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    Mrs J gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday, name TBC although I’m pushing for Hugh Junior - the kids could call him HuJu...
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    We got 99 problems but the spreadsheet ain't one... 99 days to the general resale so it seems as good as time as any! Please see the attached link for the resale spreadsheet, it is only open to be viewed currently - we can open it for editing closer to the date to add more specific details such as contact numbers etc. It has been discussed in the resale thread that it will close a few weeks before resale, so that people on new groups can familiarise themselves and sort payment methods etc. If any needs changing, please let me know via email - glastonburyresale@gmail.com - or if you can be added tomorrow any groups too. Placements on there aren't in any particular order, they were initially done in order of contact but as people have dropped out of it I've filled gaps etc. Perhaps, any helpers can start at different positions and work through? Thanks to everyone for their help in advance, and good luck to all! Looking at last year there were about 26 stories of success via the resale group (some were volunteering etc.) so let's try to surpass that! This thread is purely for the spreadsheet, let's keep the support of the resale thread going... it's appreciated. Currently on there are: @crazyfool1, @vintagelaureate, @Charm, @flyleen, @SecretFish, @semmtexx, @Superscally, @BlueDaze, @JacobCMarshall, @gigpusher, @Puttycat1, @clucking, @Stalk1963, @bloom92, @Levitz, @Strummer74, @Johnkhutch, @Little Andy, @wweerr208, @BackpackFullOfWarmBeer, @ionicmoose, @Flysheet, @blutarsky, @plot2pot, @AAlex, @Gilb, @nusha, @rockandnoll, @Barnabybear, @spg, @Fearless_Fish, @CCester, @Monie802, @TheGoodWillOut, @Sweet Pea@Zoo Music Girl, @Sweet_pea, @Damon, @Bovla, @karlpowell, @Friendly Banter, @Smash1984, @marigold83 Please get in touch if you need to be added, or need anything changing! I have hidden Column C (surname) until ticket day. THE SPREADSHEET
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    Twas the week before t-day, with rising morale, All the posters were stirring even @The Nal. Updates were applied and loaded on computers with care, In hopes that a trip to Worthy Farm soon would be there. @crazyfool1 was perched on the edge of his bed, His pyramid hat sat balanced on his head; @Hugh Jass at the ready and @Charm good to go, They just press F5 as a precaution you know. On Sunday the 6th, close to 9am, there will arise such a clatter, @eFestivals will spring to action to see what is the matter. Away to the server he’ll fly like a flash, Reboot the hard drive and load up the dash. The optimism of newbies will spread out below, They’ve not been to resale club like @MilkyJoe Surfing the web like a knowledge filled dingy, We will turn to @Gnomicide - all hail the thingy! There is no pattern came the rallying cry! Even if it says sold out you must try. More rapid than eagles; the refreshes can’t be tame, To be on a successful list refined by your name. "Now, @Sasperella! Now, @oneeye! Now @Funkyfairy! and @Ayrshire Chris! We all need tickets, so please do not miss! To the @deebeedoobee Pilton palace we must pass, And drink cider with @Quark and @lucyginger who lie await in the grass! As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When you meet with a blank screen, F5 till you cry. So up to the address bar the cursors must go, A basket of tickets and a parking pass must show. And then, in a twinkling, be all booked and ready. After prancing and pawing, your hand will hold steady, You will stare at the screen, smiles agape, then turn around, As the confirmation email comes with a bound. Your eyes -- how they’ll twinkle! Your dimples how merry! Your cheeks will be like roses, your nose like a cherry! Your droll little mouth will be drawn up like a bow, As you tell the world “I’ve got a ticket you know.” Think of the joy a golden ticket yields, To dance once again in the @Avalon_Fields. It’s why we are all here twelve months a year, And face T day with excitement and fear! You must go back in for your friends in need, “We need help some” efesters will plead, I’ve heard @DareToDibble will be trying for all, Whilst @Yoghurt on a Stick will have a chemical induced ball. Knowing everyone will be sorted and all will be compete, With the knowledge secret sales no longer repeat, @guypjfreak will smile as his infant granddaughters teethe, And then mouth the Pearl Jam lyric “let us breathe.” Down on the farm, the Eavii will go straight to their work, Booking the acts ; with the help of a clerk, And laying their fingers aside of their nose, And giving a nod, down Muddy Lane Michael goes. Springing to his red rover, to his cows he will whistle, And away they all fly like the down of a thistle. But we shall hear him exclaim, as he speeds down the drive, IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST ONE EVER... GOOD LUCK ON T DAY, AND HAMMER F5!
