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  1. Sadly, last year the slow bar queues were one of the main complaints. Hopefully they have responded this year. My recommendation (and lots of other people in this forum will say the same) is to just go to a bar next to a stage with no music. If you plan correctly you can end up getting served in seconds but when at the Primavera, Ray-Ban or Pitchfork stages, it can be tedious at night.
  2. There are some bleachers one side which are public access, then there are other bleachers on the other side which are for VIPS (these have bars and food inside). The one in the photo is the public one. sounds is perfectly fine from the bleachers Ran past the site yesterday and it's shaping up nicely. Primavera stage has its frame and the main stages are just starting.
  3. My other recommendation is that when you first arrive in the sunshine, you'll see the grounds and find it really easy to navigate. It is genuinely quite a simple festival space but trust me, when It gets dark and the crowds grow in the night it can get really disorienting. Try and avoid moving between the main two stages and the rest of the festival too much when it gets dark. A lot of people have said it in this thread but when you leave the main stages right when an act finishes it can take a long time to get out and it's extremely easy to lose track of people. Not trying to scare anybody but definitely try and arrange a meeting point in the festival in case you lose each other. I know it's festival 101 but Primavera is in the dark more than 50% of the time.
  4. 100% agree. I thought they'd consider her for Ray-Ban or Primavera considering the fact that she is a star in the states. There are a few good acts playing on Lotus which I'm sure will be beautiful but making the trek from Mordor to the beach is a 20+ minute job at peak time.
  5. Plus the final that's gonna be hectic.
  6. That Loyle Carner, Kali Uchis, Channel Tres clash is fucking killer.
  7. True, as far as Primavera teasing goe,s this isn't too bad. I'm just happy we don't have to sit through more Spanish trap and watch those two dudes stand on a balcony.
  8. I live in Barcelona and on my App it still has another 38 minutes to go. Not sure if it's a VPN issue. Yeah, agreed, Lotus dropped the ball here.
  9. They come out officially in 45 minutes I believe.
  10. I'm very interested in Julien Baker being in the Auditori. Think it's a very good idea as she really benefits from good acoustics. Definitely will be doing all I can to get a ticket to that. I imagine Lucy Dacus might be there too on the Friday.
  11. This is very kind of you. Love checking back in. Think you've got a good chunk of the lineup there.
  12. A part of me is relieved I don't want to see anything on the Heineken Stage - fewer clashes, phew.
  13. Set time announcement year by year: 2014: Apr 29th - Tuesday 2015: May 6th - Wednesday 2016: May 12th - Thursday 2017: May 5th - Friday 2018: May 9th - Wednesday I think you're all right with the football playing a part in set times. After the next leg of Barcelona - Liverpool on Tuesday they'll make a decision. I think we'll get it either the day after so May 8th or the following Monday so May 13th.
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