  16. As I’ve stopped drinking to excess, I don’t have that natural painkiller of a stack of pints in me that stops me feeling my battered legs and feet at midnight after walking/standing all day: so after headliners I’d go to a food stall and smash down something big and sweet, cake or ice cream, to cover my maladies with sugar: it worked a treat
  17. Ooh, I love everyone suggesting Slipknot 😊 cattle decapitation, skindred, ho99o9, man on man, faith no more, always the flaming lips (the park stage is basically the perfect venue for them)
  18. I would crawl over a table of broken Hells Angels pint glasses to see Iggy Pop do the legend slot: it would be absolutely off the charts incredible! (It won’t happen, but a boy can dream - it would be peak marvellous scenes)
  19. balti-pie

    Volunteering 2022

    No, not UTV I’m afraid, though I’ve had a pie at Villa Park, and a very decent one it was too! I’m Spurs 👍 I had the early shifts and to be honest by the time Sunday came around I was quite happy it was the last day and I could go home! Saturday to a week Monday is a fair old stretch of time in a tent. It’s so up in the air as to what shifts you get, I’m sure they could switch it around a bit and make it a bit more egalitarian - fella I got chatting to only had two shifts, and one of them was response team so sitting in a car eating biscuits for eight hours. That was a right result for him, but three shifts over the other side of the fest with one of them making you miss a beloved act would definitely suck, and you can’t help but lose heart for it. Don’t blame you at all.
  20. Well, that’s sad. but true . . . I’m so sorry, I had to!
  21. balti-pie

    Volunteering 2022

    Sorry it wasn’t for you, but you gave it a crack and things out of your control and influence knackered it up by the sounds of things. It won’t suit everyone, and at times the shifts are to be endured and just plain got out of the way. There’s other ways to work it, or hopefully the ticket fairy is your mate this year 👍
  22. I put my wristband on my keys as a keyring, but only the most recent - the relegated one gets stitched to my Glastonbury hat by my Mam, who finally has an update to undertake for the first time in bloody years 🤣
  23. I don’t encourage violence, and I don’t mind opposing views and dissenting voices to encourage dialogue and justify peoples opinions. But I’d happily give him a punch in the face 👍
  24. balti-pie

    Kids' Rave Wings

    Glasto vendor was Kuccia.com - they’re cool aren’t they? Got a set for my girlfriend’s youngest, I reckon she’ll love em!
  25. Mmm, delicious dick fat chips 😋 cherry crumble with roasted nut crumble and custard was the combo of champions, btw
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