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    Looks like we might have finally got Gaga for Fri judging by her latest heavily Glasto related Instagram post... I mean, they're striking pyramid poses... Even the flight attendant in the back is dropping hints Gaga herself is pulling her top to highlight the G in Enigma, obvs as a nod to Glastonbury. And the clincher, is they way they are spelling out FRI... All pretty conclusive I think you'd agree.
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    For one time... Nice quality names still to come for RW. A lot of them. A lot of great female acts too. This batch of names was logic. People who are liking the more commercial names are happy now, the feedback on social media were very clear about that. Most of the people need this type of easy commercial artists. I don't have to say how many criticism they get because it was too alternative (FNM, Pixies, Wilco, Strokes, Thom Yorke... are not those easy mass acts). I'm not happy with every artist, but they fit the RW philosophy perfect. Some names mentioned, people are thinking that they won't come anymore to RW (because they have a loaded schedule or ...) , will still play and will be announced very soon. Not easy to make the perfect line up, same story every year. And yes, everybody can say that. Till next time... PS: stop about MCR, please 😂
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    Good morning all. Don’t post much, more of a reader than a writer. Thought I’d share my personal experience of the outbreak. I’m based in China, in one of the provinces worst hit by COVID outside of Hubei. Being on lockdown ain’t much fun at all. I’m lucky that I live alone because it means that I can at least leave the house every two days for supplies; friends who live with their families seem to be having a much harder time as only one designated family member is allowed to go out every two days. It’s really rather trying but the measures that have been put in place seem to be working. I work in a university. We were supposed to be starting the new semester three weeks ago but there’s still no sign of a starting date. Considering how badly the situation was handled to begin with, things are moving pretty fast and we are hopeful that things will return to something like normality soon. The problem was definitely made worse by the Chinese government’s refusal to admit there was a problem and the silencing of anyone who spoke out at the beginning. That’s where you guys who aren’t in China have an advantage over us here, because you don’t have the hindrance of a government trying to hush the whole thing up. I’m not one given to panic, but a healthy amount of paranoia might be a good thing in this case. It is really easy to catch the virus, but also pretty easy to treat, according to reliable friends who work in the city’s hospitals. I’m sure that you won’t face anything like the scale of infection or restrictions that we have been going through, hopefully you won’t get disappeared for speaking out either! This forum has been a real tonic, reading and watching all the discussions and arguments has helped alleviate the boredom a lot. I’m really hoping my VPN is up to scratch or this may be the last anyone hears of me for a while! That’s my tuppence worth anyway. Love from China [cough cough] M
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    I think on a music festival message board it’s a legitimate question to ask. It doesn’t suggest the OP doesn’t give a shit about anything else. Of course there are much bigger things to be worried about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also miss live music.
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    OMG!!! I've only gone and won the Glastonbury ballot!! This is my first time trying for tickets and I nearly cried when I didn't get them last month. I am just so, so happy and I have decided to finally pluck up the courage and join this site. I see you are all lovely people and I hope to see some of you down on the farm. Sorry if this comes across as gloating but I just cannot keep this in. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
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    As has become customary, I present to you my Spotify playlist for next year's festival: Glastonbury 2020. As in previous years it’s compiled, and regularly updated, as follows: Confirmed acts first, followed by those rated ‘To Be Confirmed’ and ‘Strong Rumour’ on eFestivals' marvellous lineup and rumours page. For each act, the songs are those they’ve been playing most often live over the past year/tour, to give the best idea of what we'll hear on the Farm. I get this from setlist.fm, and additional Googling where necessary (for DJs, the 1001tracklists and mixesdb sites - although I won’t cover DJs comprehensively). Acts on the main stages get 5 songs each, fewer songs for the smaller stages. So we currently have Diana Ross, and then TBCs Supergrass, Wolf Alice, Fatboy Slim, Beans on Toast & Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip; and SRs Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and Foals (there’s also Lionstar but there any songs by the ‘right’ Lionstar on Spotify). Enjoy! Any comments/ideas for improvement, please let me know here.
