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    Can I just add my usual appreciation for TeamCampesinos who is always sooo quick off the mark with the clashfinder. Brilliant work, thanks.
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    GOLD 😍 Sorry its taken me so long!
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    Sadly I think my time may be up. Firstly, this year's Glastonbury was the best I've had. Everything clicked for me. The weather, the company, the drugs, the music, the nightlife...it all came together and made for the best 5 days I've ever had over the last 20 years of going. I really prepped my body for this year. I've been going long enough to know the effort it takes and physically I had no issue after. However, mentally it was a struggle afterwards. Due to circumstances that I don't really fully understand yet I had some sort of break down last month about 4 weeks after Glastonbury. This wasn't solely down to Glastonbury (or the 5 days in Vegas which I went to a week after coming back from G) more a build up of things over the last year or so. Obviously spending 10 days off my face with hardly any sleep in a 3 week period didn't help. Very long story short is I went to my GP and now I am going through therapy but the result of all this is that I need to start doing things sober and definitely drug free for a while to try and sort myself out. Going out and doing things straight is an eye opener to say the least! So this leads to my problem with going to Glastonbury again. I've always associated Glastonbury with getting spangled and my best times at Glastonbury have always included me being off my tits. I think I'd like to keep my last memory of Glastonbury as my best. I know people will say they've done Glastonbury sober and it's no better or worse just different. I like to think I could do Glastonbury sober I just don't know if I want to try. Some things are just best left alone and at the moment I'm fine with that thought. Way too early to see how my situation will progress but Glastonbury is such a massive part of my life its gonna leave a big hole. I have got the chance to work next years festival which may be an option. I've always fancied working at the festival and it would definitely take away some of my desire to get on it as soon as I walk through the gates. If 2019 does turn out to be my last festival at least I'll know it was a vintage year and I certainly won't be sad about not going again. I've had way too many happy times with great friends to be anything but grateful for the last 20 years of Glastonbury. Onward and upward!
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    Still not sure if I'm gonna try for tickets or not in October but thought I'd best renew Gold Membership anyhow. Missing Glastonbury is bad but missing reading 'Effects Of Inhaling 800 Cartridges' is unthinkable.😁
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    Finally, an end to broken ribs
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    How am I supposed to concentrate at work whilst waiting for the stage times?!
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    as of this morning, yr.no looks good happy to take a drop from mid 20s temperature if it stays dry and (in a perfect world) sunny
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    I'm watching the Wombats on iplayer doing the exact same set in the exact same order as when I saw them live at last year's Reading. edit: haha spoke too soon
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    As much as I do feel bad for people who were excited for him, moaning about him being the 'main act' when he was booked fifth down is a bit dumb. You're expecting a full refund because somebody playing in the middle of the day didn't show up 😂
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    Yeah they need to stop booking these soundcloud/emo rappers don’t they. Fad will be over within a year or so (hopefully) anyway.
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    You’re looking pretty tasty right now...
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    Would make sense, Leeds don't get introducing secret sets am I right in thinking?
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    I was doing this a few weeks ago before I got lucky with a pair. You will be rewarded!
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    Main Stage: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07jwtvh/reading-and-leeds-festival-2019-main-stage-friday Radio One: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07jwy6g/reading-and-leeds-festival-2019-bbc-radio-1-stage-friday
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    Rozi Plain Friday 18.15–19.00 clashtastic
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    Helena Deland 16:15-16:45 Anna St Louis 16:30-17:00 according to EOTR twitter
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    If you start with Ready For It, then skip to So It Goes and listen to the rest of the record, it's a belter.
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    Not the most extensive of tours...
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    The internet was down in work so I was sat there chewing my face right off my skull. I gotta say FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK MISS TAYLOR HAS STEPPED UP THIS IS AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I'm going to hit every UK date of this tour and maybe some Deutsche ones. No more Mr Poorboy, gonna see ma girl play live first time since 2009.
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    They'll deservedly headline Glastonbury and grumpy people still won't be fun at parties. Life goes on.
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    Would Paramore headline? Don't seem like there going to headline Download or R&L anytime soon
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    I'm getting flashbacks and I paid good money for those experiences!
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    Yeah it does - try and pack everything down - you probably won’t need a jumper as it gets hot in the crowd, the forecast looks good too
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    Out of nowhere there is a new Missy Elliot album coming out tonight. This is a packed week in terms of releases too!
