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  1. The Roskilde lineup is looking great. Think this is exactly what everyone was hoping the top line of Prima would look like. I think placing their festival right at the start of July puts them in a really good place to catch all the artists coming through Europe throughout the summer. Really makes me believe Prima has done a great job getting headliners as good as they have after seeing how other festivals have ended up.
  2. Yes! I listened to both a little but definitely need to give them some more time to click with me. Thanks
  3. Having a very similar experience with Kim Petras my friend. Cannot stop listening to both albums. Heard her features on Charli XCX work but hadn't taken her seriously until now. That Friday (for me) is absolutely STACKED and I'm already overthinking every possible clash in preparation. Between her, Strokes, Brockhampton, King Gizzard, Caribou, Kacey Musgraves and heaps of others it's going to be a long day of darting between stages.
  4. No worries! Last year day tickets sold out just for the Saturday. I imagine it's a similar thing this year because it's the day locals don't have to book time off work HOWEVER, Rosalia played last year on the Saturday and that was a big deal so my honest opinion is day tickets won't sell out this time. The festival start teasing when they're close to selling out and even show % of tickets sold so you won't miss out. Times are normally released around the start of May so we have a few months of sweating about clashes first aha
  5. In my experience (3 years living in BCN) this is how long things take: Getting through customs: 15/20 minutes AeroBus to Ramblas: 40 minutes Renfe Train to Ramblas: 50 minutes Taxi to Ramblas: 25 minutes Ramblas to Forum via metro/bus: 30 minutes Ramblas to Forum via taxi: 10 minutes Getting your wristband: 10 minutes Beck is a bit older so may play at 9/10 but The Strokes probably won't play until 11/12 so you'll definitely make it in time to see them. We'll see when the times are released but you should be fine as long as you're happy to eat at the festival.
  6. No bmbmbm is disaster. Hoping they bring that tune and Matt back for Prima as long as he's in good health. Thaks for reporting back. Makes me happy I saw them a couple times last year.
  7. Been excited by the hype of Koffee but hadn't really 'got it' just yet. Just watched her Tiny Desk and very excited for her set now. Can see how she won her grammy this year.
  8. Yes Metronomy is a good call! I haven't seen them for a long time now but imagine they're still putting on a fun show. Very fair on Black Midi. I took some friends to see them last year and half of them hated it, the other half enjoyed it. Think it depends on the environment for sure. Brittany Howard didn't play any Alabama Shakes stuff when I saw her and checking setlist.fm it looks like she doesn't at all really. Sampa is high up on my list so hope she can put on a great show
  9. Totally agree with both of these. Not in the same genre but Jamila Woods sounded 10x better. Her live band are top tier and when I saw her at Pitchfork Festival Paris every song sounded so much bigger—really similar to the Janelle Monae vibe from last year. Others I've found to be better live: - Brittany Howard - Black Midi - Tropical Fuck Storm
  10. Parklife lineup is out (weekend after Prima). Obviously different vibe entirely but interesting to see who else they may have been talking to. Some of the names in the bottom half of that poster would have been great (return of Tierra Whack, Lucky Daye, Mahalia, Goldlink, D Double E). Also, seriously why didnt they get .Paak? He must be a Madrid fan or something.
  11. Speaking of which... A Brockhampton/King Gizzard/Fontaines is the scariest thing I've ever had to think about.
  12. Good spot. You bet your ass I'll fill this one in too and start freaking out about non existent clashes.
  13. The Solange vs Lizzo clash last year wasn't as big a deal as say Nick Cave vs Fever Ray but was just the dumbest organising I've seen. Put them on opposite ends of the festivals and overlapped their entire sets.
  14. Agreed. She's playing in Barcelona next Saturday and I can't fucking wait. I missed her set last year to see Erykah Badu which I don't regret but very excited to see her.
  15. Yeah so much so. I don't see any way they can rearrange those names and I'm not having to make some seriously tough decisions. The Friday is the biggest day for me and my Clashfinder is already stacked without Brockhampton included. Jeez.
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