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    There have been countless stories about this exact thing recently, and established artists have been pointing it out, too (Lily Allen, for example). I don't really care enough about educating you on the matter to go off and find these examples, so I won't. It's quite clear that opportunities and support for male acts are much bigger than they are for female acts. How many female acts make it to the higher reaches of festival lineups? Not many. How many female-fronted bands are touted as the next big thing in the same way the likes of The 1975, Royal Blood, Greta Van Fleet, etc. are? Basically none. How many new female rappers are touted as the next big thing? Barely any. Are the female acts worse than the male ones? No, they aren't. Is it the case that your stereotypical huge rock band or huge rapper is a male? Yeah, which is why these male acts get backed as the next big thing over their female counterparts. How does that change? We change the perception that your giant rock bands/rappers don't have to be male, and that females can occupy those spaces just as well. Right now, a young boy wanting to start playing the drums or electric guitar will be given more encouragement to do that than a girl of the same age, when they see that pretty much all the people who make it to the big time in those roles are males. Is there something inherently male about playing the drums or electric guitar? No, there isn't, but the culture around rock music paints them as male hobbies. I understand what you're saying about it being unfair to book an act based on their gender. But I think it's more unfair that the industry is like this and hence females are afforded less opportunities to make it. And unfortunately, we're in a position where measures like this have to be taken to address the imbalance. Anyway, I'm pretty bored of going over this argument for the thousandth time on here now so I'm gonna leave it there.
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    @dentaIpIan I've never ever argued that is unfair. Not only that, I have stated more than once that it would be completely fine by me if the lineup was either 100% or 0% male. What I'm arguing is that choosing acts based on gender and not quality is wrong, sexist and defeats the uniting purpose that music, at least in my opinion, has. @Gucci Piggy I do not think having an imbalanced lineup is a problem, no. I also don't think there is such a vast imbalance as some claim, I just might be wrong however, since you seem to know way more about the deep-rooted imbalance in the industry so I will happily stand corrected if you care to educate me. There is less female acts than male, evidently, but the reasons for that I would say are multiple and can't be pinned to sexism (although that's certainly the easiest way). I would also argue that any deep-rooted imbalance, in whichever size, shape or form, can't be solved with a superficial publicity stunt as "the new normal" certainly is, no matter how many snowflakes get off of all the chances for accusing white privileged blokes of crying. They can have the best lineup ever, 100% female, and that's wonderful and I'm buying a ticket right away, but the moment they pitch it as feminist propaganda they strip the artists of their musical value and basically send the message that they are here just because they lack balls. If anything is achieved that way, it is the devaluation of female artists and music in general and not equality.
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    But surely you're going to offer to PM anyone who wants to know?
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    Well no, as it obviously never would get there, because that would be an absolutely stupid thing to advocate for, which equal representation of females isn't. No, I didn't claim that. I said they could swap out some male acts for some female acts without really affecting the quality of the lineup. I don't go to Primavera so I'll use the last Glastonbury as an example (as I was there and know the lineup better). If you swapped out one of the Other Stage headliners (Major Lazer/alt-J/Boy Better Know) for, say, Björk you'd lose no quality. If you swapped out one of the male West Holts Stage headliners (Dizzee Rascal, Justice) for, say, Janelle Monáe you'd lose no quality. I'm not saying these exact acts were available, but I'm pretty sure there will have been several slots on the lineup filled by a male act where they could have booked a just-as-good female act if they'd looked elsewhere. There are more acts available than those who get booked, and not all the ones who aren't booked are worse than those who are booked. So yeah, I'm not saying they actively book worse male acts, I'm saying there are lots of just-as-qualified acts for every slot, and because more of them are male than female it naturally happens that most get filled by males, but they could book other, female alternatives if they wanted to. If Primavera has the option of going for, say, Janelle Monáe or Chance the Rapper to take their final headline slot and can't decide between them based on quality/popularity/whatever else, then going for Janelle Monáe in a conscious effort to aid the female representation is a fair choice imo. Regarding what you say at the end of this paragraph, the whole point of trying to fix it is because there is a deep-rooted imbalance in the industry. If nothing is actively done to fix this then every year it'll just be "Well there are way more male acts who are big enough to play high up at our festival so we'll fill it with male acts" and the issue will never ever be addressed. Is this fair on budding female musicians who aspire to headline festivals like Primavera? No it isn't, and that's not going to change unless people actively try to change it. Mate the entire point is that there isn't equality of opportunity and this is the only way to fix that. Do you honestly think that'll change unless something is actively done about it? And as I've already said, they're not giving these slots to people undeservedly, they're all being given to people who are just as qualified to play them as their male counterparts. I've had this exact same debate countless times on this forum because almost every festival has an unfair imbalance of gender representation. Do you think that just happened naturally or do you think it happened because of males getting much better opportunities in the industry for decades? The entire reason we've got to this point is because males have had better opportunities and now as soon as someone tries to counteract that we get a load of blokes crying that the women are being given preferential treatment. Boo fucking hoo, man. Honestly, what do you think should be done other than this to try and rectify this issue? Or, alternatively, do you not think it's an issue at all?
