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  1. I turn my back for 5 minutes and my dream thread happens. Sorry everyone, been avoiding all news and social media for a week to protect my peace. I'll have a proper read through soon. For now, let me leave you with some images of the work in progress on my Simpsons leg sleeve. Yes, I like the Simpsons. Hope everyone is well! Diddly.
  2. Right now, if I can walk along my local beach or ramble around England's green and pleasant fields in June I'll be as happy as if I got a Glastonbury ticket. Naturally, there's a lot of uncertainty flying around these boards at the moment but I'm choosing to think positively rather than think we'll be in this situation come June 2021, as some are suggesting.
  3. For anyone interested, Defected are putting on a live streaming event from Ministry of Sound tomorrow, 12pm til 12am.
  4. As a ticketless person, I'm really happy they've made the right decision. It means that it's likely that I might not set foot on the hallowed ground until June 2022, which is a sobering thought, but today isn't a day for me to wallow in self-pity. Michael, Emily and the whole team must be absolutely heartbroken for a multitude of reasons. But they'll come again, and so will you all, and the euphoria of going through those gates in 15 months will eclipse any sadness being felt today
  5. And you can back to wearing a t-shirt at the match rather than 3 jumpers, a coat, scarf and wooly hat 😎
  6. Disney Plus launches in 2 weeks. Seasons 1 to 30 of The Simpsons (although, it died after season 16 in my eyes). And don't even get me started on the movie...
  7. I didn't come into this thread that much but when I did it always exemplified the Glastonbury spirit. Don't kill the thread, now cancellation seems officially inevitable. Keep posting and keep spreading as much positivity as you've displayed since October over the coming months. There are lots of people who are going to need that even more than a ticket...
  8. We will dance again, brothers and sisters. Love X
  9. Mentally, I'm all over the shop at the moment. I don't particularly do so well with uncertainty and life not "fitting my schedule", if you know what I mean. To stay positive, I'm trying to visualise the explosion of excitement, relief and gratitude when this situation has passed. It's going to be the party to end all parties, as is everything that follows it. Obviously I can't put a timescale on it right now and it may not be at Glastonbury, but wherever and whenever it may be I'm going to celebrate every last minute of it.
  10. It was purposely vague. As some have suggested above, they've thrown certain industries under the bus today
  11. How about a revised G50 with purely UK-based acts only...?
  12. Completely against my usual positive outlook, but the question was asked and I've gone for sobering realism. My opinion has swung from "probably go ahead" to "pretty sure it'll be cancelled", sadly. Based upon nothing but blind faith and a hunch, I think that come the end of June, the UK will have got a handle on it but the decision to cancel will have been made just before or during the virus' peak. In my opinion there are too many unknowns for GFL to commit in time without making substantial financial losses if they have to cancel. I hope I'm completely and utterly wrong, it happens a lot so you never know...
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