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  1. Can only assume he believes the shit that the Tories, daily mail etc have been spouting for years about immigrants coming over here to take our benefits. How the fuck can the guy in charge be completely oblivious to "no recourse to public funds"?
  2. Sweden seems to have also fucked up care homes, I think that's why their stats are bad.
  3. Maybe it was all an elaborate ploy to take the Tories down?
  4. Simsy

    BBC Glastonbury

    Need a clashfinder now!
  5. Amazing 😂 Also, he drove 30 miles to make sure he was fit to drive, but when he got to Barnard Castle he was feeling dodgy and had to sit on a bench for a while. I'd take that to mean he wasn't fit enough to drive 260 miles the next day! There are so many holes in this story.
  6. Whatever threats made him leave London, were they gone after 2 weeks? Have looked at some of the comments on BBC, worrying number of people siding with Cummings & saying he beat the MSM.
  7. He wasn't trying to go to a tourist spot, but he couldn't see where he was going 😂
  8. Wait, so the family didn't have covid, his wife's story was made up, what BoJo said yesterday wasn't actually true, they went to Durham because he'd been threatened and if you're worried your eyesight isn't good enough to drive you should go for a drive? Right.
  9. Hopefully it won't work, unless all the other parents of autistic kids come out and say "oh yeah, we were secretly told the rules don't apply to us".
  10. The cold war wasn't actually that cold, it was fought on several fronts like Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan. And the nuclear "deterrents" nearly made it heat up to apocalyptic levels on a few close occasions (Cuban missile crisis, erroneous warning systems etc). If it ever gets to the point that we have to launch trident, we're already fucked.
  11. Hope the civil service bod who wrote that didn't get disappeared as quickly as the tweet!
  12. That "stay alert" rule is going to bite the gov on the arse, turns out the people of Durham were already staying alert!
  13. Simsy

    How do you feel?

    No. I hope your mum's ok.
  14. Maybe he doesn't have an iPad, poor chap. He only has a spare empty house 260 miles away.
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