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    I got to work at them all - it was a real shame the Council did not get on with The Mean Fiddler as they imposed infrastructure demands that made it impossible for Vince to make a profit - for example - they wanted him to pay for 4 times as many Police/ambulance/fire crew that had been on site in 1997 and 4 times as many Security - there was no way he was going to make a profit in 1998 so he switched many bands to Reading. Glad you missed the chaos of getting in - we used to arrive on the Tuesday so we would never see any traffic although there was one year - 94 or 95 where one of the WBC Coaches dropped crew off at the wrong spot so a lot of us who had cars went out to pick them up. As far as I know the 96 balls up was due to a miscommunication of a few people who were in charge of the entry gate so for some reasons people were being told to come back the next day or something close to that - all I know was there was a lot of very unhappy people who should have got in but were delayed by a few people who did not use any commonsense. The killer for me was seeing Neil Young on the Friday but Bowie was also very good. I think the weekend ticket was £65 Phoenix Festival 1996 - Highlights { 150 mins } https://youtu.be/ZXI8J3OEtY4
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    Im just watching Diana Ross live in Central Park. Shes got a residency in Vegas and reviews to her recent concerts say shes still note perfect. I would adore to see her.