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  1. The liberal film industry where it's normal for a 20-odd year old woman to play the love interest to a 40-odd year old man, or where vast numbers of films fail the Bechdale test, or where people like Harvey Weinstein work(ed), or where women are under represented in roles like director? If the music industry is that liberal, what have us women got to complain about? 🙄
  2. Simsy

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Haha, I only know about then from spending 5 days a year in a field in Pilton!
  3. Simsy

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Dosas are like a kind of Indian pancake, they do them with spiced potatoes or cheese. Think they are somewhere near William's green normally.
  4. Simsy

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Yeah, but it was a choice of stay in your house or live somewhere else, and some MPs were saying that somewhere else could be a massive mansion, others were saying you'd have to burn your house down and live in the ashes. Now you want your promised mansion, but that was never going to happen. It's hard to defend Joe Public for believing the promises of a bus (a fucking bus!), but he was fed a pack of lies from the people who got us in to this mess because they wanted to jump on ukip's bandwagon.
  5. Simsy

    Kylie v Janet v Miley

    Kylie. I've been waiting for this since 2005!
  6. I was trying to be ironic, but these things don't always come across online. Needed more emojis!
  7. Terrible lineup. There's 15-20 acts I want to see, this poster is a tiny fraction of the full lineup, and there's so much more to Glasto than the music. I'm going to need the monorail to be upgraded to high speed maglev so I can see everything 😂
  8. Fantastic, saw that I'd be kinda busy for the Brighton and London dates and was hoping they'd do glasto as well.
  9. Simsy

    2019 New Music

    Listening to the new Self Esteem album, would love to see her at Glasto.
  10. I'm 5'3 and have narrow shoulders, so a female fit backpack is a no-brainer for me. If you're particularly tall you might be better off with a unisex one. Best if you can try it on in a shop to get a good fit.
  11. At Victorious festival last year they weren't selling plastic bottles. Most vendors were charging £2.50 for a can! Thought I'd have to start smuggling in my mixers as well as rum, not sure where I'd hide it 😂. Had to keep buying a stash of cans every time I went past the place that was only charging a quid (they must've made a fortune by undercutting everyone else).
  12. Simsy

    2019 Headliners

    I think they just said on 6 music that they're announcing the lineup of their fest on Lauren's show on Tuesday.
  13. Simsy

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Setting a bad example for the kids, turn the flipping light off.
  14. Simsy

    BRIT Awards 2019

    I'm a bit late to the party, but there's a Bombay sapphire distillery in Hampshire. Not sure how well that'll mix with your beer and cider!
  15. +1 on this. I'd barely read to the end of the poster before buying tickets! Had no intention of going to a festival other than Glasto this year until Primavera announced that lineup.
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