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  1. jonathansoegaard

    Roskilde 2018

    Very good program in my oppinion!
  2. jonathansoegaard

    Roskilde 2018

    I agree. Roskilde started out strong with announcement, but then came Eminem, and whilst being a great booking we also got Cardi B and Khalid making the poster look very mainstream / popish, but great for selling tickets to the youngsters. This announcement with NIN, MBV, Black Star, Sampha, Fever Ray and others (depending on taste) got it back on track, and I'm very optimistic. When the final 88! names are revealed I'm pretty sure Roskilde will once again have one of the most interesting and diverse Line-Ups, where everyone should be able to find bands they like and artists they did not know the liked yet. If you like me enjoy artists in different genres it is just THE festival. There should still be some big names to be announced as well as David Byrne is currently the biggest name on the Friday, and I'm not even sure he should play the Orange stage today. But there is not that many big names touring that have not been announced for a danish festival yet - Mainly Nick Cave, Massive Attack and Jamiroquai as far as I can see. Nick Cave looks likely, but maybe a surprising headliner is still lurking. With that being said Roskilde have definently missed out on some great bands touring festivals this season (do not want to mention names, but look at Mad Cool)
  3. jonathansoegaard

    Pinkpop 2018

    Thanks a lot guys I'm readin about camping now, and they write that "No Hard Liquer is allowed", and "you can only bring 12 cans of beer". I thought Holland was more open minded in that regards. Is it a performa rule or something they really seek to uphold? We are used to the campng of Roskilde, which is a crazy war zone
  4. jonathansoegaard

    Pinkpop 2018

    We are coming from Denmark. How fast does this usually sell out? Do we need to be ready to buy saturday because of Pearl Jam/Foo Fighter?
  5. jonathansoegaard

    Pinkpop 2018

    Amazing mix of quality and shit
  6. jonathansoegaard

    Pinkpop 2018

    Would love A Perfect Circle - The others not that much.
  7. jonathansoegaard

    Pinkpop 2018

    Any rumors about act? Looking like A Perfect Circle and Alice in Chains could fit in well on their Tour schedule, which would really make my day! Are the entire Line-Up normally announced with the release of the tickets, and does it usually sell out fast at Pinkpop??
  8. jonathansoegaard

    Roskilde 2018

    Roskilde lacks 100 names so they can stille make a comeback, but it was indeed sad today, where they announced Khalid and Cardi B and put them as headliners. They got Eminem yesterday so they will sell out without a doubt. It is a wonderfull festival, and I still hope for a lot of magic in the coming announcement. The young segment must be satisfied now!!! Give me Nick Cave, Jamiroquai & NIN etc.
  9. jonathansoegaard

    Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Seen AM several times on festivals and I've been underwhelmed each time. Last time (2014 at Roskilde) was better, but still not amazing, so I do not get the hype either. They have a shitload of great songs, but do not seem to be able to translate into a truly amazing liveshow for some reason. I doubt I'll go see it next time I get a chance at a festival.
  10. jonathansoegaard

    Pinkpop 2018

    We are also considering going from Denmark because of PJ. How difficult is it to get a spot in camping A? Do you know why the average age is so "high". Not that it is a problem (we are 26-29), but where do the youngsters get their festival on?