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    First of all, a disclaimer. Don't at all intend this thread to be a downer. Secondly, an apology if something else like this already exists here - but i've not seen anything. So, as Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, it got me thinking that in a pop-up city of 200,000 people there's likely a sizeable chunk who are currently - or have in the past - suffered from various mental health issues - either diagnosed or otherwise. I'm sure many of those planning to attend Glastonbury have the support of their friends but I imagine a fair few don't and maybe suffer in silence, their festival punctuated at times by these things rearing their ugly heads. Glastonbury is an assault on the senses and can be hugely overwhelming, especially to first-timers not knowing what to expect and not having the encyclopedic knowledge of the site many of us have that help to comfortably navigate, get around safely and find quieter spots when we need a breather. You add issues of anxiety into the mix and it can be a really tough few days. I have crippling anxiety and a history of recurring depression, one that I always assumed precluded me from something like Glastonbury, that I should just stay away through fear of panicking or ruining it for my friends. But I was fed up of missing out. When I was first persuaded to go in 2008, I didn't have the best start to the festival in the group I was in - who weren't particularly supportive - and I ended up spending the rest of it alone. Though I struggled on occasions during that weekend, I still had the best time. Despite crowds, noise, the unknown quantity that is an event the size of Glastonbury, I was helped along by a number of strangers who seemed to be able to recognise when I wasn't doing so well. Glastonbury can be incredibly cathartic and remains a place I always feel really safe in despite the size. A busy tram on a weekday in Manchester is enough to make me break out in sweats and have to focus on my breathing. An 80,000 strong crowd in front of the Pyramid doesn't faze me at all. Why is that? I think it would be nice to have a place on this incredible forum and its brilliant community of efesters to chat about these kinds of things. For first timers, whether they identify as suffering from mental issues or not, to air their concerns and ask questions. For solo travellers, to reassure themselves that there is support should they need it and point them towards it. Somewhere for regulars to discuss how they manage their anxiety/depression at the festival, the best places to take a break, spots it might be better to avoid at certain times, the issues surrounding use of drugs to alleviate anxiety, where to camp. Basically, all the things we talk about anyway but from an angle of managing anxiety/depression and absolutely maxing out the potential for your Glastonbury to be the best one ever! Cheers
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    I haven't talked about this here... This year was the first time we've been able to go for a long time, and my son's first Glastonbury. I was ecstatic to get coach tickets within a few minutes - we were going! Within a week our world was thrown upside down. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. It's been a very difficult winter. The treatment was horrendous and it's hard being strong and carrying on as normal when you don't know what the future holds. Whilst a music festival is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and it seemed unlikely we'd now be going, it was the one thing I had to cling to as my escape from the situation. I didn't lose hope of going and you lovely efestival posters have unwittingly helped me enormously. A couple of months on and things have changed remarkably. The treatment was successful. We're definitely going! The one song that I clung to during that difficult time was Radiohead's 'The Numbers' - by no means a big favourite but it was apt, and if they play it I may lose it. That said, it's such a relief and joy to be there it could happen anytime.
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    I think for a lot of people it makes a nice change when the rest of the time they're drowning in vile, abusive, threatening and downright aggressive right wing attitudes. It's just hard to notice when you're not in the firing line. I do think Tories are entirely welcome, but if it's that much of a shock to see what it's like outside the bubble then it's probably a good and healthy thing to see isn't it? Better than imagining the dining room conversation actually encompasses the whole country's views for sure. Tolerance is quite a different thing to meekly not saying anything despite having issues, and I think folk sometimes get confused.
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    Hi All, Now I know this won't make up for the fact you're still trying for glasto tickets but I have 2 weekend tickets for the Sound City festival in Liverpool this weekend (won them but can't go) It would be a massive waste if they weren't used so if any of you folk are based in Liverpool or nearby and would like to go let me know and I will forward the email I received with how to obtain them. From the email I received it doesn't look like I have to go so all should be fine. First come first served and I'm not expecting any money for them however following the events of this week it would a lovely gesture if you could donate towards any of the victims charities set up for the atrocity in Manchester. Cheers Joe
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    Repeat after me: I will get tickets. Now say it a little louder: I will get tickets. Good, now emphasise the 'WILL': I WILL get tickets That's a bit better, but you're not convincing me, say with with belief, make me believe you: I WILL GET THOSE TICKETS Who's going to? ME! That's who! I WILL GET THOSE BASTARD TICKETS Great. There's the SeeTickets office over there, go get them kiddo: ARRGGGHH, GIVE ME MY GLASTONBURY TICKETS ARRRRGGGHH!!!! Perfect. That should see you through 'till tomorrow.
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    Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn DJ set
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    all.... I posted in another thread about me watching for the BBC Glastonbury web cam coming on line I have news! Check out - http://glastocam.panomax.com This is the new cam - its just not been linked to the BBC yet!!! - and by god is it worth the wait!
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    Probably not what you're looking for, but I'll never forget my terminally ill wife (she died in November) with tears running down her face when Adele's stage-eyes opened for Hello last year.
