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  1. It was fucking awesome in 2004, and I'd be down the front again if Macca comes back (& I get a ticket 😢).
  2. I've been thinking this for years (particularly when being shoved out the way by miserable people waiting for the headliner who have no interest in the act you're trying to see), didn't realise they had a system for this at Roskilde.
  3. Bath, Bristol or Southampton.
  4. Simsy

    Old wristbands? Guide?

    I think yellow with stars is 2004 and beige with triangles is 2003.
  5. Yeah, would love to be the jammy git who gets tickets in the bag in July!
  6. 1. Lizzo 2. Self Esteem (crows nest) 3. Janelle Followed closely by Stormzy, Kylie and Vampire Weekend.
  7. Simsy

    I left no trace

    Fantastic news. We took sporks and reusable coffee cups to cut down on waste, I picked up a glass bottle that had been dropped in the pyramid field (ffs) and told off the one guy I saw pissing in a hedge ("I was desperate, it was that or piss myself." "The sign says don't piss on the land, it doesn't say don't piss yourself.")
  8. Simsy

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Rather than taking twice as many pants in case you run out of bog roll, why not take twice as much bog roll?
  9. Simsy


    You don't need to hide the beer (as long as it's in cans). Alcohol is fine, it's the glass that's not allowed.
  10. We normally drive or coach, but we're getting the train this year. I'm expecting queues for the shuttle bus to/from Glasto, and queues at Castle Cary on the Monday, but does anyone know what it's like changing trains at Westbury on the way to the fest? I'm a bit worried that all the trains coming through to Castle Cary will already be full and we'll be stuck at Westbury for hours. We should be at Westbury soon after 10am on the Wednesday.
  11. One headliner for next year but it's not macca.
  12. Simsy

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I buy mixers as I go, so drinks-wise I just carry spirits, water bottle and a reusable cup. I'd rather get cold coke/juice/whatever when I need it than carry round 2 litres of warm mixer, but if you're on a tight budget you might not want to. I normally take a shoulder bag instead of a backpack or bumbag, but if you're lugging a lot around it can be uncomfortable to have it all on 1 shoulder.
  13. Simsy

    Resale Club 2019

    Fair enough, there was some talk in the competition thread about being able to give both tickets to people who need them (I think someone did this with co op tickets?), but it sounds like that won't be an option with ee.
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