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    It's Monday morning and I'm actively avoiding real work so I'll bite: The initial discussion was about Greta, specifically her possible appearance at Glastonbury, which given the history of the festival is a perfectly reasonable shout. You waded in with an ascertion that she's been used by XR and attached a link to an article by one of their founders to back up your 'argument'. You then chastised a poster for downvoting you because you presumed they hadn't read the article. Firstly, the article has nothing to do with Greta so I'm not sure what you think the relevance is to the discussion on her appearance at Glastonbury. Secondly you use it to apparently justify your belief in the well-worn, right wing, anti-climate catastrophe trope that she's being exploited by her parents and doesn't actually believe what's she's currently spending her youth campaigning against. I happen to live in Sweden which, as I'm sure you'll be aware given you interest in her, is where Greta is from. Far from her distress at the current climate emergency unfolding before our eyes being limited to her and exploited by her 'anti capitalist' parents it is rather, unfortunately, becoming symptomatic of a wider issue for school children of her age group. There's been stories on TV over here of kids experiencing stress and anxiety due to climate change. This is the reality for these kids who are growing up with more knowledge and anger about the situation than any generation that's come before them. This, absolutely bollocks, trope about her being exploited is nothing but a way for older, irresponsible pricks like us to pretend what she's saying isn't completely true and isn't our fault. She's an articulate, intelligent 16 year old who knows more about this subject than most of us. She'd be a fantastic guest for the festival in 2020.
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    *****Sad post alert**** I’m sorry to have to let everyone know, Big Dog has left Pilton to join the dog pack in the sky. We are completely devastated. He has made his last weather and ground report here on Earth, where he worked hard, but was rewarded with biscuits. Next he will now enjoy eating rabbit shit, rolling in fox poo and being a generally huge doofus on his next journey. RIP Big Dog. 😥
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    With the day nearing when we should be on the farm probably many of you are like me, mood going up and down thinking about what we are missing but already thinking about next year. Reckon though we should spare a thought for Michael, Emily and all the festival staff who worked so hard putting on the festival just to see it cancelled. The many many festival builders and the clear up squad the traders in food and merchandising, and the wholesalers who supply them the three main charities who will lose the substantial donations the many Pilton area local charities who benefit from the pilton party and working on site those in the resale club who have an anxious wait until October and next April the tourism and hospitality industry in Glastonbury town and the local shops The bands, artists and performers who were booked for the smaller stages and bars who would have seen an invitation to play Glastonbury as a stepping stone in their careers. The festival season usually provides so much work and opportunities for so many people, perhaps for some their main source of annual income. Let’s hope they all get back for next year.
