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  1. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  2. Ok, so step 1: get Oxfam place for husband, step 2: get him to buy a car!
  3. Thanks @incident. It's my 13th Glasto but 1st time volunteering so I'll probably spend the next few months asking stupid questions!
  4. I'll go for 22nd March.
  5. Hi all. I managed to bag an Oxfam spot (still trying to get one for the OH) and I'm trying to decide how to get there from Portsmouth. I don't drive, so was thinking train to Castle Cary. Does the shuttle bus run on the Mon/Tue? And would I have to find my way from gate A to the oxfield or are there transfers to gate B for volunteers? Would I be better off getting the train to Bristol and using Oxfam's bus? This would probably be slower and more expensive, but should take me to where I need to go. Also, I've said I'm available for early shifts. I know it's unlikely I'll get them, but if I do is there a way to get there on Sat/Sun from Castle Cary or Bristol? The Oxfam busses look like they're only on Mon/Tue. When do you find out if you've got earlies? Thanks.
  6. Simsy

    Volunteering 2020

    I'm in 😀 hubby isn't 😔
  7. Simsy

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks @incident, I'm going to be out of the UK until shortly before Glasto, so I guess that'll be too late to attend in person. Will have to make sure I'm somewhere with good wifi for the training!
  8. Simsy

    Volunteering 2020

    Hi guys, I've got a couple of questions about the Oxfam volunteering. What details do they need for the reference, is it just their contact details? And is the online training something you can do at any time, or is it like a webinar on a set time/date? Thanks.
  9. Excellent work VL, looking forward to seeing all the success in April. I'm currently pinning my hopes on volunteering, so shouldn't take up precious resale tickets from those who need them.
  10. Simsy

    efests Exit Poll

    Not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet https://www.nme.com/news/music/could-jarvis-cockers-running-the-world-be-this-years-christmas-number-1-2587752. I agree with the sentiment (although I don't agree that an important part of the female anatomy should be the worst insult in the English language).
  11. Simsy

    Taylor Swift

    Yeah, and Beyonce doing Sex on Fire, wtf? Not needed.
  12. Simsy

    Pre erected camping

    Yep, this year the flushing loos were out of action on the Monday, the state of the portaloos reminded me of when I first started going to Glasto ????
  13. Simsy

    Pre erected camping

    How much crossover is there in the Venn diagram of people who would only go to Glasto if they had easy access to showers and flushing loos, and people who would shit in a crowd?
  14. Must get tickets ? (or at least a few twixes).
  15. She said she was doing a song about a scrub, did a bit of No Scrubs then went into Jerome iirc.
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