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  1. If this album blows up as predicted, headlining West Holts would seem to be the natural step, following other dance/electronic acts like Justice, Major Lazer, Chase & Status, Underworld, Jon Hopkins...
  2. Miss Most: Physically meeting with, and hugging friends and family. The freedom to do anything without needing specific equipment, carrying out numerous health and safety checks, queuing or following a one-way system. Travel is my biggest passion so to have this curtailed has been frustrating. Live events. That first "normal" event back is going to feel really strange. The cinema. The one place I can go to unwind. Unexpected bonuses: Learning Spanish. Started a college course (which was halted in December) and the Duolingo app has been really usefu
  3. Israel knocking their vaccination programme out of the park
  4. I actually forgot I've booked Shiiine On, too! Thanks for the reminder, I really should put it in my diary. I'm thinking it's most likely going to be my only multi-day event of the year
  5. You're absolutely spot on and that's the reason why, despite zero festival activity over the past year or on the horizon, I'll be making sure to maintain my GOLD member status. There's a great community on here and it's been a comfort in many ways
  6. At this point in the pandemic, I liken so closely keeping in touch with the news and stats to watching paint dry. Not from a boredom perspective. I know the paint will dry eventually but my time could be much more positively used focussing elsewhere. I'll come back every once in a while to see if it's dry or not but sitting here watching it go through that process is a waste of my time and energy
  7. As if you posted a meme from after season nine...
  8. When you say "bullshit", are you referring to the staff party in the article or to COVID itself?
  9. I just can't get inside the mentality of it. Imagine expending all that precious time and energy anonymously provoking complete strangers over the internet? To what end? Is it a means to compensate for loneliness? Is there a sense of achievement by evoking a response? Maybe the reasoning is, someone thinks I'm a c**t but at least my existence is finally being acknowledged? There always seems to be a sad story behind such behaviour I'd honesty love to try and understand the psychology of it. It intrigues me.
  10. Smashed through Nightstalker on Netflix. Really enjoyed it. Not sure they really needed to give him his own logo though
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