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  1. the new album is fantastic imo, can understand some of the criticism it is getting although the main point i'm seeing is that there is too much filler, The End and Streaming are the only two tracks i would label as filler and every other song on the album is uniquely brilliant in its own way.. would even go as far to say this is the best album i've heard in a VERY long time. Disappointed i won't be seeing them in August like planned because i'm so excited to see these songs live especially Shiny Collarbone and What Should I Say (if they perform them live) so i would be fully on board to have them back again at R&L
  2. it's hard to call who could possibly be headlining the stage within the next decade or two but i'd love to see Inhaler get to that size, they're already gaining a lot of popularity with the few singles that they've already released.. hopefully with a successful debut they'll be propelled into the mainstream and indie spheres
  3. Falling In - Inhaler, just debuted on Annie Mac's Hottest Record, i think it's fantastic and every single i've heard from them has been just as good as the last, really excited for their debut album whenever that may be released
  4. Travis Scott, Foals, Tyler The Creator, The Weeknd BROCKHAMPTON, The Streets, Lime Cordiale, Clairo Tyler, Blur, Travis, Foals
  5. i know the list doesn't mean too much and they can't list every major artist on there but i'm surprised to see The Weeknd isn't listed, i expect him to headline the festival within the next few years
  6. My favourite from each album + my favourite single: WPSITWIN: Still Take You Home FWN: Teddy Picker Humbug: Cornerstone SIAS: She's Thunderstorms AM: One For The Road TBH&C: One Point Perspective Singles: Too Much To Ask
  7. i have a complicated relationship with courteeners, i love the atmosphere they bring once i'm watching them but struggle to get excited when they're announced for the festivals i'm attending but this is probably due to the number of times i've seen them now.. at this point in their career they could easily headline the festival, they have a back catalogue of massive festival tunes and are huge within the dark fruits scene plus are one of the few british bands in recent years to shift 50,000 tickets in a single day, i think people underestimate their size due to the smaller gigs they take such as headlining Kendal Calling when in my opinion they could be aiming to headline major festivals
  8. Tyler The Creator will hopefully get the call one day
  9. Stormzy / Liam / Rage is what i'm going for next year, isn't what i would hope for but it's what i expect, would of loved for The Weeknd to take up one of those slots
  10. Stevie Nicks? would obviously prefer her with the rest of the band but she had solo dates planned for this year which have the potential to be pushed back until next
  11. It's just me putting him on a pedestal, i already see him to be bigger than that 1Xtra slot and it just seems absurd for me that he's going to be playing the smallest tent in a years time
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