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  1. Is there any possibility of them adding Frank Ocean? I mean there could be some secrecy and embargo on his tour and new album so who knows.
  2. I´m expecting big names to be announced this week before Christimas so they could sell those tickets!
  3. On the day Kendrick was announced for Nos Alive I´ve heard strong rumours that Tame Impala will be joining Nos Alive so now it makes sense. I´m curious about what day they will play.
  4. So Tame Impala are officially out of almost every portguese festival due to their US dates. There is a little slot for European Festivals in the end of June, beggining of July and I think that they will fill it with European dates. For me they are in for Nos Alive.
  5. Brockhampton just announced a Europe Tour in May, ending June 2nd so they will be definitely playing Primavera.
  6. Rock In Rio suffers a lot for having "Rock" in its name and they are predominantly a pop festival now so it´s useless to criticize or make fun of a festival on the basis of its name. And of course those festivals won´t change their namescause they don´t want to lose their brand.
  7. And who else will be playing both Primaveras?
  8. I think that Tyler will be definetly playing Barcelona, it´s a huge festival and they repeat artists all the time. He already played Nos Primavera 2 years ago and was on the 2nd line of the bill so I doubt that they will repeat with him because this time he needs a headliner slot.
  9. You´re one of those people who has a friend that has a friend that has a friend that heard from a friend that he will play both festivals?
  10. That doesn´t mean that he will play Nos Primavera Sound, he could end up at Nos Alive or Super Bock but I think that all 3 options are available. Same thing with Tame Impala, they won´t play Primavera Barcelona but there is a possibility that they will play Nos Primavera Sound.
  11. That´s what think so also! I think that Rex Orange is a great possibiity for Nos.
  12. There were talks on Twitter that Tame Impala will be joining Nos Alive but not on the Kendrick´s day. And where do we stand about Tyler The Creator? He´ll be touring Europe in July and he is a possibility but I think that he´ll end up at Super Bock or at Nos Primavera.
  13. I think that they didn´t expect Kendrick to tour next summer, maybe they only booked him a few weeks ago.
  14. May be similar to what Mad Cool did last year with the opening day. Is there any information about tickets, the full ticket will be the same price?
  15. Oh my fucking god I can´t believe that they added him minutes after I mentioned him. Anyway, he is the only one playing that or there will be other artists?
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