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  1. I learned last year to pack light. Minimal snacks in the rucksack and live solely off the Happy Maki!
  2. There were definitely tickets available a week before the event last year. I only know because I bought one. And I absolutely loved it.
  3. That Dave performance was breathtaking
  4. Jack Whitehall? Ok, I'm out. Night everyone.
  5. Nice piece, Sir. Thanks for posting.
  6. Don't make any apologies for it, great-is-great. The one-upmanship of proclaiming a preference to an artist's esoteric back catalogue for cool points that tends to occur in these situations gets on my pip. Loaded is, as you say, an all-timer. A stone-cold, generation-defining classic.
  7. Some of you guys are so on the pulse with names it's frightening. I struggle to keep up! But I appreciate it though, this little sub-community is a real education and the great thing about it is, no matter the names that get suggested (apart from Patrick Topping - @bennyhana22), muso snobbery is minimal. Best thread on eFests.
  8. Memories of the beatless mix getting played at Cafe Mambo during sunset come flooding back this afternoon
  9. And at every other self-respecting techno event too, I'd imagine. Fifty-six, man.
  10. Revered by the underground, under appreciated in the mainstream. A true pioneer. Rest in Peace.
  11. Touche! 😂 However, I do agree with @FloorFiller, too.
  12. Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll just have to sit tight!
  13. It can't be discounted, after Emily's comments last week, anything could happen but I'd say a FF secret set was more likely if they had a UK date. Seems like a bit of effort to get everything across just for a free show at a festival that they don't necessarily have that much of an affinity with. I think we'll see secret sets from bands who've had more of a connection with the festival and it's history.
  14. When do the support acts tend to be confirmed? Thinking of the Taylor Swift day in particular.
  15. Seems like Sia got the same person to make it as Janet...
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