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  1. After what he was called today, I'd be the same
  2. Our dear friend Ddiamondd confirmed earlier that it would be
  3. We won't. It's just been an intense morning on the threads, it'll sort itself out in time
  4. See my post on the GOLD member refund thread
  5. Perfect etiquette . There's going to be loads of new stuff to see this year, stages, areas, layouts. Can't wait.
  6. Great shout. I'm @SPTFRE on Instagram, my only social media account.
  7. I'm fully in the 'discover it when I get there' camp. I'll probably avoid this thread (not that I come onto it too much) and just take a look at the camera now and again. The way today's going, I'll have about two threads to visit...
  8. Yes, I'm certain there was something in the terms and conditions when signing up for GFEL volunteering about not sharing images on social media in particular before the festival opens. And rightly so. I remember seeing IICON for the first time on the Wednesday last time round. Blew me away, totally unexpected.
  9. Ahhh, did they? Ok, I'll stick with just Gojira then! 😆 I'm sure there are others. Someone with a better memory could probably help.
  10. But still a surprise, an announcement that nobody saw coming, right?
  11. I agree. I know many spaffed on the first poster drop but I'm still looking for someone I absolutely cannot miss. There's no one...yet
  12. I still reckon there's going to be a big surprise on that final poster. I have absolutely no intel but I'm still thinking someone like Christina Aguilera gets added (one random Spanish festival appearance in Spain on the Saturday and nothing else). That could be miles off but still expecting a "where did that one come from?" moment when the final poster is published
  13. Sunday is already way too busy, but chuck another stageful (7000) of people in the mix and it'll be noticeable. Not dangerous, just maybe a little slower to get around, transition from stage-to-stage, etc.
  14. Might be worth killing this thread, @Neil. Respectfully, I think this is one debate that neither side is going to back down from and in this instance, I think you may have got it wrong. It's your website and of course you're fully entitled to run it as you see fit but no good is going to come from this discussion. I have to say, I'm very disappointed to see @ddiamondd get banned, his contributions over the last few years have been fantastic. Besides, we should know who's playing what day for real come next Tuesday!
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