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  1. Tricky to decide what is and isn't essential. If I want to treat myself to a new pair of shoes, that's obviously non-essential. If I've only got 1 pair of shoes, they've got a hole in them and we're heading into winter, that's a bit more essential.
  2. I'm afraid I don't really know what to do (although I'd love to do something). This might help a bit for those who are writing to their MPs. This page shows how many pupils were eligible for free school meals in the last 3 years in each local authority (unfortunately not available by constituency). If anyone is living in a Tory area with above average free school meals, you could try including your local stats in your complaint (but I bet they still won't give a shit). https://explore-education-statistics.service.gov.uk/data-tables/permalink/84442a68-22fe-44ab-8575-5763e0650adc
  3. Can't top up wages, and if those people now can't afford to feed their kids it's their own fault. FFS, I've always hated the Tories but they just keep getting worse 😡
  4. Weird choice of post to downvote. I'd cancel it out, but I've run out of reactions.
  5. Looks like those are AQA's dates, maybe other exam boards will have them on different days 🤞
  6. As a tier 1 southerner I'm more than happy to give this a go. 5th November anyone?
  7. That's how I let everyone know I'm on the blob too 🤣
  8. I'm with @Ozanne and @JoeyT on this. I've heard of the Highlands and the borders but not the central belt. I expect there are various geographical areas of England I've never heard of too!
  9. You're comparing daily deaths per country per million to total deaths per year worldwide.
  10. I think a CNN poll is commissioned by CNN, it's not just a poll of their viewers.
  11. Are there different rules at different stations? My local train company (south western) says "You should put on your face covering before you enter the station and keep it on until you leave the station at your destination."
  12. He's dead. They've fed all his old tweets into an AI twit-bot that's now running his account.
  13. Another long, ticketless winter. See you in April.
  14. That's what I thought too. Could you meet your friend outside, 2m apart and with masks on? Not ideal, but better than nothing.
  15. Yeah, even quicker than normal! We'll have to be on it on Sunday.
  16. On mine it's Settings > Google Services and Preferences.
  17. Exactly. If I catch covid in the pub, then pass it on to my husband at home, my mum at her house, some strangers on the bus & a colleague at work, that won't be counted as an "outbreak" at a pub, even though all those people wouldn't have caught it if I hadn't been in the pub.
  18. I don't think you're supposed to go on the ferry if you're symptomatic anyway, so mainlanders being directed to IOW test centres or islanders being directed mainland test centres are fine as long as they've got their own boat!
  19. Oh good, we don't need that any more 🙄
  20. Hmm, local lockdowns implemented when needed in the north & midlands but if London needs locking down it takes the whole country with it?
  21. Can your college do any online lessons? Hope you and your housemate are ok.
  22. Yep. Also, as someone who isn't older/more vulnerable I'm not worried about catching it and dying. I'm worried about catching it and passing it on to friends, family, colleagues etc who might be more vulnerable than me. Or who might go on to pass it on to others.
  23. More "oven ready" half-baked ideas?
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