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  1. Sunday Cassetteboy/DJ Rubbish - Glade Soft Play - Other James - Other or Shy FX - Levels Elkka - Lonely Hearts Avril Lavigne - Other Nia Archives - West Holts Justice - West Holts Prospa - Greenpeace or Hedex b2b Bou - Arcadia DJ Stingray 313 - Assembly KiNK - The Temple Wander until sunrise
  2. Although, looking at the webcam, it does appear to be cloudier over the farm than it is 20 miles away. Still lovely though
  3. It's absolutely glorious in Somerset today. Hardly a cloud in the sky, slight breeze and dare I say it, some warmth! Won't be hot enough for some but this would be perfect festival weather for me
  4. Dua Lipa 121 The National 160 Justice 235 (+10) Fontaines D.C 221
  5. Dua Lipa 120 The National 170 Justice 260 (+10) Fontaines D.C 205
  6. Dual Lipa 128 The National 178 Justice 235 (+10) Fontaines D.C 211
  7. Mind you, it's twatting it down in my part of Somerset right now.
  8. It's raining goals in Munich. Sorry @Ayrshire Chris
  9. I'm concerned that it's not a 360 experience. Looks like the audience could be in front only, unless my eyes deceive me. One of the great aspects of all Arcadia installations is that they're immersive, surrounding the booth. Like you say, hopefully those tents are temporary, providing shelter for the build.
  10. They might as well have sat in a camping chair in Kemlyn Road and saved £100.
  11. Dua Lipa 150 The National 210 Justice 185 (+10) Fontaines D.C. 182
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