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    I don’t want to hijack your post, but I have a similar story, some of which might help. My wife Sue was in a hospice, terminally ill with cancer when tickets went on sale for Glastonbury 2016. From previous years the family (two sons, a daughter, plus friends and partners) had a Whatsapp group to organise tickets, and as we discussed who was going etc. we received a message from Sue in the hospice saying simply: “Planning a trip without me?” It was a tough reminder of the situation, but she clearly wasn’t well enough to go. Amazingly, we all got tickets, which meant we would all be together, but with one key person missing. By some miracle, the drugs she was taking started to control her pain and symptoms, and she was able to return home again. However, as the months wore on the cancer inevitably took hold once more, and she was readmitted to the hospice in late Spring. Despite this, she showed enormous resilience and was determined to continue to live life to the full. The family decided how wonderful it would be for her to come to Glastonbury for the first time. Looking back it was a crazy idea, but we all loved the place so much and knew she would too. She was keen, so we spoke to the doctors, and to our surprise they gave her permission to go. We didn’t get a ticket in the resale, unfortunately, so I wrote to Emily and See Tickets explaining the position, and to our surprise, See rang us and said they could provide a ticket. The hospice made extensive arrangements with the Glasto medical team and everything was put in place to make some unbelievable memories for the family. When we arrived, Greenpeace met us and allowed us to park within the festival site, and took us up to the hospital tent in a Land Rover, where we handed over the various drugs that we had been provided. Unfortunately, that made us late and we could only find a tent space directly behind Silver Hayes – the tent literally shook with drum and bass every night until 3 or 4 am. Somehow, though, we slept like logs. Every day we had to make the long walk up to hospital tent for injections and dressing changes, and this was the muddiest year on record. The staff were absolutely fantastic throughout. After each visit we rested in the Church marquee next door – neither of us were religious, but the people there were fabulously kind. Sue was really fan or R&B and Soul, but she watched Muse in awe – she had never seen anything like it. Coldplay were absolutely stunning and put on a spectacular show, and I have a wonderful final memory of us both watching Adele from the hill, clinging to each other in tears as those huge eyes on stage opened and she sang “Hello”. It was the most fantastic of festivals that year – not just the music, but the kindness and love we came across wherever we went. We have a wonderful video of us all together singing along to Madness “It Must be Love”. Afterwards, Sue returned to the hospice and somehow survived another 4 months. I returned to the church the following year to tell them what had happened and they remembered Sue well So I guess the moral of the story is to be prepared for the medical situation, which unfortunately may be a lot worse than it is right now. We certainly couldn't have coped without the fantastic medical team, who changed dressings, administered various drips and drugs, and gave us the confidence to take on what is quite a difficult environment , even for somebody in full health. I really hope it goes as well for you as it did for us - fantastic memories for the entire family
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    In case anybody is interested (just gone through this for myself), the acts highlighted were the ones who were given in the first poster announcement for last year. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
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    Update. I coincidentally saw them again today. Turns out they could source the hand sanitiser from China after all and actually ordered double the amount! It will keep for years so no problems there. They also said that at the mo the festival is going ahead as expected.
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    ok so many of you will be aware of my trials and tribulations over the last 24 hours and some new members maybe not ..... but the farm dust is beginning to settle now and I thought amongst the emotion I need to thank quite a lot of people for the support and advice given to me .... via pms and quotes .... ive written down a few people that have helped so thank you @chazwwe, @Hugh Jassdelighted your bus came in @Steveb72 for the resale help ... @Cream Soda... again ticket help @CeriG for help last year and offering this, @Ayrshire Chris for the help offer and the thread setting up post .. @morph100 hoping see come good for you ... @ChunkySandwedge your message about me protecting my hat during the beach balls at hobo jones made me chuckle last night when it was much needed along with the help offer .... @Supernintendo Chalmers the fancy dress will start in due course ... @dingbat2 thanks for support before and after the festival and @flyleen for your help on Tday good luck with the band entry method ... and @MrZigster your idea is well worth more investigation and to everyone ive missed Ive got a few ideas of some different ways to make it to the farm and will be chatting with you all over the coming months and days in the run up to our favourite festival ... I had initially thought of disappearing into the mist but I think this forum and the festival would leave too much of a gap .... My mission now is to get to the festival without requiring the resale so the other resalers get as many ticket opportunities as possible but in the meantime im going to work out how to do this spreadsheet thing and help there ..if i have no luck before April I would be proud to have help from the forum .... but success pending you will all need to be on your guard for a hug from me at the efest meet To all the new members floating about at the moment have a look at the support and friends ive gained from this forum ... hit the gold button at the top and you will make some friends for life in here ..... And finally but by no means least can you please also do me a favour and get @vintagelaureate to the farm ... `i think hes taken a break from the forum we have never met ... but the support and friendship has been fantastic ok finally (sorry about the long post ) apologies to @H.M.V I misread a post yesterday and overreacted some of your good friends made me see my error ... never easy to say you were wrong on an internet forum but I very definitely was OK see you all at the efest meet Alex xx
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    Chris is actually his middle name. His real first name is Featuring.
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    I don’t know who you are, but as a villager myself I am happy chat in the village face to face with you should you wish to identify yourself. the fence does NOT start to go up until May. I run around the farm everyday and have never seen the fence start in March. oh and just to clarify, the festival did not run out of water last year.