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    Why is it? Females are unfairly represented in the festival/music industry and because of that they're less encouraged to make music and aim to take their place in those industries. Large institutions like major festivals are some of the best placed people to reverse the unfair way in which males dominate the scene, and focusing on booking more females is pretty much the only way they can do this. It's quite telling that the only people I've ever seen complaining about this are blokes.
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    I'm Canadian, and with it being a fallow year last year my plan was to go to a north American fest. Every lineup was so bad. I ended up doing a new one in BC (skookum) but it was so poorly planned I'll never go back.
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    Have it your way mate ❤️
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    . Got the same bloke lol... Soz different bloke just sharing the same top lol
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    Yea but Eddie is off doing a few things so unless they have it mostly laid down... What I'm getting at is they need to be together for some time to really get that vibe going get that creative spirit going.. I saw a post on Ten Club that said similar and I tend to agree.. But yea we're due one next year.. I'm hoping for a little less lardedar and more AGGGG than last two.. BUT saying that some of the best PJ songs have come off BS and LB. We wait and hope and hey they might just might do another tour..
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    Yeah I love Spanish Love Songs album, missed them on their previous tour so would it would be great to see them at Trees. Also with American Football announcing their album it would be nice to see them headlining The Axiom but I doubt it.
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    They're in Europe for July at least, so Glastonbury could be the start of their European festival circuit. I'd be quite surprised if they don't show up on the Farm.
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    To roughly quote me from a couple of pages ago: equality of opportunity ≠ equality of outcome. First one good, second one bad. You all are arguing for the second one, but that's sexist, unfair and wrong.
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    If it makes you feel better then I think there was 11 acts who did both in 2016, including some bigger acts like Disclosure, The 1975, Ellie Goulding and Earth, Wind & Fire.
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    Purchased and read, this has strengthened my stance on our completely ridiculous outdated laws. I'm shocked that so many have been criminalised when they need bloody help. Also the double standards of the DS getting smashed on alcohol to celebrate putting 'drug pushers' behind bars.
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    Listen, I like Hot Chip, they're great live and undoubtedly have a solid back catalogue of bangers, but c'mon. We're talking about Macca here. Taking one of his shows from the last month this is just an example of *some* the sort of stuff we're likely to get; A Hard Day's Night Can't Buy Me Love Got To Get You Into My Life I've Got A Feeling Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five Maybe I'm Amazed I've Just Seen A Face Blackbird Lady Madonna Eleanor Rigby Something Band On The Run Back In The USSR Let It Be Live And Let Die Hey Jude Birthday Sgt Peppers Helter Skelter Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End
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    Why does everyone need to argue about what is slow music, boring music, heavy music, soft music, quiet music blah blah blah. Even arguing about what is good music and bad music is futile as everyone has different tastes. I think the line up is pretty diverse already this year and if you don't like whats on the main stage, go and do something else! OR go and see something you usually wouldn't - enhance your life!!!! Just remember everyone is different! One persons "kinky" is another persons "normal"! Don't be so tunnel visioned, have a mosh, have a dance, or lay back and listen to something acoustic. Embrace it!
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    1991 is a pallendrome, therefore it can only mean 1 thing...... ABBA!!!!! 😀
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    Now that's my kind of song...!
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    I'm pleased to now know what the official abbreviation of The 1975 is. No wonder the cool kids blanked me when I called them The Nineteens. The 75 it is!
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    A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships of course! The 75 at their best!
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    Just for fun, no idea where to start with placements for Werchter so I just alphabetised most of it, give me some more name suggestions for certain days.
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    Gazza, why do you even bother commenting on this thread when it's quite clear you have no intention of going to Rock Werchter and have nothing positive to contribute? The post you initially replied to was about Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Smashing Pumpkins, Thom Yorke and The National. All of these acts are perfectly reasonable bookings for Rock Werchter, so what's the point in quoting it and saying "It's not 6music festival"? Without wanting to sound harsh, your music taste is effectively that of a teenager in the mid-00s. I'm sorry that major festivals in 2018/19 don't cater to that, but I'm not sure what you feel you achieve by going around threads of festivals you have no intention of going to, and seemingly have never been to in the past, and telling everyone that the lineup/their suggestions are rubbish. Once again, the post you just replied to was about a bunch of acts that are entirely suitable for Rock Werchter. Have you seen the 2018 lineup? It includes Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, David Byrne, Nine Inch Nails, Fever Ray, etc. Just as "Primavera" as the acts in the post you just replied to (which also included several non-"Primavera" acts like Parkway Drive and Wolfmother). Honestly I'm not really sure what you get out of posting here anymore. You don't seem to listen to any new music or like the lineups of any festivals these days (except odd days that have a few 2000s rock acts playing) and spend most of your time on here going around saying either a lineup is rubbish, people's suggestions are rubbish, or arguing with people. Not that I'm trying to tell you how to spend your time, I just don't really understand it.
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    I poke about on these forums because they're full of people who are into music in a way I'm just not. I'm the kind of philistine who thinks Sziget looks good because I like the Foos and a bit of Ed Sheeran in the sunshine. I think this is a really bold move by Primavera but that's what makes it fresh and interesting to a crowd that likes music. I have heard of a grand total of 12 people on that poster, 5 of which are because I read these forums and only 1 (Interpol) is a headliner. But I'm not the target audience. I hope this gamble pays off because it's great to see a festival doing something different even if I'm not the one who will properly appreciate it.