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  1. Ooh yeah, bird and blend's matcha or chai lattes are lovely. Can also recommend soup-a-juice for juices and smoothies, opposite the info point near Greenpeace.
  2. Thousands of people die of flu every year, but we don't have very effective vaccines for it (what is it, 30-50% effective?). We don't need to decide on a "normal" level of covid deaths if the vaccine is as effective as it appears to be.
  3. Women are frequently judged for having too many/not enough children, being to young/old when they have kids, or going back to work/being a stay at home mum. We can't win.
  4. I don't know, "Mr Johnson has complained the cost of the refurbishment by Carrie Symonds was 'totally out of control'" makes it sound like the poor guy is trying his best and his crazy fiancée is demanding gold wallpaper.
  5. Could you get some kind of primer to use on plastic so the paint doesn't peel? It might not protect it against flames though!
  6. Yeah, I think spring in Europe/USA is going to cause numbers to fall and autumn in Australia/New Zealand isn't going to lead to much of an increase.
  7. Kind of hoping they've got a whole new lineup, 2020's was looking a bit shit (imho) but I normally go cos it's so close to my house!
  8. When's flu season in India? (I think in tropical places it's more to do with wet/dry season than winter.) Maybe their fall in autumn was like our fall in spring/summer, the weather was less conducive to spreading respiratory diseases. This is a complete guess based on nothing scientific btw!
  9. "Job losses in pandemic due to performance issues, say nearly half of Britons" And this is why we won't get a lefty government, too many people in this country think that the people worse off than them deserve it. They don't want to pay more tax to support people they think are lazy scroungers. Also from the same article, 4% think racial inequality is because 'most black people have “less in-born ability to learn”'. WTF is wrong with this country? https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2021/feb/25/job-losses-in-pandemic-due-to-performance-issues-say-nearly-half-of-britons?CMP=Sh
  10. Is it just me who's thinking if there was a general election in May they'd announce that we've all done so well pubs can reopen a couple of weeks earlier than planned? Don't know if they'd bother doing this just for local elections.
  11. Do you think it would be better if SAGE said "there's a small chance a new variant won't be stopped by the vaccine, but if that happens we won't bother with any restrictions while we develop and roll out booster jabs cos everyone is so sick of lockdown they'd rather risk dying"?
  12. Where I live the Easter hols are 2nd to 18th April, so they'll get nearly 4 weeks back at school if they go back on 8th March.
  13. I agree he has to go, but that's got nothing to do with this road map 😂
  14. Problem with the stats on "underlying health conditions" for people who've died is it's a ridiculously broad definition. People have been counted as having an underlying condition even if it's something like depression or a broken bone. The people dying with underlying conditions aren't just those who were clinically vulnerable and who would've been at the front of the jab queue.
  15. £2.70 and no confirmation email here.
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