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  1. Rex Orange County has been on my radar ever since he collaborated with Tyler, The Creator on Flower Boy featuring on the songs Forward and Boredom which quickly became two of my favourites on the entire album, he is a gifted songwriter known for his literate, quirky brand of bedroom pop that combines jazz, hip-hop and soul influences. Songs to listen to: Television / So Far So Good, Best Friend, 10/10, Pluto Projector Performing on: R1 Stage Headliner, Sat (Reading) Sun (Leeds)
  2. All Time Low are an American four piece who fit well into the large and popular scene of emo-pop, they're known for their energetic live shows and pop-punk sound. All Time Low has released seven studio albums as a band, all with the current lineup. New music from the band is coming our way this year just in time for R&L. Songs to listen to: Missing You, Kids in the Dark, Weightless, Remembering Sunday Performing on: Main Stage, Fri (Reading) Sat (Leeds)
  3. They've added pianist Elina Lin into the band, i believe she's helped work on the most recent album and at every show of theirs i've been to since they have made a big deal of introducing her to the crowd as the newest member of Courteeners
  4. Yeah but there isn't one bad song on 'thank u, next' and i wanna hear her perform it on mainstage so i'm going to ignore your very true point and continue dreaming
  5. Ariana Grande / The Killers / Billie Eilish for 2021, get two in one year if they're both available to make up for only having two in the last 22 years and that would be one hell of a trio too Edit: also would just like to note that in the same amount of time, Glastonbury who are now aiming for a 50/50 split have only had 5 female headliners in 22 years, i imagine more festivals are going to follow in Glastonbury's and Primaveras footsteps whether R&L will or not is up for debate, we'll just have to wait and see but with Melvin working on his project 'Rebalance' he obviously wants to improve the current state of things when it comes to inequality on lineups
  6. Agreed with some of the artists you've suggested to headline the festival besides Avril Lavigne and Lana Del Rey, Avril is an amazing artist who has put out so many bangers in the past but could she really headline UK's second biggest festival in 2020? i highly doubt it, she's a heritage act now surely? but i haven't been keeping up to date with her recent output of music so unsure on her current popularity.. Lana Del Rey is definitely big enough but doesn't seem like an R&L booking to me, don't think that would please too many of the people that go considering the reaction that some of the headliners get i think it would be pretty brutal.. Dua and Lizzo are definitely worthy of it now though and i'm still shocked Florence have never done it. Ariana Grande to headline one year too please!
  7. Plenty of artists have subpar lyrics and it doesn't effect their music because thankfully lyrics aren't everything about a song, Migos don't aim to be lyrical geniuses but they're hype and are front runners in traps revival and have managed to stay relevant unlike Fetty Wap and Desiigner, they're massive in the US and have had very good success over here, picking out a use of lyrics like that out of context to try and disprove them as an artist isn't a good argument, Billie Eilish future headliner, multiple grammy winner, artist of the year has the lyrics "I'm a bad guy, I'm a bad guy, Bad guy, bad guy, I'm a bad-" and "I wanna end me, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna end me, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna" P.S. this is not me trying to say Billie Eilish isn't talented, i think she deserves all the success she's gotten and love her music just trying to show how stupid his argument is that repetitive lyrics make or break an #artist.
  8. The Weeknd Biffy Clyro (if the new album puts them back on the map, if not then The Killers) Travis Scott + Bring Me The Horizon
  9. The Magic Gang, Pale Waves and Scouting For Girls up against the headliners then on Calling Out, was hoping to catch SFG as they're great fun live but won't be missing Foals for them, thought SFG would do better as a mainstage band, feel like Jade Bird would of been a better choice for Calling Out as i thought it was for up and coming talent rather than has beens Edit: Just remembering Mystery Jets were on there last year so guess i'm mistaken on the 'up and coming talent' side of things
  10. EARTHGANG from that and i'd be pleased, really liked their most recent album and their collaborations on the Dreamville project went down well with me too, wouldn't mind seeing Metronomy either as they cancelled last time i was meant to see them
  11. The Weeknd has announced his new album 'After Hours' really looking forward to this one
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