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    Still to look forward to: • Self confirmations ramping up • Predicting the next announcement • 1st poster day • Who's playing which stage and when • Who hasn't made the 1st poster • I've paid my balance thread • Resale joy and despair • Individual area announcements • New map thread • Full lineup • Clashfinder • Clash joy and despair • The Weather Thread joy and despair • Glastocam thread • State of the ground thread • Tickets arrived thread • Someone losing their ticket thread • eFests meet thread • Setting off thread • Post festival joy and despair threads • Ticket day And repeat.
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    Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with COVID-19. Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jenny, 14.
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    You heard it right! The Book People are selling for £12.99 but if you spend over 25 quid and use code AFBARGAIN before midnight you get 25% off and free delivery! Thrown in some childrens books for presents and cookbooks for myself. (May actually get some upvote for once!)
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    I see we have moved on from headliner talk to talk about subs
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    The guy battered his wife, denied it until video evidence surfaced, and then when given an opportunity to make a statement made it all about him and how he was in a good place rather than admitting guilt or offering an apology. He can go fuck himself and the band were right to drop him like they did. Any well wishes to him on their behalf would’ve made them seem like domestic violence sympathisers - they could only cut and run.
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    Anyone posting in this thread over the last few week/ends who has labelled BLM protestors as thugs, anti-historical, vandals etc should be ashamed of themselves. This is what real violence and disorder looks like. These are the ones actually doing the country down. If you’re siding with the coked-up, jacked men who are throwing smoke bombs at horses, punching policemen and intimidating minorities, you are part of the problem. Frankly I don’t think there’s any place for you at Glastonbury, full stop.
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    My good news for the day.... out dog walking early yesterday morning and came upon a chap around my age, been sleeping on a bench in our local country park overnight, no shelter, freezing his tits off. So, not one for ever walking on by I stopped and got his story. Fallen on hard times over the past week, never been homeless (and I believe him), but just didn't know what to do, who to speak to, phone had died and of course nowhere to recharge. Long story short, after much phoning to the council (who really struggled with the concept of communications and engagement) and the Sally Army, we've finally sorted out accomodation for him tomorrow. In the mean time he's camping out glasto styley, got my one man tent, sleeping bag, blanket and plenty of food; a bad situation made a little better. A nice quiet spot as well, overlooking a lake, won t get bothered, especially in the current climate. Hopefully tomorrow will be the start of the rest of his life 😎
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    Quick note to think carefully when coming to post things like "yes it's sad but it's just a festival" and "we will all have bigger things to worry about soon". Yes, for myself and for most people here, while it's gutting, there are people going to be going through a lot worse. But for some with anxiety and other issues, something like this can be a big blow to mental health, which is obviously closely linked to personal wellbeing, so let's not forget you never know the personal circumstances of the person behind the screen, and there is no need to belittle anyone's emotions. We're all on this forum because we love this festival so let's keep it positive.
