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  1. can't wait to be called a goth on twitter for being excited about RATM
  2. AM and Dave are two of the most requested artists, getting them both in the same year will please a lot of people
  3. Genuinely think the undercard is quite strong, clashes allowing I would definitely be at IDLES, The Libertines, Limp Bizkit, Slowthai, Girl in Red, Frank Turner, Beabadoobee, Inhaler, Bikini Kill, Pa Salieu and Self Esteem, know I won't be at them all but thats a strong amount for a first announcement
  4. They're just the cherry on the top of the cake anyways, i'm happy enough with AM, BMTH, Dua and Dave (best set they've had for me) so IF we get Rage as well i'll be over the moon but thankfully those four will soften the blow of KOL
  5. just going to pray we get a top four like this now: MSE: Rage Against The Machine / IDLES MSW: Bring Me The Horizon / Limp Bizkit
  6. Think they'll be a requirement for entry tbh
  7. Just seen the Splendour announcement too, holds no relevance to us but it's great, always wanted to go but Australia isn't the easiest place to get to especially these days
  8. Missed mine this morning if that gives you any encouragement
  9. In the same boat, thought I would finally have my act together come third year but my schedule is still in the gutter
  10. Leeds Glastonbury TRNSMT Kendal Calling Sziget
  11. Nice to see you're all still at it, would be brilliant if R+L announce in the morning and our efforts for Dan were all for nothing
  12. Exceeded: Easy Life (2018) Hockey Dad (2019) Niko B (2021) Disappointed: Playboi Carti (2018) due to him not even showing up.. Royal Blood (2019) and Boston Manor (2021) although not their fault, more down to me being by myself and the tent being almost empty so the energy just not being there for me, they still put on a great performance.
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