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  1. He's not even the best Paul McCartney in the Beatles
  2. Please don't. I didn't get a ticket this year.
  3. Don't make me choose. Just co-headline, to save a riot.
  4. One of the most prolific living songwriters from arguably the most famous band of all time. Can't think of a better headliner for the 50th anniversary. Naturally, his voice isn't what it was but 100,000+ singing from the tops of their lungs in that field will give zero fucks in that moment. The perfect booking.
  5. I'm more concerned with the fact that there's someone out there called "Scooter Braun". She's still gonna headline Glastonbury, they'll find a way around it somehow.
  6. I did! Loads of energy. And yes, hot as fuck in there.
  7. Definitely! I'm in town for both dates. If I'm unsuccessful, Amyl and the Sniffers are playing at the Garage so I'll get my kicks over there instead.
  8. I have a couple spare tickets for the sold out Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs show in Bath on Friday. Free to a good home. Or a bad one. Either way, free tickets. Come and get em.
  9. Well, if you ever get around to writing that Glastonbury memoir, at least you have a title for it
  10. That WHP New Year's Day announcement is a bit good and only a tenner for anyone who's been to WHP this season. I'd be all over it if I wasn't back to work on the 2nd...
  11. Columbia is welcome on any setlist! Gas Panic was a nice surprise. Also good to see more of his own numbers in there.
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