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  1. doesn't seem likely to me that he'll tour again anytime soon, i don't follow his career as i have no interest in his music but i heard he was retiring to focus on being a father, if thats what he wants to focus on i doubt he would let touring the world get in the way of that
  2. his most recent EP was great, would love to see him on the line-up somewhere, hopefully mid/early R1 as if he headlines the FR stage he's way more likely to clash with someone i won't want to miss, shocks me that he is only seventeen too, i'm only 21 but the musicians i listen to being so much younger than me is starting to make me feel old
  3. does the lead booker have a say in what happens to the other group members tickets? this would of been my first year at the festival and i'm still unsure on what the lead booker is actually for, is anyone able to give me a quick explanation?
  4. but they did sell 50,000 tickets for Heaton Park in under an hour so their ability to shift tickets is up for debate (even if it was in Manchester) i don't think they should headline but it wouldn't look out of place considering they're also headlining TRNSMT, day tickets might struggle to shift at Reading but Leeds would be a different story
  5. Stormzy / Courteeners + Bring Me The Horizon / Guns 'N' Roses, in my opinion that would be an upgrade on this year and therefore is very unlikely to happen
  6. https://www.nme.com/news/music/latitude-announces-2021-headliners-2709842#:~:text=Lewis Capaldi%2C Bastille and Snow Patrol have all been confirmed,headline Latitude Festival in 2021. also this article claims the three acts announced today are the headliners? so this means that Liam wont be returning to play Latitude, right? hopefully that also means he will be out for Leeds too
  7. he's very big but seems far too commercial and doesn't seem like an act that they'd pay the money for, they haven't booked acts like Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, The Chainsmokers etc. to headline so can't see why they would for Marshmello, would truly be the shittest headliner they have ever booked too and the discussion of him even being in the frame to co-headline is depressing me
  8. if i'm not mistaken there's some bad blood between die antwoord and festival republic and i think they vowed that they'd never play the festival again but i guess things could of changed, personally wouldn't effect me if they were booked or not though because musically they're not my thing and i've heard they're very problematic outside of music too, Fever 333 are probably very likely to be rebooked though and i imagine it will be in the same slot headlining the pit
  9. are Sum 41 an exclusive for Slam Dunk? if not with them being in Austria around the time i can see them coming back, hopefully they do as i only caught the end of them in 2018 as i was watching BROCKHAMPTON, also happy to see Denzel Curry will most likely be back
  10. Lime Cordiale also released an album on the 10th titled '14 Steps To A Better You' they're one of my favourite bands currently and have a very sun soaked and catchy sound, highly recommend people give it a listen if you're into poppy indie rock
  11. i'm not sure where the best place to post this is but for those who have got tickets when is the full balance meant to be payed by?
  12. got to agree that an Underworld set wouldn't be the best booking for R&L, majority of the crowd would be just waiting for Born Slippy, they're much more likely to book DJ's such as Crucast, Hannah Wants, Shy FX etc. Caribou, Four Tet, Jamie XX & Peggy Gou are who i've got my fingers crossed for though
  13. Maybe R1 Headliner was a bit optimistic but they seem to be a similar size to Mura Masa in this country at least (i probably hear and see Glass Animals spoke about more) but maybe them playing the same slot or mid-day on main would be more feasible
  14. I'm loving the new Glass Animals song, out of all the singles released so far this is probably my favourite but i've loved them all (although Dreamland imo is a bit weaker than the others) they subbed the R1 Tent last time they played in 2017, would love to have them back headlining in there next year
  15. Yeh I can't see them playing either, Romy or Jamie could show up and do sets with their solo music but highly doubt they'd perform as a group but if they did imo they're big enough to co-headline .. they should really get Jamie XX to headline the R1 Tent, seeing him live has been a dream of mine since i first heard In Colour
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