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  1. Is there going to be a politics thread group campsite?
  2. Ah shit, I'd better think of something good to post so people round here like me!
  3. End of the Road attempted to go cashless last year and it was a slight disaster. Loads of the vendors couldn't get their card machines to work because the signal was too weak, so they had to resort to cash. I'd prefer cashless (but not if they're going to force you to use their pre-paid cards or wristbands), and I've been to some festivals where it's worked, but it does have the potential to fuck up.
  4. I thought there had been allegations of this sort of thing months ago, doubt it's going to bring down the government (unfortunately).
  5. I'd say he has no ideology, he just knows he'd be out of a seat at the next election if he stays Tory.
  6. Has he ever said anything that's true?
  7. Such a stupid argument from JHB. I don't have kids, but my taxes pay for schools. I don't drive, but my taxes pay for roads. I don't watch EastEnders, can I get a discount on my TV licence? FFS.
  8. Sugababes are at Victorious this year, so they're a possibility.
  9. This. Who wouldn't want pie & mash while shopping for records?
  10. Booked my annual leave, ate some cheese. Pretty much ready for the fest now (apart from the minor issue of no ticket).
  11. I'm guessing 2 in coach sale and 4 in general, but I don't think it's been announced yet.
  12. I think even the ones who are gagging to be PM might hold off on a leadership challenge right now. Boris has fucked them over so much, nobody will want to clear up the mess he's made.
  13. Simsy

    fuck yeah

    Yay, thanks Neil and tech support!
  14. FFS. And of course the local Tory MPs voted for this shit to be dumped in their own constituencies. Will it stop people voting for them? Con +10
  15. Anyone doing Great South Run today? Good luck 🙂
  16. Haven't been to Joiners for a while, but it was always ridiculously hot in there. The Wedge is good for me because it's only a few mins walk from my house, but it's not great. It's just nice when bands play Portsmouth or Southampton and I don't have to go to London or Brighton on a school night 😂
  17. You've just reminded me, I've updated my registration with my new address but haven't updated the spreadsheet! I'll ping you an email. Thanks for organising this!
  18. The qr code just takes you to the website, as long as you can read the letter/number code under it you can still enter.
  19. Been going since 2004. Only missed 2017 so far (ticket failure), but still don't have tickets for 2020/21/22.
  20. Really annoys me, it's like if you bought a train ticket but had to pay extra to find out what time & platform you need!
  21. Aw, looks just like you!
  22. Simsy

    2022 Headliners

    Still waiting for the year that Michael is like "Best ever? Nah, it was ok but it's been better".
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