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    Watching this live, when the first chords of Everlong begun, I got tears in my eyes. That has never happened to me in 35 years of going to gigs! It was a combination of the two people being invited on stage, the majesty of the lightning storm going on around us, the realisation it was the end of the festival and probably a little too much beer! But the creation of a memory that will last a lifetime.
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    Wheres the fun in that? Recklessly spending money you don't have when you're pissed up is part of the festival experience.
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    I think I'm slightly less giddy-eyed about it than when I started going 15 years ago in 2004. Probably down to a few reasons. I've been 13 times in a row so there is a lot less new things for me to see. A lot of my friends don't go anymore as we are all in our 30s now and many have got married, had kids or simply lost interest in festivals. Linked to that last point, is that there are only ever 6 of us that go as a maximum (I was the only one this year as we missed out on tickets so I worked on a bar) so there is less of us to go around and do things with...makes logistics a bit easier but I do miss some of my mates that used to come who have similar music tastes. As the years go on I find less and less bands I like are on the stages I hate 'camping' that little more each year....and muddy years really get the better of me these days! I think also a little is that each year the festival goes more and more mainstream...when I was younger you knew almost everyone who went to festivals/illegal raves from our little town, and was something that only the people who were really into music go to. Now everyone goes to them (and wants to go to Glastonbury) and they a little bit less 'alternative' Lots of people i know who go wouldn't have been seen dead at a festival 15-20 years ago. Sometimes I find myself trying to re-create the magic of the first few Glastonbury's I went to, then I realise that I'm chasing something that isn't there anymore! Like others have said on this thread, its you that gets old and frustrated, not the festival! I still enjoy it, but compared to other festivals I go to it is a lot of hard work (obtaining tickets, getting in, getting about etc) I will still try and go each year but if I ever get to the point that I don't really enjoy it I might consider a hiatus for a while. One thing I might try to do is a lot less drink and drugs next time! Always seems to be my downfall! It truly is a magical place, but I always remember this quote I saw somewhere a few years ago 'Even the extraordinary becomes ordinary when its done time and time again'
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    Is it too late to create a poll? Would you rather: a) Do 800 NOS canisters in a week b) Lube up a can of Oxygen Mist and slide it up your arse. I think I'm gonna have to go for b) but I'd keep a tight grip on it. No-one wants to explain that in casualty.
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    yeah, but you couldnt inhale 800 of them in a week though could you..??
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    Not sure if you are saying that you are already dead, or not? If you are alive and with us still, then there are places that you can buy oxygen cans, if that's of any assistance eg, https://www.clearo2.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw1_PqBRBIEiwA71rmtdJYcA384h1P09gTU8uk2z-9LDw4Wz-Ajvy_Sxsn6oiw44TuK0e8ixoCUqoQAvD_BwE
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    Just put Adam Lambert upfront.
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    I felt like I was reading my own writing reading this. For a long time I’ve been happy spending my annual leave in fields but I’m starting to feel that I want to see more of the world. Also, in the last couple of years I’ve realised that despite Glastonbury being amazing, biggest isn’t always best. After all the dust has settled, I can definitely say I had a better time at Noisily this year.... and even I’m surprised I’ve said that!
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    It lived up to its reputation. We had a fantastic time as volunteers & will definitely be back (possibly as punters). A great line up, lovely site, well organised, space in campsites, clean loos, lack of litter but best of all a brilliant crowd who know when to chill and when to bounce! ........& the kids. I always liked the idea of bringing kids to a festival but would never have been up for it.....but the kids here just loved it so much. There was loads for them to do, but it wasn’t even that, it was just that they were everywhere having so much fun it was infectious - an absolute joy to see!
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    Hahaha Claude vonstroke cancelled mate, it was all Skream up until Eats Everything
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    This is like when people say they're packing in Facebook and Twitter and are back posting 48 hours later. You'll all be sweating like Josef Fritzl on MTV Cribs come T-Day in October, you fucking crowd of drama queens.
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    I signed up for gold yesterday. This website and the people who posted about Nick Mulvey doing a secret set in the tipi field are responsible for me being at one of the best, most heartwarming and fantastic gigs I’ve ever attended. It would be horribly selfish of me if I didn’t give something back as a result. Let’s make sure efests keeps going for years to come!
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    I’ve tried many times to understand why so many people like this band but I just don’t get it. Just had another go on Spotify there for about 15 mins. His voice annoys me which doesn’t help. They’ve somehow fooled people into thinking they’re better than all the other indie landfill bands so hats off to them for that. They’ll probably get their shot but I don’t think it’ll be next year.

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