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  1. no need to expose me like that haha, i’m guessing the other half was spent sleeping
  2. it’s definitely a bit excessive haha, in my defence i’ve had a lot of free time this year
  3. complete opposite for me, imo foals are the best headliner the festival has booked since i've been attending (first year was 14') i'd be gutted if they weren't rebooked but seeing as the rest of their dates have rolled over to next year (TRNSMT, Castlefield, Mad Cool, Tour Dates) i'm certain that they'll be back
  4. the album of the year category is an absolute shambles at the grammy's this year, coldplay? post malone? the weeknd definitely made a bigger impact than both of them this year and after hours was also by far the better album imo
  5. Brain Candy - Hockey Dad Limbo - Amine Sideways to New Italy - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever It Is What It Is - Thundercat Suddenly - Caribou Modus Vivendi - 070 Shake 14 Steps To A Better You - Lime Cordiale those are a few off the top of my head that either just missed out on my top ten or i completely forgot to include them because i rushed it (brain candy would of been in my top five if i didn't forget that it came out this year)
  6. a little late to the party but i've turned my top three into a top ten: Circles - Mac Miller Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers Pixel Bath - Jean Dawson Song Machine: Season One - Gorillaz Alfredo - Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist Man Alive! - King Krule American Head - The Flaming Lips Ultra Mono - IDLES Post Human: Survival Horror - Bring Me The Horizon how im feeling now - Charli XCX
  7. i think my top three this year is comfortably: AOTY: Circles - Mac Miller 2. Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers 3. Pixel Bath - Jean Dawson
  8. if you could have four acts from last year and four completely new acts announced, who are you going for? feel like this question gets asked a lot in here but peoples music obsessions change so frequently and it also gives us something to talk about when things are so quiet. 2020 Acts: Inhaler, Denzel Curry, JPEGMAFIA, Beabadoobee New Acts: Sticky Fingers, Tyler The Creator, Clairo, Loyle Carner
  9. that's what i'd like to believe but why would they label their day playlists as the 'final edition' if there was more acts to be added to them?
  10. are we now not under the impression that the line up is completely finished seeing as they confirmed that the 'day playlists' they have available on spotify are completed?
  11. yeah my bad, accidentally bolded him but hopefully we see him back regardless, one of the highlights of this years line-up i usually over estimate denzels popularity because i'm a huge fan but he's not done anything to increase his popularity since being announced for the 1Xtra this year i'm not too caught up with gecs popularity, they seem to be huge in the states but i wasn't too sure how they'd fair over here. KSI headlining a stage would split the crowds i assume seeing as a lot of people have him in the category of 'i'd see him if he didn't clash' so if he was up against
  12. just stumbled upon this thread and of course i've got to include the greatest artist of a generation: Kanye West 1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Gorgeous 2. The College Dropout - Family Business 3. Late Registration - Hey Mama 4. The Life Of Pablo - No More Parties in LA 5. Graduation - Flashing Lights 6. Yeezus - New Slaves 7. 808's & Heartbreak - Paranoid 8. Ye - Ghost Town 9. Jesus Is King - Follow God Bonus Albums: KIDS SEE GHOSTS - 4th Dimension Watch The Throne - Why I Love You Cruel Summer - Clique
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