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    It took me a second to realise this was a drinking fountain icon, not a 'person being sick into a bin' icon
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    One thing that is unclear from this album; and also his earlier work, both solo and with Clipse, is Pusha’s relationship with cocaine. He’s so ambiguous about it, what’s he trying to tell us?
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    For me it has to be the Sunday closer of Justice and then up to the hill with the eFests crew. This year was the first time I'd actually met @stuartbert two hats, @fatyeti24, @H.M.V, @bennyhana22 and many others I was too smashed to remember, but was made to feel properly part of the family. Combine that with the euphoria of Justice and it was my absolute banger.
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    Coming across this guy in the Tepee area. Not sounding quite as good as i remember but at the time it was a wonderful experience. (not my video so don't blame me that it is on its side) Also Z Star Delta in the Rumshack on Wednesday night was a revelation
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    Ah I've just seen the email from Redtkt answering my exact question! Thanks Orens
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    would absolutely love it, roll on round 17!
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    Ground was dry and hard. But rained a lot overnight so not sure what that will have done to it but would imagine it will still be ok. Not ventured out yet! Looks pretty miserable out there!
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    I've noticed Beans on toast on the line up which I don't think had been announced. I happy with that. Strange about Wombats but maybe they're booked to do a gig in Budapest and they assumed it was for the festival.
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    You can print the ticket at home and go in with it on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, but they will obviously have to scan it at the entrance. This year we can get our wristbands at the Apolo on Monday/Tueday:
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    You might be a bit disappointed when you get there?
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    Thought so. Can’t take be taking any money away from the Stones machine I know! It’s amazing how many variations they can make out of a big whack off tongue splattered on a tee. More money on beer it is then
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    Bonobo has been partially leaked, Hudson Mohawke has been self confirmed, same goes for The Wombats. sziget management also confirmed a bunch of names of the Party Arena, ad Flux Pavilion and Whatsonot, plus a small Retro Stage with Brooklyn Bounce and Regina added. If on top of that they filled it with Incubus, De La Soul and Brockhampton, I'll go nuts
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    Saw Ho99o9 last night and that was certainly something, what a live act. Definitely made up for not being able to get in the venue at Glastonbury last year, ended with the entire crowd on stage.
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    Animal collectives doing sung tongs? Makes sense with the tour coming up - also a few hours before Panda Bear set
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    Silk City have released their first single. Although I personally prefer the LSD cuts and it would probably suit Bestival's line-up this year better, I still think this is a pretty great track
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    That poster design is awesome. Acts look realistic too, however I think it’s perhaps a bit too strong at the top of the other stages.
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    Uptown is trenchtown, town centre, copper county, paradise heights, oldtown, whistlers green, sector 6, psychedelic forest, whilst downtown is banghai towers, dstrkt 5, barrio loco, metropolis, diss-order alley so uptown is mainly bands whilst downtown is mostly dj's but with a couple of exceptions. They also may have changed it for this year.
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    Funfact: I once served Bodger 3 x quadruple straight vodkas within half an hour of him leaving the Kids Field.
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    Sorry double posting #fatmobilefingers Local DJs is my thing so that’ll be cool I’m more thinking after the bands have finished tbh either at the festival site or in Zagreb as I’m staying in the city centre
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    About 30 years ago I was working as a driver. I had a similar gag lined up for years, when I finally go the chance to use it, the person I said it to didn't get it. Devastated. Anyway.... Picture the scene.... I've driven to one of the banks on my route (for it was a bank I worked for). While waiting for them go gather the stuff I had to take with me, one of the women said they had a problem with a set of drawers, the top one was jammed in and they couldn't get it out. Could I take a look. So... I'm trying to force it open and she says "Would you like a screwdriver?". Barely containing my excitement I retorted, "No thanks. I'm 20 minutes late as it is!" Silence. Still hurts.
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    Donkeys. That's what we're missing. A donkey to carry your stuff in. A donkey to carry you back to your tent. A donkey to have a chat to if you're lonely. A donkey to say ee-aw and cheer you up. A donkey to keep you warm at night. In short. Donkeys.
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    20-30 mins queue for the toilet. What are you going to do? Piss yourself or piss up the hedge? In the campervan fields the toilets werent emptied on sunday night/monday. In our field there was 1 out of 10 cublicles usable. What do they think is going to happen?
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    Tongue's gonna look better than a shirt with Liam Gallagher's face on it though.