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  1. Simsy

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    This time last year I was in the secret resale thread and having a bit of a breakdown. I "miss" having a Glasto this year, but at least I'm not actually missing it!
  2. Simsy

    Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Thanks for the info :-)
  3. Simsy

    Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Are those 3 camping areas pretty much the same in terms of vibe/facilities? Any reason other than proximity to pick one over the others? And does anyone know where the car park is in relation to this map? Lots of questions, sorry, it's my first BKS!
  4. Simsy

    Sziget Festival 2018

    This is my first Sziget and I bought through the official site shop, but it looks like Festicket charge in £s so it might be worth it if your bank tends to screw you on foreign transaction fees. Festicket is a bit more expensive than the official site but it could work out cheaper if you've got a crap bank!
  5. Simsy

    Victorious Festival 2017

    Welcome to Portsmouth! I couldn't tell if there were more youngsters there this year, or if I'm just getting older. There have always been idiots there - a couple of years ago we saw a very drunk man be helped up by his friends & propped against a tree so he could have a piss (right in front of us). He was so drunk he fell flat on his face, in his own puddle. The line-up wasn't particularly exciting for me this year. Surely they'll have to step it up to attract more non-locals (if they want to expand to 200,000 that's basically everyone in Portsmouth, they'll need to do something get outsiders in!). I'll be going next year anyway, but it's just a short stroll away for me.
  6. Simsy

    Victorious Festival 2017

    Hope they don't cut costs with the loos, those portaloos are grim enough by the end of the day that I normally have to shimmy home with my legs crossed! (If you're listening Victorious, have a word with Glasto about their lovely composters.)
  7. Simsy

    Victorious Festival 2017

    Yeah, it's been such a lovely little fest to have down here, would be a shame if it all goes tits up cos the new owners are trying to squeeze every penny out of it.
  8. Simsy

    Victorious Festival 2017

    The seaside stage area has been completely submerged in some epic storms, but we're unlikely to get that kind of rain during the festival. I'm curious about how well the camping's going to work, I wouldn't want to be bussing in and out of a festival.
  9. Simsy

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Isle of Wight fest is moving to Glasto weekend next year for their 50th anniversary. We're thinking of giving it a go but I'll probably spend the whole weekend complaining about how commercialised it is. Also looking at festival no 6.
  10. Simsy

    Secret resales

    Damn my slow typing! Ok guys, I'm officially standing down. Have booked a trip to Scotland instead. Everyone with tickets - have a fantastic time. Everyone still trying/hoping/waiting - good luck! Thanks to everyone in this thread for keeping me sane for the past however long it's been. See you at the cider bus in 2019
  11. Simsy

    Secret resales

    we'd be in for 2 for £200 each if this is genuine.
  12. Simsy

    Secret resales

    Should the mods end any threads where people mention illegal activity? Like drug taking, underage drinking, bringing in flares etc?
  13. Simsy

    Secret resales

    Was hoping for a really shit weather forecast so there'd be some last minute VIP/glamping cancellations and we could all swoop in and get a bargain. Damn you sun!
  14. Simsy

    Secret resales

    What are the chances your friends look like me & my husband?!
  15. Simsy

    Secret resales

    There's defs been a big wheel and a helter skelter in the past.