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  1. Have heard the same exact thing by someone whom I met at a party. Said he works for them, and that it's still them there, just a new name and stage will look a bit different (didn't sound like it was changing a whole lot though).
  2. Unlucky here. Oh well.
  3. Our experience was the worst this year. I barely saw the holding page on any device. Everyone saying it's luck, but it doesn't feel like luck when the website doesn't even show up for 2/3 of both coach and general sale. Very salty. If at least I was on the holding page at least I'd feel like there was a bit of random luck element to it, instead just a massive middle finger from SeeTickets.
  4. Never even saw the page until 9:25. The system doesn't work.
  5. Acid Loafers

    Sold out

    Fuck Seetickets. How is it worse every year yet they know the demand gets higher. 🙄
  6. Might end up here, might tick off visiting Japan of my bucketlist instead.
  7. First time I went I took a Thursday Ticket as having never been before, getting inside was my main priority. Now days though, I need to wake up inside in Thursday morning. Don't really care about what time on Wednesday. Who knows what I'll do if I see Thursday tickets as my only option. Might grab them as I have fears the main sale will be the biggest bloodbath ever this year. I have already accepted the 7 stages of grief as in my mind, with how much I've heard non-festival people talk high interest in attending this year, there is no way I'll get through.
  8. Never seen Hopkins, think I'll make an effort to do that Royal Albert Hall show. Think it'll be different and spectacular and looking forward see the melodic/orchestral side of his. Standing or seated though? Only been once and was sitting pretty high up, but loved it regardless.
  9. Heading to Amsterdam for ZeeZout as some mates have insisted. Looking forward to seeing Hunee again. Wanted to check what people here thought, will either finish with Mall Grab or Or:La. Think my mates are thinking Mall Grab, but have seen a few videos of Or:La and she can really throw a good one. Where would you go? Might check out De School after. See if my mates can hack it. They're not the biggest ravers I know. Off the top of my head Kala Festival and Dekmantel Selectors (the Croatia one, not the Amsterdam one) might be up your way.
  10. I do remember talking more to strangers in 2017. I agree the heat definitely changed the mood. I'm probably wrong, but it also felt like there were a larger amount of first timers, and it takes time get used to how Glasto rolls and that everyone's friendly and open. Also, I'll talk to anyone who's friendly enough to start a conversation with me, but I'll rarely start one myself. I could blame it on London or that I'm also just a bit shy (until I get to know you haha). The only times I can remember talking much to strangers was while filling up water actually.
  11. I had foolishly planned to pop my Downlow Cherry on Sunday, but didn't make it early enough and didn't want to spend half of my last night in a queue. Wandered into Max's set since it said A/V set and Gas Tower might be my one of my favourite places to be at night. Didn't know that much about Max, but wow! Some of the best visuals my eyes have laid eyes on. All my mates were at Beat Hotel Closing party but Max's set was definitely a highlight of this year for me, with the whole nature of how I had all these plans that failed on me and ended up spending my night with him. Felt like it was meant to be, in true Glasto Fashion.
  12. AV Show at Printworks. Count me in.
  13. Haven't listened to it yet, but here's another hour of MG Edit: Last track, wow.
  14. As of late Mall Grab has been doing 100% Mall Grab sets. This had a tracklist at one point in time, all Mall Grab songs and most of them unreleased. Might find what you're after in there. On another note, I'm doing Hunee's night at Printworks. The clash is real as the two best sets I've seen all year are Hunee at Junction 2 and Orpheu The Wizard at Dekmantel. Should be a ton of fun. Hoping crowd is on board too. Definetely don't want to imagine the crowd at Peggy, I'm sure the show will be great but feel like she'll attract a very un-friendly, typical London crowd.
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