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  1. Just booked a ticket. I'm pretty confident that this will go ahead, going in brother's campervan (though sleeping in a tent next to it) I take it that with a 7m x 7m pitch this is allowed in the Campervan fields? Any rumours on the artists who were confirmed for May? Patti Smith was the big name IIRC?
  2. Quite reported for trolling suggest you do the same. Note "Newbie" already downvoted.
  3. Given that I haven't got a ticket for 2020, I'm beginning to wonder if I have already attended my last Glastonbury? There are worse things that could happen. Be safe everyone.
  4. To add an element of positivity to proceedings, I took my 93 yr old Dad to get his Hearing Aid repaired at James Cook Hospital Middlesbrough and he was given the Pfizer Vaccine first dose "while you're here". The process took about an hour but most of that time was form filling, and you have to wait 15 minutes after the jab before you can leave. It will make Christmas more relaxing even though he won't get his second dose until early January.
  5. No just a sign that you are getting old... (Sorry you had to find out this way 🙂 )
  6. But they too will have their suppliers and subcontractors, who in turn... You get my drift not everyone who does Festival work is solely engaged in that work and needs to fill their diaries with work.
  7. Sounds like all you young'uns should give up your tickets to the vaccinated oldies? Old git happy to help right here 😁
  8. I suspect that we would see a run of four consecutive festivals once we "restart" but it is the punishment that the ground takes in those four years that triggers the fallow year, after those I don't think that the lack of activity on the site previously would change that by much perhaps a run of five might be possible? I suspect that it would help immensely if people took this cue to treat the festival site like their own back garden (stop p!ssing in the hedgerows and collect your tab ends for example) would reduce teh need for resting the land?
  9. After hearing/reading the Emily interview on t'BBC I feel that it is now in HUGE doubt. In terms of this year it MIGHT be possible for some smaller fests to go ahead but I think that big ones G, Latt, Downl, etc. are doomed UNLESS there is a Govt. backed cancellation insurance. Booking of acts and things like PAs and stages would now be well advanced and I guess there is a go/no go moment sometime in March/April that is the moment that they can stop everything at minimal cost? When did 2020 get canned? We locked down some time in March but then after that it's all a bit blurrred...
  10. I'm not going to give a list (I don't think I'm qualified) My "Album of the Year" is Spook the Herd by Lanterns on the Lake and track would be "Baddies" off that album. I'm slightly shocked that it has only been mentioned once on here (it was Mercury nommed)
  11. Difference being that you don't have to spend two months building a racecourse before it can run. If you'd asked me a month ago I was confident that it would go ahead. I don't think so now. I suspect that they will have to make the call quite early in the year if the govt don't stump up some sort of cancelation insurance (and there are few Tory votes in Glastonbury, Glyndebourne..)
  12. Watching a Frankie Boyle routine "Brexiteers; people who want to leave Europe because they don’t like Pakistanis"
  13. Aw bugger. Thought it was too good to be true.
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