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    And with that poster concludes the prediction game and from it we have 4 winners. Please collect your prize @JoeyT, @jyoung, @Wellyboot, @SomeoneListeningIn which is an image of a medal at the bottom of this post. Only you are allowed to look at and save this image although I have absolutely no way of policing this. It was mentioned that the community would pitch together to buy you a pint each but being realistic this probably won't happen. For me the main prize is pride for being good at guessing (maybe even working out the pattern??) Much bigger response to this than was expected, it has been fun. Let's do it again next year. Included the full list of predictors and the crossing out of doom for all of those, including me, that got this wrong February 17 - mrholmes February 18 - zahidf February 19 - fightoffyour February 20 - nicnzl, Rocketfrog1820 February 21 - Brad2434, Jack.194 February 23 - Damon February 24 - HattersBoy, Obiginnaw February 25 - billum, Dronx February 26 - dentalplan February 27 - mcshed February 28 - OnlyRevolutions February 29 - Keithy, funkychick2007 March 2 - WestCountryGirl, s30foster March 3 - AlexOvd, assorted, jparx, gmb1992, rawrsomesauce March 4 - HeyPorter, kingbadger, sequenci March 5 - SupernintendoChalmers, Sasperella, The Red Telephone March 6 - Gnomicide, chuckles07, shuttlep March 7 - beefykoala, Havors March 8 - Chazwozza March 9 - Doug85, Stokesy10, discgoesmic March 10 - LGH, Freddyflintstonree, dotdash79, JonnyG, Euphoricape March 11 - RarerThanDandyB, Earth_pig, the_arsonist, zeppelin, Chrisp1986, wro_lap March 12 - Joey T, jyoung, Wellyboot, SomeoneListeningIn March 13 - Jakeyboi135, Andy0808 v5, MetaKate, chazwwe, Radiochicken, Slugy March 14 - morph100 March 15 - northernringo, stt11, Lubic87 March 16 - Fish Bulb, moams, Ashl March 17 - Waltere, crazyfool1, circus92, FuzzyDunlop, Miyn, thrillhouse188 March 18 - Kalopsia, Matt42, Guy Incognito, mazola March 19 - sisco, maelzoid, Quark, Jack The Stripper March 20 - giantkatestacks, kalifire, Hugh Jass, Gregfc15 March 22 - Simsy, Ayrshire Chris, sheerin_lfc, Bryanrebe March 23 - Jon F, Bennykill March 24 - a6l6e6x, reflekting March 25 - CJTM, kingcrawler, Gwladboy March 26 - Tuna, DareToDibble, Smash Williams March 27 - Suprefan, Northtim March 28 - mikegday March 29 - Greenelk March 30 - Mr. Snrub March 31 - MattyMooz, petewilson09, Huckleberry Finn April 1 - priest17 April 2 - august1 April 3 - eFestivals April 6 - Tommy Dickfingers April 8 - the wonderwhy April 13 - jj200 April 24 - faymondo
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    I'm not sure I've got enough disk space.
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    No no no to a ballot. People would enter when they aren't actually that arsed and it would significantly lower your chances. Current way is frustrating by equal and fair to all. It also adds a bit of a barrier to entry where you have to really want tickets to stay persistent with it. Saw people moaning on twitter at 9:10 and it’s like gtfo twitter and focus on the job at hand,
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    Time that would be better spent posting endless links to Jessie J videos on an internet forum?
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    Ok, hands up, who would have predicted that the only person not to cancel a gig in the summer of 2020 would be Sam Fender?
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    My mood in: April - I'm still happy now there's no Mordor, could feel more like the old days May - no Auditori this year as it's indoor, bummer but inevitable June - confirmation that we have lost almost all the US bands, damn, but we have some great European ones at least July - only three stages now? Damn, but was like that at Primavera Porto in the early days and still had a great time August - only one stage, with Deerhunter alternating with Shellac all day? Where do I sign up, sounds great, just give me music and let me the hell outdoors...
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    Hi everyone, Long time lurker first time poster here. This is a bit of an emotional story but here goes. I've been going to Glastonbury a few times over the last few years with my wife and her mother and father, who are in their 60s but are mad for music, and though they only went to their first Glasto in 2015, they enjoy and make the most of every moment. I'm talking watching headliners and then dancing the night away until 3 AM, waking up at the crack of dawn and doing it all over again. Absolute legends and put my wife and me (20s) to shame. Unfortunately, just after Christmas my father-in-law started feeling ill, and about a month ago was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 inoperable cancer. It's an absolutely heartbreaking thing to happen especially for someone who only 3 months ago was feeling great, going to the gym every day, having a drink at the weekend and loving life. In fact, we were only just at Glasto last year having a great time despite the abuse we all received from the sun! We all have secured tickets again this year and are determined to all go together this summer for the 50th anniversary, and are relatively sure this will be his last. We are trying to make this as special as possible for him, and I wondered if anyone had any tips or has experienced something similar or knows someone is a similar boat. Bonus points if you are/know a producer and could fix a meet-up with an artist, but I know that's a long shot. FWIW, we have already contacted Glasto Access team and have applied for accessibility and viewing platform passes for him and his wife. TL;DR father in law's last Glastonbury, trying to make it a good one. any tips/info/etc appreciated, we've also already contacted glasto access team. Thanks for reading and hopefully see some of you there!