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    Today has been quieter and calmer around here which is totally understandable given the horrific news from Manchester. I think it's ok for us to continue on with our ticket hunt tomorrow morning with the support, smiles and enthusiasm that's made this thread a great place to be. Our thoughts needed to be elsewhere today though. Good luck to the efesters searching for there friend. I hope they are found safe and well x
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    I have just realised someone gave me 2 downvotes too in this thread yesterday, just for asking politely for a link? Made me a bit sad tbh as I'm new here and now my rep is horrible
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    Not a tune.... One of my old clubbing friends who went to glastonbury 3 times passed away in January through cancer. She felt good in october, bought a ticket for the festival. I hadnt seen her for a couple of years, but we all planned to meet up. In january she sadly deteriorated quickly. Left behind a 4 year old boy. Her close friends are still going, we are all meeting up & I expect tears to be shed when we raise a drink to her. There is a funky house DJ on thursday night in the spaceport. Im going to suggest going there. If Red Carpet alight gets played & a mixed group of 10/12 are uncontrollably crying - that will be us.
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    My predictions for the weather: Windy and cold = wear a coat and have a good time. Rain = get wet but have a good time. Muddy = No different from last year, had a good time. Sunshiiiiiine = Get burnt, have a good time. So the forecast is having a good time.
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    Hey all We officially stepped down from the ticket search as of yesterday. We emailed to cancel our TF tent, and we're figuring out alternative plans while in the UK. This morning's flurry gave me momentary hope that sod's law was going to reward y'all for us quitting. It honestly sucks. I've had "Get Glasto tickets" on my whiteboard since this time last year when we decided we were going. We put in every effort in every sale to get our tickets and didn't manage to do it. The bitter person within me is mad that so many people who clearly don't want it/have already been a million times got tickets, and we failed. The good person in me knows it's all a crapshoot, and there's nothing more we could have done. So our search is over. For this year (and next) at least. I do worry life won't allow us another chance, but who knows - what will be will be. Thanks for all the entertainment and keeping me sane enough to keep the hope until now. You are all wonderful people, and the bitter me once again raises her ugly head to get mad that we don't all have tickets, and they do. But they don't have the knob jokes we have, and therefore we are all wealthy in our own way. Much love and ongoing hopes for those remaining in the search. Koala out! x
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    Let's stop pretending. We all know where this is heading...
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    Quick GIF of 2016/2017
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    If you mean one of those dreams where you try to run, but your legs don't work and you try to scream, but you don't make a sound and you try and try to wake up, but you can't and you can't and you can't... Yeah, absolute dream.
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    That sounds a great idea - many years ago at a festival { sorry I have worked so many I cant be specific as to which one } - Liam walked into the Guest Bar on the first day ' before the bar was open ' Now many will not know that before any bar can open it has to be inspected by Weights and Measures - they take samples from all the pumps - now that year there had been a power supply problem so the certification had been delayed so technically I could not legally sell any draft drinks. So when he walked in I told them if they wanted draft drinks they would have to wait until the bar was open. he went right up to my face and said ' Do you know who I am ? ' - in my usual polite self I said something like ' I don't give a shit who you are - there is no power to the pumps so you cant have any draft drinks ' He then demanded that I pour him four pints { it was either cider or lager } I said he could have some bottles but he would have to wait for draft He then stormed off - and as he got to the entrance he shouted - You Fucker will be fired as I wont drink in here if this fucker is still behind the bar . He went to his Manager and the Manager went to the Tent Manager and demanded that I be sacked - the Tent Manager explained the bar could not legally sell any draft drinks and there is no way was he going to sack me . Now sometimes after that Noel found out and he came into the bar and asked to speak to me - He apologised for his brother - I said he did not need to. All that weekend Liam would send in one of his mates and if they spotted me they never came in so I never saw Liam again. so if the two show up - I will watch Noel.
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    Just got back from the Hot Chip takeover which was as quality as you'd expect from them. Chatted with Joe Goddard and he not only said he is doing Beat Hotel Sunday night and somewhere Thursday night (think Shangri-La but can't remember). I asked if Al Doyle was playing with LCD and he said yes, and they are 100% doing Sunday night. He wasn't sure of stage but we know it must be Other. So Sunday night LCD... buzzing
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    As long as it's not raining when I'm in the queue. Or putting my tent up. Or wandering about on the Wednesday Thursday actually. Definitely no rain when the bands are on. And rain would be bad at the night time. And while I'm at it when I'm taking my tent down. And this coming week so the ground is solid. Beyond that it can rain as much as it likes.
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    My first year (2003) I wasn't sure about going, my friend talked me into it but was like "Tickets are sold out though". Then a while later he was like, "I think they're back on sale?" and I went on the website - yep, got my ticket in some unannounced resale I'd stumbled upon. This was back before page pingers and whatsapp groups, so it was kinda a miracle that I did get one. That was the year I met the people of The Official Site glasto forum (the TOSers), and in particular Juls, who talked me into going to art college, where I met my friend Laura, who talked me into doing Camp America, where I met Mike Fox, who talked me into booking a flight to San Diego, where I met Jordan, who I married. So yeah, Glastonbury 2003 and the secret resales did a lot for me.
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    Thanks for all the love guys, feel so relieved to know I am going. It is our 10th wedding anniversary on 24 June and we so wanted to be there to celebrate! We got married in the fallow year of 2006 as we needed an excuse for a party! Good luck to you all, I hope a few more of you win too
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    I know but I have a major project on... Work for seetickets and supposed to be updating some page or something.....
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