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  1. Can your college do any online lessons? Hope you and your housemate are ok.
  2. Yep. Also, as someone who isn't older/more vulnerable I'm not worried about catching it and dying. I'm worried about catching it and passing it on to friends, family, colleagues etc who might be more vulnerable than me. Or who might go on to pass it on to others.
  3. More "oven ready" half-baked ideas?
  4. Got to be done before Bake Off!
  5. As long as you've got a garden or access to outside space. I'm in a smallish flat, but lucky that when I was only going out for an hour's exercise I could just stroll along the seafront. Would've hated it if the weather was nice and all I could do was walk round a locked up city centre.
  6. I wonder if Whitty/Vallance will lay out the possible restrictions and timescales, then once the gov has seen how popular the different options are, Bojo will announce that everyone's favourite choice will be brought in.
  7. Ah, but there's still the other thing... errr, t cells or something? Where's @Toilet Duck? Edit: don't need Toilet Duck, 2 hats knows what he's talking about!
  8. Exactly. This government is a fucking disaster, there aren't enough down votes in a day for someone to dish them out every time it's pointed out how shit bojo and co are!
  9. Who else is going to be having a quick refresh of the ticket page on what would have been t day? Zero chance of a sale but I'm still gonna try 🤞😂
  10. Nah, he got what he wanted (he can put voted PM on his CV now), I don't think he gives a shit about keeping the north on the Tory's side.
  11. Simsy

    anti hangover thread

    Ooh, I like the "6 years later..." that's a nice touch!
  12. Simsy

    Shiny new site

    Hi @eFestivals, I'm getting some slightly odd behaviour on the shiny new site. When I hit the "next" button at the bottom of the page it normally works fine, but occasionally it takes me to the bottom of the next page instead of the top. I know it's not much of a hardship for me to scroll up, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Might be my problem rather than yours. I'm using Chrome on an Android phone.
  13. Are schools actually sending home kids with "the sniffles"? My friend's kid had to isolate and have a test, but she had a cough. Being a bit snotty isn't a symptom of covid, but (as far as I know) kids aren't being sent home just for the sniffles. Obviously there are still a lot of kids with colds having to isolate/get tested, but it seems a bit disingenuous to say the problem is sniffley kids without covid symptoms being forced out of schools.
  14. Throw that filthy thing away? Errr, I've been washing mine, is that not normal? And on vaccines being forced on people, are any vaccines mandatory in the UK? Why would the gov force everyone to be vaccinated against Covid when they're still free to let their kids die of measles?
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