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  1. The Prodigy 99 (+5) LCD Soundsystem 71 (-5)
  2. Good points here, Matt. Because of COVID, there'll be 18/19 year old kids out there this very weekend enjoying their first experience of a club and quite rightly, they'll be excited. They will have heard all about it and think they can go from 0 to 100mph straight away. It's not like that, is it? And potentially add a pill that's eight times stronger than a "regular" drug that they've never tried before and it's a recipe for disaster. The clubs (certainly the larger ones) seem to be doing all they can but often the kids are boshing it round the corner before queuing. Not much the organisers can do about that. There are some social media channels that glorify it and that doesn't help. I'd like to see them educate, as well as "entertain"
  3. In my view, if/when you do it together, you're in it together. Keep each other safe, keep heads in check, take a minute and ride it out if necessary, even if it means missing something you wanna see. It's something altogether different when there are unscrupulous c**ts out there making and selling this poison and it starts with trust and understanding the risks first. And if you decide to roll the dice, you have to live by a code that makes sure everyone around you is ok first and foremost. We desperately need to introduce safety measures, like testing. Whether people like it or not, drugs are and always be integral to the scene and the culture. We have to make it safer.
  4. Awful news. One of my observations from Latitude last weekend was the number of (very) young kids in some real tangles and their mates seemed completely oblivious. They gotta look out for each other.
  5. Can't see Oxford and Cambridge building any BMX tracks anytime soon...
  6. The Prodigy 165 (+5) LCD Soundsystem 155 (-5)
  7. There are so many bots and shit stirrers on Twitter, separating fact from fiction is nigh-on impossible. Of course there are cases but the way it's being reported, 50,000 people have tested positive in a crowd of 40,000
  8. I think Lynks has a big future. Loads of fun.
  9. These "album pre-order" for "a chance" to secure a ticket pre-sales can be a huge piss take, though. So many times I've fallen for this only for the pre-sale to be "sold out" within seconds, making me wonder just how many tickets were actually available and how much it was purely a marketing ploy to boost initial album sales
  10. Does anyone know of anyone who got COVID during or after the festival? I've got zero symptoms and taken three LFTs in three days, just to see and absolutely nothing. Which is obviously great. And I made sure that I mixed it up whilst there, just like a normal pre-pandemic event. Hugs with strangers, no social distancing, moshing with the kids in the weird DnB caravan, the lot. With the way transmission was in the UK this time last week, I was prepared for the elevated risk of contracting it but I figured I'd let the double-jab reduce the effects, if so. The only ill-effects that have been felt from the festival are to my bank account! I really hope that this is a good sign for festivals and other events going forward.
  11. Hopefully, mine will be IDLES at the Louisiana on August 23 (and 24)
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