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  1. Well that was fantastic! Completely unique layout to the festivals I'm used to, even those in mainland Europe. Sonar by Night blew me away in particular, especially walking into those enormous hangars for the first time! Absolutely loved it. Loads of space to dance and wander, plenty of bars, good atmosphere, fantastic sound, top weather. Underworld knocked it out of the park as usual, Stormzy might not have been everyone's first choice (mine included) but he was full of energy and enthusiasm (going from headlining Glastonbury to practically opening Sonar must test the ego) and the supporting cast of DJs across the weekend was first class. Thoroughly recommended to anyone who wants to combine a festival with a city break.
  2. Thanks @Beaster and @Time Being, only had a Friday ticket but had an amazing time! What a completely different but fantastic festival experience Sonar is! I was blown away by Sonar by Night in particular, those hangars are ENORMOUS! Not too crowded, good vibes, loads of space to dance and wander, plenty of bars and the sound on each stage was perfect, not to mention the weather of course! Managed to catch Stormzy (last minute replacement for A$AP Rocky), Underworld, Murlo, Mall Grab, Four Tet, Peggy Gou & Palms Trax B2B and some of the Floating Points 6h marathon. I missed as many more cos of clashes. Getting across town from Day to Night is super easy. Sonar by Day could well be the most centrally located city festival I've ever seen. They didn't seem to compromise on sound levels either. It's moving back to its regular June slot next year but I thoroughly recommend Sonar for anyone on the ED thread if you're looking to combine a festival with a city break.
  3. I have to say that Glasgow is very good and quite similar to Manchester in many ways. I love both cities. Lots of decent venues, good people. London is the obvious location for variety and availability but I find that the crowds are less up for it and the atmosphere isn't as good as the cities mentioned above.
  4. Off to Sonar Festival tonight! Anyone on this thread been?
  5. Thanks, Sas! I've got Nassfest this weekend and Sónar next week so I'm pretty well taken care of. Hope you had a good Glastonbury!
  6. Nah, I think they've got the balance just right. The only thing I'd consider changing is opening up a few more areas on the Thursday. Some of those that are open are stupidly overcrowded
  7. That's about as much of a view as I got. My biggest issue with the Park is when it gets too busy the gradient slopes away and all you can see is the Park sign or multi-coloured hats
  8. Only marking acts that I saw 75% or more of the set: Sheryl Crow - 7.5 Fontaines DC - 7.5 Pond - 8 Holy Goof - 6 Charlatans - 7 IDLES - 7.5 Gojira - 8.5 Spektre - 7 Janet Jackson - 7 Liam Gallagher - 8 Chemical Brothers - 8.5 Cassette Boy v DJ Rubbish - 7.5 Kylie - 7 Bootleg Beatles - 7.5 Beatbox Collective - 7.5 Janelle Monae - 8.5 Karenn - 8
  9. Some from my own private collection
  10. Unfortunately it's looking like I'm not able to go this year so I'm selling 2 Thursday entry tickets for £165 each and I'm throwing in Camp Skylark bring-your-own tent camping access (for 2 people) free of charge. They're posted officially on Scarlet Mist but get in touch if you're interested. Neil, if it's not cool to post this on here let me know and I'll remove it.
  11. Don't know how true it is but I've heard from a couple of sources that Kings of Leon will be this year's Pilton Party headliners
  12. The only one I can think of is probably Bring Me The Horizon over Kylie (far too busy and when you're at the back beyond the tree not only is the sound poor but you feel disengaged from the show itself). Apart from that, I feel like I made the right choices.
  13. I'm sure they'll leave the final decision until the last minute but have someone lined up, just in case. It's practically two weeks away so I'm sure Whataspp Ricky has his top lawyers already working on it
  14. Interesting comment from Pete Townshend at The Who gig last night before finishing with Baba O' Reilly. I'm paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of music being powerful and heaping praise on Glastonbury 2019 appearing to be a real celebration of life and love, etc. He added that he wished they had been involved this year. Nothing to do with 2020 of course, unless we're down for a secret set in Williams Green on the Thursday, just thought it was noteworthy and didn't want to start a new thread.
  15. Need an option for "can't really tell the difference"
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