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  1. MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS dull man from bad band releases almost certainly average song!
  2. Good god, that’s . . . (Searches desperately for a non-abusive term . . . ) that’s not for me. I’ll be missing him.
  3. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    i always think that crying is a wholly useful and positive action to take - its overwhelming emotions leaving your head. Ok it might feel a bit much, but that stuff has to come out, and you've got it out - this is a good thing!
  4. I’m heading down on the Monday this year for this exact reason 😊 and I really really cannot wait!
  5. they're playing a couple of dates in the UK in late march (not sure what this indicates for a glasto appearance, but i agree they'd be loads of fun live!)
  6. if my holiday request was declined, i'd give my work enough advance notice and inform them that i'm having it as unpaid leave. They can organise cover ( if im off for a while there's always a colossal in-tray for me to catch up on upon my return) or they can battle on, its up to them - but i'm only alive once and i wont prioritise a job who would happily and easily replace me inside a month if i died, ahead of my actual life. (plus its the NHS, and its nigh on impossible to get sacked, they'd just shunt me sideways into something a lot more boring i suspect!) I'll miss out on glastonbury festivals when i'm dead and/or incapable, but not before then 👍
  7. That would be Wormrot, who played the Earache express in 2017 (2017? i think so) and were/are thoroughly excellent. And a goat, all of whom are also excellent
  8. (adding to the offtopic, sorry) i think Bloodstock picks much more interesting and varied metal headliners than Download, and i'd far rather go there
  9. i did not expect to see Carnifex mentioned here 😁 Truth stage slot 1am friday please!
  10. i seem to recall that the Metallica Sonisphere set was an exclusive UK festival headline set, and then when <probably Prince, but we'll never really know> pulled out and Metallica got the bump up to headline, Sonisphere marketed it as a kind of 'Metallica exclusive! headline set by request! fans choose the setlist!' kind of thing. That Saturday night with Prince on the pyramid and Metallica on the Other wouldve been mad 😆
  11. fkme sideways, do we really need more Muse? They seem to play every single time i'm at glastonbury! are they stalking me? Theyre stalking me 😮
  12. golf isnt something i have any interest in, so i had to hang around the local golf course like a hoon and find some lost balls in the undergrowth - i quite enjoyed it, its as close as i get to being a thief 😄
  13. Plantar fasciitis sucks. Ive had a couple of spells of it and i've found that rolling the soles of my feet on a golf ball helps immensely - a good couple of times a day, as hard as you can stand, the full length of the sole of your foot - something to do with separating the inflamed areas apparently. It feels like a daft thing to do, but it bloody works on me
  14. 👆 are they not a bit hot when its sunny though? thats my primary issue with wellies now ive got the foot comfort bit sorted out - theyre bloody boiling!
  15. groundfeel is about the last thing i'd want after a good 15 mile hike! they do look interesting though, i might nose thru the reviews
  16. insoles are the absolute key to making wellies ok, instead of a bloody ordeal. i'd rather wear decent hiking boots but there are times when only wellies will do
  17. we are NOT having Jim Davidson headlining 😡
  18. i have to wear earplugs at gigs these days - if i dont, i get a good 48hrs of my hearing being utterly banjaxed. i suspect im a delicate soul. (though admittedly i do like to go to fairly robust stuff, deathy/thrashy things that do tend to be quite loud) i just take it as further tacit acknowledgment that im old, which is absolutely fine with me! being old is far preferable to the alternative.
  19. Who knows mate? We all have to get aboard Chelsea and abandon any thoughts of supporting any other useless club. It’ll be Man City the year after and probably Newcastle the year after that so at least it’ll be varied! It’ll be a right bugger getting tickets though, seeing as we’ll all be supporting the same club, but at least it’ll be successful
  20. “Support a better club” ffs, that’s ridiculous 😂 it’s literally impossible, I’m well over three decades embedded into my particular set of useless twats. You’re fundamentally misunderstanding the concept of support.
  21. ffs, thats gonna send me into a 'listen to Slipknot' tailspin for the next week or two now! (thats a good thing 😄)
  22. you can get away with that in italy for a decent portion of the year. Staring out of my window today i can tell you that isn't really an option in Sussex
  23. Her on the right is gonna catch her bloody death in that top. Someone give her a jumper for the glasto appearance ffs!
  24. This is the thing about military training - its designed to turn people into ruthless, thoughtless killers, who do as they're told and don't have any empathy in case that effects their ability to carry out their orders. Good soldiers don't make for good people, because the point of their training is exactly that. We can't then be surprised when people leave the military and are massive unthinking unfeeling arseholes. A mate of mine joined the navy a few years back, and he said pretty early on in basic training there's a fair bit of indoctrination towards 'others' - gypsies, minorities, asylum seekers - as not contributing, not really being part of society. That kind of ideology stands out to me, as a pretty leftist 'love all' type, but it's at odds with my already formed societal suppositions. If they're taking on board young 18yr olds, and filling their heads with all sorts of 'different isn't good, don't feel bad about sinking a bullet into them' ideas, then well . . . that's just hideous.
  25. No, because Dead kennedys - california uber alles exists.
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