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  1. Personally I think she's playing, and probably it will be a light set with a mix of old songs, Caprisongs and some new unreleased material. Also I think that she dropped from Mexico because she probably did not have her set ready by that time and it was her only date outside Europe so maybe did not make much sense. And also if she was cancelling all the concerts, why didnt she cancel it 1 or 2 months before? So in my books she's in for now. Specially after Kim Petras dropping I guess Primavera will push for her to not drop.
  2. She can literally drop 1 day before the festival and nobody can do anything about that.
  3. Shygirl looks like the best addition in this situation. Matches much more Kim Petras style of music, has free dates that Thursday, is around the area (she has a concert in Paris on Saturday) and personally i like her a lot.
  4. In case you missed it, Friday is officially sold out
  5. As I've read in other forums, artist like 21 Savage and Maneskin are probably the biggest names we are getting next week. Cannot see anyone else getting added at this point for headliners. Smaller names are harder to predict, but I can see Michael Kiwanuka, Air, L´imperatrice and others.
  6. Screenshot or I don’t believe it ahahahah every time I DM’d them even to ask about practical info about tickets they never replied
  7. I mean, up until some days ago she only had 2 dates booked so if she did them she would need to rehearse and get a team. So in that sense I see why she could cancel the Mexican show, doesn't mean she cancelling the Primavera date. She's been posting rehearsals and some sort of vocals and dances on Instagram these past weeks, so maybe she is rehearsing but the Mexico date is too early for that. Idk. In terms of replacement, I guess by now Primavera knows that she can drop (probably they knew since the beginning) so I guess it is easier for them to replace her knowing 3 months in advance. There are plenty of acts touring Europe in June that could come to Primavera, it could even be Grimes.
  8. Both her album/new songs leak and the trial final happened before she was announced at Primavera, so unless there's something else, I don't see a problem of her coming to Primavera, specially if she lives close by. Don't think there will be a tour tho, if she has a trial in October don't she will tour 5/6 before that, can see her touring again in 2025 specially if she wins the trial. For now no need of speculation until else is proven, in my books she's playing Primavera, and if she really cancels it won't be something unexpected and I hope that Primavera finds a good replacement, as they know about these things more than us.
  9. I think at this point it's purely speculation and we don´t know what happens behind the curtains but from what I know, she's been dropping from festivals because of her lawsuit against Shia. The thing is that the final lawsuit is scheduled to be in October this year, and that was announced back in October 2023, 1 month before Primavera. So in that sense, I think there isn't anything that could indicate that she's cancelling. On another hand, if she only has 2 concerts, and one of them is super far from UK (assuming she still lives there) it would make sense for her to cancel and come to Primavera that is much closer. Maybe she expected to do a more extensive tour in South/North America and just having one show now doesn't make sense for her. At this point it's purely speculation and I think we shouldn't look at what happened at Mexico festival as it doesn't mean anything for now. Specially because both of the festivals are 2 months apart. Until she's officially cancelled Primavera she's still playing the festival, at least in my books.
  10. I read that at Coachella she’s playing live, also the festival that replaced Twigs with Grimes didn’t mention anything about DJ Set. Would prefer her just to perform live, specially her older material, I saw her back in 2016 and it was amazing.
  11. Don’t really see the need for worries or speculation at this point, she only had 2 dates anyway, and it’s much easier to go to Barcelona from UK then to Mexico, plus her Mexico date was 2 months prior to Barcelona, so it could be anything that she had to do in March. Until she’s out, it’s just speculation. I kind of believe she will be there, cause Primavera dedicated a bit of time to promote her as exclusive act. Worst case scenario we might get someone like Grimes, that tbh I wouldn’t mind to see.
  12. I guess we are getting some names early next week
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