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  1. Last few weeks at work was hectic, never got to finish writing this up! Cheers for the advice, tucked was fine. Did feel the search was thorough, full bag search, wallet gone through, phone case checked, trousers legs patted a fair bit. Assuming weapons is a priority over substances. I wasn't all surprised because of my taste, but I would have made Seinfeld/Fitzgerald the headliner. Felt like their set had the crowd in the best vibe. Ranging from some proper techno to some old classics. DJ Koze was v. good, no complaints, but nothing mind-blowing either. Though Pick Up really was a highlight. Annie Mac... Well... We left early... I dunno, but maybe I was tired from work or just the vibe wasn't all there, maybe the crowd was just a bit too on edge for me (as London tends to be sometimes). Some positives, not sure if it's a new thing at Printworks, but the upstairs was open. And that made a huge difference, got to watch everything from upstairs balconies which is a nice change of space and vibe, and there's also a hidden lounge/bar with sofas and seating, and other toilets. Really nice place to get away from it all, but it has music coming through so can always hear the set in the background. The Visuals Assuming this was Annie's doing (getting it arranged), but the Visuals brought the night up 200%. Big tall screen at the end of the venue, and the had a video jockey editing and playing around. Really fun to watch and get lost in. Had a great time with my mates, not a wasted a night, will definitely take other friends that come to the city as it's an amazing venue, but much rather go to smaller places for the music. On that note considering Folamour this Friday.
  2. Acid Loafers

    Hot Chip

    Ugh, that would be amazing.
  3. Acid Loafers

    2019 Map

    Block 9 looks delicious and big! Feel like there will still be some changes to come, as no changes to Silver Hayes and Arcadia still has the Spider, which is said to not appear this year.
  4. Fuck me thats a good lineup. A lot in there I'd be down to see. See myself making an effort to see: Auntie Flo, Four Tet, Midland, Palms Trax, Ross from Friends, Daniel Avery, Peggy Gou (literally just cause im curious and would probably never pay to see her specifically, a personal box I'd be down to tick) & HAAi out of curiosity, does this imply Four Tet and Ross as dj sets? doesnt say Live set as it does with Auntie Flo, but considering the artists it might be a given that it would be a live set. Was honestly hoping for a Bicep DJ set. Might come in the SE corner still.
  5. The more I think about it, the less likely it seem that Jopkins will be on at the same time as Chems and Hot Chip. While for us it seems like a clashtastertrophe, it also has to be considered that people that have no interest or liking in any form of this type of music will have to head to either West Holts or Pyramid, possibly making those stages even busier than usual. I just don't see them splitting electronic acts over 3 stages on Saturday. Jopkins subbing Chems is actually a dream.
  6. Loving Chems. Sorry Hot Chip. Saturday is a Chemical kind of night. Anybody else thinking that the show could start with No Geography? Long drawn out intro, then BAM! with the keys and melody. In my mind how I'm imagining it, would be pretty epic.
  7. Fuck me, this Chems news has really put a spanner in the works. If Chems, Hot Chip and Hopkins are all bound to clash then that really is bad planning imo. Splitting crowds that are obviously sharing tastes. Never seen Chems and would probably be cheaper and to see the other two individually so think I'd go there but really was hoping I'd see Hot Chip at the farm and maybe even catch some Hopkins if possible. Really considering getting myself an APE Ticket now...
  8. Bloc Party, Bombay Bicycle Club & Giorgio Moroder
  9. London See Tickets Coach last year, they only check that you actually have a ticket. Times meant nothing, just trying to fill up the coaches. National Express this year, will see how that fares.
  10. Thanks for the advice! Looking forward to it then, first time seeing George. I feel that I'll like the music selection. Think my style is a bit "lighter" than a few of yous here. I dabble in techno but not heavily. Will let y'all know on Monday my thoughts 😛
  11. Good to hear! Was planning to be safe as usual, regardless. This will be 4th time seeing him, this is b2b so might be different. But when I have seen him, he puts on a great night. He dropped Roy Keane-Brame and Hamo, Yeke Yeke - Elektroid, and The Phoenix Pt2-Marquis Hawkes off the top of my head (glanced at Shazam) when he did 6 hours at Village Underground. It's always fun with him, for me.
  12. I'd say the moment past the gates, just after the wristband. Like walking into another world, completely buzzing with energy and life. Off we go, to set our tent and begin the adventure. Looking for where you'll be calling home for the next 5 days. Everywhere you look, smiles everywhere, happiness, eager and unsure of what lies ahead. Each person about to have their own unique and amazing weekend that might not have any cross overs with yours at all, but will be just as magical and special for each person respectively. That's when it starts for me. Though admittedly, I'm a bit of a people watcher, so I enjoy wondering where everyone around me has come from and how all their lives and experiences have ended up with all our paths crossing over together in this shared time and space.
  13. Printworks tonight. Really looking forward to it. Most excited for Dj Seinfeld B2B George Fitzgerald tbh. Seinfeld always delivers. Also to those who've been Printworks lately, how invasive are the pat downs searches? Only been once and it was standard, no crotch grabbing, no shoe check but have heard stories off mates that they can be quite full on sometimes. Just wondering what to expect/be prepared hah. 👀
  14. Acid Loafers

    Hot Chip

    Kinda regret not trying for Village Underground, but was literally same week as Foals at EartH and couldn't really afford both at the time. Really looking forward to the Park.
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