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    This is the website https://festivalpostergenerator.com I just added some Glasto inspired themes, check out the "English Festival" themes on the select a theme drop-down. Thought you guys might have some fun with this.
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    Behind Door 24.. Michael & Emily Eavis Well, what can be said? Every one of the previous 23 stories & videos are down to Michael & Emily. Without them, none of us would be using this forum to discuss the festival. For me, I owe them both a great deal of gratitude. I have had some of the best moments of my life at the festival. It has changed my life. Brought me closer to people. It has helped me learn things about myself too. Michael is the king. He is clearly a lovely guy who loves seeing how happy the festival makes people. This year I went to "Michael Eavis explains it all" at the acoustic tent. Listening to him speak about the history of it. Yes, he is prone to a few bits of hyperbole. It'll always be the "best one yet", but I (and everyone else) really do love him. Emily is now the real brains behind the festival's direction. She always comes across on TV as a lovely. The stick she has had from the Lonsdale's of the world is criminal. Without Emily's vision - the festival may never have adapted. I have never met or seen Emily, but she has played a massive role in the last 11 years of my life & I cannot thank her enough. That rounds off the advent calendar. People do seem to have enjoyed it. I won't lie - I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane myself!
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    American copyright law is very complicated. There's a distinction between the recorded works, live performances, and broadcasting rights. Taylor's old record label Big Red Machine sold the recorded rights (the masters) of all of her music up through and including Reputation (everything except her new album Lover). The new owner of Taylor's music is a group of rich people/investors spearheaded by Scooter Braun, the manager of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, among other big acts. Side-note, but very important context, is that Taylor has long claimed that Scooter Braun has persistently bullied her over the course of many years. Google Taylor Swift Scooter Braun to learn more. But back to copyright. Anyone can PERFORM any song at a concert without permission. However, broadcasting falls into a whole separate category of US rights law. So if Taylor told Glastonbury to shut off the broadcast feed during her set, she would be in the clear. Clearly, however, that is not ideal. Taylor is furious that her arch nemesis now owns her music. It's her worst dreams come true. Remember how I said that Scooter Braun owns the masters to her old music? A master is a literal recording. It's a static, non-changing audio file, for lack of a better description. One way that Taylor could get some power back in this situation, and something that she's been rumored to be planning to do, is re-record her old songs. She would then own the rights to the re-recorded songs, and she could sell them, broadcast them, etc. She is legally allowed to do this. It would create a fascinating scenario where Spotify, iTunes, etc. would have 2 versions of all of Taylor Swift's old songs. Scooter Braun does not want this to happen, because Taylor would tell all of her fans to only purchase and stream the new version, not the old versions. Scooter Braun bought Taylor Swift's old masters because he wants to make money, and Taylor Swift re-recording her old music is a threat to that. (Quick side note. The law that governs re-recording old music is complicated. I also don't know what Taylor's contracts with her old record label say. It might or might not be the case that if Taylor re-recorded her old music, she would have to make it different enough such that a court decides it is it's own piece of work, rather than derivative of the original.) As Taylor notes in her open letter, she wants to use some of her old music in an upcoming Netflix documentary, and she also wants to be able to broadcast some of her old songs on TV such as at the upcoming American Music Awards, and perhaps Glastonbury. Scooter Braun is saying he will let her do so if she agrees not to re-record her old songs, at least for another year, and she also has to stop publicly criticizing Scooter Braun. Sure, sounds like a quid pro quo to me. #ImpeachScooterBraun. With this public letter she just put out, she's essentially declaring war. She's hoping that public sentiment turns so strongly against Scooter Braun, and her fans just don't stop annoying/probably harassing him, that he relents. She's also asking other artists that Scooter Braun represents (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, etc.) to put pressure on him to reverse his decision. I think Taylor is likely to lose this battle. I think this letter will just serve to piss the guy off even more. Anyways, will be fascinating to see how this shakes out. I don't think this has any real bearing on whether she plays Glastonbury. If she has to cut the broadcast feed during her set, then they'll do that. That's assuming she's even playing (which is likely, but not confirmed). We shall see what happens!
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