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  1. Yay, not just me! I have to lie down when I get jabs done, cos otherwise I'll end up horizontal anyway 😂
  2. This kind of makes sense, the artist has decided that wording reflects the characters in the song, why should the BBC change them? But if the lyrics we're a heated argument where the characters said "fuck", "shit" or the n word I'd expect the BBC to edit them out or play an alternative radio-friendly version (and not still play the original on radio 2!). Maybe R1 should have all the family-friendly radio edits & R2 can play unedited originals of things like fairytale of New York and WAP.
  3. My family and my in-laws mostly live locally, so we'd normally see both lots over xmas but alternate who we see on the 25th. My mum lives alone, so could bubble with us, but it's looking like I'll have to write off seeing my sisters (1 moved abroad in Jan, the other lives in a house-share so they won't all be able to see their partners/parents/siblings). I'm not really an Xmas fan so it doesn't bother me to not see them on 1 specific day, but I try to make an effort because I know other people care (particularly my in-laws).
  4. I went to Sziget a few years ago & they had a similar thing. I think it charged a fee every time you topped up and you could only get a certain amount of credit back if you didn't spend it. I just used contactless credit card, much easier (as long as your bank doesn't screw you with foreign transaction fees). There's not really any need for special RFID wristbands, other than for the few people who don't use contactless cards.
  5. I'm still here, mostly lurking.
  6. Simsy

    Er, Harry Styles

    Maybe glasto are going to book a load of X factor acts just to wind up James Arthur 😂
  7. Wait till they find the yearbook photo of her in blackface...
  8. Called by the media? Surely that doesn't count!
  9. Also, if it turns out Biden is shit and only got in by promising a bunch of lies, they can vote him out after 4 years. Don't have that option with Brexit.
  10. I haven't been around the block that many times (I was born in the 80s so can't say what counted as centrist then), but some things have been achieved by the left playing nicely. Like minimum wage, brought in under Blair. Or stuff the Lib Dems managed to get through in coalition, like free lunch for all infant aged kids - I doubt the Tories would've done that without Clegg playing nicely/being a massive traitor.
  11. Biden squeezed ahead in Michigan (according to Guardian)
  12. Saw someone on twitter suggesting Trump will step down & let Pence take over til Jan so Pence can pardon Trump before Biden comes in.
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