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  1. Dunno why, seeing all the plans he had this year hits so hard to me. No matter what you're working on, life can just disappear like that.
  2. Think I'd rather see them at Reading than the 02, looking at the US part of the tour it's all stadiums & arenas. Where else would they play if they came to London?
  3. PSA: Houghton Tickets are held until 48 Hours before the event, as RA has been doing for several events now. As far as I know, RA is the only ticket seller. If I were going to get rid of my Houghton tickets (still unsure), I'd throw them back to RA and use their official re-sell tool. If you plan on buying later, just keep checking RA as it will often fluctuate from sold out to having tickets available as people change their minds. Nobody will (should) have any tickets until 48 hours before, and anybody saying otherwise should be heavily doubted, in my opinion. Regarding Houghton sound, what is the sound/sleep situation? I'm all about the music, I'm also about getting some sleep, daily. I'm sure doesn't sound as exciting a weekend as the lad who didn't sleep for 3 days... Does the whole campsite hear thumping all night/morning? Or are some areas worse than others?
  4. Butch is great if you somehow haven't heard of him. No idea what he is like behind the decks, but his tracks are always on my playlists and a must see for me if he's on a lineup I'm at. This is his most recent release, you may have heard it or will hear it this summer I bet. And this one you may have heard about 2 summers ago. Though still bangs.
  5. Yeah I did it via the app on my phone
  6. Hmmm jus more good things I hear about Houghton! I've got tickets as I think I'll go. I do think that if I were to ever go, going the year after Windgate seems like the one. But somewhat still finding myself on the fence as the from the lineup I recognise about 1 in 5 names (at least a couple of things I'd want to see every day I guess?). Having been to Glasto in the past I know it's not "all about the lineup" but currently finding it hard to know if I'll find it worth it/enjoy it.
  7. Late reply but my thoughts dont seem to match the rest of XOYO complaints on here so decided to add them here. XOYO is laid out horribly. The venue has a decent capacity size, but due to the nature of the place, everyone wants to be downstairs. That's usually where the main line up is and what sells tickets go there. Unfortunately, the venue can technically hold more people, if they stayed upstairs, which most people are not interested in, which results in too many people downstairs and not enough upstairs. It's awful for everyone involved. XOYO can't let less people in because they are all downstairs but you also can't expect half to be upstairs when what everyone has come to see is downstairs. It's just unfortunate. Add to that one of the worst cloakrooms in London and a location that attracts walk ins to pop by, usually very inebriated and not the most electronic-music-club-friendly. Seen all sorts in there that just ended up inside due to Google saying that it was near where they were at 2am and is open. So yeah, it's uncomfortable in there for me and I think everyone I have spoken to has a similar experience.
  8. I'd honestly just look on RA on the night as Lineup usually > venue for me, but I guess I'm lucky enough to be able to know the London spaces now. To add on what others have said: Printworks, go if you've never been, big warehouse vibes. Having been a few times, it gets a bit old or I don't think anything will ever top my first time in there seeing Bicep. Fabric is another that I'd suggest checking if you've never been. Usually gets all the people that are not from UK's attention as it's very central and quite an easy/guaranteed good night. (I dunno I just always meet French, Italians and Spaniards in there...) I'm not into the DnB nights they put on, and I think the place is at it's best when all 3 rooms are open, always a bit gutted when it's just R1. Phonox can be a great vibe depending who's playing (a bit of a trend with me), it's like XOYO (managed/owned by same team) but only 1 room and a cosy bar downstairs and usually not too rammo. I live close by so kinda love it. A few people say it's pretty young, so if you're 30+ you might think you're the oldest person in the room, but you're probably not, maybe second oldest Village Underground has been booking some decent All Night Longs this year, dunno who's managing but they are getting some decent names doing fun things. Another 1 room, more of a venue than a club but very fun, am also going to HAAi's All Night Long later this year. Micks Garage in Hackney also book some fun nights, it's a coffee roasters during the week and turns into a club from Friday. Just avoid XOYO. No matter what. It's never worth it.
  9. Be there on time and you should most likely get tickets, walk in the park compared to Glasto. Would go again but am a poor lad this year. Hunee at UFO sounds absolutely mental. Looking at keeping costs down and thinking Lost Village or Houghton for my E/D Fest fill, anyone been recommend either? Thinking Houghton might have the vibe of the year with the whole wind cancellation situation though all the sets I've heard out of Lost Village sound mental.
  10. I was just giving you all the drawbacks, if you manage to get the early bird tickets for £22 you'll have a grand old time. Main thing is you won't know the lineup so if you're only keen for Orbital may have to listen to some other sets you're not into, but curation should be good on their end. This is last year https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1190468 Also regarding timings depending on what you're into, this year it's on Saturday looks like a day thing so 12:00 - 23:00, some enjoy that, if not could get to Fabric/Phonox/XOYO or some other venue for a few more hours. Saturday will have a night tube running (limited service on selected lines). If you've never been, go for it! Buying tickets at 22 guarantee you should be able to sell them off worst case. Wasn't trying to put you off, just my experience (and you did ask what the drawbacks were). Bicep at Printworks may have been the best show I've ever been to.
  11. Well I'd assume that those £22 tickets are pretty limited. Unless you're quick you're most likely to pay one of the tiers as they sell usually 22/28/35/40 off the top of my head. I don't know what Orbital usually costs, but the set wouldn't be more than 1.5h potentially just 1. It'll be a full day of lineups which is very standard for Printworks. Also not sure what AVA has planned but visuals could be hit or miss. Also you'd most likely have to get in the venue a few hours before the end, assuming you just want to see Orbital. Can also get pretty rammo at Printworks, especially by the front & middle (depending on their setup). Sound is good everywhere at least. All the drawbacks I can think of.
  12. Orpheu The Wizard dropped this at Dekmantel Selectors Stage on Saturday and it was defo a highlight of the weekend for me.
  13. The queen if this thread has graced us with 6 tracks. 1 which was already released. The last two are just pure insanity. Jealous if she plays the farm again, will need to try and catch her in a similar place/vibe as her set at Genosys was nothing short of legendary.
  14. Going to the Friday show in London. Caught him in NL earlier this year and was soo good. Seems to have found his place at the moment. Have you tried Ticketswap?
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